External postings and attribution

Did somebody from the Instructables staff post a version of my instructable on Sustain Lane without attribution or credit to the author? It certainly looks like it here where it says "Instructables - Premier Partner" while the content is clearly my instructable with no author attribution or credit to be found. http://www.sustainlane.com/reviews/how-to-create-a-simple-aluminum-air-battery-from-a-soda-can/MD2QLHMIKYY78J73MY3DLABDNAQI

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Make collaborators more prominent?

. Almost 70% (sounds better than two-out-of-three heehee) of the iBles with my name on them are collaborations. With one in particular, my main function was just to get the ball rolling and the other collaborators did most of the work. But unless you click the more info button, it looks like I did all the work.. I'm not sure how to do it without taking up too much real estate, but I would like to see collaborators listed without having to click more info. At least a prominent "X collaborators" notation.. . Graphic by caitlinsdad

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use an attribute as a variable in batch?

How can I use a file attribute as a variable in batch, something like this? IF 'attrib'=='+h' C:\Users\XOIIO\Desktop\foldername (echo yes) ELSE (echo no) is there any way to do this?

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Feature request: Answers attributions on our profile page

Can we get some kind of metric to show how many Answers we've given? I know I've been helping out a lot by responding to Answers I see in the @askinstructables Twitter feed, but it'd be nice to get some kind of credit for this. Something like "Johntron has answered 27385702375 questions -- he's a BIG help" on my profile page.

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Captcha not showing to enter but required. HTML id attribute

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP2 Browser: Google Chrome 30.0.1599.101 m URL: https://www.instructables.com/id/Repair-mouse-with-double-click-problem/?ALLSTEPS Reproduce: Try to comment Possible Error: HTML div id attribute contains abnormal '#' character which could be a typo preventing JavaScript from performing action. I was trying to post a comment on a instructable, but it said I needed to enter the two words in the image. But all it shows is the comment field and then: "This helps us prevent spam". The html id of the div i believe suppose to contain the captcha is "#recaptchaContainernull" I believe that this should probably be "recaptchaContainernull". This html div tag having the wrong id would prevent the captcha from loading dynamically with JavaScript.

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Article Fails To Credit Instructables

To: Ginny Mies, PC World Staff Editor, and Nick Mediati, PC World Assistant EditorCC: Kimberly Brinson, PC World Managing Editor, Ed Albro, PC World Editor, and Eric Wilhelm, Instructables CEOWho is this guy?I can't find his name on your staff list, so I hope you are the right people to talk to about this.I was reading the article in the above link and realized that I had just read most of that stuff (almost in that order) already on a web site called Instructables. While I don't care so much about the actual copyrights (Instructables is largely based on "Attribution non-commercial share-alike" legality), I do believe that at least a formal nod is in order. It might look (to those unfamiliar with Instructables) like he did some fancy research to gather those neat tips together, but to me it is practically undeniable that he was surfing Instructables. (I am not exaggerating, I read at least half of those tips on Instructables within the same hour!)Perhaps the best tip Zack Stern could have given was the only obvious one he left out: Visit Instructables for more of these user-enabling tips!Sincerely,Ricky RatzlaffAvid Instructables readerP.S. If you need links to the relevant projects on Instructables, feel free to ask. They're just a search engine away!

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What can I use to create a magnetic effect on a t-shirt ?

I want to create customisable clothing, where design attributes are attached to a t-shirt using magnets. I want the magnet element to be hidden as best as possible. Ay ideas???

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someone else's instructable?

I just looked at my account and it seems to have someone else's instructable in it, or at least the beginnings of one (LED Chess Set). I have accessed the site from home and from work, but always from PCs that should not have been used by others. Could it be that there is a bug that attributed someone else's instructable to me?

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Small font inconsistency

A small display bug:The fonts for "user name" and "inbox" in the upper-right hand corner of the top banner display inconsistently. Normally they are bold, but when viewing an instructable, they loose the bold attribute.They remain reversed (white), on the orange BG. The links still work fine.Firefox "logout" and "Help" links also show the same behavior....(although they are not reversed.)

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Change License for Instructables

I uploaded a PDF of an Instructable that I made to my blog. This Instructable is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial license. Unfortunately, my application for Google AdSense on my blog was rejected, and I believe that it was due to this file, since they did not try to verify me as the owner of the PDF. I have taken the PDF down now to get approval from Google, but I would like to offer it the PDF in the future. I tried to switch the license to a Creative Commons Attribution license to do this. However, this does not seem to update my Instructable. Here are a few details:  1. I tried to update the license using the sidebar for my Instructable. 2. This did not work in Chrome 26 or IE 10 on a Windows 8 desktop. 3. The Instructable in question is featured and was the winner of the Pi day contest.  4. Is the copyright locked after winning a contest? I think that changing copyright to a looser license should be fine, but maybe I am mistaken.

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PM with empty subject is not clickable

When someone sends a PM with empty subject, the you:inbox page lists the message, but the item is not clickable. Actually, looking at the HTML code reveals that there is a link, but it is invisible because the tag is empty: (In the above example, the message can be accessed by prepending the base url to the href attribute: https://www.instructables.com/you/inbox?view=X7N77DIGKTJO4PO) Suggested fix: when the subject is empty, emit something like: (No subject)

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Free Nerf Wallpapers by Nerfrocketeer of instructables.com

Free Nerf Wallpapers! From Nerfrocketeer of instructables.com NerfWalls presented by Nerfrocketeer (NK). All pictures are free for your use, (as long as you attribute to Nerfrocketeer,instructables.com, and Nerf/Buzzbee). Created, taken, and edited by Nerfrocketeer. I am also giving tips on how to take pictures like these. Feel free to ask for more info. You can use these pictures for your instructables as well!            By using any or all of these pictures, you hereby agree attribute all pictures to Nerfrocketeer, instructables.com, Nerf, and/or Buzzbee. You MAY NOT use these pictures in any inappropriate, disparaging, unlawful, plagiaristic, or spam-related media or other creation. Nerfrocketeer and instructables are NOT affiliated with Nerf, Hasbro, or Buzzbee. Nerfrocketeer, instructables, Nerf, Hasbro, and Buzzbee are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROBLEMS, LOSSES, or ACCIDENTS CAUSED BY THE CREATION AND/OR USE OF THESE PICTURES. Use at your own risk. Pictures may be recalled at any time with little to no notice given. 

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pdf file does not download as pdf

I just downloaded what was supposed to be a pdf from https://www.instructables.com/id/Narnia-Book-Sculpture/  When I hit the download button, it downloaded it as a file with no attributes. I couldn't open the file. When I added .pdf to the filename, it worked, so it is a pdf file, it's just not downloading as a pdf file. I'm on a windows machine running 7, using Chrome.

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Maker's License?

I have a few Instructables I'm working on - none posted yet - but i'm debating on what would be the best licensing...On the simple project, I'm going to go with the Creative Commons (attribution, share-alike) license.The other project is a different creature - I'm looking at creating a general purpose widget - then others can adapt the widget to their specific use. To get others involved in adapting the widget, i would start a contest here and offer a prize to the best adapted (or 'remixed') widget.Here's the dilemma that haunts me a little...1) A man or women that is 17 years old adapts the widget to fulfill a need that many people can use. Everyone is happy. Then, 6 months later, their adapted widget is being sold at the local hardware store. Great! Except that the Maker isn't getting any kind of design fee for the commercial product - and could have used that money to help with their college expenses...2) A man or women that is 67 years old adapts the widget that becomes the 'must have' item for seniors. This time it's being sold on QVC and being promoted in AARP magazine. Great! Except that the Maker isn't getting any kind of design fee for the commercial product - and could have used that money to help with health expenses...As for me - i'm looking at only attribution for the general purpose widget and waive any kind of design fee for commercial use for myself...BUT -If someone designs and makes an adaptive widget that really takes off - then i would like them to get credit and at least reap a little fiscal reward for their blood, sweat, and tears that they put into it if it takes off as a huge commercial success.Again - just attribution for me (it's a general purpose widget!) - the thoughtfulness in making comes from adapting it to a specific use - it's fun - but it takes work too.When i get ready to post - I was thinking of a...Makers License 1) Attribution, share alike, I waive any and all commercial fees for the general purpose widget2) Remix Fee: a) Remix Makers fee: You can build a Remix Design for yourself - however - if you intend to sell the remix to others then a remix fee applies. The remix fee to the author is limited to $1.00 per item you sell. Contact Author for fee arrangement before selling.OR b) Remix Maker waives all fees.I don't know - am i over thinking this?Any help, advice, or suggestions - Please Post!Thank You,-MM

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Not a bug -- Direct copy of my website page on Instructable

I just found this page on Instructables whose text is a direct copy from my website.The Instructable page is https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Simple-Unpadded-Native-style-baby-pouch--or-sl/My page is http://crafts.sleepingbaby.net/tubesling.htmlThe user who "contributed" it is no longer an active member, apparently. Her pictures were decent, but I would like attribution for my work if possible.

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"Stats" box servlet error

Clicking the Stats tab in any instructable triggers a pretty heavy servlet error (and exception list.) Error msg: ERROR 500: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: An error occurred while evaluating custom action attribute "value" with value "${stats.TotalHits}": Unable to find a value for "TotalHits" in object of class "com.instructables.model.helper.Stats" using operator "." (null) There were some changes added overnight (book contest navigation, above each entry), which might have contributed...

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Any thoughts about the licensing? I think I chose the wrong one for the rubber band gun I posted. I just noticed that the license I picked says that you can't use this Instructable commercially. I would prefer that people be able to make and sell the rubber band gun if they wish. Also, I am not concerned if someone does not attribute the design to me. It would be nice but not necessary. I did not make the design to receive accolades.

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Image use from sites such as Pixabay, for example? Answered

I have seen many folks ask similar questions, but I wanted to be absolutely sure about this before starting my first instructable. Can you use images from sites such as Pixabay? For those of you who are unfamiliar, Pixabay is a great site to pick up photos that are free for commercial use with no attribution required. I imagine this is 100% okay, but I wanted quick confirmation just to be sure. Thanks in advance for your response!  

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Hello, I am an author of the instructable: instant party paper lanterns At first, I was genuinely excited about the amount of links it generated from various etsy-like sites all crediting the original post. I have recently come across a slew of blatant ripoffs all in violation of the copyright...some of which actually use one of MY images as the main image for their business which essentially sells these (listed here). Is there anything I can do? I have the Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa) license. Thanks.

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Ummm, I have a problem.I cant find half the files on my computer, and I did it accidentally. Can anyone help??? Answered

I hid all in my files in a Recycle Bin look-alike I made, and then I Right-clicked on it and hit properties, I changed its attributes to Hidden, thinking it wouldnt come up in anyone else's searches and people wouldnt be able to see it unless they were on my account. I didnt know I wouldnt be able to find them again. Does anyone know where they have gone and how to get them back???

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Growing numbers of jellyfish linked to global warming

The growing number of jellyfish in the oceans has scientists worried, as they say it is an indication of how badly the ocean is being treated. They are showing up in places where they have never been seen before, and this is being attributed to a number of causes, including global warming and overfishing of the jellie's natural predators. LinkyI can personally attest to this one. I went to the beach and got stung by these little nasties. There must have been thousands and thousands of them swimming around. When they sting you, it HURTS. I had whip marks on my arms and legs for hours. Stupid jellyfish...

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

9gag is stealing your content

Your content, hosted at https://www.instructables.com/id/Privacy-monitor-made-from-an-old-LCD-Monitor/ Has been misappropriated by the website 9gag.com at http://9gag.com/gag/4705255 They placed it on their website, which is monetized with ads. When downloaded or linked, their watermark appears on the image. They have clearly not asked for permission to do this, they have not given any sort of credit or attribution. This is a clear violation of your rights and of the law. Kindly sue these buttholes, I really dislike them. In case they take this page down(which they like to do after they get caught stealing), here are screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/wtcrE.jpg http://i.imgur.com/0KQMS.jpg http://i.imgur.com/AT4LR.jpg

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Ember's Mechanical Designs are now Open-Source

We released the mechanical design files for the Autodesk Ember 3D printer in Fusion 360. Here's what I wrote about it on Ember's blog: The full design of Ember in Fusion 360 is now available for you to freely view, download, inspect and modify.  I've been having a blast with the explode model function! We're sharing these designs under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, the same license Arduino uses to share their design files. Just like the formulation for our resin, we're explicitly inviting you to understand, remix, and remake Ember.   Ember's Mechanical Designs are now Open-Source

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Feature Request: Access to URLs of individual comments

There are many occasions where I want to cross-reference somebody's comment in another posting. Most of the time, I try to use the "date and time" stamp, but that's problematic since the time is computed on the fly in my local TZ. It's worse if the comment is embedded half a dozen layers down in some thread in a completely different Forum Topic. Once or twice, I've tried to use "View Source" in my browser, and search through to find the corresponding markup for the comment, and then extract the hash from one of the tag/JS attributes. Since the information is already there, would it be difficult to add a "link" hyperlink to each comments, such that the returned URL was the one needed to get back to that comment in the future?

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12v UPS

With most UPS's there is electronic circuitry to reduce the home voltage to 12 or 24v to store in the battery, and then another circuit to raise the voltage back to the home voltage.  I know there is always a loss when attributes of electricity are changed. This seems very wasteful to me. I want to build a UPS for my notebook computer, that I use as a home server.  The power adapter for the notebook creates 19 volts but the notebook itself uses 12 - the other 7 is perhaps used to charge the battery while the computer is on.  I would like to put together a UPS made of 12 volt Ni or LiFe packs - would most likely be 13 volts but I don't think that would be a problem to avoid the double switching of the power.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Random computer shutdown problem? Answered

While using my computer upstairs I randomly get shut down. Mostly all I am running is iTunes- not much else. It will shutdown when playing a movie for about 5-10 minutes without pausing, and sometimes (but not nearly as much) while playing music. Its on Win XP Pro, 3ghz Intel Pentium 4, 1gb of RAM (SDRAM?). Computer gives no error/overheating messages. I have no active internet connection, but I have some temp. monitoring  programs installed (speedfan + intel software) and I can get programs on it with a USB flash drive. Computer did have an overheating problem, but I attributed that to the broken PSU fan. Replaced the PSU and it ran a lot cooler, except for this new problem. Any ideas?

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I was recently contacted by a magazine asking the copyright i have with instructables on a specific instructable. Am i able to have them publish the project? Do i need to do anything special like mention instructables? The default license on my account is as follows: Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa) This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. Others can download and redistribute your work just like the by-nc-nd license, but they can also translate, make remixes, and produce new stories based on your work. All new work based on yours will carry the same license, so any derivatives will also be non-commercial in nature. Should i reset that to some other setting?

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Question about licensing work posted here for the Etsy contest

I've got the basics of the contest:1. Sign up at both sites.2. Create something, documenting the process.3. Post the item on Etsy for sale following contest guidelines.4. Post the information on Instructables following contest guidelines.5. Win! (okay, maybe)However, the item as I envisioned it would be a licensed item - people could make it for personal use under the CC license subject to the selected provisions* or contact me for commercial licensing.*selected provisions might be, say $5 for making an unlimited number for personal use, a $50 licensing fee for commercial re-sale, along with attribution, et cetera, for a stated amount of timeIs this allowed under instructables rules? I know that standard CC is used here, but I don't know yet if it can be combined with a licensing fee, and if CC does allow it if Instructables does.Thanks!

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Enforceability of CC "Non-Commercial" license?

Update: I was able to resolve this issue with Jameco and I now earn a commission on the kit sales. Original post below. -------------------- I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this, and I realize most responses will probably start with "I am not a lawyer, but...", but I figured it's worth asking. I publish all my Instructables under the CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/ http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/legalcode What I had in mind was that I didn't want people trying to sell the content - putting my Instructables in a book and selling it, or behind a pay wall on the internet or whatever (I realize the odds of that happening are probably slim). I figured the odds of anyone actually selling a product based on one of my Instructables were vanishingly small. However, it turns out that my most popular Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-controlled-RGB-LED-Infinity-Mirror/ is now the basis for an Infinity Mirror kit sold by Jameco Electronics: http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10001_10001_2215380_-1 It looks like this was a project by one of their summer interns, who did a "step-by-step guide" (which DOES link to my Instructable as the original source) here: http://www.jameco.com/Jameco/workshop/JamecoBuilds/infinity-mirror.html To complicate things a bit, Jameco as a feature called "Club Jameco" where you can design electronics projects (similar to Instructables) with a set bill of materials, and if it's popular enough they will sell it as a kit and give you a comission: http://clubjameco.com/ I contacted Jameco to let them know that technically I'd published the project under a non-commercial license, so they probably shouldn't have done that without consulting with me (in a very cordial manner, not threatening to sue or anything). Their response was that they thought the intern's work was "different" enough and that she put enough of her own work into the project that it constituted a different product, which I strongly disagree with (the only circuit diagram in her written directions is from my Instructable - all she really did was create a BOM using Jameco parts instead of SparkFun). I would have liked to make this my own Club Jameco project so I could earn commission, but they said they wouldn't want to sell duplicate kits like that. Realistically, I doubt I'm missing out on huge amounts of cash here (the kits retail for $80 and commission is 10% or so), so I'm in no hurry to go hire a lawyer. I'm just curious about the enforceability of Creative Commons licenses in general. Do I have the right to just tell them "Hey, you actually can't do that, because the license says so?" In theory, would I actually need to hire a lawyer and send them some sort of scary-looking cease-and-desist letter? So again, I know most Instructables users probably can't give actual legal advice...just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience. I'm sure content gets ripped off without attribution quite a bit, violating the "Attribution" and "Share-Alike" clauses of the CC license.

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DepositPhotos the new photobank is open.

DepositPhotos (http://depositphotos.com) the new photobank is open. Photobank is being in accumulating state and welcome photographs and illustrators for cooperation. Therefore, we Start a special Promotion Program for Photographers. To take part in the Photographers Promotion Program it is required to pass the exam and then perform activation in the Promotion tab. After that, money will be added to the account for each accepted image. Info: http://depositphotos.com/pages/promo The nearest plans cover launch of other language versions of the site and actions for customer attraction. Expansion of upload ways is announced. Strengths: • The promotion program - $0.20 per each accepted image (on 500 images); • Convenient uploading and attributing, autofeeling by the previous attributed file. Mass autofeeling (to a file group), as well as piece; • Author commissions is 44 to 60%; • Cash may be requested starting from $50. Money received upon the promotion program may be ordered without any limitations; • Money transfer systems are PayPal, Moneybookers, Webmoney; • Detailed statistics of image sales and views; • Photo upload process and intuitive user interface is simpler than ever to use, making it quick and easy to offer images for sale; Customer offers: A unique tool set for purchasing maximizes customer audience: • Credits; • Subscription; • SMS-payments; • The on-going offer of "a second image as a gift" (moreover, authors of bonus images receive royalty like for a general purchase). All Buyers of DepositPhotos during Buying an Image by Credits receive a Gift – the Second Image Free of charge! The photobank features: • There is a symbolic exam of 5 images; • At registration, a document proving identity (a domestic or foreign passport, driving license etc.) is required; • A free bonus image for a piece purchase; moreover, both the authors of the sold and bonus image receive the royalty; • Separate registration for authors and customers; • The royalty size depends on the quantity of sold images. DepositPhotos is all about giving image buyers and sellers the best deal on the net! So whether you’re looking for a new place to showcase and sell your photos and images, or whether you’re looking for a new resource to buy them, you’ll find DepositPhotos.com to be a cut above the rest!

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It it legal If I use someone elses music/Tune in My Video (trailer)? Answered

Soooo I was searching on YouTube (bored as always) And I found a small YouTube channel (less than 200 subs) With a Tune that sounded alright i was wondering if it is legal to use The Tune in my own Video If i gave that person The credit for it in the video (also in the description with link to they're channel) This is what it said in the Description of the Video: Uploaded on Apr 23, 2011 Sheet Music: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php... Please credit me if you use my score in any way :3 And at the very Bottom it said, Creative Commons Attribution License (reuse allowed) whats that? it also gave me the option of remixing the Video. Also Here is the link to the Video On YouTube if it helps more: http://youtu.be/xhGah4Pq8ao Thanks In Advance to anyone reading this and giving me an answer -Kevin, 7/9/2014 USA 

Asked by KittyOfCamelot 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

My GPU crashes while playing PC games. Any ideas on how to fix?

Whenever I play 3d PC games (mostly Source engine games), my graphics card crashes if there's to much action onscreen. By this I mean that when it crashes, the game freezes for a second, then the whole screen flashes black, and the screen returns to normal, albeit with the fact that the game is "Not Responding", with a little message at the bottom right corner saying that my graphics card crashed, and that it recovered. It might be attributed to the fact that said computer is a laptop, with a mobile graphics card, but any ideas on how to fix, or at least prevent it from happening more often? Here are some detailed specs of my PC. CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00GHz RAM: 3.8 GB Video Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family

Asked by GearsOfAwesome 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to make my house window open (and then later close) horizontally (linearly) on a timer?

I have a fan on a timer in my house but I need a window to open and close so that the fan is effective (it will be opening during the day in the winter and during the night in summer.) The window is 3 feet by 4 feet. I was thinking of using a jackscrew set-up, but all the diagrams I've seen have an SPDT switch, which won't help me because I'll be asleep or at work. So I need both the ability to connect it to some kind of timer AND the ability to open AND close separately. The idea of re-purposing a garage door opener strikes me as a good idea, but it's massive overkill. But it would have most of the attributes I need--I would just have to have a timer trip the circuit and HOPE it never gets out of sync and mistakes open for close.

Asked by henway 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Overview of License on Publish page

I often get questions about copyright, licensing, patents, and publishing an Instructable.  In an effort to help clarify, we're going to put an overview of the license on the Instructable publish page.  We'll also link to a forum topic where users can ask questions and discuss edge cases.  I'd love your feedback, suggestions, and question on the proposed text that will appear on the publish page where you choose a license: Here's a brief overview of how the license works: By publishing your Instructable, you give Instructables.com permission to republish your Instructable on our website, or on a partner's website or other media.  We always try to get your Instructable seen by as many people as possible, and usually our goal is the same as yours.  For more information, see our Terms of Service. The license you choose below informs third-parties how they must treat your Instructable.  If you choose our default license, Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa), any website may republish your entire Instructable in a non-commercial venue under the same license, provided they attribute it properly -- by citing your name, linking to your website, your userpage on Instructables, or the original Instructable.  If you choose to reserve all rights, no entity other than Instructables.com may republish your exact text or images.  If you choose Public Domain, you are explicitly abandoning all rights. For the purposes of news reporting, pieces of your Instructable may be republished regardless of their copyright under the fair use exemption. More information can be found on the Creative Common website. The ideas or methods described within your Instructables are not protected by copyright.  Copyright only applies to original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible form of expression; for the purposes of your Instructable, that includes your text, images, and any files.  If you'd like to protect the idea or method of your Instructable, you'll need a patent.  Patent law is more complicated than we have space for here, but the good news is that in the United States, you have a year from first publication to file a patent application.  So, if you think your idea is patentable, you can publish a form of it as an Instructable, get constructive feedback on the idea, and still be able to apply for a patent.

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A few thoughts about copyright and Instructables

I have had some excellent exposure from some of my projects on this site. My Nintendo card reader was published in Popular Photography magazine. My geek wallet went pretty viral. Even my shopping cart bike was picked up on Wired and may be published in an Italian magazine. These have been great because they have had my permission to publish my work. But there have been some negatives.Many splogs (spam blogs that just scrape content from valid blogs) have essentially stolen my photography. Thanks to a tip from someone near Boulder i was able to pick up a copy of a newspaper that had published one of my photos "courtesy Instructables." I'm happy to have other people take my ideas and tweak them. That's why i post my projects here. That's why the license i have chosen for all of my projects is Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike. This specifically states "This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms."So when a newspaper publishes my photo without my authorization and credits Instructables that gets me a little hot. When someone takes one of my projects and then makes a video of it and submits it to the MetaCafe rewards program that seems like a violation of my license. And when dozens of splogs pick up a popular project and i have to go around trying to get photographer credit it makes me really reconsider if sharing projects on here is actually beneficial to me at all. I'm sure others have had their great projects ripped off (if they want to retain any rights) in the effort to contribute to the community too. Admittedly, i do have a Leatherman and a few t-shirts and magazine subscriptions to show for my efforts. I do want this site to work - i truly believe in it. I guess i'd like to see image protection for projects that have specified that they need to be attributed. I'd like the license more visible on the project pages. Perhaps a "if you write about this project provide a link to Instructables.com as well as the author's website at xyz.com" type footer to projects. I suppose i can watermark all of my photos and put copyright notices all over my pages and it would be moot.

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Free Instructional Illustrations

I want to create some instructional illustrations for an instructable to be published here. Who's? I still don't know. There will be no cost to it. Just tell me about the instructable that you are working on so we can work through it. How does it work The illustration will be based upon a photo. You will take a picture that you want to use in your instructable and I will vectorize it by tracing over the image. Then, I will send the vectorized image back to you so you can publish it. Copyrights The work rights will be under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0). That means that I just need you to put my name on the credits of your post. I will use the images in my portfolio and/or will be published on my website. About Me I am a graphic designer and web developer that decided to join the United States Coast Guard a few years ago. I loved my job but I wanted to do something different and serve. I love what I do now but I miss designing so much that I've decided to do it for free. I guess is still serving the community.

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Logic Goats papercraft

Here is a super cute little project which I found unaccredited on 4chan (who'd have thought?)  Logic Goats!  Papercraft logic gates in the shape of goats, which nod their head when the appropriate inputs are given.  There are four (there may be others I haven't found): And-Goat Or-Goat Xor-Goat Not-Goat I haven't made any of them up but I plan to this weekend!  I'll post pix if I manage to do this :) Update: these are from a website called robives.com, which sells them; I've removed these copies as they're clearly pirated.  Thanks for pointing this out, meeze!  I couldn't find attribution on the PDFs themselves yesterday but on checking again today, one does have the url on it and they're all on the site for purchase (see links above). (Note about Internet safety.  There is an attack which is becoming more common, which can be embedded in PDFs using the Javascript capability in Adobe Reader.  I did a bit of research and I am confident that these Logic Goat PDFs don't contain any malicious code, but as with anything on the Internet, download at your own risk.  In general it is wise to disable Javascript in Adobe Reader, if you use that for PDF viewing.  There is an interesting discussion of one of these attacks here: http://isc.sans.org/diary.html?storyid=7867)

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Not a bug, but...

Years ago I am seeing a feature of Instructables that works bad (IMHO):  I will try to explain it with my "yes bwana" English, please tell me if you don't understand any expression. The publishing date and time is apparently the only used to register and ordering instructables. But there is in reality another date-time, those of showing in the web page, after the revision process. When I choose ALL RECENT daily (my default option, many times each day), I see the last instructables showed in the page, until I see others previously seen.  That method shows almost all new instructables, since there are eventually others that where published a day or two before today, and they are some pages below. but showed today.   In fact, some my instructable has been showed one or two days after its publishing, and it was possibly missing by many persons. I still think Instructables is one of  the better (or the best) managed site in the web, but this features is a little annoying, because it forces me to look some days back, to avoid lost some very interesting thing. That happened to me more than once. The solution is conceptually easy, I don't know how hard it is technically: To add to the database the showing_date_time as an attribute of each instructable, and ordering RECENT by that date-time. It is not valid to replace "date-published", because that date-time is essential in case of authorship dispute.

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Birds use cigs to kill bugs - Crow week!

ODDBALL birds are surprising British experts by using smouldering cigarette to kill parasites on their wings.The rooks are swooping on to the tracks at a Devon railway station and placing their wings over the smoke to fumigate them.Commuter Jeff Jones said told Britain's The Telegraph: "I noticed the rooks because they are not usually found in towns. They were generally flapping about when a chap flicked a cigarette butt on to the track."It was still all right and one of the rooks swooped down and picked up the butt with its beak. It then flew around and landed on the platform, dancing around with this smoking cigarette in its beak."It looked quite comical. But then it dropped the butt on the platform and pulled its wings over it, collecting the smoke. It seemed as if it were using the smoke to rid itself of perhaps ants or something similar."Five minutes later another rook, or perhaps the same one, swooped in when another cigarette was flicked away and repeated the whole thing."Royal Society for the Protection of Birds spokesman Richard Archer said the birds must have learned cigarettes can be used to kill parasites."You have to be careful attributing behaviour but it would seem fumigation is the most likely conclusion. Rooks are very intelligent," he said.It's crow week on Instructables! Post as many forum topics about crows as you can! Main image from [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rook_(bird) Wikipedia].

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Why cant i post my instructable? Answered

So i have about 10 finished ibles saved as drafts, and today ive been wanting to post at least one of them since there are a few applicable contests running. So i went into edit and clicked publish, it took me to screen where you have to add channel, category, license keywords etc... I used  attribution noncommercial share-alike which is the default it automatically brings up, i clicked 'publish now!' and nothing happened, the url didnt change, there was no loading icon, nothing looked like it had changed at all. So i tried clicking the 'Yes, publish my instructables' at the bottom of the page and still nothing happened. I tried both entering and not entering the ible into 3 contests, but no luck. Ive tried 3 times today, ive turned my internet and computer off and on twice. I really have no idea whats going on, ive posted 28 ibles over the course of 3 years and i dont think ive had this trouble before. The main contests i need to enter all end in about 2 weeks and i have a ton of ibles i need to enter so if anyone could proivide an answer ASAP that would be great

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Can a solid state amplifier be reconstructed/reconfigured as a tube amp?

All guitarists seem to prefer the sound of a tube amp over solid state. Amp manufacturers, after committing to the solid state format, hook, line, and heat sinker, must have been appalled when guitarists began to demand availability of the old school tube amps, and scrambled to replicate the distinctive tube sound by means of additional effects and eventually modelling features. But, the big boys doggedly refused to admit the error of their ways, which, as it turns out, was a good thing as new amp manufacturers began to spring up to fill the void. Finally after sitting around their boardrooms, no doubt sipping their Coke new recipes while watching their market shares dwindle, they decided to reissue some of their most popular tube amps...at six times the initial price of course. I can't afford a new tube amp. I can't afford a used tube amp. Ebay and craigslist are rife with inexpensive, (relatively), solid state amps. My question then is, could a solid state amp be retrofitted with a tube chassis and perhaps still utilize some of the solid state attributes and parts? My instinct tells me yes. However, my knowledge of electronics and theory being nil, I really haven't the foggiest idea of what might be involved with such an undertaking. To say that a schematic is Greek to me is a gross understatement. Therefore, I appeal to the genius of the Instructable contributers to comment, or even better, start a project build. (C'mon gmoon, you know you want to!) Thanks Sycan

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Global warming & carbon emmissions

I may be off on a tangent to reality, but I wonder if there are any statistics available on the effect of all the Tonnage Oxygen plants around the world sucking in all the oxygen, separating the various gases & storing them in pressurised liquid form. I did a quick search today and 2 countries alone were 'manufacturing' (sucking in our air, separating the elements and producing) 26,000 tonnes of approximately 99% pure oxygen per day! To the crux of my question: Is this action (carried out on a worldwide scale and potentially growing) upsetting the balance of our atmosphere - we are all informed by the press and by the scientists that global warming is (or may be) attributed to mankind burning fossil fuels and dumping the excess carbons into the atmosphere. I just view this as the flip side of the argument........ has anyone ever considered the tonnage of oxygen drawn in from the atmosphere by these plants which is sold-on essentially as bottled gas or piped to be used for oxidising other materials (blast furnaces, basic oxygen steel-making, scrap cutting  etc), could be having an equal or bigger impact on our atmosphere and global warming than the straight burning of fossil fuels by power stations and automobiles etc? Just 'throwing the idea out there' (Liquid oxygen when spilt and viewed as a puddle, appears blue like the sky, the deeper the oxygen puddle, the more vivid the blue became ..... reminded me of when I was a kid the sky looked a lot bluer than it does these days).

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Set Pistol Instructio

I have had a lot of success with instructables that have more than one objective in view. For example, my K'NEX Gun Attachments 'ible has had almost 4,000 views (not to mention 22 favorites), and I think that the main reason for this can be extensively attributed to the fact that there is more than one thing to look at within the 'ible. After all, look at BM2's L85A2. The gun is amazing, but people also (note the word ALSO, there) love the ACOG that he has included within the pictures. I think that this could be used again in a really cool instructable "initiative" that I wanted to propose to you guys. My idea is this. Why must we always post instructables with only one item included within them? I see no reason for why this should always be, so I propose this. A pistol instructable. What we would do is (a collection of us) build a bunch of shooting pistols (no models please) whether replicas or not, I don't care, so long as they shot and are relatively new (no carbon copies of other builds). Then, at the end of say, April, I would make and invite a bunch of you guys to post your pistols onto an instructable, and then I'd finally post after everybody got theirs added and edited. What do you guys think? The idea kinda seem sorta far fetched, but we could give it a whirl all the same...? -The Red Book of Westmarch

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What Littlechef should really be worrying about.

Each year, Dihydrogen Monoxide is a known causative component in many thousands of deaths and is a major contributor to millions upon millions of dollars in damage to property and the environment. Some of the known perils of Dihydrogen Monoxide are:Death due to accidental inhalation of DHMO, even in small quantities.Prolonged exposure to solid DHMO causes severe tissue damage.Excessive ingestion produces a number of unpleasant though not typically life-threatening side-effects.DHMO is a major component of acid rain.Gaseous DHMO can cause severe burns.Contributes to soil erosion.Leads to corrosion and oxidation of many metals.Contamination of electrical systems often causes short-circuits.Exposure decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes.Found in biopsies of pre-cancerous tumors and lesions.Given to vicious dogs involved in recent deadly attacks.Often associated with killer cyclones in the U.S. Midwest and elsewhere, and in hurricanes including deadly storms in Florida, New Orleans and other areas of the southeastern U.S.Thermal variations in DHMO are a suspected contributor to the El Nino weather effect.Those are from an American study. I personally have seen quite a horrible crash after liquid DHMO was sprayed across a road, and DHMO was found in the analysis of the first stones removed from #2 son's kidneys.Proper statistics are hard to dig up, but I have found that DHMO was a direct cause of death in 3842 cases in the USA in 2002. 8.5% of them were children under the age of one.Numbers are harder to find in the UK, but around 500 deaths occur every year following contact with DHMO.(A drop of 4% in DHMO deaths in 2001 was attributed to fewer people visiting rural areas thanks to the foot-and-mouth outbreak, indicating a prevalence of DHMO contamination in England's green spaces.)Rather than scaremongering, you should be warning your friends about a very real hazard in their everyday lives.

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Idea for robot project

I'd like to put in for a scholarship robot. I'm on a postdoc currently, working with the Avida artificial life software. I am working on experiments that will utilize moving Avidians.My idea for an iRobot Create contest entry is to use the robot to instantiate the program used by an Avidian evolved to perform a task based on finding "food" and avoiding "poison". The Avidian genome is a sequence of instructions in a virtual machine language, so on the software side the project involves translating between the Avidian code instructions and the instructions needed to have to the Create robot do the analogous action or computation. On the hardware side, I will need to find an analogous set of sensors to permit the Create robot to perform the same sort of evaluation of its laboratory environment as the Avidian makes of its virtual environment. As an example, an Avidian may detect the presence of an adjacent resource, and utilize input to get information about it. An infrared or visible light sensor might be deployed in an analogous way, where a resource object may give a different reading from empty floor, and some attribute of that reading may distinguish what will be treated as "food" from what will be treated as "poison". One thing to note is that I don't have any immediate plan to implement anything like a neural net system for the Create robot; this would be a straightforward translation of Avidian code to make a program to run the Create robot. Part of what this can demonstrate is the emergence of aspects of behavior that can be considered intelligent, and the ability to instantiate such evolved programs in a physical system like the Create robot.Avidian runs take part of a day to a few days to complete. The Avida instruction set is fairly compact, and is made to be able to permit universal computation. I don't think anything too complex is needed in the way of sensory systems to provide enough data for telling apart two classes of objects. I believe that my idea is feasible to complete by the contest deadline.

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Miscounting View Counter

Recently, I have noticed the amount of "views" shown when I look at my instrucables is inconsistent. Let me provide some back-story... At my house, I use an HP desktop running Windows Vista. On this my family runs Internet Explorer 9. My Mother has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and she uses the most recent version of the Instructable's mobile app. I have a Samsung Galaxy Media Player 5.0 which also runs the Instructable's app. For those of you familiar with the new and updated app, you know that before selecting any instuctable you are able to see the number of "views" and "favorites" that item has attained. A few days ago I published another instructable. Being very excited to see how the community would react, I was checking the "views" frequently and noticed the numbers seemed odd. After further exploring the topic, I found that my personal device would show one number while my home computer ad my Mom's tablet also showed different. What I mean by this is the number of "views" before I selected my instructable on my device was different from when I clicked on it on the same device. It was also different for the tablet and the computer. I understand that as time goes on my "views" will increase, but these changes were ranging from 2,000 "views" to 4,000 "views". I don't know if this is a side-effect to me since I am the author of these instructables or if this would happen when I view other people's. I also don't know if this affects other attributes (i.e. Favorites, Comments, etc...) or if this happens exclusively with "views". I will keep my eyes open for relevant information and keep anyone interested posted for changes. I know this is not a major issue but it is indeed an inconvenience. If anyone else is experiencing the same problem please leave a comment so I know I'm not the only one. Also, to the people who take care of these bugs, please let me know if there is any more information that you need to help you out.   -mymyjames2000

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"It's not like everyone who does DIY is a communist!" - Instructables in the Financial Times

I get attributed my favorite quote so far in DIY fanatics find a cyber showcase: "It's not like everyone who does DIY is a communist."Eric Wilhelm was studying for his PhD in mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2000 when he decided that he needed an athletic pursuit. So he took up kite surfing, a sport that was then in its infancy.Because kite surfing was so new, there were no established manufacturers producing reliable equipment. So Mr Wilhelm decided to make his own. He began sewing kites from rip-stop nylon and crafting boards from plywood. "It's a perfect sport for an engineer," he says. "You can build all your own gear."Mr Wilhelm posted instructions and pictures of his craftsmanship on his personal web page. It soon gained a following, and readers e-mailed to ask where they could find documentation of similar projects.The website evolved into Instructables, a San Francisco-based portal, and Mr Wilhelm is its chief executive. The business employs 10 and registers 5m unique visitors a month. The site, Mr Wilhelm explains, serves as a sort of collective repository for creative types who want to show off their wares.More broadly, Instructables is a symbol of the latest evolution of a do-it-yourself culture of invention that has been the lifeblood of California's Silicon Valley high-technology industry. Apple, Google and Hewlett-Packard are just three global companies that began with a couple of creative tinkerers experimenting in a garage. ...But isn't there something incongruous in a profit-seeking marketplace for specialised goods that are supposed to be the antidote to big box shopping? Herein lies the paradox of the DIY tech ethos: much as it would like to escape the confines of the throwaway economy, it cannot exist too far outside consumer culture.Mr Wilhelm of Instructables does not see a conflict. The DIY movement, he says, "is not anti-capitalist...It's a backlash against mass market. It's not like everyone who does DIY is a communist."More news and press about Instructables here.

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Paper Airplane Contest 7 (Closed)

To spur more paper airplane posts, I have decided to host a seventh paper airplane contest, (PAC7). Hopefully this contest will encourage more people to submit their innovative paper airplanes for all to see. For this contest, the specifications are for an advanced stunt plane. Requirements: 1. Aircraft Requirements: • Ability to perform a loop, wingover and/or a half Cuban eight • A ground range of at least 25 feet (7.62 meters) and an air range of at least 30 feet (9.144 meters) • Durability to fly at least 20 flights • Use of less than 10 inches (0.254 meters) of tape in construction • Use of less than 3 pieces of 8.5 by 11 inch (A4) paper in construction • Aircraft must be named 2. Instructable Requirements: • 1 page (not the intro page) strictly devoted to materials required in construction • 1 page explaining how to fly the aircraft • The instructable's license must be: "Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)" • This sentence and link must be displayed on your entry's intro page: “This instructable is an entry in Paper Airplane Contest 7 (https://www.instructables.com/community/Paper-Airplane-Contest-7/).” Prizes: For this contest I will award the publishers of the top 5 performing paper airplanes* one patch each. Each patch will feature its respective aircraft, rather than medals. The first place winner will also receive a 3 month Instructables.com Pro membership if his/her plane meets or exceeds all specifications. *Multiple entries are allowed. To keep the distribution of patches wide however, each entrant can only win one patch. How to Enter: To enter this contest, you must send me a private message entitled “My PAC7 Paper Airplane [Your Member Name Here]” with your instructable's URL included. I will then put the link and author's name onto a list on this topic under "Entries". Judging: I have decided that I will judge all the planes myself based on abilities. I have decided this way because I believe judging on performance and suitability, rather than shape, is a more objective approach. The contest begins Friday, July 29, 2011 and ends Friday, September 2, 2011. Entries must be published before Friday, September 2, 2011. From September 2 to September 5, I will be judging all entries. I will announce the winners of the contest on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 and issue them their prizes Wednesday, September 7, 2011. Entries:

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My Laptop Is Broke. But how? Answered

I have an old dinosaur laptop (a Fujitsu Life-book C2330 approx. 7 years old.) that worked up until very recently. I packed it up in my closet for a few weeks, and when I decided to re-purpose it, the laptop wouldn't power up. I believe the problem is not in the laptop itself, but in its power transformer. When the transformer was working, it would make a high-pitch, low volume, whine. But now the transformer only whines once for a half second every five seconds. This could maybe be attributed to a blown capacitor or other electronic mishap. If that is the case however, it would probably be more worth my time buying a new transformer. My second idea is that the transformer has been damaged but usable for a while, but the laptop requires a slight charge of some kind in the battery to get it going, and the old transformer doesn't have the guts to give that charge. Metaphorically leaving me with a car with a dead battery, trying to jump-start off another car with another dead battery. If this is the case, then I should buy a new battery. My third idea is that both the transformer and the battery are not the problem, and it is the power jack that is the problem. I had to open the computer up not too long ago to re-solder the loose power jack. The screws that attached a ridiculously large EMI cage to the motherboard were stripped, so I had to drill them out, and then bend the EMI cage about 45 degrees. That allowed me to fix the power cord, but it also damaged my internal wireless card. After putting it all back in one piece, the laptop worked fine until I bought a new one, when I put it in my closet and forgot about it. Which brings me back to the thought that the power jack is broken. But it doesn't look broken at all, it doesn't feel broken, and it doesn't jiggle in the laptop. And if the jack is broken, I might as well just give up. The last possibility, is that the laptop, the transformer, the battery, and the power jack are all usable, but the power cord, which looks fine on the outside, might have lost its conductivity, or become frayed and detached inside its rubber casing. Which can be easily fixed by opening it up and reattaching the wires. That's my situation. I don't know which of these ideas it is, but it has to be one of them. I appreciate any help I can get. Sorry for the bad image quality. Not that the pictures help much anyway. Thanks, Sam

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Global Warming - Ruling on Documentary

UK Broadcasting watchdog OfCom has ruled that the Channel 4 documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle broke broadcasting rules by implying that GW was not due to human activity.The film's key contentions were that the increase in atmospheric temperatures observed since the 1970s was not primarily caused by emissions of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, and that the modern focus on climate change is based in politics rather than science. It is seen in some "climate sceptic" circles as a counter to Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth, and credited with influencing public perception of climate science. It has reportedly been sold to 21 countries and distributed on DVD. GW experts featured in the documentary complained that they were quoted out of context, had not been told of the aims of the programme makers, and some quotes attributed to experts were, allegedly, made up by the reporters."It's very disappointing that Ofcom hasn't come up with a stronger statement about being misled," said Sir John Houghton, a former head of the UK Met Office and chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scientific assessment. "I know hundreds of people, literally hundreds, who were misled by it - they saw it, it was a well-produced programme and they imagined it had some truth behind it, so they were misled and it seems Ofcom didn't care about that," he told BBC News."The programme has been let off the hook on a highly questionable technicality," said Bob Ward, former head of media at the Royal Society, who played a prominent role in co-ordinating objections to the film. "The ruling noted that Channel 4 had admitted errors in the graphs and data used in the programme, yet decided that this did not cause harm or offence to the audience." Plaintiffs accused the programme of containing myriad factual inaccuracies, but Ofcom says it was "impractical and inappropriate for it to examine in detail all of the multifarious alleged examples... set out in the complaints." On another issue - whether contributors to the programme had been treated fairly - Ofcom mainly found against Channel 4 and the film's producer WagTV. Former UK chief scientific adviser Sir David King had been misquoted and had not been given a chance to put his case, the regulator said. Ofcom also found in favour of Carl Wunsch, an oceanographer interviewed for the programme, who said he had been invited to take part in a programme that would "discuss in a balanced way the complicated elements of understanding of climate change", but which turned out to be "an out-and-out propaganda piece, in which there is not even a gesture toward balance". The film alleged that the IPCC's scientific reports were driven by politics rather than science, and Ofcom ruled the organisation had not been given adequate time to respond. Full BBC article, plus links

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