kenpachis force

Hey its about time i post some thing and since i got a ss coaster i figured id try it out the station is almost done and all i need is a curve part to it (pics will be up around 4)

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my drawings

Well thanks to my friend hes showing me how to draw goku =P

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what do you want me to make?

hey evey body i have been wondering what to make rectently and all i have is some of IAC's splat and 3 guns i want to finsh splat and post it if possable after that what should i make? and id want to make something that hasent been done before i can make ball machines guns but not coasters due to lack of micro parts and all my SS cars are busted! so what should i make? ALSO: i am making 8 bit picture with legos in LDD(lego digtal designer{free from}) if you would like one made i might make it depending on how crazy it is all i need is the picture in 8 bit

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Video Recording on a xbox 360.

Does anybody know of any mods, or programs for recording what you do on 360? i need a video recording program, (if you know of one that will record voice chat then ausome, but if not then mention the one that will record video plz) i need help and anything will be much appreciated. ps. by the way, the cheaper the better, but i can deal with programs that i need to buy.

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SR commado v1 review

I got around to trying out one of dj raidos gunsso i tryed the SR commado v1What to expect:Strength:9/10very strong (but there are weak parts) but mostly strongRange:8/10 good sive and ok range i get 20 ft with easeLooks:9/10i think it looks very werid (but yet ausome) and also kinda looks like a future weponParts:7/10 like most of his guns are pretty low peiceHandle: 7/10 the real handle is kinda small (but i use it more as a grip)Stock:8/10 very sturdy and strong(rock solid)Barrel:8/10 a decent barrel but it can only take sow much powerFake barrel:9/10 very sturdy and good sizeadd onsBipod:7/10 not the best (but he made a low peice bipod )scope:6/10 you really can use the scopeIn the end:fatamizama morguiam!=(totaly ausomes)To finish it up: a very good gun and i would recomed it to every bodythank you for reading my frist review knex sbf(and also thanks to dj raido)(i would give you a link but my pc wont let me)

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Ok something happened with my rockband 2 set i got the full thing and it was ausome but im getting yelled at for not playing it in some time its been a few days my life is not fun right now i have school karate and chores and stuff on here and then i have no time to goof off at all i have school 7:50-3:00 and karate on monday,tuesday,wensday,thursday, and saturday i hate it. its to much for me and if i miss karate or school my dad goes on how im illresponable when its not my fualt any ideas about the karate thing. also my dad broke apart the drum that were not working and we cant get new drums now and im getting grounded for it witch it not my fudgein fualt please help me!!!!!!!!

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new knex contest im going to start soon im looking for judges and people who would like to enter

Ok im think of a contest im not tell you what you must make but theres a real prize for thisfirst prize:i will sub and 5* any ibles of there choice and the prizesecond prize:sub and 5* 15 ibles of your choicethird:sub and 10 5*on any ibles of there choicerunners up:sub and 5* any any ibles of there choicerules: 1:you must follow them2:no cheating3:no playing favorites4:if you dont get it in the deadline your out for that round5:if you drop out tell me6:have fun7:the judges can enter but they cant vote for them selves unless it just to ausome8:you may use older ibles but i would rather have new9:it can be a video (it must be on google video) or a slide or even post how to make itjudges:meKiller~SafeCrackerknex_builder_freakdj_radiocontestants:knex mad

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Z35 parts lists!

Ok the Z35 is ausome but no parts list that it accurat to all models i mad one its easy you just pic thones that you want like trigger guard,chamber door,etc. but he had a parts list but i hade to go back and grab some more parts here and there so i made this i will list if it is nesserary or not. body shell: 1: with chamber slide and trigger guard: rods: green:86 white:22 connectors: dark gray:2 ltgray:2 red:2 green:4 yellow:50 blue:6 white:2 2: with chamber slide,without trigger guard: rods: green:86 white:22 connectors: dark gray:2 ltgray:2 red:2 green:4 yellow:52 blue:4 white:2 3: without chamber slide,with trigger guard: rods: green:90 white:24 connectors: dark gray:2 ltgray:2 red:2 green:4 yellow:48 blue:6 white:4 4: without chamber slide or trigger guard: rods: green:82 white:24 connectors: dark gray:2 ltgray:2 red:2 green:4 yellow:50 blue:4 white:4 sights(needed): rods: green:14 white:4 blue:3 red:1 connectors: red:3 green:3 yellow:6 other: ball socket:16 track connector:1 barrel 1: 1: with chamber slide rods: green:30 white:3 blue:2 connectors: red:3 yellow:26 blue:2 other: y clip:15 2: without chamber slide: rods: green:30 white:3 blue:2 connectors: red:3 yellow:24 blue:4 other: yclip:15 barrel 2: 1: with bipod and/or carrying strap: rods: green18 white:2 blue8 connectors: orange:11 red:3 yellow:4 other: blue clip:3 2: with carrying strap without bipod: rods: green18 white:1 blue8 connectors: orange:13 red:3 yellow:2 other: blue clip:3 IM STOPING HERE I WILL ADD MORE EVERY DAY

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