automatic spray bottle?

I'm looking for a way to trigger an intermittent misting spray of water (indoors). Any ideas?

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how to make an automatic spray machine?

I wana make a machine for spraying some small articles , which can spray color automatic and paint the whole article by rotating it. please do reply me as i'm in need of it

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Automatic water pump?

Hello, I was wondering how I would make an automatic pump, that pumps OUT water, just something like, checks to see if water level is too high then starts pump, something simple and effective. Anyone have an idea?

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Cheapest Ever Automatic Lawn Mower

I saw this while using StumbleUpon and thought I had to post it since it was so in the spirit of Instructables. What a brilliantly simple but clever hack! (Not to mention dangerous)

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Engineering, automatic gate

Hi everyone i'm building an automatic swing gate (for my project) which uses a pneumatic actuator to open it but i'm struggling to determine how the gate is going to close, as the actuator does not have a longer stroke. i only have two and half weeks left for my due date, any help would greatly be appreciated. thanks

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How can I automatically trigger a fixed vehicle-mounted still camera to take a photo every (say) 30 minutes?

Is there some system that can automatically trigger a fixed vehicle-mounted still camera to take a photo every (say) 30 minutes so as to produce a sort of travelog of photos? Maybe a crazy idea for an inventor. I would certainly like to try it.Perhaps a refinement would be to be able to adjust the frequency and also to pause the timer if the vehicle is stopped.?

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can anyone think of a way of making a automatic farm gate opener?

The gate must be practical for a working farm, the gate needs to be remote controlled but switched off at night this can be done  manual. a barrel would work but there are some electricity lines close to the gate. the gate needs to be wide enough for articulated lorries to maneuver.  

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Automatic Blind Opener Advice

Hi, I am thinking of putting together something that will able to automatically open and close my blinds as the darkness outside dictates. Ideally, I am hoping to attach the opening/closing pole to a DC Motor, which would be controlled by a light sensor. I was also toying with the idea of powering the system with a rechargeable 9V battery that could be topped up with a small solar panel attached to the window. Is this idea doable and, if so, any advice on parts and putting it together would be very much appreciated.

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Automatic save feature wasting a lot of time and energy

While I was writing a lengthy instructable my parts list step was somehow pasted to every other step erasing what I had previously written.  I had already saved my work before this so I thought I could just go back to my previous save.  Too bad my work was automatically saved.  This feature is terrible.  Please get rid of it, we all know how to use a save button. I suppose the actual bug was in my one step being copied over every other step wasting a ton of my time.

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Automatic pet food dish

I want to make a pet food dish that rations out pet food at specific intervals. Something similar to this it doesn't have to be a circle, I could probably figure out how to do it with a pulley system and motor if it was straight, but I need to find a timer to trigger the motor. Does anyone know where to get a timer like that, or what I should search for. I've never built anything before, so I don't know anything, or what to search for. Thanks for any help.

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broken beam switch for audio loop?

I  want to have a set up that play a message or sound every  time a light beam is broken.  how should i do this?

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Flowchart Programs? Answered

I have had enough of making flowcharts from scratch and despite there being thousands of programs available, I have yet to find one with the following abilities.   -Make chart automatically, size/formatting based on number of connections -Take inputs from a list, for example I put in all the words, then I can add tags to three categories, incoming, outgoing, and bi-directional connections which link similar parts. My current example is a list of 60 words which have various relationships.  They range from bonds (ionic, covalent polar, hydrogen...) to carbohydrates.  It would be great to just put in the list and tag the words that are related, so when I put in bonds, I could tag the different types.  If I put in carbohydrates I could tag organic compounds.  Then it could be put into a visual flow chart. If someone gives me the answer google it I would be quite frustrated, I have been through many pages of results to no avail and I have tried many "automatic" flowchart programs.  I know making a program to analyze connections wouldn't be too hard, put I have no idea how to make a program with customized graphics, let alone an automatic one. So making one isn't quite going to work.

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Automatic coop door

Does anyone have a automatic chicken coop door diagrams. 

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Any automatic cat doors triggered by the cat's I.D. chip? Answered

Has anyone made an automatic cat door that works by reading the cat's embedded I.D. chip?

Asked by Enricommuter 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

What mechanism should i use for automatic window swing shutter for a model house ?

What mechanism should i use for automatic window swing shutter for a model house ? Look at picture

Asked by nathanpulkis2017 1 year ago | last reply 1 year ago

Automatic knex gun ideas.

Hey people! im thinking of making an awsome fully automatic knex gun but im not sure what to make it look like or to model it after a gun.... so got any ideas?

Posted by longboardboy 8 years ago

Automatic slideout drawer

I am looking to build a drawer that will automatically open and close by the flip of a switch. What would be the easiest way to set it up? The drawer will only need to hold several pounds up to ten at the most. Any suggestions?

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I would like to purchase automatic button pusher machine with on the hour function; how much would it cost?

The b=automatic button pusher machine should be able to press a button every hour on the hour. It should be easy to set up.

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Possibility Of A Fully Automatic Knex gun

I have created an idea (i think) to make a gun fully Automatic. Fully Automatic, meaning that you can hold the trigger and fire until the mag is out of bullets. I am pretty sure with some tweaking my idea will work but I have to get around to doing it. I would like some input or some tips as far as what to try. No I'm not going to share the exact idea just yet :)

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Is it possible to make an automatic gun using the grey connector white rod chain? Answered

Remember that chain Dsman made for his sniper? Well, I was wondering if the same chain could be used to make an automatic gun. Instead of using a grey connector, you could use a red connector to attatch the mini guns, and white connectors with green rods on every other empty slot as gears.

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hi does anybody know how to make an automatic gate motor

im looking to make them for the gates of my house like the ones you see built into the ground and work by a ram and can be used with a fob i would love a set but there very expensive

Asked by daithi55 7 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

Automatic Potentiometer

Hi!  i need and automatic potentiometer it has to works max 5v i thouhgt about that and i can make it manually but it's to big and to weird  i want to ask you a form to make  it whit electronic components or a component ho can makes it i want to make a motor acelerates and desacelerates whith a soft curve and if its posible put the time of the cycle (example 40 seconds acelerat.... and .. desaceler...."cycle" or similar) Thanks Sorry for my bad english! Thanks! 

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How do I wire for an automatic battery backup???

I am working on a project where components are run from AC power (converted to 12v DC). I am interested in wiring in a 12V li-ion battery that will be trickle charged by the AC power (actually the converted 12v DC) and will automatically take over should the AC power go out. To all you electronic geniuses -- how do I accomplish this likely easy setup. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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how can you make an knex gun automatic without the use of a motor, like a hand held machine gun?

You have a gun that looks like a MG but only shoots once when you pull the trigger. how is it possible to make it completely automatic, without any type of motor or mechanism that you have to rotate around, like those two hand held ones. just pull the trigger and barrage of bullets come out. Many have tried and been close but not succeeded.

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Hi I would like to make an automatic feeder for my pigs using an electric motor to control the amount of feed.

I was going to use pvc pipe and a electric window winder motor to open and close a flap at the bottom of the pipe. Can anyone help on how to automatically trigger the motor to open and close the flap once or twice a day for about 10 seconds. (open 10 seconds, allows grain out and then closes to stop any more grain coming out again. Any assistance would be appreciated. I dont know much about electronics. Dan

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I want to build my automatic sliding door.i want to know what how to make by myself electronic motor to use on it.

Can you help me what electronic motor can we build our to using at my sliding door???i already know how to make the part of the sliding door frame...but i dont know what electronic or motor can i use to make my sliding door  to make it be automatic sliding door..please help at this website;=e5GK6_ol37I please help me..

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want 2 build a auto chicken door, will a rotisserie motor work?

The motor automatically reverses direction when power stops. run cable around shaft of motor (has 20lb weight limit),run on timer.  think this will work?

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I need help in Proteus program !!

Hi everyone .. I'm made  "Automatic Plant Watering " circuit in Proteus, but I can't find the probes, so can I place it with switch !! another thing is where I should connect the water pump? thank you ..

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injection device

 I want to build an injection device that can handle insulin syringes. Please help.

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How can I speed up the rate of fire on a nerf swarmfire?

I recently purchased a nerf swarmfire. It is fully automatic. It holds twenty darts when full, and empties all of its barrels in about 6.4 seconds. Thus it fires one dart every 0.32 seconds. I'm in a club where rate of fire basically determines the winner of every battle, so an ible about how to speed this up would be appreciated.

Asked by bokrugthewaterlizard 6 years ago

Need Help

HI. So I need to slightly depress the button on a digital camera every three minutes or so. SO if there was some device that gave me a little movement every 3 minutes I could lock it into an enclosure with the camera and everything would work. I can imagine the invention but I don't know the names of the electrical components needed. Thanks in advance for your help.

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How can I make lights that turn on when I open my shed door?

I've just put together a shed for my motorbike that will soon have electricity wired to it. I want to make a lighting system that turns on the lights when I open the door and turns them off when I close them. I don't want to spend a load of money so was thinking relays and microswitches. Any thoughts or opinions would be great! Thanks Jack

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Automated dimming LED Aquarium light with moonlights? Answered

How do I make a Aquarium light that is automated simulating dawn and dusk, then turn on/off moonlights using LEDs? I want the system to be based upon time. The array of LEDs for daytime use can slowly 'awaken' over the course of an hour then the after a specified length of time, the daylights slowly turn off then start to slowly turn on moonlights. I saw an instructable that showed how to mimic the outside lighting to replicate that in the tank but I don't have my aquarium that close to a window so I'd rather it be based upon a programmable clock.

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Has any body built a self cleaning litterbox? Answered

 I've never actually seen one of the commercially available ones. could somebody tell me how they work and maybe even send me a picture of two of the working parts? I'm sure I don't want to spend what they cost, plus from the repair ibles, I gather they don't work great anyway.  I'm imagining they have some type of motorized sifter. What I wonder is how the screen or fingers or whatever get back through the litter to the bottom to reset for the next time. Or doesn't it even work that way?

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Help with a project brainstorm.

 I am building an automated parts storage thingy. I envision having a catalog of parts with numbers next to them. I enter a number on a keypad that corresponds to the part, and the drawer containing the part slides out* and the smaller compartment containing the part's lid flips open** and I enter the amount I took or put in and it logs it*** and notifies me when I am low on a part**** *How would I make it slide out? **How would I do this? Electromagnets, maybe? ***How would it remember? Compact flash or SD memory? ****How would it notify me? Network to the printer? I think i would press a button that said "STOCK" and it would tell me what to stock up on.

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automatic water drop down / automatic syring

I want to make one automatic water drop down instrument , and i need help. i need it for water surface angle determining

Posted by ksd71 1 year ago

is there any small, automatic knex weapons?? Answered

The thing i find about knex weapons, is that they all have the basic, pull back the ram to shoot mechanism. there is larger weapons that have motors to automaticaly load, but they are basically just a lot of tiny guns that has a motor so all the triggers are pulled fast. are there any knex weapons that arnt huge, and automatically pulls back the ram, then releases it, so if you turn the motor on, it will automatically shoot?

Asked by the poodleo 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Twin Shot Semi Automatic Knex Gun?

I've been working on this gun for about 3 days now, and im woundering if it is "unique" enough to put on Instructables. Please comment.

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Knex Automatic SMG

This is my fully automatic knex gun that I have had since October although I have been working with the rack and pinion mechanism since last year, the system that it uses works well however I can't seem to get a good green rod magazine on it. Can you help me please?

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Automatic knex gun w/out many gears.

Are there any knex guns which are true full or semi automatic and only use a max of one medium gear and 8 small ones? It also shouldn't use an IMENSE amount of pieces. I've seen many guns but they all use 2 medium gears. I only have 1.

Asked by pmgroundhog 8 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Force an automatic transmission into a gear?

Is it possible in the technological day and age to force a computer controlled automatic transmission to start in a higher gear like second.  About 90% of people will never need this, however out on the farm in a big diesel truck with 800lbs of torque you need it.  By starting in a higher gear it allows us to get through snow much better and this becomes extremely difficult with an automatic transmission.  Sure we can set the highest gear it will go into, but we can't lug through the snow and mud like we would like to.  Do any of you know of a chip out there already, or one you can make that will let you pick and chose your lowest gear.

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Area recognition.?

Hi all! I want to make a automatic lawn mower. I was thinking about useing a kinect or a webcam for area recognition... Is this possible, what program should i use if there is any? Kjetil Norway

Asked by kjetilhansen 7 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

knex automatic rifle

I had an idea to make a new (i think) type of knex machine gun. it is like knexwizard's semi auto rifle but it has a single shot trigger from viccie.b's crossbow. i made it but it fired its whole magazine (20 grey connectors) in one shot! after modifiying it to put tonnes of friction on the wheel that holds the bands i got it to fire its mag in two shots- still not good enough. can anyone help me?

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Automatic Blackout Switch , Help ?

I have an emergency light in my room , the light turn on when blackout happen i wonder , can i make my room ceiling light like that ? when blackout happened , it's automaticaly switch to emergency power [ using deep cycle lead acid battery + inverter ] , but when electricity turn on again , the switch turn back using the normal electricity line , and charge the battery i have trouble design this , can somebody give me advice ?  the power to handle is 220V , 500W thanks Jeffry

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automatic sliding door

Hi,  I ve been looking all over (www), and I can't find any useful tips, tuts, ... about modding an existing sliding door into an automated one.  This without ordering a ready-made system, which costs many $$$$. I 've had this idea for a while already, and I admit seeing brought the brain to bubble again.. If anyone has some experience with this or can share some interesting links ? (re-use an old engine from something..., controls.., touchpad/sensor, ...) would be great. thx D

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Automated Lighting?

Hi there, I am renting a place for my new office for 3D animation and I wanted to make an automatic lighting system to turn on lights when I'm in a room and off when I move to another room. How easy/hard is it to do that? And what do I need to make my light switch on and off slowly? Cheers, Shawin.

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Prop-Gun idea

I don't have that much confidence in getting this to work, but as an idea I thought I'd share it: I have a concept of a rotating-barrel automatic-chain-gun, that I can do no problem. BUT, to simulate muzzle-flash, I'm thinking of feeding butane/air down the barrels (blow-lamp type device) and igniting it. Initially, I think of slip-rings or similar and a camera-flash unit for ignition, motor drive on the barrels. Any advice? L

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Automatic Solar Dog Door Opener

I have a dog door ( but my dog is a bit anxious about opening the door with his head. I can't say that I blame him really. So I want to attached a solar powered device that would open when he is near by. I imagine I would mount it above the black bar, outsize where the is light with the solar panel wedge, attached to the door (see image uploaded).  I don't really know how to go about it.  The major components would be: 1. Solar panel wedge and batter (power source) 2. Proximity sensor (maybe RFID attached to my dogs collar?) 3. Motor (not sure how to detect when the door is opened or closed. etc etc  How does one go about building something like this? Any direction would be great Thanks Wayn

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