Avoid using PVC

I see a lot of projects that use or re-use different grades of PVC pipe due to its easy use and availability. Free or cheap PVC seems to be a good material choice for those who lack the tools and skills needed for metal or wood work. I suggest that builder rethink this choice. Exposure to PVC is dangerous to your health. Fumes and dust from cutting, drilling and accidental burning or overheating PVC are known to cause cancer.A few points:PVC production is the largest use of chlorine gas in the world.Chlorine production consumes enormous amounts of energy.Chlorine production causes mercury pollution. Hazardous by-products are formed throughout the PVC lifecycle.By-products of PVC production are highly persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic.PVC is extremely difficult to recycle.PVC is one of the most environmentally hazardous consumer materials ever produced.source: http://www.healthybuilding.net/pvc/ThorntonPVCSummary.htmlDifferent grades of PVC have different melting points, flash and glass temperatures. At 70-80 Degrees C (~150 F), most grades begin to soften and degrade in performance. This should be taken into account when building projects that involve any kind of direct or indirect heat, including hot water, etc.(I've edited this post to contain more useful information)

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How should I get started in robotics? Answered

My "final" goal is to make a water obstacle avoiding robot that is solar powered; but i realize that's not happening anytime soon :D. help is appreciated

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URGENT!!!sketch for arduino robot with ping?

I am making an arduino obstacle avoiding robot for my science project.. But i am not getting a suitable sketch for a ping to use with it. I am only getting that of sharp ir sensor. Please help me out with a sketch..its urgent..below i have linked the site where there is the sketch and the project dat i want to make..... http://communityofrobots.com/tutorial/kawal/how-make-your-first-robot-using-arduino

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ARDUINO not powering up!?

I have made an arduino uno robot, i have run 2 motors via the l293d ic which i've powered with a 9v battery regulated to 5v. The whole thing worked very well when run with the usb but when I plugged a 9v battery to the arduino, it did'nt work. Please suggest a sol. fast, its urgent again!!!

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ITS URGENT! Arduino not working with external power supply?

I have made arduino uno u3 robot, i have used 2 geared motors via a l293d using one 9v battery and tried power the arduino with a 9v battery, then with 9v adapter but it did'nt work, I also tried powering the board via the Vin pin, also through the usb cable using the 9v batterg and adapter, but it didnt work either.when i plug it to the laptop with usb everything works very fine. Please give me a sol. soon urgent i hav the exhibition after 3 days!!

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Whats wrong with the sketch??

This arduino robo, there is no servo, this runs only with 2 geared motors, i made the sketch according to the needs bt it doent seem to making those turns even after sensing the obstacle. The ping sensor is functional and connected properly and thel293d ic is also functional..Pls tell me whats wrong with dis sketch..........  #include #define LeftMotorForward 11 #define LeftMotorBackward 10 #define RightMotorForward 9 #define RightMotorBackward 8 #define USTrigger 4 #define USEcho 5 #define MaxDistance 100 NewPing sonar(USTrigger, USEcho, MaxDistance); unsigned int duration; unsigned int distance; unsigned int FrontDistance; unsigned int LeftDistance; unsigned int RightDistance; void setup()  {     pinMode(LeftMotorForward, OUTPUT);   pinMode(LeftMotorBackward, OUTPUT);   pinMode(RightMotorForward, OUTPUT);   pinMode(RightMotorBackward, OUTPUT); }      void loop()                                           {                                            FrontDistance = distance;                               if(FrontDistance > 40 || FrontDistance == 0)          {    moveForward();                                      }   else                                                  {     moveBackward();         moveStop();                                           navigate();   } } void moveForward()                                    {   digitalWrite(LeftMotorBackward, LOW);   digitalWrite(LeftMotorForward, HIGH);   digitalWrite(RightMotorBackward, LOW);   digitalWrite(RightMotorForward, HIGH); } void moveBackward()                                 {     digitalWrite(LeftMotorForward, LOW);   digitalWrite(LeftMotorBackward, HIGH);   digitalWrite(RightMotorForward, LOW);   digitalWrite(RightMotorBackward, HIGH); } void moveLeft()                                     {     digitalWrite(LeftMotorForward, LOW);   digitalWrite(LeftMotorBackward, HIGH);   digitalWrite(RightMotorBackward, LOW);   digitalWrite(RightMotorForward, HIGH);   } void moveRight()                                   {     digitalWrite(LeftMotorBackward, LOW);   digitalWrite(LeftMotorForward, HIGH);   digitalWrite(RightMotorForward, LOW);   digitalWrite(RightMotorBackward, HIGH); } void moveStop()                                    {   digitalWrite(LeftMotorBackward, LOW);   digitalWrite(LeftMotorForward, LOW);   digitalWrite(RightMotorForward, LOW);   digitalWrite(RightMotorBackward, LOW); } void scan()                                       {     distance = sonar.ping_cm();   delay(500); } void navigate() {     moveLeft();     delay(1000);     scan();                                               LeftDistance = distance;                                moveRight();                                      delay(1000);     scan();       RightDistance = distance;                                    if(RightDistance < LeftDistance)                      {      moveLeft();                                           delay(200);                                          }     else if(LeftDistance < RightDistance)                 {      moveRight();                                          delay(200);                                          } }

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avoiding overheating for 7812 for 3A

I've bought a 3A 12x2v tramsformer. . from half m getting about 18v output. applying bridge rectifier i filtererd into DC. But my problem is using LM7812 or LM7809 it gets extremly hot although i've used heatsink... so my question is   1. What can I do to avoid overheating ?   2. How can I use this 3A transformer as 1 or 1.5 A if i need?

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How to avoid CNC crashes

Hey.I am wondering if it is possible to define particular areas on the bed of my CNC machine which I do not want the toolhead to pass over. My setup is an Arduino powered CNC pen plotter running GRBL. I am generating GCode in inkscape. I know I can set a safe height for the tool to pass over work safely but what if that height doesn't suffice. Can I define an area that the tool must not pass through?As a simple example:Before running a file the tool is at the origin. On sending the file the tool will take the most direct path to the first line to cut/draw. Imagine there is an obstacle that would cause a collision if the tool takes this direct path. Can I do something to ensure the tool navigates around that obstacle?I hope that makes some sort of sense :)Any ideas appreciated

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Avoiding Unnecessary Conflict in the Workplace

I was sent this advice by a professional body that aims to provide "work life support" - basically trying to cut the amount of stress suffered by UK teachers (in any one year, around a third of serving teachers will have time off sick with work-related stress).  It's good advice for people in a lot of jobs (such as the infamous cubicles of American office life), so I thought I'd share it: Most of us spend the majority of our time at work, so when we experience conflict in the workplace it can have a huge impact on our lives. Disagreements are commonplace in a working environment, and can be helpful in challenging preconceptions and developing ideas, but this can descend into conflict when agreement cannot be reached, and neither party is prepared to compromise. This can be particularly difficult if one party feels victimised, ignored, belittled or intimidated. Often conflict is the result of miscommunication, and the best communication occurs when all parties are listening well. If we feel heard, we are more likely to want to listen in return, and to reach a better understanding of where the other person is coming from. Active listening will help you to hear and understand exactly what the other person is saying, and will encourage them to share more information. To be a good active listener:   •              Stop talking! You might be tempted to interrupt, but try to wait until the other person has finished saying what they want to say. •              Make sure you are giving good non-verbal signs that you are listening. These include maintaining eye-contact, having a good open posture (not crossing your legs or arms), looking interested and nodding. •              Use silence. If you pause for a few seconds before speaking, you may find that the other person has something more to say. •              Try to catch yourself if you're losing concentration. You might be drifting off, thinking about what you're going to say next, feeling sleepy, planning your dinner... •              Check your understanding frequently. You can do this by asking clarifying questions, repeating back in your own words what has just been said, or summarising what they've said so far. Get the other persons agreement that you've understood them correctly - if you haven't, then ask them to repeat what they've said and try again. •              Use open questions (what, where, who, why, when) if you want to get more information and encourage the other person to speak freely. Use closed questions (those resulting in a yes/no answer) to get specific information or to clarify your understanding. •              Be on the look-out for non-verbal signals - do they look tense? Are they speaking more quietly than usual?   ...we now return you to your usual programming...

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Hey guys i want to build an obstacle avoiding robot without micro controller. i had built an obstacle avoiding robot with arduino. If you have any idea of obstacle avoiding robot without micro controller, please share it with me.

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how to avoid using a jfet buffer?

I am trying to build an overdrive circuit, and it requires a jfet buffer, which i do not have, nor does radioshack (to the best of my knowledge), i do however have multiple mosfet buffers.  could i use these in place of the jfet, and if not, is there a way to remove the buffer altogether.  the scehmatic and diagram are here, i am trying to build the big daddy. thanks in advance!

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Avoid wires from touching each other?

I am building a Guitar Distortion Pedal. I have made a case for it. When all of the contents are inside the case - sometimes there are misconnections, and 'scratchy sounds' i get through the amp. I'm assuming this is because some wires are touching OR some wires are NOT touching. In any case, I need suggestions as to how to avoid wires from touching each other. I know there are rubber wire sleeves that can protect the wire from other wires. I've used some of those. But, is there such a thing as a "Blanket"  to lay across the circuit board so it doesn't touch or interfere with the case? If so, please let me know! Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well.  Thank you. - Grizzly_Bear

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Asking a servo to sweep on an obstacle avoidance car?

I am just a few weeks into learning how these things work, and as such, have primarily been looking at coding from examples and getting them to fit with what I am doing.  Here's the setup.  We (my students and I) have built an elegoo 4 wheeled arduino platform car.  Primarily, we are using it to autonomously move around the classroom, however we've found that the ultrasonic sensor just isn't cutting it.  We've added an optical sensor, which helps, and I've figured out the coding on getting that working.  Now, we are looking at having the servo holding the ultrasonic sensor to sweep 45 degrees to the left, then 45 to the right, and repeat.  We feel that we may be able to prevent some wall crashes and chair crashes that happen when the car comes in at an angle.  Here is the code we have now. The ABS and ACS numbers are different to account for the variances in motor manufacturing (the car wouldn't drive straight if all motors were spun up at the same speed).  We do have a second arduino hooked up mainly to control the LED's the kids added, but that code and board does not affect anything for this code and board. #include Servo myservo; int Echo = A4;  int Trig = A5; int in1 = 6; int in2 = 7; int in3 = 8; int in4 = 9; int ENA = 11; int ENB = 5; int ABS = 120; int ACS = 115; int angle = 0; const int avoidPin = 10; int rightDistance = 0,leftDistance = 0,middleDistance = 0 ; void _mForward() { analogWrite(ENA,ABS); analogWrite(ENB,ACS); digitalWrite(in1,LOW); digitalWrite(in2,HIGH); digitalWrite(in3,LOW); digitalWrite(in4,HIGH); Serial.println("go forward!"); } void _mBack() { analogWrite(ENA,ABS); analogWrite(ENB,ACS); digitalWrite(in1,HIGH); digitalWrite(in2,LOW); digitalWrite(in3,HIGH); digitalWrite(in4,LOW); Serial.println("go back!"); } void _mright() { analogWrite(ENA,ABS); analogWrite(ENB,ACS); digitalWrite(in1,LOW); digitalWrite(in2,HIGH); digitalWrite(in3,HIGH); digitalWrite(in4,LOW); Serial.println("go right!"); } void _mleft() { analogWrite(ENA,ABS); analogWrite(ENB,ACS); digitalWrite(in1,HIGH); digitalWrite(in2,LOW); digitalWrite(in3,LOW); digitalWrite(in4,HIGH); Serial.println("go left!"); } void _mStop() {   digitalWrite(ENA,LOW);   digitalWrite(ENB,LOW);   Serial.println("Stop!"); } int Distance_test()   {   digitalWrite(Trig, LOW);     delayMicroseconds(2);   digitalWrite(Trig, HIGH);    delayMicroseconds(20);   digitalWrite(Trig, LOW);     float Fdistance = pulseIn(Echo, HIGH);    Fdistance= Fdistance/58;         return (int)Fdistance; }  void setup() {   myservo.attach(3);   Serial.begin(38400);       pinMode(Echo, INPUT);      pinMode(Trig, OUTPUT);   pinMode(avoidPin, INPUT);    pinMode(in1,OUTPUT);   pinMode(in2,OUTPUT);   pinMode(in3,OUTPUT);   pinMode(in4,OUTPUT);   pinMode(ENA,OUTPUT);   pinMode(ENB,OUTPUT);    _mStop(); } void loop() {   boolean avoidVal = digitalRead (avoidPin);       myservo.write(90);     delay(500);     middleDistance = Distance_test();     #ifdef send     Serial.print("middleDistance=");     Serial.println(middleDistance);     #endif     if((middleDistance<=50) || (avoidVal==LOW))     {           _mStop();       delay(500);                               myservo.write(5);                delay(1000);            rightDistance = Distance_test();       #ifdef send       Serial.print("rightDistance=");       Serial.println(rightDistance);       #endif       delay(500);        myservo.write(90);                    delay(1000);                                                        myservo.write(180);                    delay(1000);       leftDistance = Distance_test();       #ifdef send       Serial.print("leftDistance=");       Serial.println(leftDistance);       #endif       delay(500);       myservo.write(90);                    delay(1000);       if(rightDistance>leftDistance)        {         _mright();         delay(180);        }        else if(rightDistance        {         _mleft();         delay(180);        }        else if((rightDistance<=50)||(leftDistance<=50) || (avoidVal=LOW))        {         _mBack();         delay(180);        }        else        {         _mForward();        }     }      else         _mForward();                     }

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How do you train a dog to avoid porcupines?

One hunting group's web site publicized training workshops featuring a caged live porcupine to teach dogs to avoid porcupines. Porky quills are my biggest fear to letting a dog go off leash. I would like to know what the technique is for training a dog so that it doesn't learn the hard way to avoid porkies.

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How to preserve plaster of paris and avoid it breaking away? Answered

I'm making the Good Samaritan gun from Hellboy per the instructions on Indy Mogul. One of the parts of the gun, the barrel, (erm....where the bullets go), is made from plaster of paris. From experience, I've learned that this can break on its own eventually. Is there any way to avoid it weakening or breaking? Perhaps covering it with something?

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can we avoid the usage of a differential in an automobile? Answered

I wanted to know can some how avoid the usage of a differential in an automobile?

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Broadband over house powelines: it works, or avoid?

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How to treat acetate (transparency film) to avoid ink from chipping

Hey y'all! I've got an odd issue with some transparency film that I'm sure one of you will be able to help me solve! I have a book of prints which I've been inkjet printing on to acetate. It's a lovely book, but the issue I keep running into is that the ink will rub off should someone or something happen to scratch the "wet" side of any of the prints. The prints also gather dust on this side, which after a while makes for a very dusty book! Does anyone have any idea of a treatment method (maybe a spray or a varnish) that would seal in the ink, protecting the prints from dust and scratches? I realize I could just print it on another type of photo paper and probably not have this issue, but I'd like the prints to be translucent (it creates a layering effect that's important to the finished book). Any suggestions gladly welcomed! Best, M

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How do I avoid getting a virus when I download a torrent? Answered

I'm new to the torrent world but I have a torrent downloader and I downloaded something but it created all kinds of viruses on my computer. How do I prevent this from happening again?

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how to avoid ground loop when use one powersupply for multi guitar pedal? Answered

Hello . I going to buid a guitar pedal witch have 2 boards in a box and use a power supply to power both of them.But i dont know how to wire them to avoid groound loop problem.Normal i will do like the picture below .Do i need to cut any wire to avoid the noise ?? Thanks for advance! sorry for may bad English!

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How to pre-record voice module from PC, avoiding using microphone?

Hello. Could anyone advice me, please? I read all of the QA related, but my question would be a bit specific. My intention is to make a greeting card like device, using recordable voice module. Recording your own message by using the microphone is pretty clear. However my concern is, I would like to pre-record this module with any music or jingle from the PC and leave user the option either to record her/his own message using the attached microphone or let that pre-recorded jingle play. I would use any of this type or similar modules shown on picture. Thanks in advance.

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how can you rewire a personal mobility scooter to avoid the stock controls?

I have a pride scooter that was my fathers, the control box on the steering column has gone out for the second time. I want to hack the chair to make a cart for my kids , it seems to me that one could use a foot pedal off a power grinder to by pass the safety laden devise on the column, any ideas?

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How can you teach a parakeet to avoid mirrors?

I want to let my two parakeets, Aspen and Kiwi, fly around my house, but there are two large mirrors. One of them is on my fireplace and goes up to the ceiling, which is probably about 10-15 feet. This one I cannot cover, so I want to teach my parakeets to avoid it. Any ideas how?

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Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Robot? Answered

I have made the chassis and everything for my robot, but to make my robot even go remotely forward, I have to code leftservo.write(-100); rightservo.write(100); And even then it goes in a big circle to the left. I have tried to code it less for the right motor but it just goes backwards. Can you please tell me why this happens and how to fix it.

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How could i avoid using a mosfet?

I couldn't find one, so could i just make one or something or maybe use a transister from something else? im doing this project:https://www.instructables.com/id/S13U2RLFRTXG8EP/?

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Yet another reason to avoid Call of Duty

So I borrowed Cod 4 from my brother, and played a game. The points started to go into the negative millions MILLIONS! I left the game, and found something annoying...

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How to Avoid the Red Ring of Death, and other Xbox 360 Problems

I don't have an Xbox 360, and I probably never will, but for anybody who owns one, their worst nightmare is the Red Ring of Death. There are several causes for the Red Ring of Death, this forum topic is here for people to post how they have managed to avoid it and other 360 problems, including overheating. If I get enough ideas, I may post a Collaboration. If you post an idea, make it as detailed as possible, and if you can, with pictures.

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how to avoid lump formation due to carbonates in lab slab cultured marble samples.?

When we make lab samples, small lumps are formed which is difficult to break in the mixtures. This on pressing gives spots of carbonate specks which looks very odd and damages the beauty of the samples.

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What are the guidelines for your power voltage path in your audio project?

Are you supposed to avoid crossing it over your audio signal, or parallel to it, or across or parallel to your ground wire?  And if the enclosure is grounded, should you avoid running it against the enclosure?

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Any advice on what to use as a crucible on my 'open flame' gas furnace? It seems that ferrous materials are to be avoided.

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counter surveillance

How can one hide the location of a mobile phone in order to avoid being tracked or surveillanced?

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How can we know about the position of DC motor!stepper motor is avoided in this case!?

I need to know the exact position of the motor! what kind of feedback techniques can be used in this case? and any limit switch possibility is there? like the motor crossed certain position and then the switch on that position is turned on/off! just wild guess

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Avoiding corrosion when bolting galvanized steel drawer slides to aluminum for camper van bed

Hey guys,Going to build this bed:or something very similar. She says she has 6 sliders at 100lbs each, but I imagine she has 6 slides at 100lbs per pair. Either way, I've already purchased 3 pairs of 500lb drawer slides. The problem is, they're galvanized steel. How do I attach them to aluminum L beams? I can use some thick mil rubber tape between the two materials, but what about the fasteners? Some sort of plastic washer and polyurethane sealant around the head and threads touching the galvanized rail side? What should I use to isolate one from the other?FWIW, I'll probably use 6061 for the frame, which I believe has an anodic index of .9-.95, and the zinc rails are, I believe, 1.25. They're within or close to the .25 threshold so am I worrying about nothing?Cheers

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How can I avoide product Copyright laws? Answered

I have been asked to make a product based off of a game to market, I want to do this but I am unsure how close I can make this product to the game without encountering copyright, Any suggestion or ideas where I could look? Many thanks

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can any one give me the code for line follower and obstruction avoider?

I have used arduino atmega 168 board for a line follower come obstruction avoider. i have used ultrasonic sensor for sensing.For execessive  cost i ave not used stepper motor. Can any 1 help me the appropriate code??

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Does anyone out there have advice on how to avoid cloudiness on mirror tile when sealing grout on mosaics?

I have tried denatured alcohol on removing the cloudiness from the mirror tile but it doesn't work well. I try to critique my own work and I'm hating that this happens whether or not I back off with the sealer or not. Help, please?

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MY pc is a server i want to know can anyone access my msn mails and desktop and how can i avoid it?

 my pc is a server at the place i work i want to know if anyone can have access while i am on msn or access my paswords or emails and if so can i avoid it?

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how to avoid damage to ground from trashing fruits ?

We have a grapes tree in our garden. the grapes are at their peak now (if left on the tree they will begin to spoil) the grapes are salty like hell and not edible but perhaps can be used to make some jam or something else parents say trash them - no time to bother making the jam + dont know any friends who do either i see a problem with it - trashing them means trashing the minerals from our garden ground. won't it degrade the ground ability to grow stuff ? how to avoid it ? or does trashing them actually help remove excess salt from the ground ? (is the problem with the ground or with the tree itself ?)

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Avoid your msn password from being stolen

If you have msn and you are worried about someone stealing your password, do the following things: >Don't give out your alternate email or its password >Don't give out your hotmail password (Duh) >Try not to let too many people know that you have a hotmail account >NEVER tick remember me on this computer when signing in >NEVER tick remember my password EVER (that's how most passwords get stolen) If you do happen to have your password stolen, send the hotmail administration email requesting your password.

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OAWR Legs Lock Up

I'm currently assembling an Obstacle Avoiding Walking Robot, however I find the legs keep locking up.  Basically, as I move the legs the nuts are tightening to the point where the legs won't move any more.  I have washers in all the correct places so must be missing something else. Any tips on how to avoid this? Thanks. James.

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What is a good way to cut vinyl records? ?

I want to cut vinyl records in half (or a little less) to use in a sculpture. I want the records to remain flat - to avoid warping. Most of the suggesting I've seen on the internet involve heat, but warn about warping. I have basic equipment, and I'd like to avoid buying more for this project. Any suggestions?

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Robot that walks like a human

Watch a video of a robot that walks like humans and balances itself to avoid falling.

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how to avoid disturbing sound ?

I make a 5.1 channel amplifier but the amplifier 5 seekers are disturbing noise (the sound like boooo.......) the volume control increased then disturbing noise increased . please help ! how to avoid this sound amplifier ic tda2030 the amplifier input using dvd out put 5.1 chanel,usb module aux cable taped transformer using out put 12-0-12 & 27-0-27 & dual bridge rectifire 27-0-27 using subwoofer  ,12-0-12 using 5 channel amplifier the usb module working the 12v convert to 5v only the help of ic7805 usb module connecting or ON  more distubing sound is prodused  i am use the headwire  volume control connection but the sound is not decreased .

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How would I etch something into the blade of a knife? Answered

I would prefer to avoid acid if at all possible.

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Posting comments

I've avoided making any bad comments, but even tho I'm signed in, I can't make comments any more.

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Ouch ! Talk about bad luck....

This little incident is brought to you be the "It ain't bad luck until it is almost impossible to avoid" company.

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How much does float slow down arduino calculations, how do I avoid float values? Answered

I am writing a sketch with about 3 float numbers that go through some simple calculations such as divide and multiply. The calculations are very simple and only about 3 or four lines of code. I can't have this slowing down the reading of my interrupt pin. Can I store the numbers by multiplying until I have a whole number and store them as a int. Then divide them back out in the calculation? Thanks any help would be appreciated, David.

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