Why is so awesome?

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awesome comix are awesome

Did u no... awesome comix are awesoem? whoops spelt it ring! haha

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Why Is So Awesome?

Why Is So Awesome?

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People are awesome videos

Hi everyone, i would like to ask you if you like people are awesome videos? I recently made one and i would be glad to tell me your opinion about it. If you like the video join us on facebook and subscribe. thanks!! Here is the link of the video

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Awesome Things to do in Halo

Hi there, fellow halunatics. In this forum, you can post awesome things that you have done/seen done in any of the Halo games. Other games are not welcome. Anyway, here I'm going to list some things that are just downright awesome to do. Keep in mind that over the course of time I will continue to add to this forum. - Facial grenades. When you go up to an enemy and stick a plasma grenade on their face. This practice is funniest with a Grunt as the victim. - Headshots. Especially badmirable when they're moving and/or you hit your foe in the face, as this is just awesome, and it usually makes flop around in a comical manner. - Keeping the energy sword after you run out of charge so that you can punch people. Hilarious with Grunts, as their faces are just at the right level for your fist to pound on them. What a happy coincidence >:D - Bullfighting/toying with Hunters. Safest in Halo 1;  Hunters can't swing behind them. - Playing on Legendary without dying a lot. If you can do this, then congratulations, you are good at Halo. - Killing a Grunt/Elite just as he's about to throw a grenade so that it lands next to him and blows up his friends. A real Master Chief moment. - Not dying. Life is regarded by most people as a healthy practice.  - Ninja Mode. Sneaking around an area (possibly with the help of active camouflage), killing your foes without firing a single shot. Extremely awesome if an entire area can be successfully cleared in this manner. - Energy sword/gravity hammer kills. 'Cause they're just awesome. - Splatter kills. Shows that a) you know how to handle a vehicle well, and b) you are confident enough to get that close to your enemy to kill them instead of shooting them from a distance. - Boarding. Can't do it in Halo 1, but its still awesome.

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Space Shuttle Endeavor Launch Success!

Yay!Here's a video of the launch.:D

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visiting instructables

Esterday I got a tour of instructables and all I can say is that it was awesome! we arrived at auto desk and signed in and aleator777 gave us a tour of instructables/the workshop.  Aleator777 was the nicest person ever!  In the workshop there were cnc machines, laser cutters and 3D printers galore. There was also a kitchen and a sewing room. I got a peek at mikeasuarus and Tinaciousz's upcoming instructables!  All I can say is that it was amazing!

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Good ol' GorillazMiko

Looky what i found, thanks to GorillazMiko, my day has been made complete...this is him

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I need some sort of project to do!!!!!

I need some project things to do some thing like with engines (gas-powered), robots, bikes, go karts, and computers.

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I just want to know because of recent topics, what do you know about me. And I know I see what I think people look like in my mind even though I've never seen them, so I was just wondering if anyone thinks they know what I look like. Please post anything, ANYTHING that will keep this topic from fading into oblivion before my curiosity is quenched. :D

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What do you want the iPad 3 to have?

Hey! The iPad came out last Friday and I've already started to hear rumors about the iPad 3 coming out in later 2011. Now, this doesn't seem like Apple because they usually have a one year refresh of their products (as in the iPod touch and iPhone). What would you guys like to see on the iPad 3? Thanks!  DP

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Eric's Awesome Office

Thanks to the Robot Art Contest Winners my previously boring office is now awesome! Everyone who comes in is literally taken aback at all the robots, each of them ready to back me up in any tough decisions. Check it out! Come visit, and bring more art!

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de-code this

Try to decode this,there is one word here: thcnedrcrpoac

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More Awesome Fan Art

A little while ago we received a series of letters in the mail. Not regular letters that are written on paper, but big letters like "R" and "T" and so son. Finally, the explanation was posted and we put it all together. Sadly, some of the letters never did make it to the office and we're a little short, but we really did appreciate the sentiment. It made us all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you.Here are the much-belated pics of what we received.

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de-code this #3

De-code this: 5,19,21,15,13 hints: go here

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de-code this #2

Find a word in this text string: 16,5,14,7,21,9,14 hints: it's an animal it is highly adapted for life in the water

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de-code this #4

Find the word it this code:  15,7,14,25,1,18,9,6,16 Hints: not every number is used to make the word it's a musical instrument last code rule

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de-code this #5

De-code this: Care Rector You Hints: rearrange the letters to make the words (3 words) 1 word in the words above is used in the final code 1 word was used in a previous topic

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DIY project posting sites

I am kindof annoyed by some of the things that have happened recently (comments that were deleted in a certain thread that is ultimately being blocked, for instance) no name-calling or negativeness so far... I would love to find a website where I can display my projects to the maker community, variety is the spice of life, right? Nothing malicious yet, very good... I know theres MAKE, and I know Hack-A-day does some project hosting, but I would love to find another site as awesome as Instructables with wonderfully arranged project writeups, publishing, and hosting that has a comparably large community. Oh hey, compliments! Can anyone help me? P.S. I apologize to anyone ive upset, I don't mean to hurt feelings.

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make me a profile pic and win a pro membership! EXTENDED

I need a new profile pic! make me one between today (the 16th) and the 20th  EXTENDED: to the 30th! and you will win a 1 year PRO membership!*  i would like it robot themed but any enteries are accepted! *if there are more than one i will select a winner and they will win the PRO membership

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Homemade Musical Robots

Frits Lyneborg, builds and designs all sorts of robots, his most notable robot is called "Yellow Drum Machine" which "sees" with robotic eyes, and plays music and assembles rhythms in miscellaneous things, here is a video of the Yellow Drum Machine: The Yellow Drum Machine, taps its "feelers" and records the sound, then re-plays it, and adds to it to make more of a is his YouTube page: here is his website:

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knex fourm

I might make my own forums for knex Here i will trust everyone to say all they like and only remove the reply or topic if you request Plus there will be carton category were it is ONLY for the "should i post?", that you can only reply yes or no And i will try to make vote-able treads so you can do surveys and asking "what should i make?" Ect. Tell me what you think. p.s it will not be like knex innotervation.

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Bitcoins Needed for instructable, Bitcoins for promemberships!

Hey All I'm trying to do a bitcoin based instructable but i just can't seem to find any. I have a lot of extra three month pro memberships lying around, and thought HEY i could sell these for bitcoins! I'll offer 1, 3 month pro membership for every bitcoin you donate to this project. Yes you can buy more than one! If you're interested comment below or PM me. Thanks,

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"The 'Ible Awards"

Ok, i got this idea whilst in the chat room. The Instructables Staff, should look out throughout the month for outstanding behavior shown by members of the community, and at the end of the month they choose someone to be the "-Ible member of the month" or have at the end of the year "The -Ible Awards" with multiple categories and the community votes on a winner, and they receive like a trophy or a badge. Just throwing it out there, feel free to comment/debate.this goes along with Keith-kid's idea from about a month ago (which he pointed out to me): idea was mostly a group thought, so credit goes to myself, Keith-Kid, Killerjackalope, and Adrian Monk

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How to Help Out Around Instructables

People often ask how they can help at Instructables, especially if they are too far away to come in person. Below are some things you can do to help. Welcome new users New users are often confused about Instructables and how to get the most out of it. I used to welcome people, and when it got to be too much for me alone, we turned it over to the Instructables Robot. Unfortunately, the Robot isn't that good at responding to questions, so that's where you come in. You can welcome new members to the site by introducing yourself and leaving a comment on their Orangeboard (found at the bottom of every member's profile page). Here's an example of what the Robot says: Hello! Welcome to Instructables! I am the Instructables Robot. My job is to alert you whenever someone leaves you a comment or sends you a private message. I spend most of my day sending email. I like sending email. You probably want to upload an image to your profile. You can do that here, as well as change some of your other account settings. After that, check out How to write an Instructable, The Guided Tour of Instructables, and the Help Forum if you have any questions. Welcoming people can be very rewarding, and I really miss having the time to do it myself. Leave/respond to a comment For some, it takes some courage to make a first comment or post a first question, and it feels really good to have that question answered. So, a huge way to help out is to engage new members with a comment -- it shows them the strength of our community and gives new members a great first experience. Help out in the Answers Section You're smart, share your knowledge with others. You definitely know the answer to a question posted in our Questions & Answers section. Help us fix Bugs We're not perfect, and sometimes we break the site. If you find an issue with the site you can post a bug report in the forums. If you do a really good job of reporting a bug you can earn a free Pro Membership! Help Authors with their Instructables Think you know what makes a good Instructable? You can share your insight and help authors make their work the best it can be by offering support in The Clinic. Are you doing something more to help out around the site? Leave a comment below and let us (and other members) know what you are doing to help welcome people and keep the site awesome!

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The hum (sonidos en el cielo)

Arriesgándome a que alguno diga "ya me parecía que el viejo este estaba chapita" voy a comentar algo, por las dudas alguien haya escuchado algo parecido: Miren este video, y luego lean mi comentario (como rimar2000) de hace un rato: y díganme qué opinan. Yo estoy re intrigado con ese tema. Acá hay referencias en inglés:;=sky+sounds&gs;_l=youtube.3.0.0l2.98201.101882.0.104924. Lo curioso es que se ha repetido por todo el mundo, y es algo reciente porque no hay registros de años anteriores. -------------------------------------------------------- At the risk that some say "and I felt that this old man was crazy" I will say something, just in case someone has heard something similar: Watch this video, and then read my comments (as rimar2000) a while ago: and tell me what you think. I'm very intrigued with this subject. Here there are English references:;=sky+sounds&gs;_l=youtube.3.0.0l2.98201.101882.0.104924. The funny thing is that has been repeated throughout the world, and it is recent because there are no records of previous years.

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Rate my awesome dog of awesomely awesome cuteness!

So, here's my dog. She's a pure-bred Maltese named Snowy. She's a real bundle of joy, I'll give you that!

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Make a super awesome collaboration!!!

Does anyone have an idea for a cool airsoft collaboration?

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Awesome Halo Like Guns!!!

Have you ever ivent a nerfgun that looks like a gun from the Halo series. Well, if you have then please show me. I love Halo and nerfguns so...I would love to mix those loves together!

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Awesome Fan Art!

We checked the mail today and found a few envelopes waiting for us. Since they were addressed to Eric's Boring Wall we gave them to Eric to open and enjoy.One envelope came from Budapest, another from Adrian Monk, and another envelope came from Butte, Montana with a whole pile of colored robots! We were pretty amazed by all the cool stuff.P.S. Adrian, thanks for the cookies. I kept them all to myself.

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3 point perspective drawing

3 point perspective I draw

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Hey guys! I made this animatronic project (A ROBOT CHEETAH NAMED FLUFFY) and entered it in the epilog, remote control, and the tech contest. The prizes look pretty juicy and I really want to win; could you guys please check it out and vote for me. here is a link to my project New Users: all you have to do is click the orange vote button on top right corner of that link and click vote for the three contests you see there How can I maximize my audience and get more votes?

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Anybody else have Uncharted 2?

Best.Game. Ever. End. How 'bout you guys?

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Instructables Movie

Hey there I would like to make an ibles movie it would only have to be a couple minutes but I want it to be awesome and represent the ibles community. If there would be any way I would also like to give it to the site founder so he can take it with him to maker faires and such. I will need a ton of help so please list what you can do and please do it I know I can see if I can produce it and send it in so we can be more known by the common people. Thanks! AB

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Rush's First TV Appearance in 30 Years!

It was on the Colbert Report on July 16th.Pardon the lack of quality, and poor audio quality (turn up your speakers)

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What was your best halloween costume of all time?

Waht was your best halloween costume of all time? I'll start. I was a marshmallow one year.

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Just stopping in...

Hey everyone! I haven't really been active here on instructables for a while (I still do check it daily though!). I have been using a bunch of other forums lately (AndroidCentral, XDA Developers, etc...) and I have to say that instructables, BY FAR, still has always been the best forum experience for me. The community, the forum layout, the community, the "Public Profile" page, the community, and, oh, did I mention how awesome the community here was? I would like to commend everyone here for making instructables one of the best websites around. Great job! -Kcls

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Tron™ Light Cycle is for sell

I was just checking out Hammacher Schlemmer and I saw this. I can't believe the technology we have today. If anyone has $55,000 and is willing to spend it on anything, this is for you.

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Republicans on Instructables

This group is for all of us Republicans here on Instructables. I've seen quite a bit of anti-Bush and anti-Republican sentiment on this site (particularly from our member Fenris) and I've started this group to give us a place to commiserate and discuss the issues. All the best to yous all, Sugg22

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Who would win in a fight?

I have been wondering this and have often asked other people this but whoe would win in a fight? Goku, Naruto, or Batman? Feel free to answer and if you want, ask your own question of who would win.

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Join the Internet Memes group! Gain a free subscription from yours truly!

The epicest group in the history of Instructables. Come join. You know you want to. We have cookies. And Megan Fox. Mmmm.... Megan Fox.... You may also discuss memes in this topic. Discuss! NOW!

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Unofficial Caption Contest!

Dad's leaf blower broke. He gave it to me. I took it apart. I didn't have all the necessary tools to finish disassembling it.So I took a picture of the warning label. Give it a funny caption. You could win UNSPEAKABLE TREASURES!!!(And expect future 'ibles involving this leaf blower... :-)

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Pro membership gift

I just wanted to thank you guys at instructables for my 1 year membership for my instructable "Small-vival kit". It really meant a lot to me to feel important on this website since I love it here so much. Thank you all and have a nice year, you'll be seeing more of me!!!

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My Little Pony: Building is Magic

Being a HUGE ponies fan I've taken a note to all the recent and cool projects being put out by bronies on sites like and thought it appropriate to give bronies a place to post all these and compile them together. Here's your place to post 'ibles on ponies! :D -AdmiralCubie (

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Instructables Internship - Day 9 (AWESOME DAY!)

Thursday: AWESOME DAY!Thursday was just AWESOME! So basically, I learned how to use the Laser cutter today, and cut out THE FIRST INSTRUCTABLES BADGE EVER!(pic after post)After, I worked with Noah on Project X a whole little bit more, and we got it working, baby!I'm excited to see this thing go for real! But seriously, I can't tell you what it is, yet...Today was also the first day that I really got used to COREL draw, which enabled me to make most of the templates for everyone's badges, which I think are all pretty awesome. Everyone's got a customized "logo" and their username on the badge, which makes every Instructables badge original and personalized. Unfortunately, I didn't have time today to etch all of the badges, so that'l just have to wait until tomorrow.Later in the afternoon, Star asked me if I wanted to go sailing, to which I responded "What?" After I agreed to spontaneously go sailing with her and Tim, she brought me outside, where I learned that we were fixing up Tim's old outrigger canoe that he tried to sail to Cuba in. Tim, Star, and I were all working on the outrigger; lashing a makeshift trampoline on with bike innertubes... actually, most of the frame was held together with bike innertubes, including the rudder. Everyone was skeptical about us actually launching at all, assuming that we wouldn't launch in the dark of the night. Although, lucky for us, we were all "crazy" enough to launch in the dark. We geared up in fleeces, windbreakers, and life vests and hauled the outrigger out by hand (it was on castings), and launched it right next to Squid Labs. At first, Tim sailed us out of "port" (in the lagoon) and out into the Bay. It was spectacular. The moon, the stars, the SF skyline, it was all beautiful. Tim told us of his experiences on the outrigger while he was sailing back from almost Cuba, and proceeded to teach us more about boats in general. He then let Star take over the rudder and sail, while he lay down on the main hull. I was lying down on the makeshift trampoline, an old stretcher, by the way. We watched the stars over our heads, and, at first, the occasional passing of a brown pelican. Eventually, we came pretty close to "pelican island," a protected breeding ground for the brown pelican. Yet, the night was still young. We continued to listen to Tim speak about sailing, occasionally contributing to the conversation as well. It was all fascinating, not only what he told us, but the fact that the source of his knowledge was primarily himself. The other amusing part of the entire moonlit ride was the fact that Tim built the outrigger from essentially scratch, and most of it was lashed together with innertubes. Simply amazing. Eventually, I was given the opportunity to take control of the beautifully made outrigger canoe, and sailed us back from the bay, back into the lagoon, and back onto land. The whole trip was a once in a lifetime experience, although I hope I do get to go on a similar one soon enough. Thank you so much, Tim, for taking me out onto the bay, and thank you so much Star, for asking me if I wanted to go sailing in the first place. By the way, we got back to Squid at around 10:00, I believe, which was again, pretty late for a workday ;)I packed up my things and Tim/Star drove me home.That was pretty much it for that awesome day. Quite possibly the best day in the duration of this entire Internship.Cheers,-Muffinator

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Has anyone done this?!?

If you don't have it set up like this already, then try it. If you have a smallish room, try putting your subwoofer in the corner. In my room the bass lights up like the 4th of july compared to when the box is sitting in the middle of my room. I'm listening to it right now and it just sounds wicked. You the bass more than you hear the subwoofer itself moving and groaning at the low notes.

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Anyone know the next few rugby matches and when they're on?

I wanna watch the next few rugby matches, but can't get on any website for some reaso (sad face) so I was hoping you helpfull lot could help the helpless (me). So feel free to comment here if you know about the next rugby matches, and when they're on tv! Thankyou. Dylan.

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