I'm Back...?

Ok guys, I am back (after 2 days)! The reason was because someone hacked and deleted my account so I have to start afresh. Any ideas for me to post?

Posted by akshat21045 4 years ago

iPad App when click Explore All, flash back

Hi, I'm new here, I use my iPad App when click Explore All, app flash back

Posted by KenRon 2 years ago

old Monster Fly Back transformer!

Old Monster Fly Back transformer! I have one old school fly back transformer, This thing is three times the size of a normal fly back. I think it is worth about 3 fly backs, because I really don't think I can find another this size the cost should be $30 If you don't think its worth the cost, I'll just junk it and use it on one of my other projects, you just can't find too many old CRT transformers any more, just newer smaller ones. you can leave me a comment or send me an email. the fly back is a little dusty.

Posted by inductionheat! 9 years ago

Clicking BACK to homepage from an Instructable

Is there a reason that when I: Load the homepage Scroll down to the "featured/popular/recent" area Click on an instructable Read instructable (or not) Click BACK button The home page loads in my browser again at the "featured/popular/recent" area for a moment and then jumps back to the top of the page where the slideshow of the featured authors is at? Every other website, that I can think of, returns to the same portion of the page I was at when I click the BACK button. Now, I'm sure you guys are proud of your new, shiny, homepage.  But...

Posted by robertrunyon 5 years ago

I'm back. Well, I never went anywhere but I haven't commented in a long long time.

Anyone still around. I see kiteman is still around. 

Posted by chaoscampbell 5 years ago

Turning Old Pc into Back-up server??

 hey what guys, I was wondering if there was some way i can use my old system to constantly back-up, My Emu-Tank and my Ferarri. i did a little research and i wasnt able to findly anything that basiclly devotes the entire pc to backing up my other 2 pcs.  i will post any info you need thanks anyone who can help me with this pickle :)

Posted by IIwootII 8 years ago


IM BACK!!!!!! New Computer :). ALSO, do you guys wanna vote for me in the speed contest? Mines dowsing rods :). Thanks!

Posted by vanpaun 10 years ago

I'm back!

In the past month I've been scratching my itch to travel. I've been hiking in Japan, exploring Morocco, and relaxing in Parisian cafes and museums. So if you didn't see me around these parts it's because I wasn't around these parts. No new trips coming up, but getting outside of the US is always fun and I hope to do it again soon. But now I'm back! I'm looking forward to digging through what's been going on here in the past couple weeks and finding new things to make or do.

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

im back from my small break

Yay im back who here dont i know and whats up and im in to yoyos

Posted by J_SCAP 10 years ago

Fly back for SALE $5

I have one flyback transformer for sale for $5

Posted by inductionheat! 9 years ago

I'm Back >:)

~~Hey I'm new to instructables, i haven't posted anything yet. Let me take this chance to to say something about myself~~ So corruptedppl left. Which means that I am back lets hope the same thing won't happen with all the bugs and errors and logging issues like when chicken2209 left I'm back baby! did you miss me?

Posted by Chicken2209 9 years ago

"Back To Search" button

I'm looking at a lot of 'ibles every day, and when i want to go back at the search page it takes a long time, I'm not pointing out a bug or anything, I think there should be a "Back To Search" Button somewhere that could get you back to the search page you where I.e. Search; LED page 255, instead of having to hit last page 20 times. Update: removed bad sentax.

Posted by lordofthedonuts 10 years ago

I'm Back!

I'm back and with more ideas then ever i have a couple things in the works including but not limited to 1. how to fake a u.f.o. picture guide 2. how to survive a realistic zombie invasion scenario 3. improved Pocket Rocket Launcher if i get permission from zjharva probably more

Posted by darth acexxacer 10 years ago

Im Back Everyone!

Hey everyone! Ive been busy and away from instructibles for a while now. Im back and by the end of the summer ill have new instructibles and videos posted on the group. I look forward to seeing new stuff in the group and invite people to the group sometime, I would love to make the group bigger and have more things added to it.

Posted by Pyromania 10 years ago

2 free Fly back transformers and a SCR

I have one 300 AMP 1200 volt  SCR that I want gone!  I want $25 for it  . I am willing to trade it for crystal radio parts or small vacume tubes . I have two modern flybacks also if anyones interested sorry! dont have pictures

Posted by inductionheat! 7 years ago

playback sound system.

Hi , im new in this , i want some help. i have an amplifier , how do i attach a microphone with it to make it a play back device? like i speak in mic and the voice will come out loud from amplifier.

Posted by Syed MajidA 2 years ago

I'm back!

As a few of you may know, I haven't been on for a few days (*caugh* over a week *caugh*) due to hardware troubles switching to linux. Being sick of windows tendency to slow down with age and the inability to make that better without a full re-install, I decided that linux mint was the way to go. Long story short, it seems that the standard hardware i've had for a few years didn't like mint or ubuntu much and refused to install correctly, so I did my homework and built my own system which turned out to be about half the price of comparable brand name systems, although I did manage to use the same case from my old system and skimped on hard drives and extra cards. My new hardware consists of an Asus M4A88T-M motherboard, an AMD Phenom 2 X6 1055T processor, 8gb of cheap ram, various hard drives and various dvd drives all stuffed into an old tower. The Ideanator is back, and this time minty fresh!

Posted by The Ideanator 7 years ago


I was looking at Evil Mad Scientists website (following the link Patrik provided on (this)i'ble..) anyway back on topic: I noticed they had the bottom of the page was: "Trackback URL for this entry: http://www.evilmadscientist.com/trackback.php/usbkeyHere's what others have to say about 'How to make a Sawed-off USB Key':" Then with links of site that had linked too them. 'twas thinking it'd be pretty cool if it can be implemented into Instructables somewhere/somehow. =)

Posted by ll.13 10 years ago

I'm back! (Read if you care about me...or have heard of me) (UPDATED)

Hi guys! I am most ashamed. 2008 is practically over already, and I have come to the startling conclusion that, I didn't make anything this year!!! Instructables-wise at least. A whole year went by and I didn't publish a single instructable. School has been tough this year, tons of homework, projects and such.But don't worry! This year will be different! I vow to publish more instructables this year! It's been a year since I got here, and its about time I did my share! I promise you! New instructables! Better quality ones! More useful! Im baaack!Nothing can express my feeling more than this: Don't call it a comeback!I've been here for years!Rocking my peers,and putting suckers in fear!Making the tearsrain down like a monsoon,listen to the base goBOOM!'''UPDATE: I made a new ible: How to choose a good password: A few quick tips to staying safe*I'll fix the title later.It;s just a couple of tips on.....well...how to choose a good password.

Posted by Keith-Kid 9 years ago

I'm back.

I left because I was annoying people too much, and I got a PM from a mod telling me he 'expects better behaviour in future'. I kept meaning to get back to it, but I just got caught up in a lot of stuff which was happening. Its christmas day today, weird, because I'm currently in England. When I did get time to go on, I decided to play BF2:BC, TF2, Minecraft, HaloCE or Mercs2. Well thats pretty much it. I'm back.

Posted by ~Aeronous~ 7 years ago

Threw my back out on Friday....

Sometime early on Friday morning, I threw out my back (it must have dropped in amongst the trash in one of the cans or something); anyways, I am still mobile, but am suffering quite a bit. I can't sit in one place to long at the moment, but it IS better then it was yesterday. Just thought I would let you all know, in case I seem a little more absent, or cranky this 4 day weekend I have *sigh* One more Update, well, make that two:The picture is not me, it is off the web, and#2: things have not yet gotten ANY better.....looks like I am stuck this way until Tuesday when the Docs are back from their vacations....*sigh*

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

im bak

Yay im bak

Posted by gunmanx 11 years ago

Hey everybody,i'm back!

I know what your all thinking right now "oh no that freak is back". But then again why do I care what you guys think. But anyways just thought I would drop in and tell everybody why I haven't been on in like 3 months. 1.School......lots of work.2.Found about this cool company that sells these awesome sleds.(yes,sleds. Not your tube or steel runner sled,but your nice mad river rocket sled with awesome control and you can do some sweet tricks on them.Link at the end. And a video.)3.I grew out of k'nex and forgot there was so much more on this site!Thats it I think.links: http://www.madriverrocket.com/video:Note this is not me. I have a few videos up their but I stink.

Posted by Easy Button 10 years ago

Anyone Know anything about MIT?

If someone who, say, had been out of high school for a while, lived in Canada and wanted to go back to school, would anyone know how to go about getting admitted full time to MIT? like if I wanted to go to MIT I have no post secondary education and live in Canada...... is there any way to prove myself and get in?

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago

This website.

I was talking to FreakCitySF on aim awhile ago, and asked him:"Are you still active on instructables?",He replied:"Yeah, A little, I mostly browse..","I have a few more projects, but I don't know if I want to post there (Instructables)""A lot of sites pay now.."I got to thinking, What does this site have more of than any other DIY website on the internet have? What makes members stay active on the site? What makes them want more?COMMUNITYFRIENDSHIPBoth of which are gained through the similarities amongst ourselves.With that said, I would like to thank, the staff and community at instructables, for making this website, my favorite. If I could award something to Instructables, I would, in a heart beat, with no questions asked.While we are all different, we are all the same.and Chris, come back to instructables!

Posted by bumpus 10 years ago

Back-up power

Hey there folks! Looking for some advise again. NH just went through the worst power outage in years (maybe history). 6 days without power has me thinking again. I have means of heat (wood stove) and means of cooking (propane) and lighting (candles and my LED projects), but the well pump is a problem. The need of water to flush the toilets came from the stream nearby, all well and good as it was, washing our bodies from buckets has to go. I have learned that my 220vac well pump actually draws it's power from 2 110 vac circuits. If I have this right (which is my first question, is this even possible) I only need a 110vac converter to run this off my batteries. Now, if I'm correct here (second question) a 4amp 220vac pump is 880 watts, then the draw from the 12vdc battery should be 74amps (give a few for losses maybe 80 amps). I only have 2 160AH deep cell batteries running currently. Am I looking at a reality of 2 hrs (half the draw) or 4 hrs use (full draw)? Or, is it even less.... Yup, that was a third question! I just bought a 2500 (5000 max) watt inverter intended for the shop and thought I would use this as my back-up for the winter. Am i even close here?

Posted by olddawg 9 years ago

Laptop battery to charge cell phone or tablet

I have a couple of L11S6Y01 Lenovo Lithium Ion batteries 10.8V nominal, 48WH, 4400mAH batteries and a couple of their AC adapters lying around the house. I was looking up the Minty boost DIY battery back up and I was thinking of making this battery back up kit to recharge my iPhone and Samsung tablets, both of which can connect to USB power sources. My idea: 1) Get a 7 pin connector that will connect directly to my AC adapter. For example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/External-Laptop-Battery-Charger-for-Lenovo-IdeaPad-B570-G470-G570-Z570-L09L6Y02-/121091427052?pt=Laptop_Batteries&hash;=item1c319c8aec Maybe I can scavenge one such connector from this place:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/IBM-X60S-Battery-Connector-/350772373819?pt=UK_Computing_Other_Computing_Networking&hash;=item51aba9a93b 2) Build a circuit similar to Minty boost : http://www.ladyada.net/make/mintyboost/icharge.html Except in this case, my source is a Li Ion rechargeable battery instead of 2 AA batteries. Any ideas and thoughts would be appreciated.

Posted by Baron_Kaz 5 years ago

Back to School 2: More instructables to help you in class

School has started for most of you and to help you out joshf posted The Top 10 List for going Back to School. But school is complicated and we feel that students can use all the help they can get. So we're helping you out with 10 (+1) more Instructables. Good luck in school this year. Learning is awesome. Minimalistic Desk by arte.sano Planning on renting a room, decorating with a single mattress, and studying on the floor? Time to make your own desk and act like a grown-up. Your back will thank you. Moleskine Hipster PDA case by atman Be ready to take notes at any time and keep your life together, analog-style. Who says you only learn in classes? The world is your classroom, buddy. Make a $5.00 "Space Pen" for your wallet by doctor_wu Even if you forget your Moleskine Hipster PDA Case, with this tiny pen you'll always be sure that you can write those thoughts down if you can just find a scrap of paper. Laptop sleeve from a zippered three ring binder by cmrc Laptop bags can be crazy expensive for what is just some fabric and a zipper. Strip out a zippered binder instead and you're all set! Vinyl Pencil Case by splityarn Store your fancy mechanical pencils and fine point pens in style with this custom case for your binder. The one you didn't rip up for a laptop sleeve, that is. Collegiate meals by trebuchet03 You're on your own and your idea of cooking is boiling water for ramen? That's sad. This collection of easy recipes will keep you eating well without stress. That's good. Office supplies trebuchet by Scissorman We recommend that you work on your verbal sparring with classmates before you resort to violence, but if you do need to get some agression out this tiny medieval weapon will help you launch your assault. The Paper Catapult by Kiteman So you don't have any office supplies for a trebuchet? Then print up this file and you'll have a scaled-down war going on in no time. Lego USB Stick by ianhampton If you're worried about accidentally using your Pinky USB Drive and destroying your homework you can make a flash drive with a sturdier bit of LEGO plastic. Just don't lose it by burying it inside your model of Helm's Deep. How to "Steal" Your Textbook by TimAnderson OK, we don't think you should really steal any textbooks, but you can turn them into PDFs by destroying them. You lose the resale value, but you can now keep all your books on your laptop and only carry one item to classes! Wikipedia in your pocket by PKM Afraid of getting into an argument in the cafeteria without the Internet to back you up? Take it with you by cramming Wikipedia in your pocket!

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

I'm... back?

I like the community here. I really do. I've obviously been gone for a long time. I've missed out on a lot of stuff. I want to come back, but things are so different now. With pro and everything. Damn. I want to come back. And I think this is my official return for now.  Yes, I'm serious. :) -GM  

Posted by GorillazMiko 8 years ago

Please change the search back!

 I dont't like the google custom search because there's no pictures and the old search was better.  Maybe could you at least put the old one back and still have the new one too?

Posted by tjmortenson 8 years ago

how to make 3 motor to move back and forth in sequence?

Hi there .. so im doing this project that needed me to move three motors (12v dc) back and forth 180 degree in sequence automatically.. the process happen when i pushed a push button,the first motor will move back and forth 180 degree.when the first motor back to its original position,the second motor will automatically move and forth 180 degree too.same goes to the third motor. the process ended when the third motor back to its original position. and if i would like to move the motors again, i just need to push the push button.. so i need help with circuit (schematic)and what electronics component i should use?

Posted by cliff_rayner 4 years ago

can I add a link back to my website in my instructables?

Hey Guys I was just wondering if it is against the rules to add a link back to my website in my instructable similar to the end of this post? Also could someone maybe link me to the rules for posting instructables, I couldn't seem to find it!  Thanks a lot for any and all answers! Martie" www.letsbuildwp.com Building WordPress Websites......Together!

Posted by Lets Build WordPress 4 years ago

Delorean Time Machine

Hi guys, I would just like to ask for some tips/advice/suggestions on how to build a Delorean Time Machine (as featured in Back To The Future). I'm not talking about an actual scale model - decent ornament size will do, to be displayed on a shelf. It would be cool to include some fancy electronics inside of it. Perhaps a digital alarm clock?

Posted by nuendo 9 years ago

(4) flyback transformers for sale

I have four flyback transformers for sale, I have marked where the ground is for the HV on them. they are in a fine condition. I would like to get a few of them off the shelfs, they are taking up too much room. I want to get $20 for them and I will also ship them any where in the united states for free.

Posted by inductionheat! 8 years ago

To All my Friends and Acquaintances

At this moment, I am awaiting for the doctor's office to open so I can give them another call. My back has been hurting me since the Friday before Labor Day weekend, and getting increasingly worse since. The insurance I have was only allowing for pain medication, and then finally approved an X-ray which, of course, did not show anything concerning my formerly herniated disks. I have been awaiting the insurance company's approval to get the MRI that will tell the doctor what is REALLY going on with my back. If this gets delayed until I am paralyzed, the insurance company will have to be held responsible, as it would be because of their delay. Since I am having difficulties even sitting here in front of the computer, I will keep this short. If I stop posting for a 24 hour period, you can assume I have gone to the hospital for an operation (which will not happen before they examine an MRI). I don't know what else to do......but at this point, the pain meds don't even work well enough to allow me to sleep. Just wanted to get an FYI out here, so you didn't worry if I do become unable to get to a computer for a few days or weeks. BTW: I will be going completely crazy without being able to get in here, you all are like my extended family. First update: MRI has been taken, but will hear nothing before Friday or perhaps *sigh* Monday. Second update: MRI showed a definitive bulge (herniation) pressing heavily against my spinal column. This time around, it will probably have to be removed and the bones fused to keep me going... UPDATE 2.491 - Supplemental Nothing will be accomplished during the weekend, as far as my back is concerned. At least we have found a reasonable combination of meds to keep the pain at bay until I get to see the Neurosurgeon (and hopefully, there will be no need to see the Oncologist). UPDATE 3 - : It is very early in the morning (5:16 am) and I can not sleep. I have to await the doctor's call hoping it will come before my pulmonary appointment ( C-pap refitting). And if not, hoping I can get a refill on the pain meds that have been just barely keeping the pain below the screaming all the time level. So I can tolerate the wait until I get to see the neurosurgeon. UPDATE 3.274 - supplemental: I will be out and about (different doc appts.) most of this morning and into the afternoon. I will check in as soon as I know something. UPDATE 4: I have an appointment to see the neurosurgeon's BUT it isn't for another 6 days or so. This is very aggravating that something this painful and this life-invasive (keeping me from work) can't be taken care of sooner. UPDATE 4.129 - Supplemental: A followup letter from the doctor informs me of another reason the pain is greater this time, then last time: I have two herniated discs. *sigh* The fun of aging just never ends, does it? UPDATE 5: The therapy IS helping relieve the pressure on the disc by  supporting the spine through stronger muscles.  I am getting relief finally, and should be back to work Nov. 6th, at the latest. UPDATE 6: I had a minor relapse on Oct. 30th, on the right hand side, but things seem to be back on track now again. Thank you all for your support ! Some information about what MAY be done next. Final link Below is an illustration...      

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

Hey, just a note...in spite of "circurmstances" I just can't stay away for very long.....

In spite of everything happening in the past few weeks/days, I can't stay away for long....I just have to check in now and then to help when I can where I can; it is what makes me happiest. Rest doesn't seem to be much of an option of late, so if I can reduce stress at home, I may even be "work worthy" come Monday.  I need to be here.....

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

Pressure Sensor Feedback loop

I'm trying to build something that will more or less maintain a constant, but adjustable level of pressure, probably driven by an electric motor. I've seen pressure-sensors on this site that increase conductivity with more pressure applied to the sensor, but mechanically I can't think of any way to get my device to work without a pressure sensor to decrease in conductivity with added pressure. Sadly I don't know enough about electrical components or circuitry to make it work with the former. If anyone here would happen to know how I could create such circuit, or can suggest of a purely mechanical alternative I would appreciate it.

Posted by Charlie_Szasz 7 years ago

Remote Control Backing (Missing, best solution)?

Hello, I have a remote control that has no back to it as it was damaged at some point and discarded. Can anyone please recommend a neat way to keep the batteries in the remote, as sellotape ismessy, not particularly reliable and leaves a nasty residue/mark and isn't particularly convenient to remove when replacing the batteries. Thank you so much for your consideration!

Posted by ShaunHill 8 years ago

diy back light for game boy

I've got some pcs of Front Lights for my game boys. It's a 4-LED panel.white color. I cut the panels to fit into the game boy sp, gba But it is fine. worked very well. Here is the store link http://www.aliexpress.com/store/406029 You can see my DIY Game boys below.

Posted by antony0619 4 years ago

Hello Again!!

Hello!! I don't know if any of you remember me, but it has been a terribly long time  since I've been on the site, and I'm happy to be back!! What have you been up to?

Posted by happyjo 6 years ago

what type of screen can i use as the monitor for an auto back up camera?

I have the camera , which is a nice unit that works at night. i know i could use my archos, since it has audio-visual inputs.

Posted by escapefromyonkers 7 years ago

PSP Backgrounds

Anybody have any cool PSP backgrounds they've made or want to share? Here's one of mine (It's one for gmod):

Posted by Rockerx 9 years ago

super airsoft gun back pack mounted awesomness

Hello I need some help concerning the creation of my super BBMG (bb machine gun) you see I have a green medical regulation aluminum oxygen cylinder (see picture, it is about 3 feet tall and about 3-3.5 inches in diameter) and I am wondering if I pressurize it to 100 psi how long would I be able to maintain a steady rate of fire? Also, my bbmg is made of 3/4 inch pvc pipe and is about 4-5 inches long not including barrel the air inlet is a blow gun valve with a opening the size of a airsoft BB the actual bb outlet is of the same size as the air inlet only the barrel is 3 feet long (I don't think the barrel length will affect the over all time of sustained fire but I don't know for sure) if anyone can help me with this I would be extremely appreciative thanks, fidgety2

Posted by fidgety2 9 years ago

another bug (UPDATE!!!!)

hey guys i have had this bug for about a week now and its annoying me because i cant view all ibles or favorites If i click the "next" button on some ones page all it does is refresh the page and dosent show the other ibles and the same for favorites, questions, favroites, and forums and i have tried many diffrent peoples pages and there all the same. also if im on a ible and i click next to view more comments it just refreshes the page. i have recntly went on to our family computer because mine is down so im looking around ibles and the next buttons still dont work. BUT they do all work fine on IE 8 and Google chrome i have no idea why it is like this any ideas?

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

we should go back to the old rating system

I think we should go back to the +-1 rating system instead of the stars. I was just browsing some instructables because I was bored and they all have roughly 3 stars, that's a big help rating system for which ones I should look at!

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Jak Pak

The worlds first jacket that combines a jacket with a sleeping bag and a tent.From the JakPAk site:(Jakpak) Active Engineering LLC proudly introduces the JakPak, the world's first all-in-one waterproof jacket, sleeping bag and tent. Created by Active Engineering to provide safety and comfort in an unpredictable world, JakPak is the only portable personal sleeping system on the market designed for outdoors and sports enthusiasts, as well as emergency preparedness.The patent pending JakPak design incorporates a waterproof sleeping bag, minimally-structured tent and insect netting into a comfortable jacket, creating an instant dry habitat that is ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts, people living in areas prone to natural disaster, sports fans who will not be held back by a little rain, and anyone else in need of shelter.

Posted by Fengathor 9 years ago

I'm Back

Well, after a long absence I am finally back! It had to do with school and doing a VERY big project. Okay, so it was homework, oh well. The point is that I'm back to Instructables. Now, I'm terribly sorry to say to Katarukito that your Dragunuv took up too many pieces. I made up to the stock and realized I couldn't finish it. Seriously, it was a big let-down that I couldn't make it. Well, now that I am done with that, don't let me do anything. I need to finish the Storm 220. Wait, does that mean I have to get off my lazy butt?

Posted by Ratchet and Clank 9 years ago

Dachshund wheelchair

Dachshunds are adorable little dogs, bred for chasing badgers and other burrowing animals. Unfortunately, their elongated backs are delicate, and prone to all types of injury. Enter joelsprayberry's Dachshund wheelchair. It's an inexpensive way to support the dog's back legs until he can walk again.  Reading through the comments is inspiring - so many people have found this Instructable, and built their dogs wheelchairs.  Instead of having to put the dog down, it can recover and enjoy a full life. There's even a ferret version. Any more heart-warming pet stories to share?   This post has been sponsored by Pepsi. The Pepsi Refresh Project celebrates the people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive effect on our world.

Posted by canida 8 years ago

Laptop LCD Cold Cathode re-use

So recently, an old laptop of mine died. It was an old dinosaur of a laptop, slowly running down the remaining years of its life. Then it died. So sad. To honor its death I dismantled it. I got an interesting motherboard, some decent speakers, a 5gb harddrive along with a floppy and disk drive. What really interested me the most though is the LCD screen. At first I hoped that I could re-used the screen as a tertiary screen for my desktop, but later I realized the near-impossibility of this task and gave it up. Instead I chose to take the screen apart for its cold cathode lamp. It's almost 12 inches in length, and very thin. Before the motherboard died, the LCD back light was still working. So I wanted to take it out, along with its inverter, to attempt to re-use it. Soon after doing this I saw a problem in my plans: the input of the inverter is a whopping nine wires. This is a bit more than I'm used to dealing with for power supplies. I was wondering if you guys knew any way that I could go around this? At request I can most more pictures and model number of the inverter in case you can't read it in the photo. tl;dr - Cold cathode inverter in picture. output is two wires, input 9 wires. How do I use this

Posted by Pixel_Master 6 years ago

Rating Filter is back!!!

The rating filter is back YAY!!!! :)

Posted by MegaMetal8 7 years ago