backyard airsoft

I live in Ohio and i was wondering if i can play airsoft in my back yard.  i only have one fence one one side of my yard

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There's ducks in my Backyard

So a while back, a duck found the top of a shed a good place for nesting in my backyard. Me and my step dad talked about it and we're thinking of raising the ducklings once they hatch. We're building a pond and whatever else comes to mind that duckings would need. Has anything like this happened to any of you before? I fell dumb for asking , but is this a good idea to raise ducks from the wild as pets? (I've never heard of a story in the news where a duck has harmed a person before so...) Has anyone raised a duck before? What are your thoughts on this? haha, if we really do this, I could probably post an instructable on how to raise ducks if this goes well. Here's some pictures of the duck that's on the shed.

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Making a wireless fountain for the backyard??

I am not trying to be babied or anything just need just basic advice. I picked up a few books on hobby electronics and want to get into it. For the first project that is not a "book" project I want to know how to use a small DC water pump to power a backyard fountain. In an Ideal world the pump would work from 100m+ away but this might not be a reasonable request. I purchased a pump and this is it:;=item339e87f376[1] Very simple. I want to plug and play into a transmitter and a receiver.;=item27fcb39018[2] Will this system work? The way I understand it I need to connect a 9 volt battery to the receiver and I am assuming its soldered in. Then I can run wire to the motor directly. Am I missing anything here - I know this is very amateur but I am never done electronics stuff before. I will be taking a few community classes in the summer which could prove interesting. What else do I need to do this? Is there a plug and play system (receiver / transmitter) that would work easily?

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Cheap LED's in your backyard

I was reading another post from last year and got the idea to go to walmart and check it out.  Sure enough I found LED's on sale (after christmas sale).  I figured I would have to buy strings of them, but they had the replacement LED's on sale at 37 cents for a 4 pack.   After tax it comes out to just under 10 cents each, which isnt as cheap as you can buy them from online suppliers, but its a lot less expensive than paying radio shack 80-1.25 cents apiece!   I got a bunch of white and colored (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green).   I think I bought around 60 packages of them (240 LEDS).   I'm going to go back tomorrow and see if they will give me even more of a discount if I buy them all!  They are easy to remove, just unbend the leads and pull them out!   Now I have to figure out what the voltage and amperage is, since it doesnt list it on the packs.

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Grill forge

I have read most of the homemade forge instructables posted here, but I don't think any of them would work for me, because in my fascist city, you are not allowed to burn ANYTHING except for cooking purposes (technically even fire pits are illegal). My idea was to get a cheap grill lid that I can put on my charcoal grill. I would then cut holes in it for air flow (a hairdryer, of course) and an opening. Would this be an effective forge? I need it for detempering, annealing and tempering blades. Also, what fuel would you recommend using (as in, a certain kind of charcoal/wood)? I am making throwing knives and I have every other thing I need. I'll probably make a slideshow when I'm done, as making knives is a pretty well 'ibled subject.

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Ice rink on an old volleyball court in my backyard in Northcentral PA - is it a good idea in this climate?

I live in Northcentral PA - we have had record lows these past 3 weeks average 30. I am thinking about building an ice rink in my backyard on a grassed over volleyball court - Is this a good idea based on where I live and on an old sand volleyball court? I wanted to build it for my nieces and nephews who will be here in about 7 days for the holidays.  Since we have 7 acres of grass thought this would be fun for the family.  If so what type of plastic is best?

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Any ideas for a piece of furniture for a comfy backyard reading/napping spot that will also keep the mosquitoes out?

My backyard has a huge tree that I like to read under (& nap too). I'd like something comfy to read and nap in and somehow also keep the mosquitos out. I'd rather not have to take everything in every time I go out and I'd like it to look nice. The tree is high enough and strong enough to support hangining something Any ideas?

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How can I SIMPLY Construct a Greenhouse with a Dog Kennel, being a female, EASY INSTRUCTION ?

I am trying to start a home business with plants, but really need a greenhouse, since I will be purchasing plugs, which will be delivered in February and need somewhere to store until I can pot them in bigger pots. You have such good suggestions and your input would be appreciated!

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Whats the best way to cover a chain fence without using vines or other plants??

I live in a rural urban neighboorhood on the side of a mountain in rich country. I was just wondering whats the best way to cover a chain fence without the use of plants. I'm going to be using the backyard a lot in the future for a dirt track and I would like peace of mind when I do so. I come home from work late afternoon/early night time and let me be the first to tell you, it is pitch black by my house. There have been some pretty creepy stories in my area so I would just like to ease my mind alitlle by covering the chain fence for both myself and the privacy of my kids. (My aunt said she see's people wondering near our property and is afraid they will loot us or something, she's in her 70's and is staying with us while shes on vacation here with her kids) and just to stop the constant complaining of peepers we just settled on covering the fence with maybe some material from homedepot. We were thinking of maybe using some sort of sheet to cover in the meantime they're staying. But we just don't know where to get the proper material. Any suggestions are welcomed, thanks.

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I just built a home hockey rink. The water finds it's way around the outside of my boards and tarp. Any help?

I used 2 x 12 boards and wrapped my tarp/liner on the outside. But I only wrapped it 2-3 inches.   I thought wrapping the liner on the outside would be best so it didn't get beat up by my little hockey players.  But in the end, it appears I needed to wrap it all the way up on the boards.  It leaks up on the low side and drains. I thought it would the water would freeze up against the board and form a "seal".   But it does not.  It appears to be a major problem.  I am thinking of taping another strip of plastic along each side, using snow/ice duct tape.  But I'm worried about it not sealing.  Any ideas on how to fix my problem would be greatly appreciated.  I don't want to/can't start over.  Thanks!

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Backyard Rockets Book on Sale Now

Ladies and gentlemen, we humbly present to you a book containing the instructions for creating rockets in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard. Backyard Rockets contains a compendium of devices that shoot, fire, explode, throw, toss, or propel. With projects like the vacuum-cleaner bazooka, you'll be flinging things into the air in no time. Mikeasaurus put this one together, so you know it's gonna be fun. Bonus for Pro members: you can buy the book at a discount from ThinkGeek. And if you're keen on launching things, we just so happen to be running a Launch It! Contest from May 27th to June 24th, 2013 (and probably again at some point, those contests are always fun.) Because you’re a longtime Instructables fan (an assumption I’m making since you’re reading our forums), you’re probably not the target audience for these books. You’ve seen the projects before, commented on them, favorited them, and know where to go if you need instructions. These are more for those of you whose parents don’t quite get what you mean when you talk about Instructables, who have a friend who’d love the site but isn’t really an internet person, or who know a camp counselor who is tired of all the tie-dye stains on their nice shorts. So buy a copy. Give it to someone you love. Or give it to someone who you think might singe off their eyebrows by failing to follow safety protocols when making backyard rockets, thus allowing you the chance to steal their date to the movies since eyebrows always beats no eyebrows unless you are Stan Sitwell.

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What kind of motor for backyard railroad?

I am looking into making a backyard railroad. I was wondering what kind of motor and power supply and where to get it. In addition does anyone have any ideas in motor speed control and mounting it thanks! I love instructables.

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Suggesting Contests? Answered

I really want a contest to come up like backyard conversions. Is there a way to suggest that to Intructables?

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Best way to have internet in "shop" in backyard?

My shop is in my back yard about a 100 ft from my house. I'm going to be renting a trencher and running direct burial wires out there for power (they wont be in conduit). I plan to run water, cable and phone lines out there as well. I had done this for a previous building that I had out there that unfortunately was lost due to a fire (neighbor had been burning leaves and thought he had put the fire out completely, but sometime during the night, the leaves had apparently been still smoldering underneath and reignited and I woke up to the sound of an explosion, which was my gas cans for my mowers out there, and the building and all my tools and hobbies etc., not to mention my truck which was parked out there, all lost in the fire) Anyway, I have a bunch of cable I could run from my router in the house, but I was curious if anyone knew if I should put it in conduit, and also, if there might be a problem with "interference" from the electric cables, and if there might be a problem with the distance. I guess another option would be to go wireless, but I'm concerned about the distance and quality. If any wireless suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks for any answers.

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how do i make a modular dwelling fast, without a ton of money?

I need to get away from my parents sometimes to make my music and art and to do homework, but sometimes my room just isn't enough. i've read tons about modular dwellings- small shed-like houses you can build in you backyard. can anyone help me? i'd like to do be small (under 10 x 10) and make with a sleeping loft and a sliding door in the front. any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Ideas for airsoft backyard battles

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how do I kill the weeds in my backyard?

We moved into a new apartment and now that the weather is nicer (we live in Texas) we finally ventured outside to discover the weed farm growing on top of what used to be a nice grassy backyard.  How do we restore the lawn without using too many chemicals?  This is our first time actually having a yard, being city folk, so we're totally clueless!  Halp!

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Call for new Backyard FX host (Indy Mogul)

Our friends over at Indy Mogul are looking for a new host/producer to replace Erik in the Backyard FX show!  I'm betting someone from Instructables would be a perfect fit.  They want you to make an audition episode by February 28 - anyone up for it?  Check out their previous work for ideas.  Video posting on Instructables here, and more on the Indy Mogul website.

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does anyone have tips on keeping bees in a backyard? Answered

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How to enter space orbit using raw humanpower!!!

Hi all! I was wondering what it would take and if it is even possible to reach space atmosphere from your backyard using nothing but humanoid musclepower to reach the outscirts of the earths atmosphere! to reduce weight i would suggest to put on a licht as can be space suit, strap on some oxigentanks and go, go GO! But, what device would be best suited for the job?\ And what would you "absolutely" need to reach outside of our atmosphere? Greetings earthlings!

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I have two dogs and a small backyard and their urine kills the grass. What can I use to stop the grass from dying?

Their urine produces yellow spots and eventually the grass dies.

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Is it possible to reflect northern light from the front of your property into a south facing backyard??

The backyard is dark and damp and the front of the house facing the street is bright and sunny. Can you reflect the front sun into the back yard

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if you could build a gun in your backyard that could take down a plane, would you? Answered

my answer is no because i couldnt build something without testing it. what do you think?

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I have to put in a "French Drain" from my backyard to the front. So what do I need to do?

I've dug the trench but I'm having problems get the right depth for gravity to take over the water flow.  What am I doing wrong?

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How do I build a roof over my deck? Answered

I would like it to be up to code, able to withstand harsh winds and heavy snow, and still look good on the house. I also thought it would be nice to have a ceiling fan underneath possibly?

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how do i keep birds away from pooping in my backyard/courtyard? Scarecrow or bird deterent?

How do i keep birds away from pooping in my backyard/courtyard? Scarecrow or bird deterent? Thank you in adavance for anyones help. I am constantly cleaning outside.

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15 Foot Tesla Coil, 26 Foot Sparks, In His Backyard!

Check it out!

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stop pigeons feeding with doves

Is it possible to feed doves in the backyard and to exclude pigeons from the feeder ?

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Build a wood greenhouse - Guide to build it -

I built a wood greenhouse on my backyard. Free guide:

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Does anyone know of a noise that can annoy my neighbors while they are in their backyard?

Every single day my next door neighbors go out to their back yard and make alot of noise ( screaming children, adults yelling and talking very loud, etc.) They know that this bothers all of the surrounding neighbors but they just don't care. I can't take anymore and before I move I want to see if there is a way to annoy them with some kind of high pitched noise so they will be forced to go inside. Help! Thanks!

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Wisdom Needed to Create a Translucent, Waist-high Boulder

Hi Folks, I need some help. I need to build about a dozen waist-high translucent boulders. They must be shaped as though they are naturally-occurring boulders, approximately rectangle shaped so that they can be stacked, and see-through so that I can put LED lights inside and have their illumination and color visible from a distance. This is for a backyard, outdoor art project to decorate the grass around an in-ground pool. Your wisdom and all thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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Cotton picker

I need create a machine for cotton picking can anyone suggest an idea for harvesting the cotton upto 150 to 200kg per day so what can I do that and what mechanism is followed for that?? and what are setup should be made for making a machine for that cpacity

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Quirky tip on how to propagate roses?

Recently I found this little quirky tip on how to propagate roses/ bushes and I was wondering if it was true? In the little tidbit, they tell you to use a cutting of a rose of course and then put a little cinnamon on one of the ends that you intend to grow roots. Then poke that end in to a potato. Then bury that part with the potato into the ground. After I guess eventually you get a new rose bush. I was wondering can this actually work? Or is this just bait to get you to read more of their articles?

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Low-tech anemometer that records highest wind speed

I've been tooling for one of these for ages, or how to build one. It has to be low-tech: no electronics, no batteries if at all possible. I want to measure the highest-speed winds per day, not the actual windspeed at that particular moment. I live in a wind-tunnel and I'm curious to know just how strongly it blows My very vague idea was: windsock with a cord attached to the far end gauge with vertical slider, wind speeds marked, sliding part fitted with ratchet system so it can move up freely, but not down again cord on the end of the sock connects to the back of the slider: theory: the harder the wind blows, the higher the end of sock will be lifted, and the higher the slider will be pulled. Each day I'd be able to take the highest reading, then reset the slider back down for the next day I've got a cheap cup anemometer but I've no idea how to use its rotation speed to make measurements of course, marking the gauge accurately would be a bit tricky! Does anyone have any thoughts/tips/suggestions? Thanks! I've been looking vainly for "mechanical anemometers" but usually get the "take four paper cups" type, or the pukka ones at £££ or $$$. it'd have to stay outside all the time, so a battery one wouldn't be much use

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How To Cheaply Make A Disk Golf Set?

I am looking for a way to build a disc golf course in my backyard for as cheap as possible.

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The Daily Birder

   Hey guys! I'm starting a new blog devoted to birding and attracting birds to your backyard. So check it out at:

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Where to find a scorpion? Answered

 I live in Arizona and have been looking in my backyard for scorpions but I can't find any! What are some scorpion finding tips?

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How to make a ice rink with multiple tarps? Answered

Hi I was wondering if there is a way to build a backyard ice rink with four 9 by 12 tarps?

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what fruit seeds can you germinate in michigan? Answered

I really want to grow fuit in my backyard but i dont know which fruits can grow in michigan.

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What kind of Airsoft gun works the best for backyard airsofting? Spring,Electric, or Co2? Answered

I'm thinking of sticking with spring powered for the simplicity, but I might get an Electric.(I don't trust Co2, to powerful for me)

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use cam from RC helicopter

I found a MJX T40C in my backyard. How can I use the cam without the helicopter? What voltage does it use? Thanx in advance! Taeke

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What kind of food, decorations and activites should I have at my end of the year party? Answered

There will be 20 or more people, we have a fire pit and a pretty big backyard with a lot of room. Things I have thought of doing include: Watching a movie Making s'mores in the fire pit Burning old school assignments Volleyball net and stuff outside Music and dancing Playing video games (like wii stuff and guitar hero) I also thought it would be fun to decorate the backyard with lights and give everyone glowsticks?

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How to store electrical energy

Hi,    I'm planning on making a windmill in our backyard since it's usually windy.  My problem is how to best store the electrical energy generated by the windmill for later use.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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Anyone know of a quality wireless switch for a light approx 70 feet away on a shed in backyard?

I would like to have an outdoor light on my backyard shed/ shop, which I would like to be able to turn on and off from inside my home, which is about 70 feet away. I know that wireless switches are made, but I can't seem to find a good quality, reliable, reputable brand. The only ones I have been able to find on the internet are not getting the best reviews, such as Heath Zenith sold at Home Depot, etc.. Does anyone know of a brand they could recommend? Price isn't really an issue, to keep from having to run wire out there if I can avoid it. Thank you. P.S.- I did think briefly about just using a motion detector, but that would only come on if there is motion, and that doesn't fit my needs. What I need is to be able to turn it on if, for example, I hear something out there and I need to look out of my back window and turn it on to be able to see what might be going on out there, if anyone is trying to break in, etc..

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potato cannons

Hey, just wanted to see everyone's potato cannon designs. please post yours and I will post mine. a great instructional book on how to make these can be found at your local library, called backyard ballistics.

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What are some good pumpkin recipes?

This is sort of an interesting story. The Halloween of last year, our family went out and bought several pumpkins for the typical Jack-o-lanterns. We carved them on top of our backyard picnic table. When we where done, we pushed off all the seeds and insides off the table (Just like any one else would). But now, almost 6 months later, a whole new pumpkin patch grew giving us so many pumpkins! (both regular and miniature). It took up about 1/4 of our primary backyard. I need some good recipes /ideas to do with all these pumpkins. I would hate to see them going to waste. -Allen

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