Quiches in a fan oven. Pastry base remains raw. Answered

I have recently moved from conventional oven to fan oven. The pastry bases come out raw. I use a glass baking dish and set the oven on multi-function, i.e. all elements ad fan on. Advice please.

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Asked by Baby C 8 years ago

Left over cranberry relish bread?

We are looking for a recipe for a bread  made from leftover cranberry orange relish.  Thank You Bill

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Can someone provide me with a recipe for corn pie please and thanks?

The main ingredients should be cornmeal flour and and cheese. I prefer to get a recipe that you have tried, tested and satisfied with.

Asked by cherastra 9 years ago

how much lower do you set the temperature when baking in a convection oven?

I just got a new oven with convection baking.  I am not used to it and I have been setting the temperature 25 degrees F lower than my old oven.  Even at that temperature it seems to bake really fast.  For example "quick breads (i.e. banana bread) which would take 50 minutes in my old oven, now only takes about 15 minutes, it's crazy!!  And it doesn't seem to be consistent. If anyone has any tips for me I would appreciate it.  I got a Whirlpool Accubake top of the line model!! Thanks

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Can you substitute white sugar for brown?

Can you substitue white sugar for brown sugar, or vice versa if you only have one type and the recipe calls for the other? Earlier I was baking cookies and needed white sugar, but I only had brown. Could I have used brown sugar intead of going to the store for white? If I can use either sugar, do I use the same amount? Thanks for your help!

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Baking Contest? Answered

When is the next Baking Contest going to be? I have an instructable waiting to be created & it involves baking. If I post 1 before the contest, I won't be able to submit it into the contest. & I really want to have it in a contest.

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how to bake a pizza without oven?

Hi everybody, does anyone know how to bake a pizza without oven? if you do please share with me. thanks for the help.

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what is a good science project for my brother? no baking soda volcanos please. Answered

Hes looking for something that will at least get him a B so any ideas? can be for any age group but the more advanced the better. thanx

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Anyone got a recipe for "pretzel bread" (or rolls) that I can make in a bread machine?

Pretzel rolls are dense and chewy -- not unlike Philly soft pretzels. Not overly salty tho. I've come across pretzel rolls on a few occaisons -- most recently, here in the NE (CT) at a Blimpie's; Previously, I picked up some lucious rolls at a supermarket in NJ outside Philly. Oh, and, if at all possible, I'd like to make the rolls from Whole Wheat flour (for the added fiber). Thanks

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Is there a way to cultivating yeast at home for baking?

Was just wondering if there was a way of cultivating your own renewable supply of yeast at home from a fresh or dried starter?

Asked by icecreamterror 8 years ago

what is a good recipe (that is still sweet and tasty while being healthy) for a person with gout?

My father has gout, and it seems his attacks come on as a result of too much rich, sweet food. I want to bake him something delicious, but I don't want it to cause him to have a gout-attack. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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Can you bake pieces of paper inside of baked goods? Answered

I was asked to a girl's choice dance today, and while thinking about ways to reply, I had the idea of baking a note into a cake, forcing my date to dissect the cake before she could get my response.  I'm curious as to whether or not the message would hold up to baking, if I should go with cookies instead, or drop the idea altogether.  Thanks for the help!

Asked by furrysalamander 4 years ago

How does the taste compare in Flourless versus Flour recipes? Answered

I see recipes once in a while, like this one, where they don't use flour.  I know it is easier, but does anyone know the taste difference in flourless recipes?  Is it not worth it to do flourless?

Asked by Penolopy Bulnick 5 years ago

Tasteless, textureless chocolate chip cookies, EVERY first batch I make? Answered

For the last 3 times I have tried making chocolate chip cookies, the first round that I slide in the oven has come out completely tasteless and textureless. No light buttery taste, no vanilla taste, not even a vaguely burnt taste. And they aren't crispy or chewy either. They're definitely cooked all the way through, and I follow the recipes exactly. The 2nd batch normally turns out slightly better, but I couldn't tell you why. I am a rather bad cook, but that doesn't explain why all the cookies suck. :P To quote one of my friends, "This will haunt me for the rest of my life. I don't know how to even describe this cookie, as there is nothing to describe about it." My mother once made a vague comment about the temperature of the oven, but I'm still not sure how to fix it. It's probably not the recipe; I've used several different ones that are all fairly standard and similar. 

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Tips and Hints

This is my invention for the day.  Use of magnetic tool holders is a very old, but handy way to organize tools.  My contribution to Magnetic Tool Holders is to use small, strong magnets (12 mm diameter) attached to a metal bar or in the photo, to my card table edge.  That in itself is still not very significant. However HOW the tools are hung from the magnets is significant. The problem:  If I put the magnets vertically and hang the tools vertically, the surface area of the magnet is such that often the attraction between the tool and the magnet causes the magnet to stay with the tool instead of with the table.  A magnet sticking to the tool, can be very annoying. The solution:  Placing the magnets horizontally--at the bottom--AND hanging the tools by their tips allows for very easy detachment and attachment.  The magnetic force is strong enough to hold some very heavy tools, like the pliers or long nose pliers without any difficulty.  The tools are easily removed and easily replaced.  This would also apply to any magnetic strip.   The key thought of the day: Hang tools from magnetic tool holders by their tips. Of course, another solution is to glue the magnets to the supporting bar--wood or metal--and clamp the supporting bar to the table.  That works as well, but is more permanent and is a little more work.  Also, if the magnets are allowed to attach by their full surface area to the tools, the tools are hard to remove.  

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Can you bake apples?

Asked by JammerB 2 years ago

Best baked pastrami recipe?

I'm not looking to smoke it. I would like to know your best homemade baked pastrami recipe. Note: Not a sandwich, but the actual meat itself.

Asked by DStorm07 9 years ago

How do I make the best baked Pastrami?

Note: Not a sandwhich, but the actual meat itself. I am looking at baking it in the oven, no smoking. Ive seen some ideas floating around the internet, but I want to know what worked best for you.

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What is the ratio of baking soda to vinegar that produces the most gas? Answered

It be helpful if you gave me a measurment like cups or something.

Asked by The Red Button 9 years ago

Shaping Cupcakes

Hello all! I need some guidance.   I am trying to bake cupcakes, but I want to bake them in the shape of coffee beans. I was considering using egg shaped pans (that usually sell around Easter), but unfortunately, it is not Easter, so they are not selling... Any advice on how to make baked goods in the shape I need? The image came from here.

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Halloween Pastry Contest on Serious Eats

Serious Eats has teamed up with Pepperidge Farms to host a "Halloween baking challenge featuring Puff Pastry." The grand prize winner will travel to Serious Eats headquarters in New York City for a pastry crawl. (why am I only now learning about pastry crawls??) The winner will also score a 5.5 quart stand mixer from Cuisinart and some great baking gear from Pepperidge Farm. So check it out! The contest ends October 15.  Just upload your entry to the Photograzing section of Serious Eats, and get inspired while your there. Have a great idea but not the resources to enter?  Leave your ideas in the comments, and someone just may pick it up!

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How / where do you store your kitchen cooling racks?

I'm looking for ideas for storing multiple sizes of cooling and broiling racks.  Ideally, they would be within easy reach (like not in the garage) but not in the way. So I'm asking the community in hopes that someone has found a non-tangling, space conserving, convenient method.  

Asked by mole1 2 years ago

Gluten free and sugar free cupcakes....is this even possible? Answered

I have a friend who is gluten and sugar intolerant. I have always prided myself on being able to make cupcakes for everyone with any allergy but for this I am stumped. I am not 100% but I am fairly certain she said she cannot have even the fake sweeteners (ie Splenda). Anyway, I was hoping to make her some going away cupcakes as a surprise when she goes back to college, so any ideas are greatly welcomed!!! Thank you in advance! 

Asked by piratecupcake 6 years ago

Chemical leaveners? Answered

Why do many recipies call for both baking powder and baking soda?

Asked by Binks55 1 year ago

Can you make no-bake choco-oatmeal cookies without peanut butter for those with allergies to peanut butter.?

Can you make no-bake choco-oatmeal cookies without peanut butter and have them turn out good?  My daughter is allergic to PB.

Asked by jlbrophy 7 years ago

Baking time? Answered

Since I wanted a smaller loaf, I made half a recipe. When I was baking, I noticed it would not last 40-50 min in the oven. I removed it with less than 30 min of baking time and it was already golden brown. Is there any rule to the baking time according the size of the bread you are making? Like: half a recipe= more or less half the time in the oven? Or should I just keep an eye on it? Also, I was baking with only the "heat underneath" until about 20 something minutes and then changed to just "heat above" until the end, to give it a "tan" on the top. Which oven mode is better for baking bread?

Asked by Schnitzis 1 year ago

Baking in a toaster oven? Answered

High, I have a small kitchen so I' just have a nice size toaster oven and I was wondering if the bake time are different and by how much. Thank you.

Asked by T.A.C 1 year ago

can twice baked potatoes be frozen and reheated successfully? ?

Suggest the second baking could be done in the microwave, after defrosting fully prepared potatoes I want to make some for my son in college, so they're easy for him to prepare.

Asked by Jane S 6 years ago

Baking my chalkboard painted mason jars?

Hello there! I think I prepped the jars well, they have roughed surfaces (I used sandpaper), and they are primed! I am wondering, if I should bake them after applying the chalkboard paint, and if I should condition the paint (with chalk) before or after the baking? Thank you in advance! Vic

Asked by allillusions314 2 years ago

Oven bake method on sodimm ram possible? Answered

I have done succesful oven bakes on xbox 360 board and graphic cards. Now i have a sodimm ddr 1gb ram which doesnt work. The laptop does not boot with this ram . I thought that maybe an oven bake would work. I do 8 minutes on 230 C for the xbox 360 and graphic card. Is that overkill for one little ram chip?  thanks in advance

Asked by la-main 5 years ago

Sculpted Roman Numeral Cake? Answered

I need help with a cake. I want to make a cake in the shape of 3 Xs for my Brother in law's 30th birthday (like the roman numerals: XXX) Can someone give me tips on how to sculpt the cake? Should I bake a square cake and then cut it? Or should I attempt to build an X shape into a square pan? Any potential issues you can foresee? I've never used fondant before but I think there are enough instructables on that subject already.

Asked by cpeteraf 7 years ago

sodium production

Another way for sodium production heared some where that molten sodium acetate  produces sodium metal, carbon dioxide and ethane Sodium Acetate baking soda and vinagar melting it and doing electrolysis to make sodium Melting point 324 °C, 615.2 °F (anhydrous) 58 °C (trihydrate) still has water Sodium Hydroxide Melting point 318 °C, 591 K, 604 °F ive made sodium with lye very useful thanks alot to this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL1cKb3_ojE message back on what you think

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What about using honey in baking? Answered

Good description of sugars and maple sugar but why wasn't the use of honey included?

Asked by Suzanne43 1 year ago