Ball Machine

Since I have the Ripin rocket set I was wondering if i could make the ball track with the set smoother even though i put railing in the middle. If anybody has a answer post please.

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Ball Machine Help

This ball machine is tall and has 4 paths so I was wondering if anybody had ideas on where to make a fifth path. I have a lot more knex pieces. So I can build a lot of things. And yes I attached a working ferris wheel to my ball machine with gears and chains.

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would this knex ball machine element work with certain balls? Answered

Would this   workwith the balls from the bigairballtower?

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ball - on - plate PID controller

Hello everyone I work on a project ball on a plate and have a problem making the ball move a circular motion Please Help Thanks 

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how to build a golf ball launcher?

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is a rock tumbler a ball mill?

I have a rock tumbler and i dont want to buy a ball mill if i dont have to

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How many Knex balls do you own?

I recently bought a bunch of ball from How many do you have?

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Record Ball Threatens to Crush You

It's a huge ball of warped records. OK, so there's not much on detail here, but just check out the picture. Link

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How do you make light ball with plastic drink cups and christmas lights?

A round ball using clear plastic cups with something to hang it up

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Ball throwing machine !

Hi everyone ! I want to have a ball thrower machine like the one used in Tennis . How can i make a cheap one which throws the ball really fast ? I searched in the site but only got one which uses a bike and throws very slowly . Can I have some help ?

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What this group's for

This group is for people who love ball machines

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does anyone know how to build a sturdy ball thrower for my dog?

I have one arm an it hurts to much to use those plastic ball thrower using your arm need something that I can set it up to so I can go for the ball more then one or two times(very active dog).

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I am looking for instructions for big ball machines?

I would love to try and build a big ball machine, but I find it hard to build one my self. I am looking for instructions to build one. Can anyone help.

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there is not a category for my instructable!? Answered

i am doing a instructable  with golf balls but there isn't a category for golf balls or sports or anything like that. i was thinking it was probably something like life hacks but i have no idea. help please?

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Why is the ball valve of my potato gun releasing the pressure? Answered

The ball valve of my air cannon releases the pressure once it climbs above 5 psi. Is there any way to fix this? Or am I stuck with a $30 door stop I'd buy a new one but it just started to leak air, it was working, plus it's glued to my U joint, and really don't wanna rebuild it.

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Rolling Ball clock

I was wondering if anyone on these forums think they could make one of these. It is such a interesting time piece and i think it would look great in any modern living room. I want to make one but the kits are kind of exxpnesive and its more fun if you can make it on your own. Here is some pictures.  Enjoy and thanks for your input :). Toby Mac

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im making a project and i need a lot of bal bearings do you know where i can get them from for free?

They dont need to be brand new just ball bearing

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Inside PvC pipe, doesn't it have to have holes in it? To allow the escaping gas too expand into the second chamber.

Regular firearms work on a simular principle and size matters. 9 holes 1 inch apart, 4 lines of them. or make the inner tube out of screen. Mom & dad will love that one.

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3D printing something totally Round?

Hi everyone.  I have ordered my 3D printer and in the mean time, I am building my files I will be printing.  1 of them is rounded and has no flat surface.  How do I go about printing this?  Do I need to create a base to print it on or will the product I use to make the bas sticky be enough?  Any help to this beginer would be appreciated. K

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knex ball tower? Answered

Can you use for the knex big air ball tower lift different balls than frome that set?

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LED Juggling ball

Hello, I want to make some glowing juggling balls (using LED probably), but I have no idea about what ball to use, how to make it turn on and off and how to balance it. I tryed the led ping pong balls (link at the end), but they're too small and light. Any ideas? How do the glowing balls work (those that from Yo-ho, for example)? Thanks. LED Ping Pong Ball

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How do I start a PURE rubberband ball?

A lot of people make rubberband balls starting with a tin foil or paper core, but how do you make a core made of rubberband(s)?

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Anyone know where one can by a ball lock in component form?

I need to source a small ball lock, or the components for one. I have a device which has a broken retaining collar for the ball, and I want to replace.

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what is the radius of samus' morph ball? Answered

I am going to make  a morph ball so I need to know the approximate size of it so I can make it as accurate as possible also it will be based on the varia suit morph ball so it will look really cool.

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Massive Lego Ball Machine - *proper* engineering ;-)

My eldest sent me this very satisfying seven minutes of engineering: Enjoy...

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Ajleece's first attempt at a ball machine

O.k. guys. I dont have that many peices nor do i have any chain or a knex ball (i have been using ping pong balls) but this is what i have made. all it does is goes to the top using a custom made chain lift and goes round a corner, comes back to the bottom, goes around another corner and starts again. I hope you like

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The instructions on the YouTube video"Ball Machine 2" FOUND.

Http://;=8474#p8212Many of you have been wanting to find out how DeDean16 made his ball machine on YouTube called "Ball Machine 2". Lucky for you, I've fount the link to the REAL instruction booklet that dates back to 1993. I hope you enjoy building this wonderful ball tower.

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How can you make a tilted lift? Answered

Illl get a picture.              

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LED Dream BAll how can I fix this? Or rig it differently?

I have (3) of these LED DREAM Ball lights that come with a remote to change colors all three of stopped working, Im thinking its the base that gives out- but what other light source could I put inside of it to make it work again?

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How can I make a good Ball tower when I'm using grey and yellow rods for the structure? Answered

Im designing a ball tower to post on instructables. The only problem is that I'm having trouble making it look nice using a grey and yellow rod sized support tower.Anybody have tips?

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guide to k'nex ball machine elements

Hi there! I noticed how hard it is to find elements for your k'nex ball machine. So I decided to make a guide so you don't have to waste time searching for elements! So, if you have made a ball machine with new elements, please tell me and either post a link or attach photos so I can add them to a future instructable!     K'nexers who have given me permission to do this with their elements:       Sandroknexmaster

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Knex ball machine preview: The Asteroid Belt

My first ball machine the asteroid belt is going to be 4 feet tall, 8 paths, and 2 lifts. Sorry for no pictures. I have to take down Dysprosium (which my brother never finished) to build the asteroid belt because we share our knex. The next update will be in exactly 4 weeks.

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Which knex ball machine is the best???? Answered

Just write your answer (as a number of the ball machine), and then any random comments you want to say. Also, in your answer please also write to worst knex ball machine. Anyway, here are the options: 1. xXxXx 2. CHAOS 3. Deux 4. Relentless 5. Immeuble 6. Micro 7. Box 8. Lithium 9. Nano 10. Dos 11. Uno 12. Project N 13. Project S 14. Circle So which is the best, and which is the worst???

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Where can I get a plasma ball driver circuit? Answered

I have a old glass sphere from a plasma globe and I was wanting to use  again but i need the circuit I need it if I want to use it again

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how can I make a rc morph ball from metroid prime?

I want to make one but I need some ideas including how I can make it turn and move foreward please you help me figure this out

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Can anybody give me ideas on my new knex ball tower?? Answered

I am having trouble making a ball tower with a squiggle path. If you dont know what I mean, go to Youtube and I beleve the video is called knex ball machine operation schism. How do you make the path during the first run? Also Darth trainman, how on earth did you even start making the xXxXx with no instructions? I want to know how you do it please. Sorry if Im being bossy. Whoever helps me, thanks!

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Light balls: juggling, toys, etc.

This idea just popped into my mind and I thought it wouldn't be that complicated to make, maybe even in time for christmas! I was thinking about juggling balls that would light up upon movement, except I don't know how to make them. I don't know how big/heavy motion sensors are, but couple them with leds and a battery, stick everything inside a plastic ball and presto.. or am I simplifying too much?.. Better than that would be to use the power generated by the movement to light up the leds, somewhat similar to Powerballs, but that I have no clue as how to do.. So, any ideas on how to make them?

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My first tennis ball mortar scars!

This is hilarious , i finally built my tennis ball mortar, i "accidentally" put way to much hair spray in lol. It launched well, but blew the back off so im going to have to build a new base lol. I have some pictures to show it lol. the sound was so loud that i can not hear a thing out of my right ear except a loud ringing. is that a good thing?lol heres the pics.

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Where do I get knex tubing and cross ties? Answered

Theyre all over the complicated ball machines im just wondering where you get them

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3 axis rotation system

Hello everyone! I was hoping someone here with better understanding of engineering or just a fresh take on the problem can help me out. Im working on this art project where I have a metal ball, aproximatelly the size of a basket ball, and i wanted to make it rotate continuously on a stand, in a way that all sides of the ball were shown eventually. I've thought about this 3 axis sytem where each axis would rotate in turns to keep the ball rolling in diferent directions. Basically its like the insides of an analog mouse where the ball would rotate the gears and give the input of the location of the pointer, except here the gears should rotate the ball. I've been trying to build something close to that with some K'NEX and a simple rotation engine that came with it but im not getting nowhere. I thought of building the gears myself but im finding it hard to come up with a plan. What would the gears be shaped like? What size? what distance between them? Even with trial and error would take me forever @.@ Anyways, any input, ideas, comments apreciated, Thx!

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guns from knex big ball factory set??

Ive got the original knex big ball factory set, mixed with a couple of small sets, was just wondering if anyone can make a gun out of this kind of set? ive tried following a couple of instructables but i dont have the black & blue connectors or the blue ones that look like the grey ones, or bendy rods. im sre theres more i would need but just wanna build something to shoot pigeons with. nice and powerful doesnt matter how heavy, light, but must be powerful

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How on Earth do you make a china ball paper latern?

I have searched all over the internet for a simple how-to when it comes to making those sphere-shaped lanterns , and no one seems to have bothered to do any. I'm interested in making some large ones but the first attempt didn't have that clean round look. Has anyone made one or know of a tutorial? Hopefully one with pictures or video.  thanks!

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art: bowling balls

I began collecting a few bowling balls with the intention of making decorative art in my flower beds. I have a neighbor across the street who undoubtedly has so much disregard for me that he reported me to the city code enforcer who said bowling balls were against code. I had a supervisor come and look at my yard and the bowling balls and he said it is art. The other code enforcer has required that I "anchor" them down. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm sure no matter what I do the neighbor will not like it. He hates my trees. I have humongous oaks and lots of plants and shrubs. He has complained for 16 years now. He sits on his front porch and watches everything I do. He reported I had rats. They found the rats nest on his property. He claims the termites come from my home. Believe me, I have a small brick ranch that I do all the upkeep on. I think he just can't stand it that he can't tell me what to do like he does the rest of the neighbors. I'm a woman-maybe that's his problem. Anyway, how do I "anchor" my bowling balls without taking away from the art of them in my flowerbeds? Please help me. I want to abide by the city codes.

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How do make a ground snapper?

A co-worker of mine had some small saran wrap balls that had something in it. and he would throw them at the ground, and it would make a loud crack or snap sound when it hit. Do anyone know what Im talking about, or what was in it? How do you make it?

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Knex Ball Machine Video + Pictures!!!

Video: This is a knex ball machine i made a while back which i just never got round to filming so here it is Paths: 7/8 if you count the race element as two Pieces: Used about 6500 Elements: i think 15 in total 13 different and i created one or two my self I sure i owe a lot of people credit so if you think you deserve credit because you've seen something that you made or whatever don't get stressed out just post a comment and i will put your name below Credit: Darth Trainman   I havn't thought of a name yet so any sugestions would be much obliged if anyone has any ideas

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can there i suggest some contest ideas?

I was wondering if there could be a paintball/airsoft contest??????

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