Not Belt

What are some ways items that would normally be kept on a belt could be kept somewhere more convienient and fashionable? Multi tool, tape measure, phone, whatever else is kept on belts. . .

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belt fed

Does any one know anything about belt fed guns. I have looked at one site called how stuff works but that gives me sort of an idea but i need something a lil more. does anyone have blueprints or plans for a belt fed gun. If you do that would make a great instructable. I know some of the basics of the belt fed guns, but not much more than that. I am wanting to make a 9mm belt fed LMG. Basicly from one of P.A. Lutys designs, only change them up a lil bit to use the belt feed.

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Belt feed

Does anyone have some kide of blueprint on how to make a belt feed MP. I have seen the examples of ones on but that isn't helping me much right now. I'm not really sure how I can belt feed it through. I am working with a P.A. Luty's 9mm. Can some one help me on this. If you have been able to make a belt feed system can you show me yours in photos. I think that would also be a great instructable too. I'm not to sure how to make a belt for 9mm rounds either. Instead of sticking with his design on the magazine I think it would be great to have a belt feed system on this weapon.

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Hidden Belt Weapon

I was looking in google patents and I found this;=abstract&zoom;=4#v=onepage&q;&f;=false  I'd love if someone made it.

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repair of belt sander

I have borrowed a belt sander from a friend to do a job........ and the sanding belt broke and stuck on the roller. I eventually managed to get it out. Tried the sander without the belt and one roller worked - the other didn't. I fitted a new belt (the right way round) but it didn't work. I've tried to remove the sanding belt, but it's sticking on the end of the roller that didn't work. Any ideas on what might be wrong please? It's looking at the moment as though I'm going to have to go out and buy a new one!! Any help would be gratefully received!

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endurance xt 3600

I need a belt for my Endurance xt 3600 treadmill

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PVC Coin Dispenser Belt

Anyone know how to make a PVC pipe Coin Dispenser Belt? Push a button & out pops a coin from one of fore tubes hanging on your belt.    I need to know what size pipe to use, how the triggers work to spit the coins out & how to put it all together.

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Polyurethane Belt Splicing Suggestions ? Answered

I'm looking into making my own round poly urethane pulley belts. Durabelt  sells splicing kits, sometimes called welding kits. I can hack together the tooling if necessary but I need a price reasonable source on the urethane round stock. Has anyone seen an an ible on the subject ? Or personal experience ? And a round multi dia poly supplier source ? I do a great deal of rock tumbling and the belts are the main fail...

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How to make a conveyor belt with no wood or metal?

Hello, I am a student who is working on a project. I was wondering if there was a way to create a conveyor belt with no wood or metal? The biggest concern for me is the motor. Thanks.

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Seat Belt Handle

My grandpa has a hard time reaching over his shoulder to get the seat belt. I was just wondering if there is some sort of strap to make it easier to get your seat belt on WITHOUT damaging the car.

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does anyone know how to make a garter belt?


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Fixing a broken belt.?

I've read many answers on how to fix the belt which I did do that. But my problem is the screw must of been missing from the beginning  and finally the belt came apart. So I need to know where I can get one of those small screws to repair the belt. Thank you.

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Belt Organizer

Hi, Is there any instructable on how to organize belts? We have more than 40 belts here at home, and they're just messy. When you need one, you need to remove everything that shares the same hook. Hope someone can help! Thanks.

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knex bullet belt & grenade &gadjet....

I would like to see everyone's design's for bullet belts exetra, ihave made one with you's swithblade, bedbugs grenade's & a pistol & holster.

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Flashlight Belt Buckle!

I just joined Instructables, so hi everyone. How are you. Anyways, I had a most wonderful idea to share with you all. A flashlight that also functions as a belt buckle, and vice versa. Basically a headlamp light turned into a  belt, or just attached to a belt. This was you can see where you're walking/running when you are being chased through a forest by zombies.

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Where can I buy blank belt buckles suitable for doing resin work?

 I just need a source for blank belt buckles.  One of my customers want me to do them, in addition to making jewelry.

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dryer, pulley

Install the replacement of a pulley and belt on a Whirlpool dryer lec9000pw0. The pulley was lying on the floor of the dryer when I opened it up and I do not know the exact position it should be in and how it is secured to the dryer. Step by step instructions with pictures would help.

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Seat belt fastened circuit

I have designed a circuit the intent of which is to control the seat belt fastened light on the dash.  There are two switches.  1. A pressure switch that closes when someone is in the seat.  2. A Reed switch that closes when the seat belt latch is latched.   Each works correctly separately.  I am using a standard 12V automotive relay to control the light, as below.  Let's just look at one side. 1. When the ignition on the 12V wire connects to the two leads, i.e., the pressure switch and the reed switch. 2. When someone sits in the seat the pressure switch closes and the dash light, which is connected to the relay at 30 and 87A comes on (relay not activated).  3. When the seat belt is latched, the reed switch closes, the relay switches and the current between 30 and 87A turns off. Diodes are introduced in the circuit as shown in the diagram.  The problem is that is does not work correctly.  Sit in the seat and the light comes on.  Buckle the latch but the light does not go off. There is still 12V between 87A and 30, but I don't know why.  I also tried putting a diode between 85 and 86 (pointing towards 86) but that did not help.  Suggestions please.

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I need either an ammo belt or a bandolier

 I am trying to make a guerilla fighter's costume.

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LED Belt

Would 4x AA batteries, light up 9 LED's in Parallel?(With a resistor of course) The LED's are 3 volt. I am making an LED belt for my Friend. I wired it up and only the red LED's lit up for some reason.( The colors used are red, green, and 1 blue) is there a problem in amperage or is there a short or something?

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Vandergraph generator

I am interested in building a small  vandergraph generator.  I am thinking this will certainly be no taller then 2ft and likely closer to 1ft.  I understand the general principal of how it works and this should be a good first voltage project that I should have everything I need for.  What has been holding me back for quite some time is that I could not come up with a decent belt for the inside.  But I read on the forums I think that leather is a good belt to use (or human skin).  This seems very odd to me and maybe I am missing something but is this really a good thing to use as a belt?  It would be nice because I could cut it as wide and long as I need and then sew it into a belt with some thread.  I happen to have some leather laying around from some crafting I have been working on.   Then as long as I am making this thread I was wondering what the best "tube" would be that the belt runs in.  I had considered making a plexi glass tube with hot glue to hold it together.  I think it could be cool to have a see through setup.  But I want this to work as well as I can get it.  So if a different material would work better I am open to suggestions. Also I will try my best to find my camera and post step by step photos once I know what the heck I am doing.

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Stig flies!

If you have heard of The Stig, then you will enjoy this video all the more...Link to Windows Media clip.Enjoy.

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if i make multiple windbelts, how can i attach them together for higher energy output?

If i make multiple windbelts, how can i attach them together for higher energy output?

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Belts set to replace Bike Chains?

Apparently belt driven bikes were produced a few years ago by specialist bike companies but they are now about to hit the mainstream.These belts have an advantage over chains because they are tougher, last longer, aren't dirty or greasy, their quieter and they weigh a lot less.the only drawback is the price, Trek has unveiled, the District and the Soho, will run you $930 and $990, respectively. but then again all new tech is expensive :D Via Gizmodo

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Sam Browne belt/harness mods?

I want to make a modification to the classic Sam Browne belt/harness by adding a thigh bag to hold tools, water bottles, etc. I'm looking for a pattern to be made from heavy canvas or at least khaki denim. If anyone's been to an Army surplus store will probably get a pretty good idea of what I'm looking for. The bag has one large central pocket, two zippered pockets on the inside, and two outer pockets. It also has a large cover flap over the top with a leather or canvas tie-down straps.

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How do you take bottle caps and make them into a belt? Answered

I have a ton of old bottle caps that I wanted to adhere to a cheap belt. Any ideas?

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How would i make a belt buckle that has a hollow center that i can hide stuff in?

One of my friends had a beltbuckle that opened up and you can hide stuff in it how would i make one. I would ask my friend but i cant get in contact with him

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How can you sew a cauter pin into a belt?

I'm making a prop replica belt hustler for a sci-fi ray-gun, & it has a cauter pin to hold the belt. Anyone know of any crafts or sewing items or just how to sew a metal rod into a belt?

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The Hello Kitty Belt Sander

These folks did the most excellent Hello Kitty mod to their belt sander for a belt sander drag racing event. I would love to see this screaming down the wooden drag strip. Flickr link Flickr setvia BoingBoing

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Handmade Belt Buckle

This is a video of a meal belt buckle I made using tools in my garage.  I also made a leather belt to go with it out veg-tanned cowhide.   I hope you enjoy it.  You can see it on my YouTube channel.  My domain is pointed to my channel.  Go to  Thanks, Douglas.

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Betabrand Belt Re-Use Challenge Accepting All Clothing Mods

The guys at Betabrand have been so excited about the entries in the Betabrand Belt Re-Use Challenge, that they've decided to open the contest to all sorts of clothing re-use projects, and give you an extra week to enter! So we are now accepting all instructables that show how you have reused or modified an article of clothing or belt in the Betabrand Belt Re-Use Challenge. This includes t-shirt mods, clothing embellishments, and more! The winners will win some awesome prizes from Betabrand, including their brand new Belted Laptop Sleeve!  Which, btw, is pretty awesome.  I wish I could win! Check out our Fashion channel to gain inspiration.  Deadline is Dec. 5. We can wait to see what you make!

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Help making a heating pad

Hi folks, Essentially, I'm trying to make a heating pad and I'm becoming terrible confused. . . Let me start by offering some background on my project. I'm building a fermentation cabinet that will be cooled by a window A/C unit. The cabinet will be split into two halves. The first half, with the A/C unit, will be for lagering beer and cold conditioning. Temps will be around 40° F. The beer fermenting in the second half show be kept at about 60°-70° F.  The 120mm PC fan will turn on and blow cold air into the second chamber when the temperature drops below a set point. I would like to have heating belts wrapped around the containers in the second chamber to bring the heat of the liquid up when it drops too low. This is where I'm getting very confused. I'm basically an idiot when it comes to electrical work. . . I would like to use about 7' of 30 AWG Teflon coated copper wire as my heating element. I've calculated the resistance of the wire at .722 ohms (this is the part where you ought to start speaking up and correcting me). Can anyone help me figure out what type of resistor I would need to drop the voltage down enough to get a 20W heating element? I'm starting with 120V from the wall. The sketch below is the cabinet design. Thanks, Chris

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make a belt or braclet from a bike chains?

Bike chains were used for belts to fasten pants in the 1960s as were motorcycle chains.  How was/is that done?

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can a drive belt from a printer be shortened? Answered

I am trying to find a small belt capable of turning gears in my home built rc car, but all of the belts i can use are too long, does anyone know if there is a way that i can make the belt shorter so it wont be too long? i need it to still be in a loop. i only have one right now, so if someone could tell me a way of getting this to work that would be great.  so can someone help? and if it is possible, when explaining how to reconnect it, pictures could help a lot in explaining this

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hemp belt, is it possible to make one using the square knot method? Answered

As the title states, is it possible to make an extremely long hemp bracelet/necklace into a hemp belt? As in, my belt just snapped on me, and I have no money to buy a new one. So would it work by making one?

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Knex ball machine preview: The Asteroid Belt

My first ball machine the asteroid belt is going to be 4 feet tall, 8 paths, and 2 lifts. Sorry for no pictures. I have to take down Dysprosium (which my brother never finished) to build the asteroid belt because we share our knex. The next update will be in exactly 4 weeks.

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how to replace belt on kenmore dryer?

How to replace drum belt on 80 series kenmore dryer

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How do I replace the belt on my Hoover 5050ED Dryer?

Dryer hadn't dried the last load and found it will not tumble, can manually move the barrel round but it was making a scraping noise, unscrewed the back and found the belt is broken. Would appreciate instructions on how to replace it please.

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How can I make drive belt for microwave turntable??

The present belt is 1/8 inch square and 36 inches in circumference.

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how are these parachords belts and bracelets used ?i dont get it?

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What is the best source for tortoise shell looking belt buckles?

Looking to make belts and want an inexpensive source for buckles - tortoise shell looking ones prefered

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Can you make a Van De Graaf WITHOUT having the belt be in a tube? Answered

 I've noticed that most Van De Graaf machines have their belt assembly in a tube/pipe. But wouldn't it be possible to just have a frame holding the rollers instead of having them be enclosed? Sure, the belt won't be protected, but I don't really give a damn.

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long belt sander?

Has any one made a long belt sander - around 1m lenth with old drill parts and preferably with out lathe work.... >

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How can I use an XL timing belt pulley with a servo?

The only servo pulleys I can find are MXL

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35 mm film belt

i work at a movie theater, and we always have old pieces of the film strips. lately i've been considering making some of this old film strip into a belt, by laying it on top of the other pieces and weaving thread into the little holes on the edges. but i've been thinking about how i'd attach a belt buckle, or anything to clip it together for that matter. anyone have any ideas how i could do this?

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Where to place an HPA paintball tank on ur gear?

I am new to paintball and i just recently purchased an HPA 3000 psi/72 ci air tank. I have a remote line due to the shear weight of the tank and stress on the valve threads of the gun. I do not wear a pod belt as i have chest mounted pods. I would like to know what best spot to where such a size tank is. I am thinking a belt with a pouch on it facing side ways toward my gun arm. Any ideas on the best postion? (I have a tailor that will make me a custom belt/strap or w/e for it plus the pouch so shape is not a factor)

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Please help! knife sharpening jig for belt sander

I have a small belt sander that I use for sharpening knives but sharpening angle consistency is always a problem.  I've been trying to comue up with a jig to maintain a constant angle against the belt sander (see photo) Ideas?  I can't seem to figure out a viable solution to what should be a simple solution....right??!!!

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