big and crossed out letters

I would like to know how to cross out and write big. i know you can write semi-big like ==this== , but i want to know how to cross out big and do super big letters, pleez respnd.

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Recently aquired a BIG capacitor

I need some ideas to use this capacitor for. the ratings are 120,000 MFD @ 25 VDC Thank you.

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The Internet is a Big Thing.

Really.Really. Big.So I was bored. So bored, in fact, that I decided to Google myself. I clicked the text box of my Google search bar and typed in Labot2001. Just to see what comes up, what web sites I've forgotten about, who spies on me, etc. It wasn't until I Googled myself that I realized how big the Internet actually was.For example, my mousetrap car showed up on MAKE. And about 50 million other places. Same with a handful of my other ibles. It's weird to think that the Internet just loops around, through, and under itself a million times. Sometimes without even realizing it.So try it. Google yourself. Share what you find.

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What Should I Do With These HUGE LEDs?

Well, I was digging around in my one desk drawer and found these two soccer ball key chain light thingers, and I was like: "Hmm, are those BIG LEDs?" Further actions took place, and left me with two BIG LEDs. Now as I sat at my desk with tools, wire, plastic, and a bloody finger, My "Imagination Well" was dry. So, I am asking the community what I should do with these LEDs...

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can i use my belkin router as a wifi antenna?

Asked by Cadillax7 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Large plastic tube with spirals round it, like a massive toilet roll?

Hi,I need some very large pipe, between 45 cm and say 90 cm. I just need about 150 cm length- again, fairly flexible here.  either thin metal or even better probably, fairly thin plastic (say 2-4mm walls if in plastic.) NOT CORROGATED. And, ideally (pretty vital really but looking a bit bleak to find this) made in the same way as a loo roll: with one or two pieces of material that twist around each other so that the pipe has curving spiral joint along its length. Any ideas much appreciated, I don't know where to begin really. What industry should I phone up and annoy with enquiries? I 'll try builders surplus yards I guess, and I thought people who dig up roads and replace water pipes might have stuff.. Or direct from manufacturers, although so far everything I look at is just straight tube, not made in the spiralled way I'm after. CLUES PLEASE !!! Thanks, Georgie

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BIG Sheep In Minecraft

Well I'm making a BIG sheep in minecraft it's not done yet but when it is it will be 20 blocks tall!!!

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big knex guns

Will you please join my group here's the link

Posted by biggunner 11 years ago

what to do with about literally 10000 rubber bands besides the rubber band ball? Answered

No rubber band  balls or any thing simple i want something big, like a world record or a big project

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Dried eyes throughout the house.

Time to give the world another lesson in proper comedy. BIG TRAIN (Posted on behalf of a member still handicapped by an inability to post topics.)

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i need headers... that fit.?

So my set up is, I have a 366 big block from a 2 ton grain truck. and before you say there is no such thing, it is a real motor. I have one, it is the smallest big block but its a big block. with a SM465 granny tranny and NP 205. normal headers wont fit the starter is in a weird position the starter solenoid is in the way. I need to find cheap headers that will work? do you know where I can get some? this pic was taken without the starter on. we tried to put the starter in afterwards and ya it did not work lol

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The Biggest Challenge of All... Who can make a submarine?

Good at math?(Or at least decent). Like getting wet? Then you should try and make a submarine. Who wouldnt want one? Now this doesnt have to be ocean worthy, just strong enough to work in lakes and ponds and slow moving streams.

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And now, for something completely different.....

During my early morning walk today I came across the following creature - it was a huge, about 9 inches (23 cm) across. It was the most beautiful gigantic moth I have ever seen in these parts.It is a Giant Silkworm Moth also known as a Saturnid Moth. This one is (for whatever reasons) called the Cyclops. I just had to share some pictures of one (not my pictures....I didn't have my camera with me).' Isn't he just gorgeous?

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How do I get more volts to power 4--24 volt drill motors, used in a electric power vehicle? Answered

O.K. so here's the project I'm under taking. I am taking a Power wheels Big Foot. One of the old school originals. I made it a 4by4 with independent motors on each wheel (4 motors total). Well the only way I've found to get more speed out of it is to add more volts. I hooked up an 18volt Ryobi drill battery to the circuit system, got some good speed. But it died very fast do to the overwhelming power drain from all motors in sequence. So Other then putting either an 18 or 24 volt battery to each wheel/motor, How would I crank more speed and power out of this thing? I've tried a 12v car battery, but I get more speed out of the drill battery. But the car battery lasts longer. My hope is to make this be able to carry me @about 20-25 mph for a decent distance. Hopefully theres some other electrical junkies out there a little better off in this type of knowledge then me. Thanks again either way guys.

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Pimped out big ball factory!

New big ball factory instructions coming out soon!! features:jump, tightrope, big loop, freefall, and more!

Posted by coolknexcreations 9 years ago

Big letters don't work

Try it and see! Putting "="s in front of your text to make big words no longer works. Subscript still works though.

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i want a big gun with less parts! no rbg(rubber band guns)

Does anyone know a gun thats not a pistol thats big but doesnt use a ton of parts. i just got started. any suggestions??

Posted by land o cows 11 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Question: How Big is Instructables?

CameronSS asked: How big is Instructables? Counting all of the text, images, sounds, videos, etc. that are stored on the site, how much space does it take up? A few gigabytes? A few hundred gigabytes? A few terabytes?How big do you think Instructables is? The About page will tell you how many employees and associates Instructables has, but how big do you think Instructables is, information-wise?This is like a jelly-bean counting contest, except on a much bigger scale and with inedible jellybeans.Guess away!

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Big site layout bug

Okay,ummmmm,wow. What a bug Edit, I figured out what the problem is, it seems to be firefox. Edit, Okay, now it works, that was weird (nobody even commented on this)

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where can i get a orignal knex coaster/ big gray motor?

Ive seen the ibles but they use the big gray motor i was wordin if some one could give me a link? also i was wordin bout where i can get a orginal knex coaster

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

What happened to "BIG" Text!!!

About a week or two ago, I notice that "BIG" text had been disabled...Every time I try make "BIG" texts, the equals just disappear without doing any effects to the text...Why has it been disabled!I am a bit upset over this, and so as other instructable users...

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Old big-screen TV -- What to do with the dang thing?

My big-screen TV is 18 years-old and is forcing me to buy a bigger house. What can I do with it? It works but the picture is just plain bad. I hate to trash it because the wood structure looks so much nicer than its reception. Aquarium? No, I don't care to clean the tank. Bookshelf? No, I don't need that. Gun cabinet? Nah. Anybody have an interesting idea or know where to direct me for creative advice? This dinosaur is huge but looks great when closed. Thanks, RebelwoaCloo.

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how to avoid using a jfet buffer?

I am trying to build an overdrive circuit, and it requires a jfet buffer, which i do not have, nor does radioshack (to the best of my knowledge), i do however have multiple mosfet buffers.  could i use these in place of the jfet, and if not, is there a way to remove the buffer altogether.  the scehmatic and diagram are here, i am trying to build the big daddy. thanks in advance!

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New K'nex site!

Here is the new knex site i created. I don't care if it utterly fails. Just created it bout' a hour ago, so don't expect anything. I want to get a few members first.

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6 Farad Coilgun

I recently came across 4 1.5Farad capacitors and made them into a capacitor bank, but I just want to get a general idea what would happen if I made a 6 farad coilgun...would it go through walls or anything?

Posted by adrewmc 10 years ago | last reply 10 years ago


I found this HUGE spider in my house!!! That is the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life! :OI don't know what kind of spider is that, can you please tell me!I will give you some clues...Found in south London UKHas some hair all over its body and legsHas dark red legsHas brown/black bodyHas two funny looking antenna (with a 'ball' on the end) on its headAlso, I used a pound coin and a penny to scale its size.I hope you know what this creepy crawly is!(UPDATED)Thank you for telling me what that spider is! A common brown spider...They are harmless, large, and very common in southern UK and in most places of the southern world... You americans should be happy about not having those giant spiders crawling around your homes.

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Big letters will not work in comments

When I type in comments I can not type big letters and when you preview the comment, the big letters are there but once it is posted the big letters disappear. I know it is not only me because others have complained about it as well.BIG LETTER WORK HERE|| <---But not there ||\/

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where can i get a big ball factory set? Answered

Does anyone know where i can get a big ball factory set for less than $50 i know ebay has them but their prices get up to high please help

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

BIG stuff

So, while surfing meh interwebs, I ran into an awesome store that sells giant things like pens, pencils, giant computor keys you can sit on, and many more. Check it out here:

Posted by Flumpkins 9 years ago

Looking for big tansformer cores for high frequency use... Answered

Although I have made more and more progress with my home made ferrite I am not in the need for a big transformer core for testing purposes. Desired frequency range: 30-120kHz Required power: 2kW I looked through endless pages of theoretical science stuff, a lot of useless online listings and thought: Why not do what everyone does instead of using Google and ask my friends here? ;) So far I think an iron powder core might be better in this case than the more traditional ferrite cores due to the power and saturation levels. But what size would I really need so the  whole thing won't saturate or overheat? Ring core or better a pot core?

Asked by Downunder35m 2 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

how do you make a knex human hamstar ball?

I would like to get in one out of knex!

Asked by cool knex13 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Huge Cat Couch

Huge cat couch is huge. Gigantic, even! No info available about this one that I've been able to find, but it looks like a lot of fun if you have the space for it (yeah, right!). Huge Cat Sofa via CRAFT

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Knex Heavy Crossbow VS. Knex Tank Bow

Okay. Two really new guns. Both of equal awesomeness. A perfect match in a war. What do YOU think? Who's gun would win?  kNeXFreek's Tank bow? Or IAC's Knex Heavy Crossbow?

Posted by Seleziona 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

What's your Nerf arsenal?

Well, no one really talks about nerf guns here, and I thought I may as well bring it up. So, just like knexgunbuilder's topic on what your knex arsenal is, I want to know your nerf arsenal! Just to tell you had had three more guns: the Recon CS-6, a Nerf handgun, and some other gun that was really cheap. And also, my vulcan isn't automatic any more. (it's a long story, so don't ask)     What's yours?

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World's Largest Snow Sculpture

Living in the bay area in California, I have access to now in Lake Tahoe, but we get no fluffy stuff to look out at in the morning. I love being able to wear light jackets in January, but sometimes I miss getting all bundled up and sledding or making Easter Island style snowguys on the front yard.So seeing this massive snow sculpture from China makes me want to just hit the slopes for a few weeks. Workers sculpt "Romantic Feelings", which will debut at the 20th International Snow Sculpture Art Expo in Harbin of Heilongjiang Province, China, on Dec 17. "Romantic Feelings", measuring approximately 115 feet high and 656 feet long, is designed to be the world's largest snow sculpture. The 20th International Snow Sculpture Art Expo starts on Dec. 20 at the city's Sun Island Scenic Area. (Getty Images/China Photos) ilnk with more picsvia Neatorama

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Would a Flat-Screen or a Big Chunky TV work best with the Nintendo Wii? Answered

 If we keep our Big Chunky, we lose space. If we get a Flat Screen, do we lose quality or anything else? I have heard somewhere before that Flat Screens don't work very well with the Wii ? 

Asked by NerdSquad 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Piece List Please? Answered

I would like a piece list for the Big Ball Factory please, no hurry.

Asked by TwistedParadox 9 years ago | last reply 1 year ago

Huge knex ipod

Imagine a huge knex ipod dock, that looks like an Ipod and has a huge click wheel! this would be awsome!

Posted by Bartboy 10 years ago

knex gun that uses micro parts?

I need a gun with micro parts im trying to make something like project paws but with micros

Asked by deadaccount 9 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Are there any stores that still carry regular k'nex?

In Canada. When I say regular, I mean no micros or bricks. Those piss me off because they're so tiny. ;[

Asked by planktons1 9 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

what should i do?

i just got a new bin from lowes for my knex and i have a bunch of empty boxes now and i dont know what to do with them

Asked by knexinventer 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

biology maximum cell size

What stops a cell from being extremly large? inparticular in prokaryotic cells, like algae, where it is the cell and is not part of something bigger like a tissue or organ. also in the way of darwins theroy of evolution, does any one know how much it appiles to algae, either all or some strains and how much they addapt and how quickly?

Posted by thelastonekills 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

potentiometers: How thick is the enclosure allowed to be, how can I fix them inside the enclosure? Answered

So in a nutshell: I'm following an instructable where potentiometers are used which i was never working with before. Those potentiometers are covered with some potentiometer-knobs which are between the enclosure and the potentiometers. And now I have some questions ... a) how do I fix / secure the potentiometers inside the enclosure so they don't move when I turn them, but the potentiometer-knobs do, and b) how thick is the enclosure allowed to be when I use 500K, 5% tolerance potentiometers? This is so frustratingly confusing.

Asked by Skelpolu 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Meteor Shower in late April

Upcoming shower:Day: April 21 - 22Constilation/type: LyridsFrequency: 16 - 30 per hourIllumination: 5.4%For the meteor shower calender, check out these site I found: These are not my sitesNotice this also: Some info ranges, but the dates stay april 21 - 22 (Or just 22)

Posted by Flumpkins 9 years ago

&quot;Tricked out&quot; Big wheel! Help?

Alright... So for fun i decided to make a "Tricked out" Big wheel. Any idea's on what should be on it? I could mount a speaker on the back... I'm not sure

Posted by Robot Cody 9 years ago

How can I make my husband a cheap, durable wedding band?

He is a big guy, and wears a size 18 or so. NOBODY makes those except for superbowl players, and we do not have that kind of money! So far I've been thinking of using metal pipes and stuff, but I haven't gotten past the research phase. Does anyone have other ideas? I have a dremel if that helps.

Asked by KedaDibandion 9 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Is the Patterson Footage Real?

Everybody has seen the Patterson footage, if they know it or not. The picture below is the most well known frame. Do you think its fake, or do you believe?

Posted by freeza36 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago