balancing windmill blades

A 5 blade rotor. making our own replacement blades a fair bit o' resestance to rotation from the generator, therefore, balancing it on the generator shaft is probably a no=go. the owner, for whom i'm doing the work suggests balancing 2 blades against one another.   But there are 5!  not 2 or 4.   maybe we make it a 4 blade... maybe we make sure each blade is excactly the same weight AND with CG at the same distance from center (sounds cumbersoe to get both mass And cg identical. suggestions?

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resin sword blade? Answered

What is a good resin to cast a sword for use as a prop and i just need a flat sword shape or blank and if i made the mold out of wood would the resin stick to wood?

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katana help?

How to make a large stick into a derable katana ps the pic is just some cool swords

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Knife blade tip repair...

Aye well, someone dropped BOTH of my best knives, and now I have a bent, chipped knife blade tip. I've got a standard knife sharpener, and small whetstone I need to learn how to use, and advice? Here's some pics of the damage

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How a Hacksaw Blade is Made

Hacksaw blades get used all the time in projects so take a couple minutes to see how they're made in bulk. via techeblog

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Carbon Fibre Rotor Blade

I wish to construct a pair of 70cm long carbon fibre rotor blade for my rc helicopter. The inner part of the blade is hollow to reduce weight. I understand that I need to make a two-piece mould out from a sample blade, with some kind of rasin. Any idea or suggestion is very much wellcome. Thanks to all for sharing.

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wind generator blade speed

Okay. now I have a grasp on my amp (or should I say watt) draw. I now need to figure how to make this wind turbine produce what I need. I've bought a small 200 VDC motor to build my first turbine from. This is just my 1st hobby wind generator to see if I can & how well. Probably the wrong one, but it's cheap enough and sure I'll use it for something in the future. 400 rpm seems really fast to generate 12v! So that's my first question... is it? To achieve this speed , in my area (Class 2) I can expect 4 hrs a day wind of only 3-7 mph (trying to stay very modest), so I assume I need multiple blades and gearing. 2nd question; How do I determine how many blades, of what size I should make to obtain a certain rpm in a particular wind speed? Not sure I asked that correctly, so please bear with me. Once I have this generator in hand I will be able to measure the torque needed to turn it. Then I assume I need to determine a blade size and count to meet this need. If that is still not enough, I assume I will then need to gear it and re-calculate the blades. Anyone out there have the math to figure this?

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Sharpen hand saw blades?

Nowadays almost all hand saws are induction tempered. It seems such a waste to throw them out all the time after they get dull. Traditional hand saws could be sharpened with a triangular file and a special tool to bend the teeth outward. I guess sharpening can be done by means of a dremel tool with a diamond disk, but what about the bending of the teeth? Any suggestions?

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Metal for blades and hardening techniques

Hey y'all!  need some 2 cents on another instructable...  so, i recently posted an instructable on how to make your own machete, and i have received some feedback on using tool steel, and quenching the metal before final sharpening to keep an edge longer.   does anyone have any expertise on what type of steel/metal i should get, where i could get it, and how i could go about quenching the metal? any help would be much appreciated!

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What type of blade guide is best for small blades on a bandsaw ?

I have a new powermatic 14" bandsaw with roller guides and a 3/8" blade. I would like to use a 3/16" or 1/8" blade but have heard something about "rolling out" the teeth on the blade if I use roller bearing blade guides. I assume this is due to the small size of the blade and it winding up between the rollers ( the teeth that is). Would block type guides be better or will the "carter" type roller bearing guides, properly adjusted, be OK ?

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I am looking for a cheap, easy hidden blade that works with written steps. Is there anyone who can help me find it?

Also good looking and safe. And later on I gotta find a cheap, easy, good looking assassins creed costume.

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Assassin's Creed Hidden blade *MODIFICATION*?

So i, like many others, have some strange obsession with Hidden Blades and really want one. However, i do not have the machines to make one from scratch like most of the walk thoughs on here, and since i do not have enough time at the moment, heres what i was wondering: Is there anyone out there with enough time, money, brains and skill to convert a shop bought hidden blade from spring loaded mechanism to the more realistic ring pull mechanism? I think it could potentially be quite a challenge, working around the already existing parts. I am talking about the blades on sites such as Forbidden Planet, and also i have found selling them.

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How would I etch something into the blade of a knife? Answered

I would prefer to avoid acid if at all possible.

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brass knuckles hidden blade?

Hi! I'm trying to make brass knuckles with a blade hidden inside it's for a cosplay. The idea is to have brass knuckles and at one point in the action of a button and out a knife inside the brass knuckles in a small compartment inside the fist. For reference I have the OTF Assassins Creed hidden blade. But on a small scale and with a button instead of rope. As you would do ?? Thank you very much!

Asked by marcoantonio.saldonguerrero 4 years ago

will this theory work for an assassins creed hidden blade? Answered

i built this theory but i did not try will it work? note : the circles are springs , strong ones note : the back end's reach = the long of the blade gets out + the tall of half your arm

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Is titanium good for making knife blades? Answered

I want to make an all titanium balisong.

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Fastest roller-blade wheels on a budget?

By next spring, I want to get new roller-blade wheels to put on my street luge. I would only like to spend around $25 at most. I live near a Sports Authority, and semi-close to a Dicks Sporting Goods. Any ideas? thanks

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Knife with glass and Silver handle

Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum and I have made something I wanted to share and get some feedback. This is "Art Knife" I used a method I invented to etch hardened glass with colored images and made some into what I think is a pretty cool knife. The glass is held in place on a nice Damascus blade with a Sterling Silver frame. The etching can be of any subject, I chose the animals because they look nice but I could have put a portrait or other designs on my knife. I also want to use this technique for other fine items like memorials, awards, etc. The etching never wears because it's covered in a layer of Pyrex glass by baking it in a kiln. What do you think of this idea? Any feedback greatly appreciated! Cheers, John

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Spring Loaded Arm Blade without Drawer Slide

Can anyone help me with instructions on how to do a spring loaded hidden arm blade without using a drawer slide? Looking for something a bit more refined. Also, I am looking not for it to use as is, but to spring out the blade and then be able to grasp it with hand and remove it to use. So I guess, more of a spring loaded holder for a knife, because really, trying to use an arm blade like this to do any real damage in an actual fight, would be difficult. Thanks

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bladed weapons (swords, daggers)

Discuss bladed weapons

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What's the best design for a 25cm windmill blade?

I'm building a small windmill, I need it to be as efficient as possible. What is the best desgin for a blade that is about 25 cm long (diameter)? And what kind of material should i use to build it. I'm hoping to not use wood, because its kind of hard to cut it into good blades.

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Assassins creed hidden blade for sale

I have got Assassins creed hidden blade, it is new. Just use one time in a cosplay party. But now I want to sale it for 50% off, is anyone interested in it? Here is the origin price and details: assassin’s creed hidden blade

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Is possible to make some kind of blade's lock for an Opinel Knife No. 6? Answered

Hi at all, I need to lock the blade of my Opinel when it's open (for my fingers' safety =] ):  any idea?

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what kind of blade should i make next?

A sword, an axe, or something else? if anyone sends me, moxx, a pic of a blade and i deem it awesome, i will try to make it in knex.  This knife I made is a great example of what i am going for. 

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How do I build a folding knife?

I am a beginner knife maker but so far I have only made knives with fixed handles. Does anyone know how to build a folding AND locking mechanism for a knife? All help appreciated.

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What is the best Miter Saw for $300 - $400? Answered

I would like to buy a miter saw. What is the best product in the 300 - 400 dollar range? I've done research online and know what the reviews say and the "pros" say, but I'm curious if those of us that actually DO things regularly have a difference of opinion. Thanks! All I have now is a drill and a hand-held circular saw. I would like to be able to cut beams accurately and consistently.

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What are the dimensions of a standard utility knife blade? Answered

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Twin-blade ceiling fan (Steampunk-esque)

Hi, I tried posting this already but then couldn't find it so I hope I am not posting twice... I fell in love with this ceiling fan ( which I can't attach properly to show the image because the uploader doesn't work (either of them) on my computer. Problem is that the fan is over $800! I'd like to combine a bunch of pieces and make something like this out of old desk fans and a nice light fixture (or something I can turn into a nice light fixture) to both save money and spare our landfill.  Thing is, although I get lamps and they are very easy, once you add moving parts I am scared sh!tle$$!   I figure there has to be someone out there who knows if it is even possible to recreate this at home. Thanks Joelle

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Metal cutting blades in fine woodwork - is it common? Answered

My grandfather did a lot of very fine woodwork -- the man was an expert. We inherited a bandsaw and some blades a while back and we replaced the blade (a wood blade) with a blade that appears to be a metal blade. I'm certain it is a metal blade. Has anyone heard of a metal blade being used in fine woodwork?

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Can you cut glass with a hacksaw blade ?

For example: opening of 4 feet fluroscent tubes.

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Whistling blade on wind direction weather vane

I have a propeller with four blades that acts as a wind direction weather vane. What I would like is for the propeller to make a whistling noise when it is rotated by the wind. Someone told me if I put a small hole or a slit in each of the blades it will make a whistling noisy which should change with wind speed. Can anyone tell me what size hole/slit I would need? Also at what angle would the slit have to be? Or can you tell me any other way to get a whistle from the blades when the wind is blowing? The blades are metal and about 200mm long (400mm overall diameter). Thanks for any help. Lou

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Whistling blades on wind direction weather vane

I have a propeller with four blades that acts as a wind direction weather vane. What I would like is for the propeller to make a whistling noise when it is rotated by the wind. Someone told me if I put a small hole or a slit in each of the blades it will make a whistling noisy which should change with wind speed. Can anyone tell me what size hole/slit I would need? Also at what angle would the slit have to be? Or can you tell me any other way to get a whistle from the blades when the wind is blowing? The blades are metal and about 200mm long (400mm overall diameter).

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how to take of a lawnmower blade with a stripped bolt?

I have to sharpen my lawnmowers blade but the bolt wont come com i tried vice grips socket wrenches an even trying to get it of with a torch but none work any suggestions

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Blade Tip Power System for wind energy...

I'm looking at adding a not too obtrusive wind generator to a house I just bought. One of the best I have come across is the honeywell BTPS (Blade Tip Power System) - it isn't as sleek looking as a lot of the turbines I am looking at, but it seems like a good concept to me. can't believe that this company is the first to come up with the concept; has anyone here seen any other similar systems, designed to run in the lower speeds/altitudes common in a smaller residential setup, but generating decent power?

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I think I will attempt an hidden blade

I've seen the builds on the internet using a drawer slider mechanism or one from a toolbox. They are cool, but I want to try one with a really powerful locking motion. So as I sat thinking on how to do this, I discovered that the answer was right in my hands. A clicky pen. It shoots out quickly, locks in place sturdy, and then shoots back in. I think that combining this "clicky pen" mechanism with the drawer slider mechanism, I could really do it. Any ideas/tips/criticism/comments on what to do here?

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Is ceiling fan blade and helicopter blade same in design or not what is the difference between them in their design?

Can i use fan blade as light weight helicopter blade or there is a difference in their design

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safety razor blade? Answered

ok i just got me a safety razor and it came with some blades and was looking to see whats a good blade to go with i heard merkeur is a good one and i heard about a feather blade but i just started shaving with a safety i love it but i want on a basic idea which one is better i have rough hair and i heard about missing LDC with the cream to make the hair softer and its supposedly makes shaving alot easier any thoughts would be great thank you

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Any easy way to make a small lawnmower blade? (12" DIA)? Answered

Hey I am trying to make a robot lawnmower from some motors and a microcontroller I have. The only thing I'm stuck on is where to get such a small blade for mowing (12" DIA or lower)

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Bandsaw blade put on the other way?

Howdee..I need to cut wood with a bevel the opposite way of the way a bandsaw table tilts...the only way i could see this happening is if i install the blade the other way round and cut from the other end as my bandsaw does not tilt both ways...would anyone know if this can be done? cheers 

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Twin blade ceiling fan

Hello, I fell in love with the twin-blade ceiling fan pictured at the link below (for some reason the uploader doesn't work in either form for me) , but at over $800 I hate the price tag.  I would like to try and DIY something like this for my new house, but I do not have the electrical knowledge to do it alone.  I figure that if I can find two second-hand desk fans and wire them into a nice light fixture I could get the look I want without the price, but I need to know how to do so safely.  I wouldn't want an electrical fire to burn down my new home! If anyone knows how to get these things all wired right it would be a great help! Joelle

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How to remove saw blade on a deWalt radial arm saw dw8001? Answered

I have just set up my late fathers radial arm saw in my workshop , I cant ever remember seeing the blade been changed. I know it isnt rocket science ! lol Having just changed the blade on my table saw , which was kind of the same dilemma Im facing now , which is how to stop the blade or shaft from moving whilst I undo the nut that hold the blade on ??? The table saw had a hole on top which you put a rod into to stop the shaft ! The only thing I can think of for the radial arm saw is that the shaft on the otherside of the motor has a threaded hole on it ? as if something might screw into it , maybe to hold it in place whilst changing the blade ? or maybe not , it may have a completely different use. So I would be grateful for any advice or ways in which I might best secure the blade/motor shaft whilst I undo the nut holding the blade on ???? Thanks in advance

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Does anyone know the best way to drill into a circular saw blade?

I am making a folding knife and i am using a cut part of a circular saw blade as the blade and i have tried using quite a few drill bits and some other things but it still isn't working, i also really don't want to spend a lot on a new drill bit, but i might spend mabye $10 on one but that would be the most

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Used Band Saw Blades Wanted

The thing I'm cutting does not need a band saw to be cut, only a blade, and a dull one at that.  If anyone replaces a band saw blade, I would be glad to take the old one off your hands.  I will definitely pay for shipping.  Thank you.

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wind mill blade design?

Im currently building a windmill, and For the blade design I was thinking about going with something like this:  and I could use some help with figuring what the actual shape of the blades would have to be cut into, to fit onto the rim. thanks:D

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Dimensions of a Xacto knife(the handle part)? Answered

Can some one let me know the dimensions of the handle of the xacto knife? & what material is it made up of?(my guess is aluminium) Well i live in india they are not available here,only way to get them is by importing them(which makes them hell lot costlier). I have a couple of surgical blades and handles that i usually use for my need's but the handle of the surgical blade is a bit flimsy for heavy work's. I am hoping to make a couple of handles with the help of a Lathe(and some other tools) , which should last a good period of time.I intenf to use the surgical blade with the xacto handle(surgical blade no 11)

Asked by Bobblehead Einstein 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Is there a colored, yet semi-translucent glaze that can be applied to metal?

I'm making my friend a replica knife from a popular game we both play. In-game, the blade has a reddish tint. Is there a glaze that can be applied to metal that will give it a red tint, yet still be somewhat translucent? Thanks!

Asked by Fado Korok 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Has anyone made bamboo wind turbine blades?

I started a set of simple bamboo wind turbine blades today. I'm using instructions for PVC pipe blades. This involves slicing up a plastic pipe (vinyl chloride is carcinogenic) but large bamboo is similar to a pipe and I've got some so why not try this natural material. If you have done this before, please share some insight :) To my knowledge nobody else has posted about this and all I've found online about bamboo blades is from large scale commercial turbines.

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Would different angles on blades of propeller reduce Speed? Answered

The goal is to reduce speed of my Egg drop contraption but still spinning to keep it accurate.? Basicly its this. 8 blades on a octagon frame then String and then my shock absorbing egg carrier. What way would I want to set my Blades so that it doesn't speed through the air?

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Removing rust from saw blades and drill bits?

I have a couple dozen drill bits and circular saw bits that have light to moderate surface rust but are in otherwise very good condition.  Is there something I can use on them to remove the rust without having to sand, scrub, or file each tooth of each blade indivigualy?  Some product that I can wipe on, spray on, or let them soak overnight that will remove the rust without dulling the blades?

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