blink182 concert

Ok my dad dosnt want to take me to a blink 182 concert. he said i could go but he wouldnt take me. i have no one else to go with and he said if more people on istructables voted he should take to the concert he would... so please vote on whether you think he should take me or i should just not go.

Posted by GianniMora 8 years ago

Blinky Geeky Tabletop Decoration with CMOS 74C14

I made this blinky geeky tabletop decoration based on my instructable over there: have fun and share your ideas!

Posted by mischka 8 years ago

Smallest thing to make an LED flicker?

I'm just wondering what's the smallest thing I can use to make an 0603 smt LED flicker (not blink/flash)? I love the look of simply having a bad connection to the battery, but sadly that's not a very good or reliable method. I suppose I could use an AVR chip, but I've never done that before an it looks expensive to start. Any chance there's something like a flicker resister that I could just solder into my wire?

Posted by aliasjanedoe 8 years ago

LED advice

So, i'm a pretty avid fan of our local roller derby team (HKRG BABY!), and i belong to a group of super fans who focus on doing a lot of weird crafting and costuming and other such insantiy for the bouts. so, i'm wanting to make some pretty fancy signs for next year's derby season that will  light up. i've got some plans to use some EL wire/tape and the accompanying equipment but i've also got some other sign plans that would probably be cheaper/easier to make using LEDs instead. so, basic premise is to have a sign that would be able to light up some cut out letters separately and sequentially. i know how to make the sign itself so that's not the issue, what i need is a method to cheaply and easily make the letters light up in sequence. so it's a 3 letter sequence (let's use D O A as an example) that progresses at the normal speed that you would imagine a large group of people chanting a 3 letter call sign to go. so the D would lights up for a second or two, one-two second pause, O lights up for a second or two, one or two second pause, then the A for a second or two, lather rinse repeat. i'm imagining that each group of LEDs for each letter would be wired in series, then each group would be wired to whatever circuit would be needed to make the lights cycle. i'm not sure exactly how many leds will be needed per letter, but maybe between 10-20 of them per segment? i'm going to have several of these types of signs (all 3 syllable chants) so i'd like it to be something that's easy to repeat and not terribly expensive (i'm a derby nut, but there is a line where cost kind of gets stupid)

Posted by crapflinger 6 years ago

I want to make christmas lights blink!

I want to take a string of LED Christmas lights and add some form of relay that causes the entire light string to blink. I'm sure this can be easily achieved by adding some kind of in-line relay or circuit, but I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for to add. Any ideas?

Posted by Erind 9 years ago

LED Blinking?

Excuse me Please: I would like to ask for some assistance in creating a circuit/project that will be for a plushy whose eyes would "blink" with on/off and/or/both the more creepy "blink" by dimming (down to 25% lit, back to 100%) of two LEDs I would guess a slightly more advance aspect of this project would be to put some randomness into the blinking. and the thought occurs to me that through the use of an ardrino, which I have zero experience with personally, would allow for the blinking, as well as sound reproduction too. {e.g. growls from the glowy-eyed wolf plushy} while I am trying to keep the plushy to a limited amount of complexity, and would like as simple a circuit to accomplish the blinking, the ardrino idea and the advanced features that could be given to the plushy I find very provocative,... but it is my ignorance which is not realizing what it is I am asking, so I would rely upon the collective experience here-in. Thank you kindly for the input and assistance. CAH

Posted by Ceyarrecks 2 years ago

Where can I get phone flashers? (they blink when your cell rings)

I had a cheap phone flasher that I got off ebay, and when its battery died, I dissected the turtle and pulled its blinky guts out. Anyway, it works great for one of my projects, and I want to buy more, but can't find them anywhere. I bought several others off ebay, including more turtles, but they all had different blinkers inside them, which sadly do not work for me. I'm attaching a picture of the part I want. Anybody know where I can get these?

Posted by aliasjanedoe 8 years ago

Uploading to ATmega328 with preloaded blink sketch through ArduinoISP doesnt work?

I'm using my Arduino Mega as an ISP and have successfully uploaded a blink sketch to an atmega on a breadboard, with the led @ D13. Thats the SCK pin, and now i cant upload another program to the atmega on the breadboard. I tried resetting both the boards JUST before uploading, but it didnt work. my connections are secure, reset pin is tested, auto-reset is off. im at a loss. Please HELP!!!

Posted by DangerousTim 3 years ago

Update - Circuit problem: Can anyone figure out what may be causing this project to only work half way?

Ok, I have a recently built prototype of a circuit I was going to publish, but it is not working exactly as planned. It is not that it is not working at all, but it is acting strangely.What is happening: pairs are blinking alternately, when they should be blinking in sequence. Can anyone see a fundimental flaw in my drawing, or is it a possible soldering error. Opinions and insights welcome. PS: the included video is the first one I have even edited too (I forgot that the camera picked up sounds, and I had grunted, and verbally expressed surprise and it sounded inappropriate, so I edited it out.)PPS: I believe I have to declare FAILure on this one, at least for now. Sorry....

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

fake security LED blinking- slow

I can't find a fake, security sensor. I want a blinking LED to blink slow. Sorta like the light that blinks in your car when it is locked- you see a small blinking light to warn thieves that there is an alarm. Thanks.

Posted by ilmbg 9 years ago

flashing LED - first project

I'm eager to start my first project, but I don't know how to do it. Its basically an LED blinking twice, once at every 20 min. I can tackle it in Arduino since its code, but I need something really small, the smallest possible! (the way that would be powered also needs to take this into account. a 9v battery would be too much. but If it could have a way to be powered by USB that would be great). The closest I can find, is something similar: A fake car alarm, that flashes a red led. But I need to have the 20min spacing!  Can I have some shared knowledge ? :) Thank you!

Posted by jlourenço1 4 years ago

[ask] Blinking led advantage

Hi all, i want to ask in order to use less power (voltage, current or watt, i'm confuse about that) to light led. If i power up 100 leds blinking in parallel, blinking one by one, 50 hertz or higher, Am i get kWh (kilo watt hour) lower value instead powering 100 led without blinking...? Thx

Posted by shinjiyuubix 8 years ago

Macromedia Flash 8 Eye Blinking

I have Flash 8 and was wondering how you make a cartoon character(that i drew) blink there eyes continuously. I don't mean just wink at you or something and be done but forever. Thanks.

Posted by JellyWoo 9 years ago

Problems with blinking leds

The P2 goes in which place? oh... In usb wich is the color of the negative side?

Posted by Tony5 11 years ago

Problems with blinking leds

The P2 goes in which place? oh... In usb wich is the color of the negative side?

Posted by Tony5 11 years ago

555 timer help

Lets say I have one 555 timer and I wanted to have two LEDs blink at a different time each three seconds apart like this LED #1 Blink...1...2...3 LED #2 blink...1...2...3 LED #1 blink... how would I do that or is it even possible.

Posted by iman 11 years ago

Electrolux care plus esf 6549, indecators blinking and operation hanging

Electrolux care plus esf 6549, indecators blinking and operation hanging. Please see he video. It will keep this over and over. Anybody can help with this?

Posted by Mickyyy 10 months ago

blinking LEDs

I'm planning a sort of a Halloween Scavenger hunt. I'm planning to hide boxes along a wooded trail, each with a blinking red LED on top, which is what seekers would look for. I suppose that this is a super-simple question, but I've got no real experience in electronics. But I do work well with instructions. I would like to do about ten of these, so I would appreciate any advice on how to cheaply create a bunch of blinking LED beacons. THANKS!!!!

Posted by Purple Chez 4 years ago

How to Repair a Nintendo NES System

This forum will be managed by the repair specialists at the Nintendo Repair Shop Inc. We are happy to provide our customers with top level Nintendo Repair products and services available on our site, and are happy to share our expertise with Instructables visitors by responding to questions you may have on this forum. No question is a bad question, unless its hey sexy repair guy can I have your phone number? Sorry ladies I'm taken. So, on that awkward note, lets get started. What questions do you have for us? Also, be sure to check out our Nintendo Repair Instructable guides and videos on our Instructables channel.

Posted by nintendorepair 7 years ago

Twinkling white LEDs + programming led strip on Arduino?

Hi there. I need to know the code to program about 12 white LEDs on arduino for making them randomly twinkle or something in that nature. I'm currently working on a Disney inspired project in which I recreate one of their firework shows on a model of Sleeping Beauty Castle i made. At points in their shows, there are scattered bright LEDs on the castle that twinkle randomly and fast. I want that effect on my castle too. I also wanted to know how to program a tri color LED strip that i can use to recreate lighting in the show too. Any help is very appreciated! Thanks!!! -Ray

Posted by ray33_ 5 years ago

Arduino "Blinking LED Eyes" for Halloween

I want to make a set of 8 LED "creature eyes", that blink as a two LED set, but randomly.  Like night creatures on Halloween. I've got the Arduino Uno, bread board, wire, LED's, but just lack the programming and circuitry skill. Can you help?

Posted by phatguppy 6 years ago

How to program LEDs?

I have this little structure with 3 blinking LED. The blinking is triggered by the little spring in the middle - if you shake the structure, the top of the spring touches it's base, than blinking stops after a few seconds. I'd like to make a similar size and function structure but I want to program the blinking rate for all 3 LEDs. If is possible, than let me know what do I need to do this at home - I am a beginner in electronics, but have some programming knowledge. Thanks

Posted by glazur 5 years ago

simple blinking LED switch?

I know little about how to make circuts and the like, so I come to intructables, wondering how to make something like this: You flip an on/off switch, and in stead of having the LED just stay constantly on, it starts to go on and off about once a second.(Half a second on, half a second off) If that made any scene, please answe

Posted by Bradley1000 8 years ago

LED blink based on proximity

Hi, I want a LED to start blinking if it is outside some area. Kind of a prisoner electronic bracelet :) What would be a cheap solution for this? Could I do this with 2 proximity sensors? Thank you.

Posted by PedroP46 2 years ago

Blinking LED lights in a series

I need to make a board with LED lights that blink on and off in a series. It would need an easy on and off switch and I would need to be able to choose what direction the blinking would go (left to right, right to left). If this is an easy project, any help would be great. Thanks, BradTheses pictures are what I need the first one would be ok ,the second even better. Would this work so, how much would this cost in the US or how much would someone want in order to build something similar. If someone could make the circuits I could attach the lights to the board. Any ideas out there?

Posted by bradlife 9 years ago


I want to make a LED circuit so as to make the LED blink...please help

Posted by Brittlebone 9 years ago

Halloween blinking eyes LED project

A pair of red LEDs which blink in an approximation of the glowing red eyes of some baleful critter lurking in the shadows behind me as I hand out candy to the kids. I figure to poke the LEDs through a piece of cardboard sprayed with flat black paint. Half a dozen sets of light would make for a pretty scary pack of, well, something. Just the thing for Halloween. I don't have the technical background to do this but it seems like it might be fun and cheap.

Posted by allen 10 years ago


Here is another blinking LED running from a single 1.5 AA battery. While the white and blue LEDs need over 3 volts. The white blinks in the transition moments between red to blue and to red !

Posted by iceng 3 years ago

Build circuit - programmable LED blink pattern

Greetings! I'm looking to accomplish the following - Have (2) 5mm LED's go through the following patterns: (1) LED's Solid On / Full Brightness (2) LED's alternating blink (3) LED's off I would like to be able to press a single button and cycle through those presets - 1,2,3 I would like to make this as compact, least amount of parts, and low power requirements as possible. Please let me know if you guys could point me in the right direction perhaps? Rafael M.

Posted by rmarrero 6 years ago

Typing in the Step-by-Step Editor

There is a bug when typing in the step-by-step editor. The cursor blinks over the letter not to the side of the letter.

Posted by BenjiDaa 4 years ago

Solar powered blinking Led (with photo switch)

I was wondering if anyone has or will post an instructable showing how to build a self-contained solar/rechargeable blinking LED (or LEDs)  I have a telephone pole I would like to have illuminated for oncoming traffic.  Reflective tape isn't cutting it.  I was thinking a LED strip that blinked would be a better "notice" to drivers. It would have to be self-contained and powered given the location, hence the solar/rechargeable aspect.  It would also have to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. (off when light out, on when dark, so a photo switch needed) Any ideas how this can be done?  I was thinking hacking a solar powered yard light to power a LED strip but I have no idea how the electronic parts work or if the charge is enough to do so.  I am sure there are parts in one of those lights that I can use.  Harbor Freight is my buddy. Any help appreciated.

Posted by xrobevansx 7 years ago

help needed on LED music box

I want to build one like , but with some LED only blink to bass (low range sounds), some to mid range, and some to only high range. Take this as an example: except I still like the idea of running through a mini jack. I've done a lof reading and many people have suggested using inductors as low-pass filters. New to electrical things, I am really unsure what to do. My design in mind is with 24 LEDs, 12 blink to bass, 8 blink to mid range, and 4 blink to high range. I'm planning to use a 12v DC charger with LEDs specs of 30mA forward current, 3.5V forward voltage. I understand having a VR will make the LEDs more consistent. Can someone possibly draw me a schematic with the right resistors and inductors? help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by robertmai 7 years ago


Hi there, I recently bought a tri-color addressable LED strip at RadioShack. I've already tested it with the provided code through the Arduino IDE. Now how would I be able to make my own light display through Arduino. Will programming it be the same as programing any other LEDs? I want to make an LED show on my small Disney Castle model. The strip is long enough to illuminate the entire model. I want to make a show like this (ignore the fireworks, just focusing on the light effect) : PART 1  PART 2 Provided code for Tri-Color Strip RadioShack: Thank you in advance!

Posted by ray33_ 5 years ago


         I've started changing the light bulbs at home. I want to use economic ones like the one in the picture. The only problem that I have is that when I turn off the light , the bulb starts blinking. I have a power switch similar to the one in the picture. It has a little lamp behind the red dots that goes on when you turn out the light. It helps you find the switch in the dark. I heard from someone that the blinking is related to this lamp. Does anybody know how to fix this? without removing the little lamp in the switch

Posted by ZoDo 6 years ago

Samsung SyncMaster 943 bx

I have a Samsung SyncMaster 943 bx and the problem seen to be the power led is blinking and dont want to stop, i connected to the computer it recognized. some1 help plz.

Posted by calanick 8 years ago

Microcontroller Help!!!

I want to connect a microcontroller to LEDs to make them blink. I know how to wire LEDs and how to write computer programs, but I don't know which controller to use, where to get it, or how to wire it. Any help?

Posted by JayGilly6 10 years ago

Powerseed instructable Help (Diet Timer)

I recently saw this device online while researching my most recent new years weight loss resolution. product blinks every 30 seconds to remind you to eat slowly. You are only supposed to take a bite when the light blinks.While I like the idea of this product I thinkg it would be better if it was a little more flexible. I would like to be able to change the blink time to try and work up to 30 secs. Maybe 5 second increments. This will be my first make - i have been a lurker for a long time - I see tons of cool projects but I would like this to be my first. It seems like it would be a fun make, hopefully a relatively simple one. However, I will need a lot of help with which components I should use. If anyone is willing to help me put together a parts list it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advnace!

Posted by patjr 10 years ago

help with leds blinking to music

Ok so im in the process of building a portable car stereo and i have everything done except for putting some leds blinking to the music on it. i have attempted this in the past and it never really worked how i wanted it to. so i cant really explain every connection in my box but i will explain the components used car stereo      12-14v Xbox power supply    12v drill battery    12-13v drill charger   2 relays used to automatically switch from the wall battery   and the battery charger  everything shares a ground and connected to the stereo have leds hooked up to the remote normally used to switch on car amps   its output is 12v and i think 300 milliamps i would like to use this for the power and i need to use the speaker output as the audio  i tried to use a tip31 but it never worked the way i needed it to just ask if u need any more info

Posted by kylejjjjj 6 years ago

programable led

I have a project that requires a board with multiple led's that each led can be programed to blink at specific frequencys. i then will run plastic fiber optitics to the location where the light is to display. i have no idea were to start with this.... so i ask - jt

Posted by wavejumper 11 years ago

Jesus optical illusion

Does anybody know why this works, its so cool! Stare at the 4 dots in the middle for 30-40 seconds, then look at something like a white wall. Then blink, what do you see?

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Z-5500 Led's blink to music [HELP]

Hi! I got a question about led's beating on music. I got 3 of the same sound systems (logitech z-5500) and i want to add some led's for effect. I've seen some tutorials about soldering it to the + and - but i dont want to do that with the sub because of the music quality. I want to add 60 led's. orange, blue and white and i want them to work from a external power suply. How should i do this? Cause i cant find any instructable on how to do it with a mic. Thanks!

Posted by Gleno0h 8 years ago

PIC Microcontrollers

Hello. I'm just making my entrance into the world of microcontrollers. But as I self learning everything I have a few questions. I recently purchased 2 PICS (16F648A) and a programming board. The board works fine and I got it to connect to the computer and reconize the PIC. I guess my first question is, Is all hex code PIC specific? Meaning would I be able to use this code "" for my PIC? The models are very similar but not exact. If not, I would like to do the standard "Blink an LED" as my first project. How would I write my code for this PIC and what materials would I need? Thanks!

Posted by jefferson987 10 years ago

Circuit Scribe Build Night at E4D Banjarapalya

Greetings, Just like our previous build night with circuit stickers, this build night with circuit scribes was a huge success. Many participants of our rural Banjarapalya Makerspace participated and built cool artistic projects. Although most projects were made on paper, it brought out the amazing creativity of these kids who are mostly first time learners of computer and English. Some projects: Photo sensing iron man face, blinking house, blinking E4D, Light house, Hulk face. We hope to do many more of such build nights in the months to come, introducing our village to some amazing and fun tech.  Cheers

Posted by asinha13 3 years ago

Arduino and esp8266

Hi, I am new to arduino and creating project where i connected arduino uno and esp8266 as follows: UNO --- ESP8266 RX ----- RX TX ----- TX GND --- GND 3.3V --- VCC 3.3V --- CH_PD I power arduino uno and it is working fine. i checked by uploading blink program. when i connect esp8266 to arduino uno and open serial monitor i am getting some garbage text which is shown in below screen shot. also when i connect esp8266 to uno the orange light is continuously blinking. no action on entering AT command in serial monitor. some one please let me know how to get it work.

Posted by sayedfar 2 years ago

7805 and 555 timer circuit heat.

Hi all! I made a test led blink circuit with a 555 timer on a bread board. Just a basic two led blink circuit you can find all over the place. I used a 7805 for a supply regulator with power from a 9v batt. The circuit functioned fine (to my knowledge), but the 7805 got REALLY hot. I've used 7805 in opamp circuits with a 7.2v batt and no detectable heat. Is what I'm experiencing normal? Or do you believe something I did was wrong. If I remember correctly (I'm really tired as I write this) i was using 100nf caps on both ends. Thank you Nic

Posted by Mrlzeppelin 8 years ago

Ode to LED (with apologies to Smarties)

If you use them on Arduino Will you use the Red one last Will you blink them very slowly Or you flash them very fast If you use them on Arduino Will you use the Red one last

Posted by Shah NawazH 3 years ago

Solar Powered IR LED Flasher Circuit Request

I need a circuit that will flash a standard IR LED. I do not want it to include a 555 IC or any other such digital control. This needs to be analog. I plan for it to run off of a solar cell(the one i have provides power at .5V and 1.5mA) with a rechargeable battery as a storage bank. I know this is extremely low voltage/current for a recharging system, but if you have a solution by all means include it. Blinking rate is not that important, although options for changing the rate would be appreciated. It should not blink slower than once/sec tho. I hope someone knows enough to be able to pull this off, my expertise is in programming not EE. Thanks --SS

Posted by StingSlinger 8 years ago

simplest way to automatically turn power on/off (every couple seconds)?

I'm looking for an easy way to turn power on and off every couple seconds (randomly would be nice, but not absolutely needed).  Such as for blinking an LED, not turning off all the power in a house.  Any suggestions?

Posted by aliasjanedoe 4 years ago

Arduino UNO not working with Arduino WiFi shield

I'm having a lot of issues regarding interfacing an Arduino wifi shield with the Arduino Uno. My Arduino works fine when the shield is not attached to it but when I attach the shield, I'm unable to upload the code; I get: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 I also tried to change my board and uploaded the code on Arduino due, then it gives: device not found on COM 8 as error Otherwise the boards are perfectly fine, they are working usually they should. Also, I'm unable to reset the board when the shield is mounted on the board The code i uploaded is simple blink code,however none of the code are uploading The shield i'm using is this , the arduino's official WiFi shield shield These are the things i have already tried but none is working : -powered up the arduino from external power supply (12 V, 1A) -removed the shield and programmed it (code loads on board ) but then mounting shield on board, the led on pin 13 cease to blink -without using the shield , arduino works as usual (like that Rx, Tx pins work and pin 13's LED and power led blinks /lit up) but with the shield stacked on board , nothing seems to work

Posted by jatinbatra 5 years ago

A few contest entries appear twice in Make it Glow Contest

Hi - I noticed that my entry and one or two others are posted twice in the Make it Glow contest.  I can't figure out how to un-enter one of the two duplicates of my Spinning Blinking Tardis entry.  Suggestions?

Posted by lmperkins 4 years ago