Problems with blinking leds

The P2 goes in which place? oh... In usb wich is the color of the negative side?

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when did blink 182 break up... and when did they get back together? Answered

 i think it was 2005 but my step dad thinks it was like 2003-2004

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blink182 concert

Ok my dad dosnt want to take me to a blink 182 concert. he said i could go but he wouldnt take me. i have no one else to go with and he said if more people on istructables voted he should take to the concert he would... so please vote on whether you think he should take me or i should just not go.

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Blinky Geeky Tabletop Decoration with CMOS 74C14

I made this blinky geeky tabletop decoration based on my instructable over there: have fun and share your ideas!

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Trouble blinking leds with TIP31 Answered

Hello everybody, I am trying to make a blinking circuit to hook up to the LED strips in my car so they blink in sync with the bass.  I have made a circuit following some instructable here, I can't recall which it was. Anyway, I'm pretty sure the schematic is correct, because the leds blink. Now two problems arise: I have hooked them up to the subwoofer out of my radio ( a Kenwood kdc something), and after enabling it I was told to put a speaker coil in series to increase the resistance, in order not to fry the channel. Is this right? Next, the leds don't quite blink, but they pretty much stay on all the time, with very little variation, I suppose because the sub out gives out quite a high voltage, so the transistor does not open the enough for the leds to blink properly. I was thinking of putting a resistor/potentiometer in series with the signal coming from the radio, in order to reduce the voltage and have a better blinking effect. What do you think? Thanks in advance, peace :)

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Are there any LED blinking applications? Answered

 Are there any things you can use on a computer (Mac), that can blink LEDs to music through USB?

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Arduino Blink Code help?

I have just started learning the arduino. I have also started to learn basic C so I am familiar with for,while loops,etc.  I'm working on a circuit that when triggered using a pusbutton, an LED blinks 5 times with a 1 second delay between each state and then switches off until triggered again. I need help in writing the code.

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double blink LED control?

There are three sets of LED I want to control, one function is dimmer, another is simple flashing LEDs, then I want two double blink LEDs( like a firetruck, blink blink pause blink blink pause) the simpler the better..i can find the first two circuits pretty easily , the third double flash is harder to find. is there a simple circuit that would do all three?

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"Blinking Eyes" LED circuit. ?

A timer circuit that'll turn LEDs on and off in an approximation of eyes blinking. Ooooon-off-on-off-oooooon-off-oooooon. So, this coming Halloween, I've got a dozen or twenty of these timers, running pairs of red LEDs, about eye-width apart, that are poked through a piece of cardboard spray painted flat black and set in shadowed areas around the porch. Maybe a couple of sets of them covered with ping-pong ball halves to make the "eyes" bigger.

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How can I make a LED blink on and off? Answered

I just ordered some 3mm leds, and I would like to know more about them. One thing is how to make it blink on and off. If someone could help me that would be great.

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How to make an LED blink using a 555 timer?

So im doing a school project and i need to figure out this whole circuit thing. my teacher recommended me this circuit (picture related) but i dont understand it. can anyone help me? i am trying to do this on a bread board (i think they're called that). i am making LEDs that are blinking using a 555 timer and a BD139 transistor. and some resistors that i dont know the resistance of.

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How do you get LEDS to blink?


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how would I either make LEDS Blink or a circuit that would turn on the LEDS in my pickups when I strummed my guitar?

What will I have to do to make this happen?

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What should i do with this? Answered

I found this thing in a field on the way to Walmart, so i kept it. Now i dont know what to do with it, any suggestions? its just sitting in my window at right now. it blinks in the dark and stops when there is light.

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Smallest thing to make an LED flicker?

I'm just wondering what's the smallest thing I can use to make an 0603 smt LED flicker (not blink/flash)? I love the look of simply having a bad connection to the battery, but sadly that's not a very good or reliable method. I suppose I could use an AVR chip, but I've never done that before an it looks expensive to start. Any chance there's something like a flicker resister that I could just solder into my wire?

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What is the easiest way to make a automotive bulb blink, similar to a strobe!? Answered

The bulb in question is a automotive 12 volt GE 904 wedge bulb.  Other bulbs could be used of course as this would be a simple mod.  And, yes, i know you can just buy car strobe kits, but I am trying to utilize what I have access to.  Our local scrap yard, which has several dozen cars in it allows free picking, so.... Anyone recommend what out of a car circuit I would need

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Does anyone know where to get LEDs with ICs that flicker like candles?

 Like those used in electronic tea lights / candles? I'm only looking for the LEDs, and not the entire candle package.

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how do you hook up/ use the flat square 4 pin leds? Answered

I've never used them before but I need them to be flat and bright and they match the description...

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Help with a Blinky Light Cirucit.

I need a circuit that will act in the following manner when a button is pressed: Press -1:  Turn on  LEDs so that they flash. Press -2:  LEDs on,solid, no flash. Press- 3: Turn off the LEDs. In addition if the LEDs are on for 5 min, the circuit should turn off automatically. Any help or pointers would be really appreciated.

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LED advice

So, i'm a pretty avid fan of our local roller derby team (HKRG BABY!), and i belong to a group of super fans who focus on doing a lot of weird crafting and costuming and other such insantiy for the bouts. so, i'm wanting to make some pretty fancy signs for next year's derby season that will  light up. i've got some plans to use some EL wire/tape and the accompanying equipment but i've also got some other sign plans that would probably be cheaper/easier to make using LEDs instead. so, basic premise is to have a sign that would be able to light up some cut out letters separately and sequentially. i know how to make the sign itself so that's not the issue, what i need is a method to cheaply and easily make the letters light up in sequence. so it's a 3 letter sequence (let's use D O A as an example) that progresses at the normal speed that you would imagine a large group of people chanting a 3 letter call sign to go. so the D would lights up for a second or two, one-two second pause, O lights up for a second or two, one or two second pause, then the A for a second or two, lather rinse repeat. i'm imagining that each group of LEDs for each letter would be wired in series, then each group would be wired to whatever circuit would be needed to make the lights cycle. i'm not sure exactly how many leds will be needed per letter, but maybe between 10-20 of them per segment? i'm going to have several of these types of signs (all 3 syllable chants) so i'd like it to be something that's easy to repeat and not terribly expensive (i'm a derby nut, but there is a line where cost kind of gets stupid)

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I want to make christmas lights blink!

I want to take a string of LED Christmas lights and add some form of relay that causes the entire light string to blink. I'm sure this can be easily achieved by adding some kind of in-line relay or circuit, but I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for to add. Any ideas?

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LED Blinking?

Excuse me Please: I would like to ask for some assistance in creating a circuit/project that will be for a plushy whose eyes would "blink" with on/off and/or/both the more creepy "blink" by dimming (down to 25% lit, back to 100%) of two LEDs I would guess a slightly more advance aspect of this project would be to put some randomness into the blinking. and the thought occurs to me that through the use of an ardrino, which I have zero experience with personally, would allow for the blinking, as well as sound reproduction too. {e.g. growls from the glowy-eyed wolf plushy} while I am trying to keep the plushy to a limited amount of complexity, and would like as simple a circuit to accomplish the blinking, the ardrino idea and the advanced features that could be given to the plushy I find very provocative,... but it is my ignorance which is not realizing what it is I am asking, so I would rely upon the collective experience here-in. Thank you kindly for the input and assistance. CAH

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Reseting arduino? Answered

I bought an arduino (duemilanove) and uploaded the blink example (flashing light). Now when I plug it in it flashes. How do I reset it or does the old programing  delete its self when I put somthing else on.

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Where can I get phone flashers? (they blink when your cell rings)

I had a cheap phone flasher that I got off ebay, and when its battery died, I dissected the turtle and pulled its blinky guts out. Anyway, it works great for one of my projects, and I want to buy more, but can't find them anywhere. I bought several others off ebay, including more turtles, but they all had different blinkers inside them, which sadly do not work for me. I'm attaching a picture of the part I want. Anybody know where I can get these?

Posted by aliasjanedoe 9 years ago

fake security LED blinking- slow

I can't find a fake, security sensor. I want a blinking LED to blink slow. Sorta like the light that blinks in your car when it is locked- you see a small blinking light to warn thieves that there is an alarm. Thanks.

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Macromedia Flash 8 Eye Blinking

I have Flash 8 and was wondering how you make a cartoon character(that i drew) blink there eyes continuously. I don't mean just wink at you or something and be done but forever. Thanks.

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Help with led's blinking with my guitar Answered

I want ta set up either 6 or 8 RGB LED' s in my guitar that will blink with my playing, but the guitar's output is very small (.1 V) any suggestions?

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Best way to make LEDs blink Answered

I'm looking to make an LED strip blink on a switch. wondering which way would be the best way build the circuit. Open to opinions, was looking at a 555 timer, dual transistor and relay circuits. Was thinking of using the relay or dual transistor for the circuit for simplicity and size, am going to use it to make multiple led strips light up. A few strips must blink while the others can just stay on. Here is the battery and  lights I'm going to be using. What would be the best for the most power efficient and consistent "tick".

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Blinking/ moving LED eyes?

I'm currently working on a project that needs two (2) eyes about the size of half dollars. My goal is to have these eyes "blink" in a way, whether if it's the LEDs blinking or the actual eyes blinking. Maybe Arduino?  I'm not good with Arduino at all (yet), so any help would be appreciated. Thanks! -GM

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Uploading to ATmega328 with preloaded blink sketch through ArduinoISP doesnt work?

I'm using my Arduino Mega as an ISP and have successfully uploaded a blink sketch to an atmega on a breadboard, with the led @ D13. Thats the SCK pin, and now i cant upload another program to the atmega on the breadboard. I tried resetting both the boards JUST before uploading, but it didnt work. my connections are secure, reset pin is tested, auto-reset is off. im at a loss. Please HELP!!!

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Update - Circuit problem: Can anyone figure out what may be causing this project to only work half way?

Ok, I have a recently built prototype of a circuit I was going to publish, but it is not working exactly as planned. It is not that it is not working at all, but it is acting strangely.What is happening: pairs are blinking alternately, when they should be blinking in sequence. Can anyone see a fundimental flaw in my drawing, or is it a possible soldering error. Opinions and insights welcome. PS: the included video is the first one I have even edited too (I forgot that the camera picked up sounds, and I had grunted, and verbally expressed surprise and it sounded inappropriate, so I edited it out.)PPS: I believe I have to declare FAILure on this one, at least for now. Sorry....

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Arduino Coding Question: How do I blink one LED 8 times and then another LED 8 times then repeat?

I'm using two 4017 decade counters to count to 16 and I figure two Arduino outputs would be a good way to go. I want one 4017 to receive 9 pulses then and then wait while the other 4017 receives 9 pulses. (one pulse is a holding position) For the moment I'm just trying to blink one LED 9 times and then another 9 times to represent two separate clock outputs. Here is a diagram: pin 13    1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1, pin 12    0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, Start      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ then loop. This is for multiplexing a 16x16 led screen so I don't think I should use the  delay(1000);  command. Each counter needs 9 pulses with the last pulse to the first counter happening simultaneously with the first pulse to the second counter. And similarly the first counter getting its first pulse at the same time as the second counter gets its 9th pulse. Get it?

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How do i add a button to my arduino code so when i press it it will change to another code? Answered

So i have my program and it is a 4 led chaser and i want to push a button and and make it do a different pattern this is my code i works int pinled1 = 12; int pinled2 = 11; int pinled3 = 10; int pinled4 = 9; int tim = 50; void setup() { pinMode(pinled1, OUTPUT); delay(50); pinMode(pinled2, OUTPUT); delay(50); pinMode(pinled3, OUTPUT); delay(50); pinMode(pinled4, OUTPUT); delay(50); } void loop() { digitalWrite(pinled1, LOW); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled1, HIGH); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled2, LOW); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled2, HIGH); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled3, LOW); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled3, HIGH); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled4, LOW); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled4, HIGH); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled1, LOW); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled1, HIGH); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled2, LOW); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled2, HIGH); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled3, LOW); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled3, HIGH); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled4, LOW); delay(tim); digitalWrite(pinled4, HIGH); delay(tim); }

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Why does this yellow light keep blinking?

This yellow light on my labeled "L"  i/o board is constantly blinking. And I keep trying to upload "blink" but it doesn't reset and it also makes the LED blink in that pattern to.

Asked by transuranic 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Tip 31 LEDS blink to music

You know how you can make an led blink to music with a tip31 , i was wondering, but didnt have enough spare cash (what can a 14 year old do) could you make an led display target shaped as in concentric circles of leds then apply resistors of increasing resistance from the inside out so that the light would "flare out" from the center as it gets louder and softer?

Asked by Algag 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

flashing LED - first project

I'm eager to start my first project, but I don't know how to do it. Its basically an LED blinking twice, once at every 20 min. I can tackle it in Arduino since its code, but I need something really small, the smallest possible! (the way that would be powered also needs to take this into account. a 9v battery would be too much. but If it could have a way to be powered by USB that would be great). The closest I can find, is something similar: A fake car alarm, that flashes a red led. But I need to have the 20min spacing!  Can I have some shared knowledge ? :) Thank you!

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LED SOS without programing?

If/When i get my pilots license, I would like to build a survival kit that contains a high powered LED "flare" that flashes ..._ _ _... I don't wanna over complicate things by having to program a microcontroller. Maybe a 555 timer?

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foodsaver v 3485 light just blinks?

Sometimes it seals then sometimes the light just blinks and doesn't do anything

Asked by fred.rodefeld 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

How to make a circuit to blink and turn off Answered

Hi I am designing a prop where I want a oush button to turn on blinking lights and a buzzer then after about 5 seconds it turns off. Then repeat. Does anyone know how I would do this? I am not very good with electronics. Please help Ps I  dont want top use a microcontroller. Maybe 555 timer chips?

Asked by undftdking 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Solar powered blinking Led (with photo switch)

I was wondering if anyone has or will post an instructable showing how to build a self-contained solar/rechargeable blinking LED (or LEDs)  I have a telephone pole I would like to have illuminated for oncoming traffic.  Reflective tape isn't cutting it.  I was thinking a LED strip that blinked would be a better "notice" to drivers. It would have to be self-contained and powered given the location, hence the solar/rechargeable aspect.  It would also have to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. (off when light out, on when dark, so a photo switch needed) Any ideas how this can be done?  I was thinking hacking a solar powered yard light to power a LED strip but I have no idea how the electronic parts work or if the charge is enough to do so.  I am sure there are parts in one of those lights that I can use.  Harbor Freight is my buddy. Any help appreciated.

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[ask] Blinking led advantage

Hi all, i want to ask in order to use less power (voltage, current or watt, i'm confuse about that) to light led. If i power up 100 leds blinking in parallel, blinking one by one, 50 hertz or higher, Am i get kWh (kilo watt hour) lower value instead powering 100 led without blinking...? Thx

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Is it possible to make a LED blinking circuit with a single transistor?

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The 40 LED blink

Is this possiable the program on Arduino for the 40 LED blink that which we want?help me out?

Asked by SamrajP 11 months ago  |  last reply 11 months ago

How can I wire blinking leds so that they can blink randomly ,giving that twinkling look?

I know where to get blinking flashing leds, but i dont know how to wire them. Im trying to get that sparkly/twinkle effect like those Christmas ads in stores

Asked by ray33 6 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

How to Blinking LED at 230V using one risistor ? Answered

What is that risistor value and watt???

Asked by ishan udyoga 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

How to use momentary switch to blink a led for 5 sec? Answered

Hello, I'm not able to find cheap toggle switch button waterproof that just on/off my blinking led but a 5sec timer can do it.  I'm currently using this to make the led blink : 9014 transistor, LED 5mm, 30K resistor, 510ohm resistor, 22uf capacitor. I want to add momentary switch to make it blink for 5-7sec. Thank you

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I have this blinking cursor problem. Anyway to stop this. Is it possible to block updates in windows xp?

Cursor on screen also blinks. This happens after "updates" which are usually automatic.  After about 5 shutdowns/start ups, the blinking stops????? Anyone know what to do to prevent this?  Also, is there a way to block updates in windows xp?   Thanks. Cman

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I bought a multi colored 3 prong LED and it blinks... what did I buy? Answered

What's the pinout?I have it working, but... I would like to make sure I do not fry it. it's red blue and green but automaticly cycles in an odd pattern with teal... Shouldn't there be a purple? Bought from radioshack. Sorry, no images.

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what are those blinking car door lock buttons for?


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Blinking bi-color LED on music?

Hi people, I'm looking for a simple circuit wich can blink multiple bi-color 2-pin LEDs(using both colors of course). It needs to blink on the beat of music, using a mic as input. I would also like the sensitivity to be adjustable. And it would be fantastic if all this could run on 3 AA batteries(4.5V). I've done some research but couldn't find anything like this, only circuits that blink a bi-color LED or flash a LED on music. Unfortunately I haven't got enough skill to combine these into a working circuit. TheExternalDisk

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