Blood Copy

So, the last forum topic i put in was about a site called blood copy, it was about vampires and a weird fake blood Supposedly for "vampires" being sent to people in the mail, called True Blood. Turns out this was a huge marketing scam advertising a new TV series Called True Blood

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Draw Blood with Neodymium Magnets.

I was curious if anyone besides me has drawn blood while playing with Neodymium Magnets?   Fortunately, it wasn't my blood..  On the down side, I'm no longer permitted  to play with powerful magnets when my Girlfriend Comes over.   She forgave me, but Electromagnetism is a Sore subject around here.

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Who discovered the'circulation of blood'?

 Who discovered the "Circulation of blood"?

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Digital blood pressure monitor

Do you guys think a digital blood pressure monitor would be capable of pulling a strong enough vacuum for a vacuum chamber if it was modified?

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IR LED's, and the blood stream? Answered

Hey I am in the process of trying out a circuit that will act as a portable pluse checker. I was hoping on using the IR LED's to reflect light from the clot of blood and if it bounces off (which it should) it will be picked up by a IR Detector. The whole project rests on the question if the IR light will bounce off the blood in my veins, and if it will be picked up by the detector. So i ask you....will this work? Please keep in mind I am trying to keep the project simple, so no programming would be great!

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Why isn't removing blood from your bloodstream a good way to reduce high blood pressure? Answered

We were discussing about blood and blood pressure in Biology one day, and I asked my biology teacher this question.  She said that the blood pressure would shoot back up again, but didn't really elaborate. Can someone here explain why this isn't a good fix for High blood pressure?

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How do the Blood Pressure Meter on Indiegogo work? Answered

Hello, Today I was surfing a little on the Indiegogo website and found two projects that claim to measure blood pressure. I did see electronic blood pressure meter, but they always had a mechanical moving part. The projects on Indiegogo are as small as a watch and it looks like they don't have any mechanical moving parts. So I was wondering how this meters work and if someone has any documentation? Are thees project legit? Thanks

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How can I make it look like someone is putting a needle in their arm? It's for a student film.

I know this is weird, but in one scene of this film, there is a close-up of someone shooting up heroin. Since we don't actually have the capability (nor desire) to show someone actually doing this, how can we fabricate a device that will look like the needle is being injected in the arm and squirts a little bit of blood out when the needle is removed? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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This is Why You Don't Stick Fingers into Fans (WARNING: BLOOD)

WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD WARNING BLOOD Enough? Good. I am now working on a project that involves soldering. As usual I set up my extremely powerful fume extractor (I didn't make an I'ble on that, a different homemade one...).  I never put some kind of protector on it, and today I accidentally stuck my finger in one of the fans. If you're wondering whether you should put a guard on a fan, the answer is yes. Why? It takes a long time to type forum topics with one hand... "Nahhh... I'm going to be careful. Why would I even get my fingers close to the fans?" Picture are in the comments section, in case you want to learn what happens why half of your fingernail gets pulled off...

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Pen that uses blood for its ink

This massive custom pen uses blood for ink. Stick the syringe in your arm, draw some blood, and load it up to start writing your Poe-inspired masterpiece.I've gotten much better at having blood drawn and it doesn't bother me now, but I don't know if I could take some of my own. I'd love to feel how well it writes, though.Only the first minute of this video is worth watching. The rest is just more writing.Note: This is not me and since there's no proof that's blood (watch the editing), I think this is more of a concept and is using red ink. via Core77

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The Blood-Mobile - a random YouTube video.

I found this site: And I only got to 4 reloads before finding this. No, it's not a refrigerated van, it's not a mechanical-vampire either; it's human-biology. An all in-one-vague "this how things work kids, but the most important part of your body is all the "traffic". (No mention of traffic-congestion, but that's probably a different film) I don't know what deranged person thought of the idea, but I guess they laughed like I did. (Ten more and I was finding a 1 tonne bulk-bag of grass that had previously passed through the digestive-system of a male bovine) Man, surely people would press the button? L

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I have a problem - the tip of my scissor cut my finger, and it won't stop bleeding. i've had constant pressure on it for twenty minutes, and i used a styptic (sorry, can't spell it right) pencil. what can i do to get it to stop bleeding?

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Is there a mod that removes blood from CounterStrike Source?

Is there a mod that removes blood from CounterStrike Source?

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how do you make washable theatre blood.?

I need a recipe for stage blood that in inexpensive and washes out after use.

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PH reading of colored stuff. Paint, Blood, etc.

PH is a color change indicator. So how're ya spposed to take the pH of blood, or color rich food, etc?

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If there was no blood in Halo 1, what do you think it would be rated?? Answered

 Yah...^^^ EDIT: ESRB-wise

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I need some advice

I need help. I want to make this shirt from southland tales. Any ideas?

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A Few Ideas

Which should I post first? Blood shot effect for a film (completed) Paintball Flamethrower (theory) Paintball grenade (completed) Call of Duty Ray Gun prop Wunderwaffe prop Which would everyone be interested in?

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Pinout for disposable SpO2 monitor (Masimo LNCS Adtx)? Answered

When I was in the hospital recently, they used a "disposable" blood oxygenation (SpO2) fingertip monitor. They let me take it home with me afterward (otherwise they'd just discard it!). I would like to find a pinout for it and see what else I can do with a paired LED/photodiode.The model is Masimo LNCS Adtx. The connector is rectangular, but with a "9-pin D" style of pins -- top row five, bottom row 4, and with the second pin in each row removed for keyed insertion.I've been able to find operator's manuals and user guides on the Web, but nothing technical. Anyone out there with medical equipment experience who can point me toward a spec?

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If I tried to strangle a seal, would it's blood eventually become alcoholic? Answered

I read that when low on Oxygen, diving mammals switch to fermentation instead of respiration, which would make their blood alcoholic. At least, this is what I think.

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My stitches (Don't look if you don't like blood or messy pics!)

I got hurt pretty bad :P Sunday January something, I cut myself with a knife soooo... lol here's some pics .

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how long can ticks live without blood?

I was just in a park where one tick bit me on the neck. i removed it. while i was driving home i saw another tick crawling on my hand. i freaked out and scraped the tick on the nearest thing on my car (the cup holder). i then pulled over and looked for it and i couldn't find it. i tried again and i still couldn't find it. and yes i've done the google search for it but the info is so varied some say 1 month and some say 2 years. i don't know if it's a soft bodied or hard bodied tick, but i believe it's a hard bodied tick. it was about the size of a headphone jack port, ya know like on an iPod where you plug the headphones into? it was that size. and it was dark colored like brown or black. keep in mind i had already had one bite me i wasn't going to sit there and examine the thing to try to determine what kind it was. if it can survive a long time is there a way i can kill it? the only thing i could think of is fumigation- and i'm not fumigating my car.

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creating a light that works on a blood pressure sensor/heat sensor

Hey I'm new here and have recently been thinking that I want to create a light that would work (i.e. turn on) when specific readings from the body are met. So far I have when a low and stable blood pressure reading is met (indicating happiness) or when a specific temperature reading is met (also can indicate happiness) I think I'm more inclined to want to build it with the blood pressure reading as the heat one could just turn on if you are hot. However I have HONESTLY no expeirience in building electronics but am really keen to learn! Could anyone point me in the right direction to where I should be looking please and what some of the steps I am going to need to take are please?  In my mind it would work when a blood pressure reading is taken and the monitor shows a reading within the healthy and happy range. However I literally have no clue how to tell a lamp to turn on when this is achieved  please please help me out!  thank you so much in advance Holly :^)

Topic by holly_westall 1 year ago

When I brush my teeth a lot of blood come out of my gum, How do I solve this problem?

My gum is swollen, red and bleed easily recently.  Anyone can help? 

Topic by chiou 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

what is the best way to remove dried blood from cotton?

I have a hand-made, cotton quilt, with small splatters, over a large area. There are top colors scattered over a country white background & backing to add to the challenge. Thank you!

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Any idea how to build something like this Blood flow restriction device?

I saw this now im thinking about building one, but i don't know what parts i should or can use for it. Any suggestions?

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I need an online multiplayer game that is like modern warfare 2 that u can go to the url and click the game and play Answered

I need something that is almost identical to modern warfare 2 but is online and easy to get to and no downloads

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internal bleeding brain cake

How do i make the pouch that holds the blood syrup in the middle

Question by Tatyana 9 years ago

Any ideas on making a fairly realistic Jason mask (Friday the 13th)??

I'm looking to make a realistic, fairly inexpensive Jason (Friday the 13th, hockey mask, machete-wielding badass) mask for my Halloween costume and I need some help. The only affordable masks I'm finding are flimsy plastic ones like the one on the photo below or foam masks that look like they're for a 5 year old. I've seen some pretty good fiberglass ones on ebay (like the one in the second picture I've included), but they run over a $100....and none of them are exactly what I want. So, I want to make one.... I'm thinking I can take one of the cheap plastic ones and alter it....I want to do more than just paint it though. I want to make the mask more rigid and appear more like resin or fiberglass than plastic. So, I need some sort of liquid or putty that looks something like resin to cover the mask in that will make the mask more rigid and still allow me to paint on it. and I'll probably drill some more holes to match the ones in the movie and put leather straps on it. any thoughts? anyone made a Jason mask before that could offer some advice?

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for cod black ops wii can you turn the swears and blood off? Answered

Question by mberg 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

These "drugs" that Lance Armstrong "took", where they muscled or put in the blood stream? Answered

Is there only one way to inject these performance enhancing goods? 

Question by onrust 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Need some help getting started with a Blood On the Dance Floor Costume

Didn't know whre to post this, but it seemed like a "burning question" This band has some awesome outfits, and there is one that I would really like to do I couldn't find a picture of it, but there is one that might be able to shed some light, as well as the music video.!/photo.php?fbid=226611667349745&set;=a.212468962097349.59383.182866131724299&type;=3&theater; -not the head piece- He is the tall guy with the spiked out fit singing (Jayy Von Monroe);=related Thanks for taking the time, and I'd love to hear your ideas on making this costume

Topic by BetweenRealms 6 years ago

Can i use a GE inhaler?

Is it possible to inhale adeno associated viruses full of genes i want in my bloodstream, without affecting my lungs? Also, if i want a constant supply of altered red blood cells, can I inject AAV into bone marrow and have my red blood cells replenished with mutant ones?

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Inventing on Vacation: Wounded Fish

This idea came to me after a day of fishing (I lost my best lure, but through the miracle of snorkeling, found it.) This seems like a simple idea, and I'm surprised it hasn't been invented yet. It is an improvement on the lures that supposedly look like a wounded fish.The idea is simple. A small, sealable "refill tube" connects to a hollow area inside the lure. This is the reservoir for fish blood. A thin membrane on one side of the lure allows the blood to seep out. You refill by filling an eyedropper with blood and inserting it into the refill tube. (I'm being brief right now because this is the third time I've typed this and I'm getting tired.)

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Mad World

There is a game coming out in March called MadWorld. You get to run around and do rediculously violent things such as impale people with signs. Anybody else getting it? I know I am. Videos of gameplay are on YouTube and GameSpot.

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True, or just a crazy vampire hoax?

Alright, I have recently seen some stuff going around about vampires, and people claiming to be real vampires, and about how the white house is acknowledging the existence of vampires. I would start Here. I would like any information or insights you guys can come up with. I am very interested in the outcome of all this.

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Vampires versus Zombies. Which affliction reigns supreme?

Assume for a moment that both vampire's and zombies exist, and also that zombie's disease is a blood borne one. If the vampire decides to feed and jumps a zombie does the zombie become vampireish or does the vampire, draining the zombies blood, become infected.Or does the zombie just die and the vampire ends up with indigestion?

Question by Etchesketch 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

i wanna make a blood pressure signal generator using purely analog parts.

I found this link : i was wondering if i could modify this or other suggestions?Or could i just run two together and use a different frequency somehow needs to look similar to this: edit:sorry , i was at work and didnt realise that it would be so confusing, so heres a few details I have access to a 9 Vdc line. using that i need to create a blood pressure signal, where it peaks at 1.2v and lowest is .8V with a slight bounce after thepeak. You can see it in the image that i posted.  i was thinking of using a 555 timer and series of resistors/caps,which i could create a sine wave with it. But how would i go about creating the bounce?  So essentially simulating a perfect blood pressure of 120/80 mmHg , that i could input into my ECG machine or view on an scope. I am also limited to purely analog. So i can use microcontrollers and the likes. But i am allowed to use 555 timers, op-amps etc. BTW the ideas that i have seen are great, especially the one using valves and a sewing motor, i cannot use it unfortunately. I might make it during the summer

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Free games?(Non free if really good)Rated E-T no blood Answered

Ya see I just got a laptop and I want to load it with games for when I wanna chill out and maybe for online multiplayer. Sugestions?????? ***!!!Mostly fps games!!!***

Question by builderkidj 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Diabetes glucose meter used with android?

Is there any way to connect my blood glucose meter (accu chek aviva nano) with my android device? My glucose meter already supports connecting wirelessly with a device called accu-chek smart pix( wich transfers data from device to pc.

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World Water Bombing Championship

The fourth annual water bombing championshipGOD HELP YOU PEOPLE!BLOOD GETS YOU FIRST PLACEbelly floppp time

Topic by toreyray 10 years ago

pivot preview

This is a preview of my movie,its got some blood in it so its rated teen or pg-13. im not sure if you can see it or not but tell me how you think!

Topic by pivotman08 11 years ago


I am dumb today, Im also busy. best power supply for converting a cordless drill to corded would be the battery charger? or not? 6.5 amp 14.4 volt porter cable drill - model 877 charger reads 12v/14.4v 1.8 amp charger My math and logic tells me I am going to need roughyl 3 times the amperage to power this focker to full go, and that I should locate another higher amperage dealy, like a car batter charger or something....

Topic by 666mph 9 years ago


I want to make a biosensor of for glucose measurement. The aim is to develop a method for blood glucose measurement by measuring the impedance of glucose solution of various concentration. Suggest how can I measure impedance of a glucose solution and study variation of impedance with the concetration

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Robot Hunting Trophies

After a long, dangerous hunt of the wild robots it's only natural that you'd want to place their head on your wall as a trophy. I mean, that's your right as a red-blooded hunter, right? link

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how did the 1st vampire come about? :D?

Please don't include dracula he is not ORIGIN plus the movies and books are too misty around him

Question by TheILoveManga 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Ears Popping While Running?

Whenever I run a 5k, I'm finding that my ears start to pop part way through. It makes everything louder, including my breathing, and is extremely distracting. One website mentioned dehydration as a factor, another said something about blood pressure...does anyone know about it? Thanks!

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How can I change the colour of a brass spike

Is there any way to change the colour of brass items and still keep that shiny glimmer once the colour has been changed? I want to change the silver colour brass to a burgundy blood red colour brass like on the images. Any suggestions or item recommendations to achieve this?

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Okay so my garde 6 graduation is coming up. im looking for a dress...hopefully a neat-casual style. im muslim so i need to cover up a lot....any ideas? (PLEASE no haters. i know im muslim but im full blood auzzie and just like everyone else!)

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Could there be 'test tube adults'?

I always wondered, If there can be 'test tube babies', could the placenta possibly be delivered whole and alive and the baby continue to develop outside the womb but in a womb like environment. or possibly in the womb of another animal.  I'm wondering, could there be 'test tube adults.' who come into this world fully grown? What feeds the placenta? Amniotic fluid? Blood?

Question by avocadostains 1 year ago