How to build a super-thrust blower out of electric blowers to drive a paraglider ?

I want to build a paramotor which is electric and not propeller driven. Therefore, I want 'hand dryer' type blowing technology to provide sufficient thrust. Does anyone know if large super blowers are available in portable electric form ? Could this work ? How much thrust does the propeller create ?

Asked by gregsmithsays 9 years ago

how to wire a pc blower with battery power? Answered

I want to make a blower using a PC blower using AAA or AA or even D batteries for a wooden stove i make but don't know how to make the electrical part and am sm so frightened of electicution, somebody help me please.

Asked by jovenhatsjr 9 years ago

where can i get a 48V DC power blower.?

I need to construct a 48V DC air conditioner,with a 48V DC blower like the one installed in cars. pls does any one have any clue were i can get it? thanks

Asked by collinseagle 9 years ago

is it possible to make a intake or blower for nitro rc?

It would look cool and make better performance

Asked by mclovin7596 9 years ago

How can I slow down my electric leaf blower?

I have a 18 volt battery powered leaf blower. It has two speeds. How difficult would it be to slow it down a bit so the battery lasts longer? Right now even on the slowest speed it blows way more air than what I need.

Posted by Qwerty1794 11 months ago

A/C Wireing Problem

I need a A/C 120v wireing diagram that show the best way to wire a Router, Blower & Saw so would run as follows. (1)Router & Blower at the same time. (2)Saw & Blower at the same time. (3)All off at the same time,can this be done using a Double Pole Throw Switch ? if so PLEASE send wireing diagram. :o)

Posted by kngokngo 10 years ago

Advice for building a blower

I need build a blower that will shoot potato chips up in the air from underneath a table. I need to create a shower of chips for a video and it needs to burst continuously from a 4-6 inch hole in a table. I was thinking of using a shop vac and reverse the hose.  But what would the best way to feed the chips in? I would appreciate any advice if you have done something like this. Mel

Posted by mazelady 3 years ago

leaf blower runs starts and stops fine butt once turned off it wont go on for a hour

i think it is a model defect because my friend has one with the same problem butt i still want to fix it

Asked by mclovin7596 9 years ago

Wiring a LED so I know when the blower has shut off

I have a wood burning furnace that has a blower attached for circulating hot air around the house.  It has a thermostat control that starts the blower once the temp in the air chamber gets to a certain point. What I would like to do is somehow wire in a small light that would go in the living room (other end of the house) and tell me that the blower is either running or not so that I know when to add more wood. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Posted by thesmackdown 6 years ago

How can I vary the speed of an AC motor with a square wave generator ?

I have a large blower fan I use to supply to a burner and need to vary to speed. I also have a DC signal generator that produces a clean square wave. Can I marry the 2 to control the speed of my blower?

Asked by JohnOPerry 2 years ago

Wind-up motor for a blower

I have this idea for a desktop toy which needs a blower. I could just use an electric blower, but I'd rather make a wind-up motor instead. I'd like the blower to spin pretty fast, to make enough air pressure to give the effect I'm looking for, but I don't want it to conk out after ten seconds, three to five minutes would be acceptable. I was thinking I could salvage the parts from something like an antique wind-up record player or phonograph (because they run pretty long), but I'm on a tight budget and I'd rather not destroy something that cool already. Please, any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! I'll post an instructable of my final product (if it ever gets done!)

Asked by jmlidea 5 years ago

Heating element in hair dryer still ON

Hello, I have the hair dryer which have 2 switch one for the blower and other one for heating, when turn the blower ON the heating coil that connected to the rectifier terminal is work ON and the motor work in slow and high (not perfect working) . There is no short in out circuit . Sorry for mu english thanks

Posted by MahdiA19 2 years ago

Unofficial Caption Contest!

Dad's leaf blower broke. He gave it to me. I took it apart. I didn't have all the necessary tools to finish disassembling it.So I took a picture of the warning label. Give it a funny caption. You could win UNSPEAKABLE TREASURES!!!(And expect future 'ibles involving this leaf blower... :-)

Posted by Labot2001 10 years ago

Power Tool Corded to Cordless

Hi 'nstructables I'm building a hovercraft (see several tutorials on Instructables - the one with a leaf blower) and my leaf blower is corded. I don't want to buy 25 miles of Black and Decker High Power Extension Cabling so I'm planning to convert to cordless. Here's my idea: (in visual) Is there anything I need to add? And if so, how do I make the "12VDC-240VAC" inverter described? My blower is 1600 watt. Thanks for any help! (Black and Decker)

Posted by nitrojon 10 months ago

Shop dust collection, computational fluid dynamics HELP needed

My plan is to build a shop dust collection system (probably two stage) using a house furnace blower as the "blower" for the system. They are cheap, readily available, quiet and multiple speed. The help I need is the design/ sizing of the collection bag. Thanks for your help, Carpe Ductum

Posted by naic98 10 years ago

Instructions on how to fabricate a car heater from used heater core w/self contained blower??? Answered


Asked by thumbbuster 6 years ago

What does osi stand for? Answered

As in, "a 16 osi blower delivers 400 cfm of air through a piping system..." I know that cfm is a way of writing cubic feet per minute. PSI is pounds per square inch. Building systems to move gases and liquids around safely has really had me stumped till now, especially when dealing with HVAC. I'm not familiar with some of these units.

Asked by Vorenus 6 years ago

Do negative ion generators eliminate smell?

Would a design like this work to eliminate odors in a small room? Whole thing is enclosed in a pvc pipe with 1 end open and one with small holes. The ac power goes into a switch that goes to the negative ion gen. in the sealed end of the pipe. The 9v battery goes to a switch, then to a small blower fan that blows the air out of the pipe.

Asked by LiquidLightning 7 years ago

Speed Control for AC Electric Motors

Can anybody tell me how to build a controller to adjust the speed of an 110VAC electric motor, ( ex: blower motor, fan motor ) I was cautioned about using a light dimmer. bill

Posted by broham 11 years ago

oddest question you will hear today

Take a small gasoline powered leafblower (say, 3hp), put a hose on the blower end, and connect the hose to the air filter, how much of a horse power increase can i expect?

Posted by frank26080115 11 years ago

Information portal shut down...

The USA portion of WikiLeaks is being asked to shut down ( WikiLeaks ), what do you think? Have you heard about this and what is claimed they "got themselves into"? Whistle-blower site dismantled in the news

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

oil burner

I recently replaced my oil furnance with an electric one, when i dismantled the oil furnance, I found I had a perfectly useable oil pump, with the ignitor and blower. How can i use these to construct a jet engine? Terry

Posted by grizzlyterry 9 years ago

Does anybody have a set of plans for a downdraft sanding table using an old furnace blower?

I have seen numerous 'threads' and discussions on the subject, but no PLANS other than a few pictures.

Asked by GrumpyOldGoat 7 years ago

can i hook up an engine to a razor scooter? Answered

I have an old scooter that i want to do something cool with. is there any way i can do something like hook up a leaf blower to it or something? thanks

Asked by Dread_Neck 7 years ago

how do i make something inflate and deflate on its own on a loop?

I have these homemade latex balloons and I was to make them inflate and deflate on their own continuously? I know I probably need some sort of blower...

Asked by luckytoula 9 years ago

where would you find some cheap weedeater motors? Answered

I would like to find some weedeater motors it can be just the motor or some type of motor like it like a blower or something where they have them online for really cheap, like under $40 

Asked by BIGHAIRYDUDE 7 years ago



Asked by SNIPER,LA 7 years ago

I have a Rheem rgda- 075a-cr heating and cooling unit, with starting problem.

The blower works in all modes,Heating, cooling, and fan only. The heating, and cooling won't turn on. There is a clicking in the for plex box that holds the transformer and some kind of relay. I don't have an assembly schematic. Please advise!!!!

Asked by kc2z 8 years ago

small DC 12v battery?

Hello all. i am currently working on an air powered rifle. my goal is for it to be self contained, so i took apart a testors airbrush compressor and i am fitting the compressor assembly to a 12v blower motor for an early 90s toyota 4runner. is there any way that i can make or purchase a 12v battery pack to power this thing?

Posted by dans89 7 years ago

Can I do this or will it explode? Answered

I've taken the motor out of an old vacuum cleaner and now I've got two wires coming from it (brown and blue) the live and nuetral.  If I swap them around, will this make the motor spin in the opposite direction? If this doesn't, what can I do to make it spin in the opposite direction. Thanks in advance.

Asked by Koosie 8 years ago

confetti blower clogging

Hello everyone. I have a question which I think will be a simple one for you guys. I bought these mini confetti blowers for our church. They suck confetti, which are mainly small shiny rectangular pieces or some rose shaped paper-like material pieces, and blow them to the air. So ours came with a hose setup to suck the confetti: I decided to modify it to suck confetti from inside a box like these ones do: Here's a sketch of how it looks now with the box I made. What's happening though, the confetti pieces after few seconds form a clog where the box connects with the tube. If I push that clog with my hand, the confetti is sucked in and flows through the tubes and is blown just fine. I modified my box from the inside like so, but it didn't change anything. -> Someone unlike me who actually understands why that is happening, can you explain why clog happens and how would you suggest me to modify my box shape to fix this? Not that the hose setup is bad, it just looks like a modified vacuum cleaner like that and not very pretty to have in ceremonies and we still need a box to put the confetti pieces and the hose in to suck the confetti so I thought I could just have the box on the machine itself and make it easier to handle.

Posted by MarkL9 3 years ago

electric bicycle

Ok, i wanna take a old bike and put an electric motor on it, with a solar charged battery. what i wanna know is, what are my options on motors if i wanna use recycled components? can i use a motor from a; washer, dryer, blower fan, ect? i would like to be able to have something i can get around town with(not assisted)

Posted by golddigger1559 6 years ago

Ratio Hornblower

I'm attempting to make a stuffed Ratio Horn Blower from the Smile Time episode of Angel 5:14.   He looks kinda Grimace but I can't find a sewing patern for either.  Right now I'm working with a teddy bear pattern and putzing around with that any advice would be awwwesome.  A sample picture.  Thanks in advance Maxwell

Posted by mrubesch 7 years ago

Vortex Tube expansion

So, i'd like to take the idea of a vortex tube and make it larger.  much much larger.  If i were to use a 3-4 inch pipe, how long would it have to be, and would i be able to supply it with a high power blower (centrifugal), or would i have to find some way to provide 80-120psi at a huge volume? i leave my question to the community!

Asked by kretzlord 5 years ago

Can I make a 120v AC electric motor run off a battery?

I took the elctric motor out of a leaf mower and was wondering if I could get it to run off a battery . If I can get the motor to run off a battery then I will be able to use the motor to make an electric skateboard.

Asked by 8 years ago

How can I get a ventilator to suck air from a smoke machine and trap the smoke?

 Hi, I`m making a 2meter laser etched cardboard dinamic sculpture face of a girl inhaling smoke with a smoke machine on the mouth, and I want to imitate this inhaling effect!:  2 Q> what can I use to get the "nose" to absorb the smoke? :  {"A fan or blower can be used to suck the vapor in. Then if you have a long enough duct or large enough chamber let the vapor evaporate/dissipate. You can also run it through a furnace filter to help condense the water vapor faster. "} I got the fog machine 2.1 Q> -I am looking for a strong fan or blower that sucks the air in like a nose (and some machine that traps the smoke particles coming from the smoke machine), but What am I looking for more specifically?  

Posted by DIAGONALLIS 9 months ago

Looking for chemistry items/vacuums

Hey guys, I just recently got parts to make my own magnetic stirrer and heating plate for organic chemistry! I don't very well plan on getting a glass blower oven so if  you guys have any glassware somehow, please let me know. If you have old vacuums, a vacuum pump (not submersible) let me know too! thanks!!

Posted by GreenD 8 years ago

Miniature chainsaw, mortar and ping pong blower

(a few tiny ideas) Basically a toy chainsaw that can cut through paper. Using hobby-R/C-like parts such as those tiny light motors would be a start. Reduced size, like a cellphone at most, mountable on a figurine soldier would be great. The miniature mortar should throw marbles on "mortar trajectories", you should be able to set the angle of the launch and (optionally) somehow the speed, though this wouldn't be necessary if the angle part is done well and the power is relatively constant at all shots. For ease it should be built only for angles above 45 degrees and the angle slider (or whatever the solution) should have marks (ticks) such that a user can remember and even create tables if he so wishes, in his war against coffee cups. Simplest solutions of "powering" would be rubber bands or coils from broken toys. A ping pong blower would be a tiny but strong fan (brushless outrunner motor) that keeps a ping pong ball "levitating" in mid-air straight up, but most excitingly even blown under an angle too. This wouldn't be a problem (physics takes care of it alone) just that the mount of the fan (ducted or not) should be operated and tilted as needed. This "levitron" would be a nice display on the desk running as long there's juice in the battery or else. Sorry if I'm not posting in the right place, these are just some ideas i'd love to build but i'm too clumsy and lazy :( Though my source of inspiration is the variety of USB gadgets commercially available, i'd like these to be more "free" and simpler if possible.

Posted by screwgravity 9 years ago

Would a reversed tuyere system work? Answered

I was just lying in bed thinking of ways to update my forge and boom it hit me.Instead of having an airblast directed upwards with an ash pit at the bottom of the blast upwards,would it not make more sense to have the blower aiming down at the ground so that ash is sucked out of the forge. The vaccum created in turn would move air from above the forge into it and throwing ashes out the bottom.Would this not work?

Asked by trf 9 years ago

pencil torch attachment

A while ago i got this pencil torch eventually i found out how to use the hot blower/soldering attachment (just below the sponge in the pic) but i would like to know how it works/if it would melt or something if i gas it too much, cant seem to find any info on it it started out gold but after using it just a bit it turned grey

Asked by The 4th Doctor 8 years ago

Old oil heaters? Answered

Just wondering if anybody knows of any links or anything for the cleaning, maintenance, and lighting of the old free standing oil heaters? Not the kind with blowers and ignitors, just the basic ones that people used to use to heat their houses and such. I have one in my garage from an old railway caboose and would like to use it on occasion in the winter, but the only info I can find on the net is for oil burning furnaces... A totally different animal. Thanks in advance!

Asked by Stew2 8 years ago

What Switch Do I need? Answered

Hi all, I recently acquired one of these fans and wondered if anyone could advise on a reasonably priced switch that would utilise the 4 speeds. I have never had to wire one up before so any advice would be greatly appreciated. UK based, so something from this neck of the woods would be ideal, but hey beggars can't be choosers right :)

Asked by Squibo 1 year ago

Homebuilt AC

Hello again everybody, bwpatton1 here with another one of his strange Ideas..... not as dangerous this time. Well, we built a gameroom, and currently it has a 10000 BTU window unit, in the South Texas summer it has a hard time keeping up, it also uses 900watts, well 900watts by itself isnt bad but we have two of these b/c we have two floors. I was wondering if i could build an AC to help supplement the run times of these AC's. My idea was to get an old refrigerator (and keep it outside) and run copper tubing through the freezer and into the refrigerator area and out of the refrigerator. Then, run this copper tube to a copper coil with a blower fan. Sound good sofar? Then I would run the end of the tubing back to the top of the freezer, somewhere in there there would be an inline pump somewhere............ OH and the lines would be filled with water/antifreeze??? Does anybody think this would be efficient enough to build? Or am I just wasting my/your time Diagram- the thing to the left is the refrigerator, and the squiggles are copper coils, and the thing to the right is a blower/coil. You were supposed to be able to read the writing on the diagram but the camera wouldnt cooperate

Posted by bwpatton1 9 years ago