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arduino wifi shield code what is wrong? why i cant turn on and off the led?

#include #include IPAddress ip(192, 168, 0, 120); char ssid[] = "TP-LINK_7035CE";     //  your network SSID (name) char pass[] = "(sabra*123)";        // your network password WiFiServer server(80);     // create a server at port 80 String readString;         // stores the HTTP request ////////////////////// void setup(){ WiFi.config(ip); pinMode(6, OUTPUT); //pin selected to control LED //start WIFI WiFi.begin(ssid, pass);   // initialize WiFi device digitalWrite(6, LOW); server.begin(); } void loop(){ // Create a client connection WiFiClient client = server.available();  // try to get client if (client) { while (client.connected()) { if (client.available()) { char c = client.read(); //read char by char HTTP request if (readString.length() < 100) { //store characters to string readString += c; //Serial.print(c); } //if HTTP request has ended if (c == '\n') { /////////////// client.println("HTTP/1.1 200 OK"); //send new page client.println("Content-Type: text/html"); client.println(); client.println(""); client.println(""); client.println("Home Automation"); client.println(""); client.println(""); client.println("Home Automation"); client.println(""); client.println(""); client.println("Turn On Light"); client.println("Turn Off Light"); client.println(""); client.println(""); ///////////////////// control arduino pin if(readString.indexOf("?lighton") >-1)//checks for on { digitalWrite(6, HIGH); // set pin 6 high } else{ if(readString.indexOf("?lightoff") >-1)//checks for off { digitalWrite(6, LOW); // set pin 6 low } } readString=""; //clearing string for next read delay(1); //stopping client client.stop(); } } } } }

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Chat Board

This is a Chat Room.

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What's this "Orange board" thang? Answered

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What is an orange board Answered

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how to put a circuit board to gether?

I want to learn how to make a simlpe circuit board ?

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orange board

I cant post anything on peoples orangeboard

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Jeopardy Game Board. I am looking for a simple circuit to make a game board.

I need a circuit to construct a Game Board like they use on the Jeopardy Game Show.  My board will have 8 players instead of 3.

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What is the best tutorial on making a drawing board?

I want to make a drawing board, but I don't know how. Where can I find an instruction on how to make a (professional) drawing board.

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How do i fix my orange board? Answered

I know this problem has been going on for a lot of people's orange boards, and recently happened to mine, does anyone know how to fix it?

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Uploading a single sketch to multiple arduino boards

Hi, I want to upload the same sketch to multiple arduino boards, say for eg 15 to 20 arduino uno boards. What could be the easiest way to do so? Thank You,

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carom board edges are damaged where striker get reflected back how could i fill those edges ?

Wooden champion board, sides of the board get damaged so i want to fill them but dont know which material should i use..because it would have properties like wooden so striker get reflected back while re bond shot played

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PIC microcontroller dev board

Dear all, I m new here, I have some ready circuit using PIC16F series microcontroller chip, I need a simple microcontroller board with software to chage some information on these chip, if RS232 or USB no problem. advance thanks 2 all. khossanr(at)yahoo(dot)com

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I would like to know how to build a "snake board"?

Details- Having a Central board with two pivoting footplates attached at each end. the wheels are attached to the footplates via a form of "truck" as they are on regular skateboard. I need help trying to come up with it . you know like the cheap kind, easy kind, any would do, =D 

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I got a new PC board from radio shack and I am going to be making a little flashlight.  I don't think the board is interconnected in any way, so is it ok for me just to use melted solder as a lead from one spot to another, like connecting the pos and neg of two led's.  If this isn't right, what is the proper way to use those PC boards.

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Who skateboard`s here?

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Can I reprogram this?

This is for a LED USB BULB, can i reprogram it?

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Bypassing a multi function controller

I have just bought a laser nebular disco thingy off ebay (incorporating a red and green laser) - and whilst its works fine, I don't like the fact that it switches between various modes automatically (flashing, steady, red only, green only etc).  I opened it up to get some pictures of the circuit board - and wondered if anyone with knowledge of electronics could point me in the right direction with regards to bypassing the multi function controller on the circuit board.  I just want both lasers to remain on all the time. Thanks

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electronic numeric display board for volleyball

I have searched the Internet hard for a reasonably priced electronic numeric display board to no avail.  I am interested in constructing a remote control scoreboard for volleyball similar to basketball scoreboards deployed in high schools.  For many years I have played and continue to play a LOT of drop in volleyball at various local Rec Centers.  It would be great to be able to keep track of the score with a remote control device in your pocket while playing the game. Alternatively please let me know of any high schools being torn down which could be an opportunity to save a basketball scoreboard that would otherwise be relegated to a land fill site. When you think about the utility of such a device, why hasn't this project been done before?  Maybe it has and if you have any info then PLEASE forward.   I would seriously entertain any posted price for such a completed device if it exists as the hero factor is huge.  The advantage of building it yourself is that you are in a position to manufacture duplicates for others and you become the repair man. The bigger the display board, the better.  I know they exist but are mostly cost prohibitive.  At this point I am prepared to start with a small display for the prototype in order to get this project started since I am very enthused.

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Can i use the capitor (i cant spell good) in a disposible camera for my projects instead of buying new ones

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I am relatively new to electronics and old and slow minded, so can someone tell me just what the ardunio does?

Will it for instance program the NEW CSS555's with the internal cap[acitor?

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Slow orangeboard - not a bug, though.

There was a good idea in another topic to use your OrangeBoard as a note-pad for on-going projects. That reminded me: My orangeboard is very slow.  It's not a bug, it's size (1100+ comments). Is there any way of speeding it up? Apart from going through all 1100 comments, deleting them one at a time, that is...

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Long Range Locators Metal Detector

I'm Looking to build of long range locators for search gold. Please help me with an idea to pick which is a good kind of instructables match for device-search coil/ antenna, transceiver, frequency meter/ counter, vibration, light led, radar, and gps. I'm looking to forward hearing from  someone as soon as possible...!!!

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Long Range Locator Metal Detector

 I'm looking to build of long range locators for search of gold. Please help me with an idea to pick which is a good kind of instructables match for device-search coil/ antenna, transceiver, frequency meter/ counter, vibration, light led, radar, and gps. I'm looking to forward hearing from someone as soon as possible...!!!  

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How can I build button panel that produces sound clips? Answered

I am tying to build a panel with approximately 30 buttons (I would like the buttons to resemble door bell buttons). When a button is pushed a sound clip is played through a speaker. I would like one sound clip assigned to each button rather than a random sound clip. If the sound clips were randomized there would be no need for all the different buttons. The large panel of buttons is an esthetic that is important to this project. Thank you for any advice.

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connecting a breakout board to a strip board

Hi.  A basic question; I need to connect a breakout board to a strip board. What is the best method?  PCB Latch plug header? I have tried putting a wire through the strip board, through the breakout board and then soldering into place, but I do not get good connectivity.  Any help is much appreciated.

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Instructables Bulletin Board

We occasionally get awesome stuff in the mail, and post it up on our bulletin board.  I've decided to scan it all in and share it with you.

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Need to build a circuit board

I need to build a small circuit board, with a timer and a led light, small as a nickel, I will provide more details. any idea?

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Updated Weapon Board

I have a quick-made picture of my updated weapon collection.

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how do i make white board for under $3 ? Answered


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Find Name IC off board China?

Help me. i can't know name type IC on this board. http://detail.1688.com/offer/1270335514.html?spm=a261b.2187593.0.0

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How To Power iphone RF Board? Answered

I would like to try to hook up a battery to this RF board but I don't know where to hook up the power supply. And i can figure it out but where is the antenna hooked up?

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Cree Circuit Board Answered

Hi,I just want to know what a Cree Circuit Board is?Can this be used to connect a cree led to mains 220 volt AC? Here's a link-http://dx.com/p/18v-5w-cree-circuit-board-for-flashlights-16-8mm-5-5mm-26110?rt=1&p;=2&m;=2&r;=3&k;=1&t;=1&s;=58305&u;=26110

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Can a board be bypassed? Answered

My sewing machine (a Pfaff 1171) dies after about 10 minutes. When I push on the peddle again, there is nothing... no hum - absolutely nothing. The light stays on.  Wait fifteen minutes or so, and it runs just fine...only to repeat the cycle.  Turning the wheel doesn't change the electrical situation.  It's almost as though a fuse is blowing and then resetting itself. I took it into the shop, and the verdict is that it's either the peddle (unlikely) or the board inside.  The board is no longer made.  If I turn the wheel, everything works... forwards, backwards, stitches and all that.  It's a great machine mechanically,  and I hate to lose it because of some glitch on a board.  Is there any way that a board could be bypassed?  I can survive without a bobbin sensor and being able to set whether the machine stops with the needle up or down.

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Help! Need a tech to build a board. Schematic included

Hey all Sorry for being new to this. I was wondering if I can pay someone to make me this device http://www.openecu.org/downloads/shbootmode.pdf Please let me know. Thanks in advance

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Thinking of organizing an online site with various breakout boards. Would people be interested?

Hi everyone, I have been thinking of starting up a website with a variety of breakout boards available. What I'm talking about is basically small PCBs with pins, where you just solder a chip on, and have all the pinouts available to connect things to. You know, regular breakout boards. Variety of chip footprints (tiny ones, big ones, through holes, surface mount). You could buy pin headers as well, or just buy the plane board. Would you personally see use in something like that? Since it would be breakout boards, shipping would be cheap (they're just flat and could go in an envelope). How much would you (if you were to use this type of service) would be willing to pay per board? Thanks a lot, Catsunami :3

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Where Can I Find Corkboard?

Has anyone recently found a roll of corkboard suitable for building a bulletin board? I was unable to find any corkboard at Home Depot, and the bulletin boards available at office supply stores are too small and too expensive. This Instructable suggests a carpet supply store might have the right stuff:https://www.instructables.com/id/CorkBoard--Bulliten-Board-How-to-make/Do you know of any other sources?

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could anyone spare some help on Tom stepper board I have followed the directions and cannot get it to work help

I used a 12vdc power supply form radio shack and all the parts called out on the list and even went throgh the schematic and picture of the board to try to duplicate, I have since found i have blown the Zener Diode and have repalced it but I just cant get any action. please help

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PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack (USB) vs Arduino diecimila

PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack (USB) vs Arduino diecimila which of these two boards is better for a beginner?

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Velleman sound-to-light kit

A Velleman sound-to-light kit (Radio Shack MK103) is a small circuit board powered by a 9v battery which lights LED bulbs when an audio signal is received by the microphone. I would like to connect this board directly to the headphone (output) jack of my audio device (metal detector), thereby bypassing the microphone input. This would allow visual operation of the detector without the use of headphones. When an object is detected it would illuminate an LED as opposed to sending an audio signal. Is it possible to de-solder the microphone on the circuit board and solder in a 3.5mm male connector which would plug directly into the audio output device? I have never worked on a circuit board before and I have ZERO knowledge of electronics, but the kit is only $8 - so I think it's worth a try - if the electronic wizardry is correct, that is. Thanks in advance for any help! -Bruce

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Can we redraw these circles in the remote control circuit board?

Dear Experts, Attached picture is of the Philips home theatre remote control. It actually has 12 buttons but only 8.5 of them are visible clearly on the circuit board. The last row is totally invisible and those buttons doesn't work as well. Can you please help me with some tips to get it fixed. This remote control is not available in the market anywhere and hence this attempt.

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Need HELP in identifying items on a GPS unit's circuit board

I need to put items back onto this circuit board that came off. Just want to know what they are. In the picture below, they are shown with the arrow. One is a cylinder with "671 220 50z" written on it. The other is just a tiny rectangle with a solder connection on each end. My unit won't connect with satellites and I'm wondering if these that somehow came disconnected have something to do with it.

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