Peroxode or Boil this Mummy?

Hi, I found a mummified small animal (possum, little dog, raccoon) under a friend's house, when doing plumbing repairs. It is all there except maybe the feet. I cant really tell, because he is kinda twisted around, and I have not touched him yet. There is some skin, no fur - he is so dry that the live animals arent even iterested in smelling him. I would like to clean and maybe try to articulate him; if too many bones are missing I will just keep his skull. My question is - what is the best way to remove the dry skin? Instructions I have read are all about fresh skin. Should I boil him or just soak him in peroxide to remove his skin? Thank you!

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Boiling urin to make it drinkabul? Answered

Insted of creating a soler still, can I just boil it and colect what evaperts with a rag? will this provid me with drinking water?

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Peeling a hard boiled egg?

Why does the shell stick to the egg sometime and make it impossible to peel nicely?

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Boiling DranO = Bad Idea?

I need a source of lye for my next project, but I've learned recently that "Red Devil Lye" is getting phased out because of the "War on Drugs."It is my understanding that sodium hydroxide is a main ingredient in Drano (5-10%), and so I'm trying to find out more information about what exactly is in Drano. (Would anything bad happen if I was to boil it?)Oh, and I am referring to liquid Drano, by the way.

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how can I clean and whiten bones smply and with a minimal effort?

I have two small pork rib bones ( about four cm each max.) and, on a whim, have decided to whiten them. I don't know how to do this. The bones almost no meat on them, but I'm not sure whether or not they have marrow. I was thinking of boiling them, since I belive it is easy, are there any setbacks to this method? please help (note: I am thinking of trying scrimshaw on them, so I dont want to weaken the bone)

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is it safe to turn a kettle into a hot plate for boiling solutions?

Hello, i recently realised that my kettle, which consists of just a a kettle shaped container with a hotplate down the bottom, quickly reaches tempuratures in excess of 100 degrees celcius, and so i have considerd getting a second hand one or a scrap one at the local dump shop, to use in my chlorate cell, to periodically boil the solution once per hour to destroy the hypochlorite and re-absorb the chlorine gas which would normally be lost. i intend to remove the little hot plate! i also want to use it, along with some kind of speed controller, or lamp ambience controller or whatever they are called (lamp dimmer), to make a variable tampurature hot plate, using a heat dependant autoresetting circuit breaker to ensure the temp doesnt go above what i want it at. what i need to know, is  it safe, not for me, but for the kettle, to operate for short periods of time without turning off? or would the resistance coil burn out? by that i mean 5 -7 minutes, considering its normal run time is at about 1-2 minutes. or can it safely run on indefinately, with the only damages occuring being melting of wires and the base?

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How can I heat gasoline, with out it igniting?

I want to dissolve plastic into the gas, so i need to heat it. How could i do this without buying anything???

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Boiling a fluid to make a inverse water wheel?

Ok, how about this; Submerge a waterwheel type structure with cups facing downwards on one side. Under the cups you have some kind of heating element. The fluid is methanol or some other low boiling fluid. A very small amount of heat from the element will produce bubbles, which rise and are caught in the cups, the wheel turns and can generate electricity or whatever. I'm using this principle in another application, but thought it could be quite an efficient means of generating electricity from heat. If the meths is sitting at forty something degrees and boils around 50, it shouldn't take hardly any energy to tip it over. And since you're effectively generating force from gravity (the weight of the fluid on the other side of the wheel) you're kind of getting ten times your force back. ie producing one litre of bubbles will give you 9.8 Newtons of force (for water, 8ish for meths). So (excuse my dodgy maths) 125 litres of bubbles in an hour would give you 1 kiloWatt hour? One cola bottle per minute, doesn't sound very much and that much energy could easily be produced through concentrated solar. Slight risk of explosion... How efficient do you think it would be, overall?

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Do You Enjoy Tea?

Just wonderin'. How many of you folks enjoy drinkin' tea? I know lots of peeps like coffee, but I find it somewhat disgusting and it's unhealthy. So, how many of u peeps like tea?

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how to not break eggs when hard boiling?

I hard boil eggs for 9.5 min. But, no matter how I do it.. at least one breaks.

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Electric heating source to boil water in a lightbulb?

Im for some sort of heating source to boil water in a lightbulb. I initially was thing an immersion heater but thy are too large.  which has lead me to thinking along the lines of building an external coil to do so.   Would this feasibly work? And if so how would i go about doing so? Any input would be a great help or any other ideas on how to go about heating are welcome as well

Question by grags 7 years ago

a thermal conductor that does not conduct electricity? Answered

I am looking to heat water to a boil in a pipe, using nichrome wire. the nichrome wire will be wrapped around the pipe. my problem is i don't want to short circuit the nichrome wire, so i need to insulate it, but i need it to still transfer as much heat as possible to the pipe.   any suggestion would be great, including other ways to, using electricity, bring water to a boil within a pipe. *UPDATE: does anyone know of an affordable insulating paint or coating?                     i found some (called Glyptal) but it cost $50, which is too much for me                    rust-oleum is an enamel paint. will it insulate?

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How do you hard boil an egg that makes the egg easy to peel.?

Question by donnavs 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How do you boil an egg to where a small portion of the yolk turns brown?

Question by Ezag 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

how do ya tell a boiled egg from fresh without cracking it?

I have an egg that has been in the fridge for a while and I cant remember if its fresh or boiled.

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Which low boiling fluid to use (that won't corrode metals and plastics)?

I'm having a bit of a headache trying to chose and procure a working fluid to use in my solar device. It needs to be low boiling, but as my device so far is involving copper, aluminium and maybe some plastics and rubbers, it would also need to be as non corrosive as poss. Cheap and plentiful are also important, not so much for the prototype, but when these things are ultimately used, they need to be easy to assemble. The four options I'm aware of so far are: Methanol boils at 64.7 °C, I thought it would be easy to get but is turning out quite difficult and maybe expensive, also apparently eats through every material I plan to use. Ethanol Boiling Point: 78.4 °C, easier to get but still corrosive. Hexane Boiling Point: 69 °C, not corrosive (?) but not at all easy to get or cheap. Water Boiling Point: 100 °C, which may be a bit too high. The fluids will be boiling in a non-pressurised but sealed environment, so no atmospheric water will be able to get in or out. Help?

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Is it possible to get gas out of a liquid other than by boiling?

Still putting my solar device together and I'm still having some trouble getting the working fluid (ethanol) to boil. Almost there. I was wondering tho if there's not an easier way. Is it possible to by adding heat, make a gas dissolved in a fluid bubble out. Like if you heat up something like pepsi, get all the CO2 to gasify. And, how would you get the gas back in?

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Need a maths geek to answer a question about boiling water.

Hi all. I'm finally starting the prototype of my solar condenser this week, though this question doesn't relate to it directly, but to using it to power a steam distiller to purify water. How much water will ten kilowatt hours boil? ie, if I have one kilowatt of solar energy coming in over ten hours and 100% of it goes into heating the water. Also, for extra credit, assume the water is in a black plastic container also in the sun, so the water is preheated to whatever temperature that would be likely to heat it to. cheers!

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is it possible to boil water from room temp (20C) using regular batteries?

Hello everyone, is it possible to boil water from room temp (20C) using regular batteries? according to my research, to warm up 500mL of water by 10C within 10 minutes, it will take 1 battery (3.7V 3400mAh). I have a feeling that's wrong but I used this formula and some others: [500 grams * (Tfinal - Tinitial) * 4.186 J/g C ] / [E.battery]

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Whould boiling lemon juice effect the ph level of the citric acid? Answered

And is there any way I could remove the sucrose? I want to as close to pure citric acid in the lemons.

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help with deer antler knife handle? Answered

I read Here that Soaking or boiling an antler in water will soften it enough to insert a knife tang without drilling. it tells you how long to soak but not how long to boil it. i can soak it if i have to but I'd prefer the fastest way, so if anyone knows how long i should boil it i would really appreciate any info i can get. thanks in advance.

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what are the steps of manufacturing portable electric emersion heaters used to boil water?

I am trying to manucature emersion water heaters commonly used to boil water. Commonly known as travellers heaters. if anyone could share the know how really appriciate.

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EGG-siting Experiment

I dont know how mutch people know this but i was making some boiled eggs this morning and i didnt know when ittl be half boiled so i asked my mom and she said "well if you take a raw egg" she went to the fridge and grabbed one "and spin it onits large tip " she spun it and it didnt even spin for a second "that means its raw" she cooled the boiled egg and spun it it spun for about 5 seconds "but if it spins its cooked" TRY IT!

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How much surface area of mirror would you need to boil 16 oz of water in less than 5 minutes using concentrating solar? Answered

I'm working on a coffee machine powered by the sun and need a little help with the mirror sizing. How much surface area of mirror would you need to boil 16 oz of water in less than 5 minutes using concentrating solar? Can I do this practically with a dish less than 1 meter square? If I get this to work I'll post it for sure.

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Is it possible to prevent the chemical reaction that occurs when a tin is boiled in an aluminium pot?

When a tin is boiled in an aluminium pot a chemical reaction takes place that creates a grey film in the pot. This can be removed with some very vigorous scrubbing with steel wool - it takes hours! Can the chemical reaction be prevented or is there another reaction that can be created that will remove the grey film?

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Trying to build an "Electric Chai Maker"

Hello All, I just joined this forum. I am trying to make my own Chai maker. It needs to 1. Boil water+milk 2. Grind to paste ginger and some spices ( 3. Mix the chai powder + spice pasto to boiling Milk+water. 4. Allow all the stuff to boil some time. 5. Filter the Chai. I am mainly looking for electric heaters and grinders which I need to use for this project. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, K

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How do you concentrate citric acid? Answered

I'm making this thing, and I was wondering if concentrating the citric acid (from calamansi (Philippine lemon)) would increase output. My friend suggested boiling it, but is there any other easy way of concentrating it? If not, then let boil.... For the meantime I'll boil it to check if it works. If results come back positive, I'll delete this question. If results come back negative, I'll let this question float around instructables for a while. (Please do help me in putting this in the right category)

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Whistle for Tea Kettle? Instructable anywhere?

Hoping for help from the bright and zany folks here. I'm going to ruin my beloved Revere stainless steel kettle. I keep putting it on the stove to boil water, getting sidetracked by a project and forgetting about it until the water boils dry and I am seriously cooking that metal. You see there is no whistle to remind me it has come to the boil! Has anyone created a homemade whistle for a tea kettle or would someone consider creating such an instructable to help out this poor soul? My kettle and I would thank you!

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Linseed oil health dangers? Answered

 I frequently get linseed oil on my hands when I finish my woodworking, is it a health hazard? I sure like the smell! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm told that linseed oil is edible until boiled. After it's boiled, it becomes hazardous if eaten (that's why you don't cook with flax oil, heat alters it). Is it a danger to the skin? Thank you!! `Neph P.S. I'm using genuine, pure boiled linseed oil. It's not synthetic. I added a totally random picture, for your enjoyment. :D

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How to sweeten a new kettle

My new electric kettle is now three weeks old and despite over 40 lots of water being boiled in it, the taste of it is STILL foul - tasting like an old drain - The water supply is fine - if we boil a saucepan of water, it's perfectly fine. What can I do to treat this problem ? - The water from this kettle is terrible, you can even SMELL it by merely sniffing the thing.?

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How to Make and Eat a Nine-Egg Breakfast

The secret is quail eggs. I found the quail eggs' membranes tougher than expected, and I had to pinch them to actually crack open the eggs. Quail eggs taste more "like eggs" than standard chicken eggs -- like the difference between a factory-farmed egg and an egg from my neighbor's chickens that eat grubs all day. You can hard boil them too. I started the eggs in cold water, heated it until boiling, let it boil for 1 minute, and then turned the heat off let the eggs sit in the hot water for 7 minutes. Finally, I quickly cooled them under cold water, and the shells were easy to peel.

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can crock pot

I have this idea its a can crock pot you put water and other ingredients or seasoning in it then you it the meat in and boil it over a fire

Topic by minecraftpotato 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Improve your jet boil ! ! or bushbuddy ! !, or any wood gas burner ! ! -- Looking for Carbon Fiber Felt 4 2nd prototype

- searching for carbon Fiver felt to use as a blanket/insulation around top half of the burner units of JetBoils, Bushbuddies, or any wood gas burner- D.I.Y. or otherwise. Use of carbon fiber felt at burner will greatly reduce heat loss to the environment, providing more heat to the pot or billy can being heated. Here, space must be allowed for additional air entraining to provide combustion air for complete burning of gases--proper shape of openings below burner top plate will allow for a soft shelled wind screen which will morph into a chimney-like structure surrounding pot or can which sits unmodified on top of Jet Boil, Bushbuddy, wood gas burner or hobo stove Note that a close fit to within as close as 1/4 will increase speed of gases/heat past pot scrubbing off heat to the pot being heated, possibly creating need to raise the height of the chimney I am using this site in hopes of some one who can find me Carbon Fiber "FELT", I am also open to any conversation on this concept / design.

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DISCLAIMER for an old instructable

This instructable is missing vital, or rather deadly information: posted a comment on it, but i doubt anybody will read it. if it is already contained in the instructable, and i haven't seen it, please forgive me.: HeLLO!!!!! I lnow i am VERY late with this post, and i hope someone still reads it.NEVER DRINK URINE! EVER! WhY? well, for one, fresh urine contains no bacteria, unless you suffer from bad kidney disease, in which case, you probably couldn't pee why not drink it? because ALL TOXIC WAIST of your body leaks into your urine. those remain inside this primitive distillation device on the soil ,as mineral salts, the water being evaporated and recondesed on the foil, thus recuperated. so, this thing is basically a sun powered water distillation thingie. in emergency situations, you can distilate your urine by other means too, to drink water out of it. just DON'T DRINK URINE, NOT EVEN BOILED. ESPECIALLY NOT BOILED. the water getting evaporated by boiling, the urine increases the concentration of toxines. you can only boil it up to collect the steams, which condense into water. that's what you wanna drink.

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Arghh! Eggs!

Today was a great day in school! I came home craving hard boiled eggs, so I take 4 eggs from a container that I thought was fairly old (5 days or so). Turns out they were fresh. Now my eggs are impossible to completely peel, albeit being good inside.Is there a good way to remove all of the shell? Is there anything I can do with these eggs (that is, a recipe)?I really to see 3 good eggs go to waste. Does anyone know what to do?Thanks,Bran.

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Can anyone help me on how to make soya milk from flour.

 I tried the same process as from soya beans (except grinding) but the result is just soya flour water. Process used 1. In boiling water add flour and stir vigourously (1 flour cup : 3 cup water), continue for approx 20-25 mins 2. Filter - During filtering lot of flour is remaing I feel 3. Boil for approx 30 mins

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has anyone made a donkey that holds good pressure when boiling the water for a hot shower.???

most australians will know what a donkey is, but is a pump within the outlet needed to boost the pressure if the fire has gone out.?

Question by dagyboy 7 years ago

Can't open (unscrew) my maglite flashlight.

So far, i've used wd40, soaked in Coke, boiled in water and submerged in ice water. No Movement.

Question by Ireene 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 months ago

Can you cook a steak in a solar oven? Answered

I've seen the tutorials on how to make baked goods such as breads and desserts, boil water and such in a solar oven but can it handle a steak?

Question by javajunkie1976 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

TEMP HELP!!!! Answered

Do i set the temp at 210degF (boiling point 212degF) or adjust temp to 173degF? I know 173 & 212degF points on my stove from previoius runs.  How cold does the temp of the condenser need to be? 

Question by witherspoon520 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Solution to turning on/off gas: new pump design.

I've been working a couple weeks now on solving the problem I posted here on how to improve my pump design by alternating the feed of ethanol vapour. I got good feedback but ultimately all the solutions involved mechanisms which were going to be somewhat tricky to build and source, which is against the brief of the project I'm working on; being an open source solar tracker concentrator makeable from scrap. In the end I solved the problem by largely redesigning the whole pump. Since it's driven by boiling ethanol, rather than add an extra mechanism for turning the feed of vapour off and on, I reduced the amount of ethanol being boiled, so that it boils itself out after an appropriate period. The vapour is then able to collapse fully, which sucks in more liquid ethanol and refills the system. 1. At the bottom right is the boiler, which holds about 2-3 ml ethanol. 2. This boils and the vapour enters the 'chamber' (the half blue, half white (liquid and gas)), forcing out the liquid, which pours into the wheel, ending up in the main reservoir. 3. This continues until the eths in the boiler has boiled away to the extent that it can no longer overcome the rate of re-condensation in the chamber, which starts to suck, so to speak. 4. This draws liquid from the reservoir, which passes through the boiler, shutting off the boil, the pressure drops quickly and the chamber and boiler refill with liquid. 5. Two valves (the only moving parts, besides the wheel) keep all this going in the right direction. 6. Repeat. The wheel provides the motion for the solar tracker. It's not in by any means powerful or efficient, but the whole thing can be made from a bit of metal tube, some thin pipe, a glass jar and two valves from bike inner tubes (plus a paint tin, bike wheel bearing and some drinks cans for the wheel). I haven't had a chance to try it in the field yet, but powered by a candle it seems to work fairly well. Blog entry here, will post photos and videos when available.

Topic by SolarFlower_org 8 years ago

coconut rum?

Hi can you please tell me of how much sugar need to put on saucepot and how much water before boiling it? with the coconut rum your instructing can i make a 1.125lt of spirit out of it or can be more?

Question by kavahihifo 9 years ago

NiChrome Power Source? Answered

So, I'm doing a project that needs to boil maybe 8-10 drops of water very quickly. I was thinking of using NiChrome wire to do this as in the included diagram (sorry low quality, MS Paint). However, I can't seem to find an appropriate power source. So, I need some easy to obtain powersource that is also relatively small. Something like batteries, a capacitor bank, or anything similar. Remember, it has to be able to boil of those 8 drops pretty fast, lest they condense in another part of the pipe before the desired pressure is reached. 

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Dyeing sheepskin boots? any alternatives to conventiona suede dye?

I have a pair of bearpaw(?) sheepskin boots, that really need colouring..they are filthy and don't clean well. i want to dye them black. What kinds of dye can be used, apart from the $$$regular suede dyes? fibre reactive dyes? dyes for wool? hair dye?..i know you can use koolaid to dye wool (protein fibres) but they need to be boiled..i don't think my boots would be too happy being boiled. the dye needs to keep the sheepskin soft and supple, not transfer to my feet..or wash off in the rain.. Any ideas?

Question by edel 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

A soft but sticky heart

I made a super delicious dessert, named soft but stick heart. it's quite easy. Just put sticky rice dough inside of chineses dry date, and boiling in little syrup. Done. For diet reason, I used sucralose instead of sugar.

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