What book should i read?

I'm not fussy about genre but i dont like detective books.

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Writing a book?

Hi im a 13yo looking to write a book but i have no idea where to start please help any positive response will be welcomed

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How to make an open book ornament?

Can anyone tell me how to make a book that is glued open that you put a nice verse on and display? I've seen them and would like to make one!?

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I'm looking for a good book to pick up. Answered

Doesn't have to be fiction, or science fiction, or about babies. Anything.

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I have to make a large magic book?

I have to make a large magic book. Something along the line's of the Charmed tv show or harry potter. It has to be quite large, really old looking with rough yellowed paper inside. I need some good idea's. Thanks Cameorose

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I want to buy E-books: Which online shop is good? Answered

I hope to get a good idea about electronics online shop,and hope can be cheaper! Thank you very much!

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how to fix absolutely everything book

 Hi .I have received another message on instructables that i am to yet again receive a copy of the published book how to fix absolutely everything . Some friends on here have already received there copy with emails stating when it was shipped and so on . One of my ilibles is in the book that is why i am receiving a copy. I have already emailed  support @ instructables   twice already   with no reply. i have reached out to a few people on here who i find out no longer work for instructables . Can someone please help me with the next step. It would be fantastic to own a copy of this book with my ilible in it ..                                                                                                                                 Jim

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Where is my published instructable??

Hi I submitted my "Book Scanner" instructible on 18th May and it hasn't appeared yet, though many others dated later have already appeared. Can you help please? David Landin

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Is anyone catalogging these? Answered

It would be awesome to have all the Intructables in "The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Handbook"-type thing.

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to turn a digital picture frame into an e-book reader?

I've been looking around  for an affordable e-book reader but they all seem to be north of $200. While at the store the other day I passed some digital picture frames that were under $100 that were the right size and shape. The digital picture frame looks like it has all the hardware you'd need: lcd screen, media port, etc, problem is getting them to read pdf files and the like. I thought about finding a way to convert pdf files to jpeg files but that seems like a hassle to do every time I want to read something. Has anyone out there attempted to hack one of those digital frames so that it reads more than just image files?

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How do I download e-books?

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How to make a scrap book?

Steps in making scrap books materials needed

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Good Arduino book? Answered

I'm an Arduino layman, but eager to get started. Are there any good Books available with the basics in them?

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Can you melt a book? Answered

So if you apply extreme heat to a book in either an inert or vacuum chamber, what happens.

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Where can I buy the "Best of instructables book"?

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There is for sale an unique books

Here isHereThe book of Russian author Alexander Vorobeva is printing in 1998, three years before tragedies in New York. In book twice describe explosions of two towers of WTC. Probably, this book can throw light on the true reasons and originators of the occurred tragedy in the history of the American people in 2001.Item number: 270298527468 on ebay AndThe valuable, exclusive book about the Kremlin in Moscow, with pictures and descriptions of building complex history. This book has special deed of gift: To the members of the komsomol of Chernobyl Atomic Power Station from the members of the komsomol - chekikists (i.e. from USSR Committee of State safety young members) 24.10.1986. The book has not only artistic value but and historical. It is connected with crash in Chernobyl Atomic Power Station(26.04.1986) The book has unusual action on people. This book has been charged by energy of the Kremlin. When the book is at you the house or on work you feel new forces. The book has been shined by security officers of the USSR as a talisman on good luck. Item number: 270298456265 on ebay .

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The Best of Instructables Book will have approximately 350 pages

We're closing in on a full book at 350 pages. That means we'll soon know which Instructables made this book, and which will have to wait until the next.See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.

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Ok so i was asked to find a book for someone but i have no clue to where to start looking since all the information i have is what the cover looks like and a little bit of the beginning.Anyway the book cover picture of a girl with brown braids looking down and in the background is like a forest and the beginning of the book is suppose to be about a girl riding a wagon with her father to town or something. And the genre of the book is fantasy or fiction. If anyone knows this book or can find it i will give them 50 cookies

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primer for book pages

I have this Russian book I want to use as an art journal but unsure of what kind of primer to use on the pages. They are lightweight but not too thin, and a bit glossy. I'm attaching pictures. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Where would be a good place to find a cheap, but nicely bound book?

I'm working on a project where I I'd love to have a finely bound book, (leather, gold leaf, etc) but I don't care about what the book is about since I'll be removing all the pages. Where should I look for something like this?  I'd hate to buy an heirloom just to ruin it.  The few fine used book stores I've looked at didn't have anything like this.

Asked by Grathio 9 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Where's The Book?

This is actually my first post in anything (forums or the actual site). You guys mention a upcoming book in the group's intro, coming out in September of 2007. Well here it is in December and no book. Has it fallen through? Are you looking for a new publisher, cause I've notice that Reaganbooks hasn't had anything new in months. Plus, I've also noticed that the forums (for HSC) haven't been updated in over a year.

Posted by KRR 11 years ago

Book Contest

Just curious about the rules of the book contest (and other contests) I noticed that Kipkay has some of his instructables entered in the book contest. Just wondering since Kipkay works for Make if this was entirely fair; I mean most contests don't allow people even remotely affiliated with the entity running the contest to participate. Not saying that I necessarily have a problem with it; just pointing it out.

Posted by mada 10 years ago

Looking for an Instructable for book binding

I am looking for an instructable on how to make your own journal from the covers of an old book. I saw it a long time ago and I havent been able to find it again. the guy took an old book with pretty covers and used binder rings to make a homemade journal. If anyone knows what Im talking about please tell me where to find this instructable. thanks

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Favorite Books?

Reading is really fun, thousands of books have been writte, what are your favorites. My favorite books are Harry Potter 1-7, Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr), The Mysterious Benedict Society, Percy Jackson 1-3 (havent read 4 and 5 yet), Peter and the Starcatchers 1-3 (havent finished 4), Hoot, Lord of the Rings 1-3, Inkheart 1-2 (havent read 3), Tom Saywer, and others i cant remember at the moment.

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The Library is open!!

I love libraries. I love them hard. Yay, libraries!  Knowledge is free, and I think books should be free, too (unless I write them. Then you should definitely pay for them.). So, I'm giving away book patches to everyone who asks until tomorrow at 5 PM CST OR until they run out! :0  So apply below! Post your favorite book, and the book title you want to be in the patch (if different). 

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How can I make a small book in Word?

I'm trying to find a way in Microsoft Word, to make a small pocket sized book.  essentially one that is printed in a way you can fold/cut it and make it work.  I'm looking at like 2"X3".  I've seen one one done, but don't know how.  Any help?

Asked by Tse Gee La 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Electronics Book

I want to start a few projects using a Arduino board and know what I'm going to do. The problem is I do not understand some concepts and parts with electronics. I was woundering if anyone could recomend a decent Electronics Book to help me grasp concepts and what specific parts do. Try to keep it in the $20 range because I have a gift card to amazon. Once I document my project I'll do an instructable.

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Buy old paper like antique comic books?

Hi guys, I wanted to do a project which consists of replicas of old comic books. Someone can tell me where I can buy those fine old leaves that appear in the first editions of the hulk batman superman etc .. For example i attach an image. Or how to recreate them? Suggestions. Thanks for your help.

Asked by ToNogueira1986 3 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

Did you get a copy of the book? Show us and get a patch!

We have a new feature here at Instructables: the virtual patch! We'll be giving these away for contests in the future. They'll appear on your "You" page like in the picture below.The first one we're giving away is a book patch for everyone who's bought or won a copy of The Best of Instructables, Volume 1. All you have to do is show a picture of yourself holding the book and you'll get one! Putting your face in the picture is optional for all of you concerned about your privacy.

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Group Profiles?

Could profiles of groups be included in the book? I really think that groups like burning questions could get people interested in the website more.

Posted by edwarben 10 years ago

Haywired: Pointless (Yet Awesome) Projects for the Electronically Inclined

I just received my copy of Haywired: Pointless (Yet Awesome) Projects for the Electronically Inclined, which is a book of 13 electronics projects and techniques including a moving eyeball portrait, a super capacitor car, and wire wrapping and soldering how-tos. I previewed the book a few months ago, and think Haywired has a great mix of projects, and inspires you to learn how electronics, motors, and sensors work by giving you hands-on instructions to actually make them work. It is a great first book for the budding inventor or engineer. (As I state on the back of the book!)If you do any of these projects, please post an Instructable with your take!Update: Mike Rigsby has posted an Instructable from the book:Flashlight Without Batteries.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

PDFs of some of your e-books do not load

The following e-books show a blank page when you try to open the pdf version of the document:      1) DIY Lamps, page 2      2) Easy DIY Plushies for Geeks, page 3      3) Adhesive Projects, page 4      4) Duct Tape Bags, page 5      5) DIY Wedding, page 5      6) Gifts from the Kitchen, page 7 Another e-book's pdf version did not have a blank screen. Instead, there were a couple of lines of nonsense text and "Access Denied". The name of this e-book is: Care for Newborns, p7 Please repair these broken links. I'm sure there are other folks out there as frustrated as me. Thank you, Teresa "Tess" Weaver tessw@graffiti.net

Posted by tessweaver 6 years ago

The Best of Instructables Preview: Moleskin Notebook Mods

Check out this preview of Moleskin Notebook Mods from the Best of Instructables Book. It's one of many galleries in the book that explore Instructables all around a certain theme. See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago | last reply 10 years ago

will the "how to bind your own hardback book" work an an 800 A4 page document that i'd like to bind?

Hi there, i'm really interested in the article "how to bind your own hardback book" but i have a question about it...what i'd liek to bind is an 800 A4 page document that is quite dear to me, so that it looks lovely and lasts ages! i can't quite tell if it's possible to use the instructions in the article i mentioned with so many pages?

Asked by kjf07 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Has anybody else got this?

I had an unexpected surprise today, I found this MAKE: book by the door addressed to me... (Thanks MAKE: team!) I was happy about that and I am enjoying reading this book, but then I am starting to wonder why did I receive this book...? And has anybody else unexpectedly got something from MAKE: or Instructables? (I know Goodhart got a T-Shirt from the members of Instructables.) (I can't post the picture on this forum, there is some weird error going on...)

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Screen Printing - The Best of Instructables Book Preview

Check out this Best of Instructables Book preview of Screen Printing: Cheap, Dirty, and At HomeScreen Printing has been one of our most popular Instructables, with new users continuously finding the project and contributing in the comments. I even had the pleasure of meeting Tracy during our July 2008 Show and Tell.See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.Order The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here!

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book scan - Camera Setup

Hi all, So I was scanning the book manually today using camera. Everything turned out to be ok, except the final pictures file size was staggering big(little over 1MB), which finally will compiled into a single PDF file. I was using resolution of 1600*1200 and found it to be the minimum accepted resolution in my situation. So my question was under what kind of camera setup should I get the smallest picture size but relatively clear picture. Thanks,

Posted by liys 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Instructable on the BBC

Instructables wasn't mentioned by name, but Instructables member Daniel Reetz's DIY Book Scanner has just been featured in the BBC's report on the 2011 NY Maker Faire. Congratulations, Daniel!

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Help me find stuff on book binding?

Ok, i took a look around the instructables a few times and found a few good things on book binding but not what im really after.. i think i have the basic idea down for how to bind pages or " folios " together to make a basic coptic book. But what i cant find is how to attach a leather cover to the spine of the book. It seems that when someone learns this skill there sworn to secrecy or they make a tutorial you have to pay $50 to see.. im looking for a good free resource with clean and easy to understand instructions, not horrible drawn in MS paint diagrams and patchy descriptions of what it should look like.. If you know of anything or if you know how to do this please post an instructable or link me? ill make a few instructabls when i learn the steps. - Thanks! ps. here is an image of something simpler to what i want to make.

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What is the best comic?

What is the best comic?

Posted by ferrari484 11 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

The Best of Instructables Book Has Been Sent To The Printer

The Best of Instructables Book has been finalized and sent to the printer. We're cutting it awfully close, but it looks like we'll still be able to release it at the Austin Maker Faire, even if the copies will be arriving directly from the printer on the first day! Getting it out in time seems to have nearly killed Gareth. I read all of the final proofs yesterday morning, and The Best of Instructables is excellent. It reminded me of my first electronics book, Build Your Own Laser, Phaser, Ion Ray Gun & Other Working Space-Age Projects, which completely captivated me on my first read. The high-voltage projects especially appealed to me -- "I could make and control high-voltage sparks?! Cool!" I count this book among one of the first things that convinced me to become an engineer. The Best of Instructables has that same flavor, and because there is so much more available on the website, it is that much better. I know this book will inspire a lot of people to build, bake, and create some incredible projects, and I can't wait to see what they are.See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.

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The Best of Instructables Has Arrived

My copy of Best of Instructables Book just arrived! All work here at Instructables HQ has essentially stopped, so if the servers go down, send me an email or something...The book is softcover and the same format as Make Magazine, except around twice the thickness. There's also a thank-you page listing projects and photos that were submitted to the book, but were cut due to space limitations. Sorry we couldn't fit everyone in, but we still wanted to give you a shout-out. Maybe you'll appear in the next volume? See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.Order The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here!

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What do I do with an unused, paperback, college catalog?

I was wondering what to do with this book I received from a college (which I'm not attending) and want to use the whole book, or just the pages. I'm trying to be creative with my recycling, and also trying to create something interesting. It's dimensions are as follows: 5.5 inches wide, 8.25 inches long, (6/8) of an inch deep. Thank you for your ideas! :)

Asked by singingshark 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Best of Instructables Craft Section Start Preview

Check out the start of the Craft section of [Best of Instructables Book with an introduction written by Randy.More previews coming soon!See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.

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how to reset the forgotten password without losing data?

Asked by bayblade 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Instructables Book now in hands of mere mortals...(spoiler alert)

First off, naa-naa-na-na-na. I got my copy of the Best of Instructables, actually two that I purchased.The first copy has been thumbed through so much it is getting dog-eared. I would say it is a good mix of topics even though so much had to be left out.Which leads me to this rating, one thumbs up and one thumbs down.Kiteman was only quoted once - the Ubiquitous Kiteman, dang, I'm gonna have to look that one up , and listed in the back index.There was only a text list of winners for the favorites from the contest. No little pictures to show the final project.There is an acknowledgement page listing people and projects that were cut due to page limitations. Don't feel bad, even Kipkay made it on the list.There was a lot of stuff in the book I have not seen before so it just makes you want to wish for an easy way to scroll through everything on Instructables.The most interesting thing is the little tidbit bio's on the instructable's author/creator. This is quite a diverse community.I hope there will be a Volume II soon.edit- It was pointed out that Kiteman also wrote one of the intros.The book seems relatively Knex free except a few mentions in the contest listing. Good or bad depending on how you look at it.

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Pre-drilled shelves?

I would like to know where I can purchase the pre-drilled melemine shelving upright boards in order to construct some custom built bookcases.

Asked by masterhog 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Two Questions for Instructables Staff

1.  Any news on Volume 2 of Best of Instructables? 2.  I want a REAL patch - circular with instructables.com around the edge and the robot in the center - for sewing on my laptop bag - my bag lacks this one!  Please make it or tell me and I'll do it and sell from my website. Thanks, Jim

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Instructables Book Contest Winners

Instructables is happy to announce the winners of the Book Contest. All of these Instructables will receive a mention in the Best of Instructables Volume 1 and the authors will receive a copy of the book when it comes out this fall.Some of the Instructables here have also been selected by O'Reilly editors to be fully reproduced in the book as well.Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you for making great Instructables that inspire everyone else.InstructableAuthorLED ThrowiesQ-BranchInvisible Book ShelfdorxincandelandLaser Flashlight Hack!!KipkayMintyBoost! - Small battery-powered USB chargerladyadaDIY Compact Survival KitledzeppieHow to make a cardboard costume helmetHonusturn signal biking jacketleahbuechleyAudio Visual Art....FOTC Stylescooter76Wall-E Robot4mem8Paper WallettheRIAAScreen Printing: Cheap, Dirty, and At Hometracy_the_astonishingMunny Speakersfungus amungusKnex Heavy CannonI_am_CanadianHow to Make Playdough (Play-doh)canidaLED Chess SetTetranitrateSew your own Instructables Robot Plushie!jessyratfinkDIY Vinyl Wall ArtbritsteinerBluetooth Handgun Handset for your iPhone: iGiveUpManaEnergyPotionEasy to Build Desk Top 3 Axis CNC Milling MachineTom McWireBuild Your Own Butler Robot!!! - Tutorial,Photos, and VideoErobotsHow to build a 96-Volt Electric MotorcycleKentucky-bumHow To: Make Bath BombsSoapyHollowSteampunk Dystopian Sniper Rifle (Mercury Bow)gmjhoweSave $200 in 2 minutes and have the worlds best writing penkingantConcrete Lightbulb Wall HookwhamodyneLight Bulb LampbumpusLightbulb "green"houseLinuxH4x0rInstructables Robot -- Paper Model=SMART=How to Build a Robot - The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited )robomaniacWallet made from a computer keyboardzieakhow to add EL wire to a coat or other garmentenlightedGandhi: 17' Tall Cardboard AvatardelappeTure Trigger, 10 Round, Auto-Loading, Knex Concept Rifle, by bannana inventorbannana inventorHow to build your own Jet EnginerusswmooreShake it like a Tic-Tac!MrMunkiCyber/Steampunk Futuresque Sci-Fi Hand GungmjhoweHow to Make a Marshmallow Gun or Marshmallow ShooterewilhelmHow to build a 72Volt electric motorcycleStrykerFriends Are Easy To MakecuteaznprincesssBuilding Small Robots: Making One Cubic Inch Micro-Sumo Robots and Smallermikey77Portable 12V Air Conditioner --Cheap and easy!CameronSSHow to Make a TRON Style Lamp: The MADYLIGHTGreg MadisonGiant MatchTetranitrateMagnetic Rubik's Dice CubeburzvingionHow to build a wood fired hot tubveloboyIron Man HelmetpmaggotHome-made Sun Jarcre8torGrow Your Own Bioluminescent Algae ScaryBunnyManConstruction of Two Portuguese Style Dinghies (Small Boats)rook999Uni-Directional WIFI Range Extendertm36usa"1UP Mushroom" Mushroom Burger!momo!Open Any PadlockTetranitrateCoilgun Handgunrwilsford07Electroforming an Iris Seed PodMaggieJs100 Ways to Reduce Your ImpactBrennn10Lego USB StickianhamptonSolar Powered Trikedpearce1How to Make a Three Axis CNC Machine (Cheaply and Easily)Stuart.McfarlanAirgun with eXplosive air-Release ValvechluaidChapStick LED FlashlightBCatAwesome led cubeAlexTheGreatBarbie Doll Electric Chair Science Fair Project!jessyratfinkDIY 3D ControllerkylemcdonaldThe Stirling Engine, absorb energy from candles, coffee, and more!thecheatscalcBuild a World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!PlasmanaSimulated woodgrain for metal boxesamz-fxHow to Grow Pineappleswoofboy111Creating a 3D effect with image editing software (GIMP or Photoshop)Andrew546S.P.R.E.E. (Solar Photovoltaic Renewable Electron Encapsulator), a Compact, Durable, and Portable Solar Energy GeneratorcharlitronHow to get a Tshirt for GoodHartRocketScientist2015Grow a square watermelonwatermelonBuild a 4 Color T-Shirt Printing PressProgfellowElectromagnetic FloaterJ_HodgieThe accidental pocket jet engine...killerjackalopeDigital Picture Framemicahdear

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