Cannot download Instructable

Just a note to let you know that the following instructable is not downloading: I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know when it's up and running. Thanks so much.

Posted by Cat00x 2 years ago

paracord braid/weave collar i havent seen before

Cany anyone figure out how to make this type of braid or weave and somehow instruct me on how to do it? PLEASE HELP

Posted by medicbowling 7 years ago

paracord braid/weave

Can anyone figure out how to braid or weave this and somehow instruct me on how to do it  PLEASE

Posted by medicbowling 7 years ago

An 'ible on how to braid kumihimo with a maru-dai?

Can anyone make an Instructable on how to make a kumihimo braid with a maru dai? I've seen websites with tutorials for doing it by hand, but nothing for doing it with a maru dai. Maybe also include some patterns? Normally anyone seeking to learn how is recommended to the book, 250 Braids from Japan to Peru, or something else. However, i think we can do better. it would also hopefully make us the number 1 source for that method as well.

Posted by DELETED_15zhangfra 7 years ago

Paracord braided horse halter

Hi, I have challenged myself to make a braided paracord halter and I need LOTS of help.  I found one online that I really like and would like to duplicate.  I purchased a book "How to Braid Quality Custom Tack", however the halters in this book are not quite what I want.  Hoping someone will be able to give me some pointers or tell me where to find the directions I need. The picture of the halter I have attached is what I want to make.  It appears to me that you would need to start with the nose band to make this work but none of the patterns I have found start that way. Help!!

Posted by Annie7753 3 years ago

Help (advice) with building a braiding machine?

I've been working with braiding plastic shopping bag strips into rope, and by hand it's a slow and tedious process.  I know that braiding machines have been around for ages, so the patent on many of them has to have elapsed.  I've Google'd and Bing'd and Yahoo'd my heart out looking for how to build a simple one to no avail.  The only thing that comes back is Chinese sellers of a commercial braiding machine. All I want is something that I can build, a hand crank mechanical kind, that can braid 7-10 strands into a larger rope. It doesn't even have to go fast, in fact I'm fine with it being slow. Can anyone provide plans for one? UPDATE: Ok so I think I have plans, but now I could use some advice with how to go about fabricating the sprockets.  One idea is to purchase a premade sprocket and modify it, then use it as a master for a mold to create more.  I was thinking of either doing the whole dissolving styrofoam with Acetone then pouring the plastic in the mold thing, or possibly adapt the Oogoo instructable.  Thoughts?? Update 2:  My latest brainstorm leaves me thinking that I could use a bicycle sprocket (gear) as a master and then make a mold from it, then make duplicates from the mold.  Thoughts???

Posted by DrPeper 7 years ago

Braided Wool Rug materials

I have the "ingredients" to make a great braided recycled wool rug: for years I saved wool fabric, bought wool slacks and skirts at Goodwill, etc, then cut them into strips, sewed them together, and pressed them into beautiful balls of wool, all ready to braid into a medium-sized (I think) rug. I didn't feel like doing the braiding part, so I tried finger crochet with the wool. That also works, but it will make a smaller rug (think several door mats). Still no motivation to finish this great recycled project. So, all this prepared fabric could be yours! You could also knit thick, cozy wool slippers. No instructions included for any of these projects; feel free to write your own instructable. Colors include navy blues, lighter blues and grays with a little red thrown in here and there. 11 balls total. Name your price, and pay actual ground shipping.

Posted by karenelisam 9 years ago

Making some Eggman goggles need advice

I'm working on making my own eggman goggles and I have two twistable caps from my Axe can and some elastic braided band and I seem to have trouble on how to make some using my elastic braiding band without making a slot and then glueing it or fasten it the band. the braided band I have is 3/4" so how I can do this if I could try glue or if I have to a little slot for the band to loop through. I really need some good tips on how to use my braided elastic band for my project. If I have to make a slot so that the band can go through what I can use to make it so it never comes off?.

Posted by SuperScourge 5 years ago

Here's a first!

This is a first for me - I've done a requestible.I published braids with seven and eight strands of yarn, and then I got a request to publish a 16-strand version.I did it! Working out the moves in my head nearly plaited my brain, so I just sat down and tried it - it turned out to be a lot easier than I thought.I am now confident that I could create a braid with any multiple of 4 strands above 8.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

LCD/VFD free samples?

These screens are pretty expensive, has anyone been successful at recieving a sample? Also if anyone knows where I can get samples of flux, desoldering braid, perspex, rare-earth magnets, IC sockets and headers. Thanks, Alex.

Posted by alexgeek 9 years ago

desoldering iron

I am thinking of purchasing a desoldering iron, because braid gets annoying, and i was looking at one at radioshack, its just a soldering iron with a hole in its end and the hole leads of a mounted bulb. i was wondering how they work, the iron heat the solder, and u press the bulb and it sucks the solder, but where does the solder go? into the bulb? how do you get the solder out?

Posted by um0123 9 years ago

Post-It Origami, Bean Bag Couch, Make Plaudough

Post-It Origami Box Bean Bag Couch Make Playdough Munny Speakers T-Shirt to Sexy Top Remove a Tick Get a Free Yacht Build Your Own Guitar Bread from Scratch Cheap Art Cheeseburger Dress Memphis-Style Brisket Paper Walkalong Glider Eight Cord Flat Braid Reclaimed Wood Table

Posted by randofo 8 years ago

Arduino Prank Remote, LED Matrix Display, Grow Gourmet Mushrooms

Arduino Prank Remote LED Matrix Display Grow Gourmet Mushrooms Pacman Cork Board Sterling Engine Fan Fortune Telling Cube Multicolor FLashlight LED Bead Jig Spider Silk Thread Mini SADbot Puff Embroidered Hat Braided Flower Crown Arduino FM Radio Receiver Remove a Servo Controller Solar Lawn Mower

Posted by randofo 7 years ago

How to Make Lanyards yourself?

Creative types may be curious to learn how to make rubber bracelets. If you are able to follow simple directions you will be able to produce your very own ones for personal use or to give as a gift. Whether for yourself or a as a gift, it will be a great way to secure your keys, cell phone, badge, or whistle.In learning how to make lanyards it is important to choose the right material. A popular making material is a thin, elastic, and flexible plastic lace. It is readily available at most craft stores and referred to as craft lace, , gimp, or boondoggle.There are many different stitches that can be used to make or braid . Many braiding techniques are complex and time consuming. One of the simpler braids is referred to as a crown (or round) knot. One must utilize patience and follow directions carefully in learning how to make rubber wristbands. The basic crown knot is as follows:1. Take two strands of craft lace, fold them in half together (length will depend on the type of lanyard) and tie a knot toward the top to hold them securely together.You now have four strands secured at the top. 2. Spread the four strings apart, separately, pointing in each cardinal direction of a compass. Hold the left string with one finger (close to the knot). At the same time, pull the left string over the top string. 3. Cross the top string over the right string. At this point the top string is covering both the left string and the right string. Now cross the right string over the bottom string. Finally, cross the bottom string over the left string and tuck it under the looped top string. Pull each end of the four strings extremely tight to make the first knot. Continue crossing the strings in the same manner until the desired length is reached. The knots will produce a rounded href="" target="_blank">silicone bracelets4. Do you think it a good way to make a gift to convey your sincere feelings?So, let’s do it now!

Posted by honlin 9 years ago

Desoldering without the right tools.

I am interested in desoldering a few things to get some parts.  However I bought desoldering braid quite a while ago and have no idea where it is.  I do not have the money to buy a pump (no matter how cheap it may be).  So I was wondering if there was anything else I could use or do.  I do own a soldering iron. I am just playing around with a few project ideas with electronics I had laying around and a few things I have taken out of the garbage.

Posted by jcaresheets 7 years ago


Ok so i was asked to find a book for someone but i have no clue to where to start looking since all the information i have is what the cover looks like and a little bit of the beginning.Anyway the book cover picture of a girl with brown braids looking down and in the background is like a forest and the beginning of the book is suppose to be about a girl riding a wagon with her father to town or something. And the genre of the book is fantasy or fiction. If anyone knows this book or can find it i will give them 50 cookies

Posted by Katarukito 8 years ago

Broken Thumbnail

I'm not sure if I'm the only one having this problem. The thumbnail of my last post is broken, see the picture below. Besides, I've updated the main picture of one of my ibles- Paper-Lampshade/ but it's not showing up in the thumbnail picture. The ible right below the braided jam buns is also having the same problem with its main image, the thumbnail picture of this ible- Bacon-and-Caramel-Cinnamon-Rolls/ is showing the wrong image (not the main image). Is anyone else having the same problem? Please let me know.

Posted by Muhaiminah Faiz 4 years ago

published instructables not indexed?

Hi, I posted an instruction long time ago. Here is the title and link. How To Make Braided/Woven Headband Instructions ( I log in and posted another instruction this week and noticed that the above article has only been viewed 286 times. I copy/paste the exact title to google but couldn't find it. Then I copy/paste the title in, couldn't find it too. Same thing happens to my new instructions posted this week: How To Make Mini Korker Hair Bow Instructions ( Please advise. Thanks. Michelle

Posted by hipgirl 8 years ago

September Instructables Pro Memberships Giveaway

Hello everyone! My Summer Braid Bracelet with Beads tutorial I got featured  at the Instructables homepage! I was also granted with 2 Pro Memberships codes. So I have decided to give enyone who loves Instructables community a chance to enjoy the benefits of Instructables Pro Membership.   I`m hosting another Pro Membership giveaway in my blog The Things We Do. So if anyone of you guys is interested - you are welcome to join. I`m using a Rafflecopter form to except giveaway entries and choose the winner. Update: Thank you everyone for taking part in September giveaway. The 1-Year Pro Membership goes to MIRANDA WARD Miranda, we will send you the membership code within 2 days per your e-mail And The 3-month Pro Membership goes to RICHARD HICKS Congratulations, Richard! Wait to get your membership code per e-mail. Giveaway page is here Good Luck!

Posted by Lucy Choe 5 years ago

Buy this and make something cool

My place of employment is currently trying to clean out a warehouse full of stuff they don't use, and I've been given permission to have a yard sale! I thought some of it could be used by the Instructables community to craft something amazing. First thing up for grabs is lots of (mostly) steel wire. Price is negotiable. Make me an offer or it gets dumped in the recycle bin in a few weeks. I have lots of different stuff to get rid of some of the more useful stuff might appear here (I got some aluminum squares of various sizes that could go). email or PM here. WIRE ST17-7 .010 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .012 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .016 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .018 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .020 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .026 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .032 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .035 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .039 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .041 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .042 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .0475 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .049 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .050 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .054 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .060 SQUARE WIRE ST17-7 .060 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .0625 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .067 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .072 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .072 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .075 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .080 DIA ANN? WIRE ST17-7 .080 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .085 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .088 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .091 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .095 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .105 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .109 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .120 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .140 DIA /AMS 5673 WIRE ST17-7 .148 DIA WIRE MUSIC .202 DIA TIN PL. WIRE OT .031 DIA WIRE OT .040 DIA WIRE OT .041 SQUARE WIRE OT .0475 SQUARE WIRE OT .051 DIA WIRE OT .0625 SQUARE WIRE OT .070 DIA WIRE OT .072 DIA WIRE OT .072 SQUARE WIRE OT .080 DIA WIRE OT .0915 DIA WIRE OT .0915 SQUARE WIRE OT .105 DIA WIRE OT .105 SQUARE WIRE OT .109 DIA WIRE OT .120 DIA WIRE OT .125 DIA WIRE OT .125 SQUARE WIRE OT .148 SQUARE WIRE OT .162 DIA WIRE OT .177 DIA WIRE OT .192 WIRE OT .225 DIA WIRE OT .243 DIA WIRE OT .250 SQUARE WIRE OT .3065 DIA WIRE OT .312 DIA WIRE OT .312 SQUARE WIRE OT .343 DIA WIRE OT .362 DIA WIRE OT .375 DIA WIRE OT .375 SQUARE WIRE OT .393 DIA WIRE OT .406 DIA WIRE OT .500 DIA WIRE OT .593 DIA WIRE MUSIC .008 DIA WIRE MUSIC .011 DIA WIRE MUSIC .012 DIA WIRE MUSIC .013 DIA WIRE MUSIC .014 DIA WIRE MUSIC .016 DIA WIRE MUSIC .018 DIA WIRE MUSIC .020 DIA WIRE MUSIC .020 X .063 FLAT WIRE MUSIC .022 DIA WIRE MUSIC .024 DIA WIRE MUSIC .025 DIA TOR.STR WIRE MUSIC .025 DIA WIRE MUSIC .026 DIA WIRE MUSIC .027 DIA WIRE MUSIC .028 DIA WIRE MUSIC .029 DIA WIRE MUSIC .030 DIA WIRE MUSIC .030 DIA CAD.PL. WIRE MUSIC .031 DIA WIRE MUSIC .032 DIA WIRE MUSIC .035 DIA WIRE MUSIC .038 DIA WIRE MUSIC .039 DIA HIGH TENS. WIRE MUSIC .041 DIA WIRE MUSIC .043 DIA WIRE MUSIC .045 DIA WIRE MUSIC .047 DIA WIRE MUSIC .049 DIA WIRE MUSIC .050 DIA WIRE MUSIC .051 DIA WIRE MUSIC .054 DIA WIRE MUSIC .055 DIA WIRE MUSIC .057 DIA WIRE MUSIC .059 DIA WIRE MUSIC .062 DIA WIRE MUSIC .063 DIA WIRE MUSIC .067 DIA WIRE MUSIC .072 DIA WIRE MUSIC .075 DIA WIRE MUSIC .078 DIA WIRE MUSIC .080 DIA WIRE MUSIC .083 DIA WIRE MUSIC .085 DIA WIRE MUSIC .091 DIA WIRE MUSIC .095 DIA WIRE MUSIC .105 DIA WIRE MUSIC .110 DIA WIRE MUSIC .120 DIA WIRE MUSIC .125 DIA WIRE MUSIC .135 DIA WIRE MUSIC .142 DIA WIRE MUSIC .148 DIA WIRE MUSIC .156 DIA WIRE MUSIC .162 DIA WIRE MUSIC .165 DIA WIRE MUSIC .177 DIA WIRE MUSIC .187 DIA WIRE MUSIC .207 DIA WIRE MUSIC .250 DIA WIRE ST302 .011 DIA WIRE ST302 .012 DIA WIRE ST302 .013 DIA WIRE ST302 .015 DIA WIRE ST302 .016 DIA WIRE ST302 .018 DIA WIRE ST302 .020 DIA WIRE ST302 .022 DIA WIRE ST302 .024 DIA WIRE ST302 .026 DIA WIRE ST302 .028 DIA WIRE ST302 .029 DIA WIRE ST302 .032 DIA WIRE ST316 .032 DIA WIRE ST302 .035 DIA WIRE ST302 .037 DIA WIRE ST302 .038 DIA WIRE ST302 .039 DIA WIRE ST302 .040 DIA WIRE ST302 .041 DIA WIRE ST302 .042 DIA WIRE ST302 .045 DIA WIRE ST302 .047 DIA WIRE ST302 .051 DIA WIRE ST316 .054 DIA WIRE ST302 .054 DIA WIRE ST431 .062 DIA WIRE ST316 .062 DIA ANN WIRE ST302 .063 SQUARE WIRE ST302 .067 DIA WIRE ST302 .072 DIA WIRE ST302 .075 DIA WIRE ST302 .080 DIA ANN WIRE ST304 .080 DIA 1/2H WIRE ST302 .086 DIA WIRE ST302 .093 DIA WIRE ST302 .102 DIA WIRE ST302 .105 DIA WIRE ST302 .113 DIA WIRE ST302 .118 DIA WIRE ST302 .125 DIA WIRE ST302 .125 DIA ANN WIRE ST304L .125 DIA WIRE ST416 .130 DIA WIRE ST302 .148 DIA WIRE ST304 .156 DIA ANN WIRE ST302 .162 DIA WIRE ST302 .170 DIA WIRE ST304 .187 DIA ANN WIRE ST316 .331 DIA WIRE HD .0258 DIA WIRE HD .031 DIA TIN PL. WIRE HD .0348 DIA WIRE HD .037 DIA WIRE HD .041 DIA WIRE HD .0475 WIRE HD .062 DIA WIRE HD .080 DIA WIRE HD,FLAT .080 X .135 WIRE HD .085 DIA WIRE HD .0915 DIA WIRE HD,FLAT .093 X .125 WIRE HD .105 DIA WIRE HD .112 DIA WIRE HD .113 DIA FLATTENED WIRE HD .148 DIA WIRE HD .162 DIA WIRE HD .187 DIA WIRE PH-BR .010 DIA WIRE PH-BR .0126 DIA WIRE PH-BR .018 DIA WIRE PH-BR .0201 DIA WIRE PH-BR .0226 DIA WIRE BE-CU .025 DIA 3/4H WIRE PH-BR .0254 DIA WIRE PH-BR .028 DIA WIRE BE-CU .032 DIA 3/4H WIRE BRONZE .032 DIA WIRE BRONZE .0359 DIA WIRE BRASS .040 DIA SPR TEMP. WIRE PH-BR .0403 DIA WIRE BE-CU .0403 DIA 3/4H WIRE BRONZE .045 DIA WIRE BE-CU .0453 DIA 3/4H WIRE PH-BR .050 DIA WIRE BRASS .051 DIA FH WIRE BRASS .064 DIA SPR TEMP. WIRE PH-BR .072 DIA WIRE BRASS .080 DIA SPR. TEMP. WIRE PH-BR .091 DIA SPR TEMP. WIRE BE-CU .1019 DIA 1/2H WIRE BE-CU .125 DIA 1/2H WIRE PH-BR .156 DIA WIRE CR-SI .033 DIA WIRE CR-SI .036 DIA WIRE CR-SI .041 DIA WIRE CR-SI .0475 DIA WIRE CR-SI .055 DIA WIRE CR-SI .0625 DIA WIRE CR-SI .072 DIA WIRE CR-SI .080 DIA WIRE CR-SI .091 DIA WIRE CR-SI .105 DIA WIRE CR-SI .125 DIA WIRE CR-SI .128 DIA WIRE CR-SI .135 DIA WIRE CR-SI .144 DIA WIRE CR-SI .148 DIA WIRE CR-SI .162 DIA WIRE CR-SI .1875 DIA WIRE CR-SI .207 DIA WIRE CR-SI .243 DIA WIRE CR-SI .283 DIA WIRE CR-SI .312 DIA WIRE CR-SI .362 DIA WIRE CR-SI .375 DIA WIRE CR-SI .406 DIA WIRE CR-V .043 DIA WIRE CR-V .105 DIA WIRE CR-V .156 DIA O.T. WIRE CR-V .192 DIA O.T. WIRE CR-V .375 DIA WIRE ST302 .009 DIA WIRE ST302 .098 DIA WIRE ST302 .362 DIA WIRE BMS13-16 SIZE-22 ELECTRIC WIRE BASIC .047 DIA LOCKWIRE MS20995-NC20 LOCKWIRE MS20995-NC32 WIRE BASIC .080 BRIGHT WIRE ST302 .062 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .125 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .140 DIA /AMS5678 WIRE HD .047 DIA D.A.G. WIRE ST17-7 .135 DIA WIRE HD .062 DIA D.A.G. WIRE ST17-7 .045 DIA WIRE ST304 .080 DIA ANN WIRE CR-SI .045 DIA WIRE MONEL .051 DIA HARD WIRE HD .120 DIA WIRE HD .135 DIA WIRE MUSIC .100 DIA WIRE MESH 20-21112 KNITTED WIRE BRASS .072 DIA SPR. TEMP. WIRE OT .054 DIA WIRE OT .072 DIA WIRE BASIC .125 DIA WIRE MUSIC .118 DIA WIRE OT .050 DIA WIRE CR-SI .105 DIA WIRE ST302 .080 DIA WIRE BASIC .062 DIA WIRE BE-CU .016 DIA 3/4 HD WIRE INCONEL-X .047 DIA WIRE ST302 .030 DIA LOCKWIRE MS20995-AB41 WIRE MUSIC .098 DIA WIRE BE-CU .090 DIA ANN WIRE ST302 .089 DIA WIRE ST302 .060 DIA WIRE MUSIC .065 DIA WIRE BAC3108-1B BRAID WIRE ST17-7 .042 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .047 DIA WIRE PH-BR .125 DIA SPR TEMP. WIRE CRS .100 X .275 FLAT, ANN WIRE ST17-7 .065 DIA WIRECLOTH BRONZE .016 DIA 20/" WIRE MUSIC .112 DIA WIRE MUSIC .040 DIA WIRE ST302 .070 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .014 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .022 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .100 DIA WIRE ST304L .094 DIA ANN WIRE BE-CU .050 DIA 3/4H WIRE INCONEL-X .101 DIA WIRE ST316 .016 DIA COND. B WIRE BAC3108-7B BRAID WIRE INCONEL-X .120 DIA WIRE BASIC .020 DIA WIRE CR-SI .042 DIA WIRE 6061 .187 DIA T6 WIRE ST302 .048 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .047 DIA ANN. WIRE MUSIC .063-.065 SQ. WIRE MUSIC .075-.077 SQ. WIRE ST316 #8 MESH .023-.029 D WIRE ELCTRICAL 12 AWG BARE WIRE ELCTRICAL 22 AWG INSUL. DZUS PB3 1/2 WIRE FORM WIRE INCONEL-X .035 DIA WIRE MUSIC .032 DIA HIGH TENS. WIRE CR-SI .142 DIA WIRE MUSIC .087 DIA WIRE MONEL .064 DIA HARD WIRE MUSIC .060 DIA WIRE MUSIC .146 DIA. WIRE ST316 .072 DIA COND. B WIRE OT .135 DIA WIRE ST302 .067 DIA. WIRE ST17-7 .036 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .116 DIA WIRE BE-CU .031 DIA. 3/4H WIRE MUSIC .052 DIA. LOCKWIRE MS20995-C32 WIRE ST302 .109 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .093 DIA WIRE MUSIC .036 DIA. WIRE ST302 .069 DIA. +/-.001 WIRE HD .091 DIA. GALV. WIRE ST17-7 .128 DIA WIRE INCONEL-600 .029 DIA. LOCKWIRE MS20995-NC40 WIRE ST17-7 .056 DIA WIRE ST302 .069 DIA. ANN WIRE MUSIC .093 DIA WIRE .025 DIA. STAINLESS WIRE CR-SI .113 DIA WIRE ST316 .075 DIA COND. B WIRE ST17-7 .112 DIA WIRE MUSIC .049 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .033 DIA WIRE ST17-7 .062 SQUARE WIRE ST17-7 .050 SQUARE WIRE ST302 .0915 DIA WIRE MUSIC .042 DIA WIRE ST316 .080 DIA COND. A WIRE MUSIC .034 DIA WIRE HD .080 DIA. GALV. WIRE HD .072 DIA. GALV. WIRE MUSIC .107 DIA WIRE MUSIC .048 DIA WIRE BASIC .080 GALVINIZED 14 GA. WIRE BASIC .062 GALVINIZED 16 GA. 66-18189-3 WIRE (PARTIALLY FORMED) 66-18189-3 WIRE (PARTIALLY FORMED) 69-41900-4 WIRE 69-41900-6 WIRE 66-18284-5 WIRE, CABLE STOP 808267A LOCKWIRE 5-71761-54 WIRE MESH 11010557-3 GUIDE, WIRE 11010557-4 GUIDE, WIRE 11010557-5 GUIDE, WIRE R829C WIRE FORM 409-64067-11 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-12 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-13 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-14 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-15 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-16 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-17 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-18 BRAID-WIRE 409-64067-19 BRAID-WIRE 2821052-3 WIRE SET, TERMINAL 2821052-4 WIRE, ELECTRICAL 1681062-3 COVER, WIRE 1681047-3 COVER, WIRE 3B10500-104 SUPPORT-WIRE 105-BB23013F WIRE BAIL 204-31027-5 BRAID-WIRE 204-31027-4 BRAID-WIRE 69B93097-601 WIRE, ANTI-FOUL. 69-35829-4 WIRE 415T6346-3 WIRE FORM 214U3125-2 WIRE RETAINER #* 53N04 SAFETY WIRE 291AS234 LATCH, ARMING WIRE 287T0020-14 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY 287T0020-13 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY 287T0020-15 WIRE SUPPORT 287T0020-452 WIRE SUPPORT 287T0020-573 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY 287T0020-574 WIRE SUPPORT 287T1021-5 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY. 287T1021-6 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY. 7-3033-1 WIRE, RETAINING 25-9506-1 BRACKET, WIRE BUNDLE 287T1019-1 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY. 287T1019-2 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY. 417U9549-4 STIFFENER WIRE 417U9549-7 STIFFENER WIRE 287T0015-65 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY 287T0015-66 WIRE SUPPORT ASSY 287T0015-67 WIRE SUPPORT 287T0015-68 WIRE SUPPORT 66-1717 BRACKET, WIRE BUNDLE 63-9273-1 SPACER, WIRE BUNDLE 65-11665-800 CLIP, WIRE SUPPORT 65-11665-801 BRACKET, WIRE SUPPORT 7-3166-1 WIRE RETAINER 232W4561-19 WIRE E66-18189-3 WIRE (PARTIALLY FORMD) E66-18284-5 WIRE, CABLE STOP G66-18284-5 WIRE, CABLE STOP

Posted by Rainbowlaces 9 years ago

Can you insulate the primary coil of a Tesla coil?

Hello,    I am trying to build a tesla coil using a new design relating to a thesis paper I am working on. Due to spacial restraints my primary coil will be close to the secondary coil. I know I have seen others use insulated braided copper wire as their primary. I want to stay with 1/4" copper tubing if at all possible so I wanted to ask what affects it would have if I used heat shrink tubing on the copper tubing. I am aware the higher frequency voltage runs along the skin of the tubing since that is least resistive at that point. A for the power and caps I am using the following: three NSTs of which two are 15kv @ 30 miliamps and one 12kv @ 30 miliamps, 13 CD 2000VDC @ .15nf caps on each 15kv NST and 10 of the same caps on the 12kv NST. The spark gap is static for now.  I want to prevent arching as much as possible in the small space. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Some of the information relating to the thesis paper I cannot release due to a serious concern of being scooped before publication.  Thank you. :)

Posted by XsFacade 5 years ago

Human finger model movements DC activated.

Hello good folk I have been working on some artificial finger extensions and retraction via a DC motor. An H-bridge is used which is connected to a dial switch. The tendons are braided fishing line. It has proven worthy during the prototype stage. The advantage of my design is that a single DC motor of servo can control movement and grasping of the entire finger. This design particularly excels when compared to the most advanced models at the moment.... The Shadow hand would be an example. Extremley capable yet the muscle collection to the rear of the hand makes their model obsoliete even before it was created. Much work needs to be done on their model to make it effective. I apologise for the pics (camera phone) as the detail leaves much to be desired. This is just a functional model of the unit, so it's not ment to look pretty. It only purpose is to serve as the concept base as I was trying to get the tendons/joint configuration worked out... You should notice the holes in each section, the tendon passes within the finger segments within a sheath embedded inside the epoxy segment. The tendon is only exposed at the joints which also need to be finished with a exterior protectant layer. I am posting these as an example of the funtioning finger. However I would like to post videos at a later date.

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

Scrounging Electronic Components

Old PCBs (printed circuit boards) used to be a great source for electronic parts. Especially if you need a power transistor, MOSFET, voltage regulator, big capacitor, or reed relay which is not available locally. It just does not pay to mail order small numbers of parts, so having a grab bag assortment at home is handy. But I have noticed that the some higher-quality PCBs just loaded with cool parts can be hard to scrounge from: 1. They are double-sided, or even multi-layered, with copper plating right through the holes (vias) so it is like pulling teeth, only harder. 2. They use no-lead (RoHS) solder which needs high temperatures to melt 3. They use surface-mount components and good luck removing and using those. I use 15 watt, 40 watt, soldering irons, solder sucker, solder braid, flux, and a soldering gun. And for some items, a small windproof butane "jet engine" lighter as a mini torch to remove multi-pin items. Just heat-sink the legs and bang the hot PCB down to remove lots of solder at once. Of course I use gloves, safety goggles, ventilation, and proper recycling. But the main issue is that it is getting harder to scrounge parts to build up a pile of useful stuff.  What resources do you use?

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Public domain, Creative Commons etc. musci sources wanted

My latest film project is in the style of a fantasy epic- think LotR, Narnia, that sort of "party of brave adventurers battle evil in a non-specific setting resembling mediaeval Europe" thing. It's in post-production now, but while we are ok for visual effects and editing we really need some music. To keep options open regarding public performances, we make sure to use music that doesn't infringe any copyrights- the last film only used original compositions and public-domain soundtracks.For this film we need public-domain music in a fantasy genre. The links below illustrate the sort of style we are looking for. Public domain recordings would be great, but freely-reproducible scores would be ok as we have a couple of talented musicians in the group who can play pieces with limited instrumentation, but sadly no full orchestra!The best answer will receive a Best Answer, probably a patch if the answer leads to some good sources, and possibly (at the discretion of The Powers That Be) a credit in the film.Rousing orchestral musicSadly we have little hope of reproducing music like this, but any public domain not-too-recognisable pieces would be absolutely great.Celtic-sounding flute/whistle music... is something we could actually play. Recordings would be better, though.Faux-mediaeval stringsOh, what I'd give to have a cellist on board. Oh well.Slow reflective piano melodiesNot quite as "folk" as the rest but would give great colour to the sad moments in the filmHarp musicNo, we aren't going to rip off the Braid soundtrack. I know, it's a shame. The only harpist I know is busy studying for her veterinary medicine degree so doesn't have time for our stupid projects.Of course, if anyone plays in any of the above styles and feels like hooking us up with a score or a recording that we could use, you would be the coolest person in the history of the world.I may be abusing the phrases "public domain" and "creative commons" here- I have tried to sum up what the copyright issues are and our stance on them, but essentially we need music we can put in a derivative work and potentially show in public.

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Answer life's burning questions - win the thanks of many (and an Instructables t-shirt)

This is no longer the current Burning Questions Forum Topic. Please refer to The New and Official Burning Questions Instructable from now on for all matters related to the Burning Questions Contest, group, and discussion. The original forum topic is preserved below for reference.People search for stuff at Instructables all the time. Sometimes they find what they're looking for, sometimes they don't. But there are a few common how-tos that come up often enough for we stewards of Instructable-dom to wonder, "why don't we have an Instructable on that?"The answer is of course, because no one has written one. But you, noble Instructable citizen, can change that. Below I've listed out a number of popular 'wanted' Intructables. The bounty: 1 Instructables t-shirt and the thanks of many (including our own.)A regular Instructable about this has been posted, but keep your ideas, thoughts, and comments coming!Instructables most wanted:how to braid hair (your own)how to braid hair (someone else's)how to cut hair (someone else's - Steve Blair already did how to cut your own)how to clean a mattressHow to snowboardHow to make wineHow to make soapHow to paint a carHow to make a pinataHow to cure a headacheHow to do a donutHow to drift (Automotive drifting, not just wandering around aimlessly)How to surfHow to paint (Like, art and stuff.)How to DanceLearn pokerHow to make rubber molds (Suggested by Honus)How to cast with resin (Suggested by Honus)The only rules are: The Instructables have to be of good quality. (Ie, they have to be detailed, contain pictures, and actually provide a good answer to the question.) If they're lousy (and you know damn well when they are), no t-shirt for you.They have to be titled as above (or with very minor variation). Why? Because that's what people are looking for. If you write a great Instructable on how to build a hovercraft, but title it "poly-surface air powered vehicular lifting machine" no one is ever going to know you wrote it.They have to be new Instructables. (We might be willing to make some exception to this, should have you *really* answered one of these questions in the past, but titled your Instructable poorly. However, new Instructables > old Instructables.)Everything else is fair game. Generally, there's going to be only one winner, but if there's a good faith effort by two people at the same time, we'll call both of you winners. Really, we're not going to be sticklers on this. The idea is to help others, so if you can contribute, please do.I've created a group to house everything, called Burning Questions. If you want to get the shirt, you've got to add it to the group.When we've determined an Instructable is of high enough quality, we'll add a link to it below, in the "Answered Questions" section. Before that, the topic is still open! Are there questions you want answered? Comments? Post them on the Burning Questions forum thread!Answered Questions:how to boil an egg - Answered by TheCheese9921how to meditate - Answered by sardines454how to write a resume - Answered by Weissensteinburghow to cook - Answered by drinkmorecoffeehow to shave - Answered by Brennn10how to lose weight - Answered by jessyratfinkhow to gain weight - Answered by royalestelhow to write a research paper - Answered by Brennn10how to play tennis - Answered by jknighthow to get a passport - Answered by zieakhow to build a custom pc - Answered by technick29how to ask a girl out - Answered by spiralsyncrasyhow to clean dog/pet/cat urine - Answered by Zaenhow to play guitar - Answered by josh92176Learn photography - Answered by WeissensteinburgHow to stop global warming - Answered by WeissensteinburgHow to make a kite - Answered by (who would have guessed...) Kiteman (also, more kites!)How to swim - Answered by GbuttonHow to jump start a car - Answered by tbonecbHow to cure hiccups and How to cure hiccups - Answered by joejoerowley and LebowskiHow to parallel park - Answered by KitemanHow to fix a flat tire - Answered by trebuchet03How to solve a rubik's cube - Answered by T3h_MuffinatorHow to sell on ebay - Answered by grimsqueakerHow to remove gum from clothes - Answered by kqrpnbHow to play baseball - Answered by gamer5How to play chess and How to play chess - Answered by llama13, latobada, Hugo.B, and pyr0man1ac (Though the former Instructable is a big collaboration, and is still in progress.)How to download iTunes shared music on a mac - Answered by blckleprdHow to make money (online) - Answered by Sam NoyounHow to cure (and prevent) a hangover - Answered by zieakLearn to type - Answered by Brennn10How to make moonshine (For fuel purposes only, of course) - Answered by AdamKHow to clean leather - Answered by BeastbunnyHow to pick a lock - Answered by _Soapy_How to build a robot - Answered by robomaniacHow to make a diaper cake - Answered by dennisyukiHow to flirt - Answered by pestisbestP.S.This is how to add an Instructable to a group.And this is how to add a group or person as a collaborator.

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Making the pipboy/hitchhikers guide

I've been thinking about this for quite some time, unfortunately I don't have the economy to purchase a mini PC/PC mobile, let alone one powerful enough and with enough space for all the things that I have in mind for this gadget. Though there seems to be a lot of other people on this forum with the cash and possibly the motivation to complete this so I'll try and explain the idea for you. If you've ever read 'The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy' by Douglas Adams or played the new or the old Fallout games you'll have noticed that the common denominator is that in both instances they have nifty little pocket computers with all kinds of information and gadgets. Now I realize that it will be overkill for most people to have a mini Geiger-counter, a gas measuring device and a light sensor attached to it, not to mention to expensive. But it seems odd to me that some of the software options available isn't already included in mini PC's, such as: -Wiki-taxi which is an offline version of the entire Wikipedia. -As many search-able dictionaries as is practical. -A general library of PDF's that you find useful depending on where you are/are going to go, or maybe the PC you get your hands on has enough space to encompass a general library for the entire world like information about herbs, plants and animals in every region of the world Instructables for certain kinds of gourmet dishes for an example could come in handy while traveling the world, anything goes really . -Furthermore it could have stored maps of the entire world, of course not in "hair counting quality" but good enough to find your way if lost, then again some of these mini PC's have GPS built in but you will still need all the map packs for the different regions of the world. -One could add how-to videos of different things that might come in handy if traveling in poor countries or simply backpacking, like braiding and general hand crafting items to have something to sell. Or guides for learning to play a certain instrument and so forth. And so on, there's an endless supply of software one could put on a gadget like this, but that's just half the idea. The other half would be constructing some kind of housing that would allow a person to strap the computer sideways on ones arm so that it's always easily available like a normal wristwatch and preferably protected against shock and moisture/water, furthermore it would be nice to have extra slots in the housing for such things as a small LED flashlight and any kinds of other tools that would be practical for the person in question that makes this thing. This computer would of course need to have a rather big battery capacity as well, and if it has long lasting batteries then several more of the batteries can be incorporated into the housing allowing the user to switch between each of the extra batteries when the original one in the PC runs dry. For off-the-grid travel I'd believe a sufficiently large fold-able solar panel would suffice to charge the device, maybe it could be incorporated into a jacket or simply stored as a liner in the jacket. Now I don't know if this is all easily understandable so if anyone has any questions or maybe someone would even make this then please let me know as this idea is quite dear to me, do post any ideas or complaints as well, I welcome it all. Oh, and in case someone might be bothered by the extra weight this would put on (say your left arm) then simply make another housing for general tools that you can have on the right arm/wrist and balance the weight out so that after a while you wont notice it as your muscles naturally adjusts to the weight, would basically make you stronger in the process.

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