Changing brakes on an '06/'07ford freestar, how do we push the cylinder back in? Answered

We bent a cast iron pipe clamp trying to push the brake cylinder back in, it didn't budge.

Asked by The Ideanator 8 years ago

Difference between V and Canti brake levers? Answered

 Hello, I know why a cantilever brake lever cannot be used with a V type brake and vice-versa and thought that I could tell the different types just by looking at the the lever. I thought that if the lever has a tag like the first picture, for the nipple to sit in, then it is for a V brake... and if the nipple goes directly in, like the second picture, then it is for a cantilever. Is this always the case? Is that correct? I'm not so sure now. Is there a definitive way of telling at a glance or by measuring, what type of lever I have. I can't seem to find the answer by googling around. Thank You.

Asked by FriendOfHumanity 8 years ago

Is there a way to restore bike disk brakes that have had oil on them, without replacing the pads and torching the disks?

When oiling my bike the other week, I managed to get oil on the disk brakes. I've tried cleaning them with detergent, and even boiling the pads (apparently this gets the oil out), but have had only very limited success. I was told that the only way to get the brakes back to their previous condition was to replace the pads, and get the disks torched (i.e. with a blowtorch), to burn off the oil. Is this true, or is there another way? (Preferably more DIY / requiring less replacement parts)

Asked by MarzEz 5 years ago

How to change rear break and rotor on 2001 Kawasaki ZR7S?

How do I change the rear  brake pads and rotor on a 2001 Kawasaki ZR7S

Asked by Tomk747 7 years ago

How do i make my breaks stop squeaking?

Im replacing them with my next pay check, i cant stand the noise. any help?

Asked by littlebastard 8 years ago

drum brakes locked on 96 f150 what is wrong?

The rear brakes locked up this morning, wouldn't back, but would go forward.

Asked by lowell moore 9 years ago

How To Prevent Brakes From Being Stolen?

I just had both set of brakes stolen off my mountain bike. Cost me about $80 to have them replaced. Is there any way I can lock the brakes to the bike so they can't be stolen again?

Asked by 9 years ago

Disconnecting brake cables from a bicycle. Answered

I've been trying to remove these old cables without cutting them. Instead of just cutting them off, I'd like to know how to remove them. The brakes are the old style, cantilever (looks like the dual pull type). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Asked by Olyveoil 9 years ago

how do mountain board brakes work?

I want to get a mountain board, and make a new type of long board. I would like to put brakes from a mountain board onto the new long board. Do they work just like bike brakes? Help?

Asked by freeza36 6 years ago

Instructable on how to adjust/align bicycle caliper brakes?

Does anyone have (or could easily post or direct me to) an Instructable on adjusting old-style caliper brakes (the kind with two arms on a central sprung pivot)? I found Bicycle Tutor's video on cantilever brakes, but nothing for my specific need. Google came up with mostly cantilever-brake stuff, and the few caliper-brake Web pages were not very clear.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

My bicycle's mechanical disk brakes are failing! Answered

My rear disk brake is in a sad state.  I squeeze the rear brake lever as hard as I can, yet, my stopping power is nil.  I wiped down the rotor with rubbing alcohol, but to no avail. It might also be relevant that I ride frequently in snow and slush, and also in dusty areas. The bike is the Specialized ''Rockhopper," 2009 edition, with about 450-550 miles put on it. What can I do to fix  the brake so that I won't have to rely on the front brake?

Asked by tincanz 7 years ago

should the brake fluid be changed with replacement of brake disk?

Should brake fluid be replaced after certain time

Asked by 9 years ago

Without using a microcontroller how would you flash an LED 10 times in 1 second and then stay lit thereafter? Answered

 Assumes only 1 physical input.  I am trying to mimic a brake light flasher where the driver presses on the brakes and the brake light quickly flashes for 1 second or so and then just goes to solid.  Thanks,

Asked by dubyaohohdee 6 years ago

disc/disk brake squeal rear brake? Answered

After a rainy day riding my bike, i had wiped it down and forgot the rear brake and now it squeals when I try to use it. More like an elephant noise. Help please!

Asked by knektek 7 years ago

Can I turn a cantilever brake bike into a disc brake bike?

I want to put disc brakes onto my bike because my other brakes are going bad. Disc brakes are also more effective at stopping you in bad weather.

Asked by airsofter1 8 years ago

Bike Disc Brakes

I have the Trek 4300. now i was too cheap to buy it with the disc brakes, but after 2 year i realized i would like them. So do i have to buy new tires, and brake lines, and levers. Or do i just have to hook up a disc brake to the brake cables?? How much would this upgrade cost me?

Posted by DELTAWOLF05 10 years ago

Would installing a manual master cylinder in a 1979 Datsun 280ZX be a good idea?

I need to put in a new braking system in a Datsun 280ZX that I am converting to electric. Since there is no vacuum from an engine, I was considering using some sort of vacuum pump but I came upon using a manual master cylinder instead, which is good because it does not require extra power besides my leg, but since my vehicle initially came with power brakes, I am not sure if it will be compatible. I will most likely have to replace all the brake lines, because they are fairly old and there is a good chance that they've been damaged. So this gives me the chance to replace them with suitable lines for either type of master cylinder. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Asked by ANDY! 4 years ago

How make the brakes of Fat Bike?

I want build the Extreme Fat Bike. I have a problem in Brakes. How to makes the Brake of Exreme Fat Bike and how they fix?

Asked by Dani Dani 7 months ago

how do i change brakes for a 95 esscort?

I need instructions to change the brakes in a 95 esscort

Asked by 9 years ago

Voltage regulator for trailer brakes

Im planning on building a motorized trailer dolly for my travel trailer, however i want to make a dead mans switch for the trailer brakes.  I was wondering if I took apart an old cordless drill if I could use the trigger as a voltage regulator to regulate the voltage to the trailer brake system.  Without getting into specifics of how it will connect to the regulator, I figure I would have like a bike brake handle that while applied the trailer brakes would be off, but if released that the trailer brakes would be applied incase the trailer started to roll away from you. Any suggestions other than "Go buy a trailer brake controller" would be appreciated! :)

Posted by Thunderbone 10 months ago

Should I use the front or back brake for my bmx bike? Answered

I have a bike thats been laying in someone's backyard for a few years and I'm trying to refurbish it and make it nice with a new paint job and some new parts. I'm going to take one of the brakes out. Should it be the front or the back brake? If I take out the back brake there will be a slight problem. You see something is wrong with it and the handle is stuck. I can't even squeeze the brake handle. A little help please!!! 

Asked by General Eggs 7 years ago

Brake light in motor bike? Answered

I'd like to set up four white strips to make a double X for my Honda Superbird XX brake light. Will I need a special circuit made to have them on constantly and then bright when applying the brake?

Asked by Wood projects 7 months ago

has anyone made a convertion ible?

I need a convertion one for v brakes to disc brakes for a brake. if nobody has then make one please.

Asked by snoo 5 years ago

how to disk brakes on mower transaxle?

Transaxle: dana spicer model 2000 out of older pan frame murray need brakes so i can race

Asked by digger_fan2003 9 years ago

Brake lights

So i have a '95 chevy suburban, and it has a few issues. at the moment, the biggest issue is my brake lights. Basically, when the vehicle is in accessory and i depress the brake peddle, my brake lights come on, YAY! but when i have the vehicle running and i depress the brake peddle, the 15 A fuse blows and the lights go out. now i have a schematic diagram for the whole vehicle (in parts), but im still trying having a hard time finding where my problem is. im sure there is a short somewhere but it is just all really confusing to me. thanks much in advance. note: night time lights work as well as all turn signals. 

Posted by DanJames 5 years ago

i need new brakes for my mongoose where should i get them? ?

The back brake right side snapped what do i do   

Asked by bjones9 7 years ago

12v brake and tail lights?

I'm trying to build a brake/tail light out of LED's for my motorcycle. How do I make the red brake lights brighter than my red tail lights? I'm using 3mm 12v (resister pre wired by supplier) and/ or have similar 10mm lights available too.

Asked by dthing 6 years ago

Why doesn't it save the line brakes (pressing enter) in the "about-me zone" on my instructables account?

Why doesn't it save the line brakes (pressing enter) in the "about-me zone" on my instructables account?

Asked by Sorunome 6 years ago

I need to put rear brakes on an adult trike. Any help?

I purchased an old three wheel bicycle from a local secondhand store. It's in great shape, except the fact that it is lacking rear brakes. I haven't had any success in searching for plans, so I was wondering if anyone had an idea or (better yet) previous experience with rear brakes on a trike. I was hoping for a great way to run both rear brakes from a single brake level on the handlebar, and there aren't any forks around the rear tires to attach brakes to, so I guess I could use some help there as well. The rear conversion kit looks similar to the one here. It's a small picture, but it's the only accurate one I could find. Any help would be amazing. Thanks in advance.

Asked by TokyoSquid 7 years ago

I'm replacing my rusting out brake lines on my "93 Toyota 4x4. Is there such a thing as flexible copper brake lines ? Answered

My 1993 Toyota 4x4 is rusting out under the frame area! Flaking everywhere. Now my fuel and brake lines are rotting out too. I am slowly replacing the leaky lines, but its messy and time consuming. The standard steel lines don't bend easily, unless you have a bending tool. Is there such a thing as flexible copper brake line tubing? If so where can I get some?

Asked by triumphman 6 years ago

Can someone post an instructable for a sheet metal brake made of wood?

Many sheet metal brakes were made of wood. I would like to know if someone knows how to make one.

Posted by blkhawk 6 years ago

led running brake light circuit for motorcycle?

i want to add 5 LEDs wired for 12 volt in parallel to my motorcycle running lights. then when brake is pressed they will light up brighter. i think i need to add a resistor to each input ( brake and running light wire) to drop voltage down. maybe 9 volts for running lights (which would be on all of the time) and another 3 or 4 volts for the brake light so added to 12 to 13 volts for bright brake lights. any ideas how do i do this and what size resistor i should use or am i looking at this wrong? 

Asked by jmcgrath5 5 years ago

Ran Honda with E brake on (new driver)? Answered

Oops! Just got home today from school and realized that I drove home with the E brake on (around 10 miles). Should I be worried about this? Its mostly 35mph the way home, with 55 for around 3 miles. I noticed no burning rubber smell or anything that would indicate burning (but the windows were closed). I have done this occasionally on the driveway, but usually notice. The car is a Handa Civic, 2003 I think.

Asked by astroboy907 6 years ago

How can I build a brake (not cantilever type) quickly and simply for a soapbox car?

There's a derby goin on. I need to make a brake for my car. I don't know very clearly how.

Asked by ANDY! 9 years ago

LED shoe Brake light

I wanted to make LED 'brake lights' one for each shoe that light up when you stop walking but it needs to not trigger when you step when walking only when you stop, how would I do this?

Posted by ModderMan 5 years ago

device that applies braking force proportional to speed?

Hi, I'm helping a team of students make a brake-assist device for a two-wheeled walker.  We were wondering if there are mechanical brakes out there that apply a force proportional to the speed.  A circular damper, is how we would describe it, I think.  Or something like a gas shock (the things on screen doors and car trunks) but with a circular motion rather than a linear stroke.  Anyone have any ideas?  Anything that's commercially available, small, and somewhat inexpensive is fair game.  Bonus points for things that can be made by hand..  Thanks!

Posted by _mattb 8 years ago

How onld do you have to be to buy HEET? (brake line antifreeze)? Answered

Hello everybody, I am wondering if there is an age that you have to be to buy HEET. (brake line antifreeze)  I plan to use HEET as a fuel for my alcohol stove, but I dont have any. 

Asked by junits15 8 years ago

My right brake light isn't working unless I have my lights on. Why won't it work w/o the lights?

My right brake lights only work when the daytime running lights or head lights are turned on. I checked the fuses and everything is fine, nothing blown. Why won't the brake lights work without the lights turned on? Its a 2005 Mazda 6 if that helps.

Asked by 8 years ago

led motorcycle brake light working in conjunction with the normal tail light

Hi i am trying to find some information on how i can make an led work at around 9v constantly on then get brighter to 12v when a switched is pressed so it can act as a brake light for my motorcycle

Posted by smithyblu 4 years ago

DiY Led Wiring in brake lights

I just got on the site and love it, because I love to make my own stuff as well as learn but anyways.. UPDATE: I got 50, 5mm LEDS wired and working in my taillights. The results are so good so far. Thanks for any help.

Posted by fastback570 10 years ago

Regenerative braking with brushed DC motors?

With these motor controllers, if you remove power to the motor, do they "coast" freely, or slow down significantly? Is this the type of motor you would use in an application where you would want regenerative braking like a Nissan Leaf (coasting down a hill changes the batteries)?If not, which type of motor and controller would be applicable for that?

Asked by LeeDr850 8 months ago

getting new bmx in a couple of days!!!

Its the silver fox bullion looks cool anyone got one?

Posted by sharlston 8 years ago

Regen Braking Motor Controller

Good morning.... Quick question regarding motor controllers with the facility of regen braking..... For a project of mine I am creating an EV (with a dune buggy chassis), which needs a system to recharge the batteries when been driven or 'towed' by an external force. I've been looking at a 4QD motor controller, which has the regen braking system already built in. My idea is to use the back EMF to charge the batteries. This in theory is quite similar to regen braking, having done a bit of research, and also with some info from the 4QD site itself. I know that if the back EMF is to great, I risk damaging the motor controller. But if there was a way to regulate the back EMF (either by controlling the speed it is been externally driven or with use of electronic circuitry), could I essentially recharge the batteries using this motor controller???! Thanks in advance, Dave

Posted by D__Humphreys 5 years ago

back tires wont turn on my 1984 chevrolet camaro?

I tried to move my 1984 camaro after it had been sitting for awhile and the back tires wont move. i have been told that maybe the brake is stuck. any other input on what it might be or instruction on how to get the brake unstuck? PLEASE HELP! ANYONE?!

Asked by robinreise 8 years ago

leds.want to make a stop turn brake light.about 20 or 25 bulbs. Answered

How much power will it take to light the bulbs?does a resistor need to go in front of each bulb?

Asked by frankentrike 7 years ago