Hack a brick?

I use it to prop books on my window seal and hold pins n junk. help me hack this better

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Bricks by the Bay

Howdy all, The first-ever LEGO/brick convention for northern California will be held on April 9-11, 2010, at the Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley in Fremont, CA. Planning is going on right now!  Please see http://www.bricksbythebay.com for more information! Thought to share Richard

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Zapping bricks

I zapped a common red brick with a very powerful beam of light. Here is a picture where you can see the area that was melted. The melted area was actually so hot, it was bubbling! I’m wondering if I should make an Instructable... or is this just too dangerous. OMG anyone?? ~Bob~

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Brick floor?

I'm Yeti-gone-awry! I want to rebuild my shop and to put in a new floor or have one poured would cost about $1300.00 of which I'm a little short of. I was in Colonial Williamsburg last week and in the Blacksmith shop I noticed they had a brick floor. The bricks were laid close together. I have bricks, a lot of bricks. I could lay down a layer of gravel then a layer of sand and then put the bricks in, but should I lay them next to each other w/o spaces between them or lay them a 1/2 inch apart on all sides and sweep in mortar mix between them and wet them down? I know that if I bring in a milling machine I'll have to pour a thick pad for it. Thank you. Chuck

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RCX Brick Conundrum

Hi, I want to post a lego hot chocolate stirrer, which is easy to clean and works well. I need to know, however, if you mind not knowing the rcx program code. I can not find the program transmitter, so I do not know the program code. I am sure it is fairly simple, as it is only a touch sensor that is used as a button to rotate the motor. I am using the code that is already on the brick and I really want to post it. I had already made most of the video before noticing this snag. Please tell me what you think and I would be extremely grateful if you did not post this idea before me. Thanks and Happy New Year!

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Are Stickle Bricks androgynous? Answered

Meccano has good old-fashioned engineering male/female anatomy in it's nuts and bolts. Lego has male/female anatomy, where standard bricks have both. K'NEX tends to have single-gender parts with multiple connectivity. But are Stickle Bricks androgynous? L

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Lighted floor bricks? Answered

Dear, I have an idea which I donno if someone has made it before now or no, for this I hope to help me. Can we build custom floor from special bricks allowing them to be lighed while person moving on the floor? Thx

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Bricks by the Bay - 2012

LEGO!   This past weekend was Bricks by the Bay 2012, where amateur and professional LEGO builders of all ages from around the San Francisco Bay Area meetup to share amazing LEGO projects. The event was broken down into themed areas like: town and city, robots, fantasy, and space. There were scale replicas of historical buildings, fun twists on castles and cityscapes, Star Wars battle scenes, and an amazing pointillism portrait of a dog. Below are  some photos I took a the event, you can see the rest of the photos here. More Bricks by the Bay LEGO pictures here.

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Brick Fiesta 2011

WHAT: BRICK FIESTA Brick Fiesta is the premier fan of LEGO event held in Texas. It is presented by the Texas LEGO User Group. Brick Fiesta is a 4-day convention including a 2-day public expo where Adult Fans of LEGO (AFoLs) can congregate and display their creations. WHERE: Omni Hotel Austin at Southpark 4140 Governor’s Row Austin, Texas 78744 WHEN: Brick Fiesta will take place on June 30th to July 3, 2011 with a public exhibition on both Saturday and Sunday suited for fans of all ages. Public Hours: Saturday, July 2, 2011 : 10 AM – 4 PM Sunday, July 3, 2011: 11 AM – 3 PM WEBSITE: http://brickfiesta.com/convention/ COST: Admission to the 3-day convention is $50. Brick Fiesta has negotiated a special rate for the hotel accommodations. VENDOR INFORMATION: http://brickfiesta.com/vendors/ WHO: All Adult Fans of LEGO! Any educators or vendors interested in using Lego components.

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Bricks by the Bay 2011

BRICKS BY THE BAY 2011 WHAT: BRICKS BY THE BAY The second-ever LEGO convention for northern California will be held on March 25-27 2011, at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara CA. Bricks by the Bay is a 3-day convention including a 1-day public expo where Adult Fans of LEGO (AFoLs) can congregate and display their creations. WHERE: Hyatt Regency Santa Clara 5101 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA WHEN: Convention: Friday-Sunday, March 25-27 2011 Public exhibition: Sunday, 10AM to 4PM, March 27 2011 WEBSITE: http://www.bricksbythebay.com COST: Admission to the 3-day convention is $55. Hotel: Convention Rate is $105 FAQ: http://www.bricksbythebay.com/wordpress/frequently-asked-questions/ WHO: All Adult Fans of LEGO! Any educators or vendors interested in using Lego components. WHY: Because it's fun! Please come and check it out!

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Can't access PDF?

Unable to dlowload a PDF for "Brick Barbecue". I have tried this a number of ways -- "left click, right click and save, print PDF, etc.” -- and all have failed.?

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So I've got this brick...

Sometime last year I received a brick that is very special to me. It came from the outside of the old technology wing of my school when they were knocking it down to make way for the new building, and I have a lot of great memories from those rooms. The only problem is...well...it's a big red brick. Its only current function is as a doorstop to my bedroom which I stub my toe on each time I enter. I'm growing sick and tired of it but I don't want to get rid of it either. I figured I might do something crafty with it instead, but unfortunately other than the creative application of paint and glue to make it a less-than-charming piece I can put on my shelf, I'm drawing a blank. Does anyone have any ideas?

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DIY brick making machine or DIY compressed brick making machine

Can someone post an instructable on how to build a DIY brick making machine or DIY compressed brick making machine? Cheers!

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should lego shut brick arms down?

every one knows about legos restriction against modern militiary themes but why do they let brick arms make their products here is a link to brickarms http://www.brickarms.com/ go to their site come back and post your thoughts.

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Looking for standard knex (no bricks).

I am looking for standard knex (preferably no bricks). I live in Perth, Australia and I am looking for a NEW (not e-bay, used amazon stuff etc.) set with a motor in hope of creating a ball machine and other things. I have already looked in Big W and Target. Please give suggestions to sites or stores, and if someone can give a good average price for a certain amount of bricks, that would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Canberra Brick Expo 2011

WHAT: Canberra BrickExpo 2011 Brick Expo is an entertaining and interesting exhibition of rare and unique LEGO creations by interstate and local collectors and modellers. Hundreds of static, moving and robotic models in themes including: Star Wars, Trains, Planes, Space Ships, Racing Cars, Monuments and Sculptures Brick Expo is organized by the Canberra LEGO User Group. WHERE: Canberra Australia Corinna Ballroom Canberra Southern Cross Club - Woden 92-96 Corinna Street Phillip ACT 2606 WHEN: 10:00am to 5:00pm, Saturday 6th August 2011 10:00am to 4:00pm, Sunday 7th August 2011 WEBSITE: http://www.brickexpo.com.au/ CONTACT: http://www.brickexpo.com.au/Contact.html WHO: All Adult Fans of LEGO! Any educators or vendors interested in using Lego components. WHY: Because it's fun! ADVERTISEMENT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bvBmR5JYcc&fmt;=22

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Mortar free wood fired pizza oven

Well it burns so I couldn't think of a better spot for it! Oven was made by www.pizzaiolooakland.com (unless I am completely braindead but I think that's what they said. It was at Slow Food Nation.

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Will limestone bricks explode if I use them in a forge? Answered

I going to make a small charcoal forge this weekend, an was wondering if the limestone bricks I have would be safe to use in the forge? I know that some materials like concrete will explode at high heat, so will limestone do the same thing?

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What to do with a 20 MB 10LBS brick

Hey guys. I was treasure hunting at the Recycle Reuse the other day and I found something interesting. It's a 20MB external harddrive that weighs ~10LBS. It's ridiculous, and it's formatted to be used with a //portable computer//! Crazy, you'll need a backpack for this thing. Anyway, I bought it (2$) to take apart and see why so much space was needed. It probably works, seeing as how it is still in its original wrapping. But does anyone have any ideas about what to do with this thing before I destroy it? Maybe it's more valuable intact, maybe you know what parts are neat in it. What should I do with this monster? -BG

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How can I repair water damaged exterior bricks?

Solid brick home has suffered severe winter with water damage causing some bad flaking and literal breakage of bricks in two places. Shallow damage in area of about 3' x 3' on outside of chimney; deeper, more severe damage affecting maybe six bricks in one corner near the ground where large chunks have cracked off. The house is painted brick, built in 1937 with a layer of brick outside, a layer of concrete, and then another layer of brick inside, so the exterior walls are brick clear through to the interior. There is some water leakage into the basement from the corner damage.

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Is charcoal powder better than bricks?

What would happen, if you put charcoal powder instead of bricks in your bbq, Would it push up the heat, or is it just unefficient? Cuz it's really messy, I thought it would be easier to ask someone with experience. I have put it under camping channel, and if it is more efficant than bricks, I guess It could go under the survival channel.

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car stereo

can a car stereo (headunit) b powered with an xbox power brick without an amplifier? if so how do you wire it up, i can get the power light on on the head unit but it will not switch on, anybodys help would be appreciated

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Car Stereo in home

Ok, im new to all this and i was wondering if i can connect my car stereo to an xbox power brick dirrectly without any amps? and just run 4 speakers off it like its ment to? anybody any ideas on how to do it? THe actuall power cables for my stereo are: Red : Power (+) Yellow (fused) : 12v+ memory Black : GND what wires would i connect to them from the xbox power brick? i have 3 yellow, 3 black, a red and blue wire. Your help would be much appreciated everyone.

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How do I use an old 19v laptop transformer for a laptop that needs 18.5v?

The title pretty much says it all, I have power 'brick' that is sitting unused in a drawer that has an output of 19v and 3.95A. The brick that came with the laptop I want to use this on has an output of 18.5v and 3.5A. I want to modify the older one so that it can be used at home, or as a backup, and the one that came with the laptop will continue as the primary supply when at work and on the go. Would it be as simple as adding a resistor(s), or am I going to need to figure out voltage regulators and capacitors? I kinda fall into the category of being experienced, but untrained...I can follow directions and do the work, but the more research I do, the more confused I get.

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Does anyone hav a diy controler for lego mindstorms controler based on a micro or know ho i can build one?

I have a lego nxt 1.0 and a robotics invention system that i would like to use the sensors off and motors. i would also like to be able to add my own sensors so a pic base would be appreciated.

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2012 Bricks Cascade, Portland Oregon

BRICKS CASCADE 2012 WHAT: BRICKS CASCADE is a 3-day convention including a 2-day public expo where Adult Fans of LEGO (AFoLs) OR Adult LEGO Hobbyists (ALH) can congregate and display their creations. It is made up of two parts: Convention and Exhibition. The Convention provides a place for fans to get together and share their friendship, experiences and show off their fantastic creations. There are many smaller events within the Convention including contests, games, round-table discussions, seminars and presentations. The Exhibition invites LEGO fans of all ages to view hundreds of incredible hobbyist-built creations and meet, and hopefully be inspired by, their creators. WHERE: Oregon Convention Center,  Portland Oregon WHEN: The private convention is on Friday June 1. The public exhibition occurs on Saturday, June 2nd between 10:00AM and 4:00PM, and Sunday, June 3rd between 9:00AM and 3:00PM. The convention schedule is here: http://brickscascade.com/Schedule.html WEBSITE: http://brickscascade.com WHO: All Adult Fans of LEGO!

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How to make this brick oven a better look?

This brick oven is a temp one I made. Now I am thinking to make a permanent one. I just wonder how to give a better shape. Like this one, I always feel it is a tomb-like thing. GOD. See, I made sour dough and whole wheat Pita bread every day, yammy! I love to put vegeterian ham and pickled vegetable inside pita.

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Freestanding LEGO Brick Tower Build Challenge

Not sure where this would fit - so square pegs it is!I'm interested in starting up a competition to build the tallest freestanding LEGO brick structure and I think Instructables could be a great place to play it out. As you've all probably seen, recently students in Vienna built the tallest LEGO tower at an amazing 29.48m. Photo at SF GateThe catch with that tower however, as pointed out by many in the blogosphere, is that it is 'supported' by wires, which keep it from falling in the wind. While they may just be a safety feature and not part of the structure, I agree with many who have said this is not really a freestranding structure - for that it would be LEGO brick and nothing else.So now, the challenge: Post an instructable showing how you built your tallest LEGO brick freestanding structure. This way, in the spirit of the DIY community, the next person can build off your design and improve it to create a bigger tower. Instructables should clearly show your method of construction, however there is no need for a brick by brick play. If you use a special technique to build the major components of your tower - such as a feature that allowed you to reach your desired height - highlight that for sure. For a baseline, I've found it very difficult to find any postings online of the tallest LEGO freestanding structure out there. Most publicity has been on these mega towers supported by tension cables. I was however to find one student's project here which topped out at a very modest 11 feet. 11ft TowerI hope to post my own attempt to beat this tower shortly - however if you've got the bricks - start building!! Then please link your instructable here.If you have any verified information on previous FREESTANDING builds out there, please post them too!Thanks!Daniel

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My Nintendo Wii has the black screen of death please help

As the title suggests my wii (4.3e) has a black screen of death after i installed priiloader and enabled a few hacks in the system menu nothing now works and any help would REALLY be appreciated.

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if you play backup games can your wii brick up?

 you have a burned C.D. or use a SD or USB to play back up games on your Wii can the Wii get bricked up and become unusable.

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Marbles,Marble Cheese, MARBLE STONE ! and brick.

A friend of mine is in the construction business and he has collected a bunch of crap. ( he knows i collect crap) So I got two big boxes of flat marble from my friend theres about 60 slats of stone in there. What should I do with them ? Along with that we got some old (really really really old bricks (1850)) about a thousand of the things what should I do with emm ?

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What to do with a bricked all-in-one pc?

I have a bricked Dell Studio 19 All-In-One PC, and wanted to know if I could use it for something. It was bricked by a failed BIOS update. There was a program from dell which came installed and updated any other of their software and drivers on the computer. Only after the failed update I found out that updating the BIOS is really unnecessary. The only fix I know for the motherboard is replacing it, and the only place I found out that refurbishes them are from a company in the US, and it's not cheap at all. (I used to live in the US, and moved to Brazil later) Well anyway, I wanted to know if I can use the computer for something else, like use the monitor for a different computer and use its bluetooth mouse and keyboard on a different computer too. I think the only thing really useful in it is the processor which is already old (Intel E7500 and a 320GB HDD). http://www.dell.com/us/dfh/p/studio-one-19/pd http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/product/studio-one-19/diagnose Thanks for the help!

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Faux corner fireplace surround with landscape bricks?

Any thoughts on creating a corner surround for one of those electric or gel pack, *ventless* fireplace inserts...using landscape brick? I was thinking: create frame for insert with 2x4s (I have a ton of them laying around) ...I have a nice, *natural*, hunk of wood for the top already but I was trying to come up with something SUPER easy for making the front look nice: landscape block? I see many nice looking structures built of just stacked up landscape blocks and what? are they GLUED together? Just stacked up with like a row on the bottom/front for a hearth? I am sure doing it in the middle of a wall instead of having to cut blocks for a corner would be easier but the way my windows are, the only place I can do it is in a corner as I am putting the TV on it and we have cut block in the past so we can do that part of it :)  I tried to find some examples on the internet and here at Instructables and haven't seen anyone try this yet.... Any thoughts anyone?

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How do I program a Lego Mindsorms NXT brick to interact with another one? Answered

Right now I got a second NXT brick and I want to use one of the bricks to control the other using bluetooth.  I also want to learn to make a remote control for future projects.  I have the two NXT bricks and the bluetooth but  I am not sure how to program it.  Do you guys know how to do this?

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I challenge you to be the first on to make a fully functioning knex BRICKS or knex MINI gun. Might be tough.

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Wanting to construct a fake brick rendered front fence out of blueboard

Any specific ideas on how exactly i would go about this?I already have the wrought iron fence panels that go inbetween the fake brick columnsnow i just have to construct the fake brick fence part to screw the brackets of iron panels to. Thanks in advance.

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Fire pit to pizza oven conversion

When i bought my house there was an old brick fire pit in the back yard.  it is about 3 foot square and 2.5 feet tall with a brick column like chimney up the back, that  is also 2.5 feet tall.  I already have a nice bbq and am wondering it it would be possible or worth it to build the fire pit up into a pizza oven?  I have never laid brick before and the brick oven project i found when searching the site did not look to be made of brick.

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Help with Jailbreak or Bricked iPods... NEW ! 1.1.3 released $19.95!!! ???

Post your problems here....BIG PRoblem Apple is CHARGING for the new apps released today!MailMapsNotesWeatherStocksHA! forget $20 we can Hack older iTouch and get apps of similar functions for free!ERCK

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Is this a good design for a forge? Answered

I'm wanting to make a forge, and i have 20 extra bricks, so i was thiknking of making a forge out of brick, following this idea i had in this image. If i made it it would be about 35in by 35in and i havn'e decided on the height. It would use a poured concrete base, I chose brick over making the whole thing out of concrete because i thought it would be stronger. But idk

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can my wii brick up if i mess up while installing homebrew channel ??

Can my wii brick up if i mess up installing homebrew channel ??  and will it function normally aft installing ? nd can i update my wii without hassles aft i install it ??

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Dentist radiation chart

Living in a rock or brick house exposes you to 700 times the radiation as eating a single yellow banana ! A BBC chart shows a banana as 0.1 radiation units and rock/brick homes as 70 radiation units and flying a trans continental aircraft is much worse in exposing you to radiation...

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Electric Arc Furnace?

I'm trying to make a furnace that can melt metal.  I've done a lot of thinking on it, and I decided that I'm going to make an Electric arc furnace for a multitude of reasons. I plan to use an arc welder as the power supply, with two carbon rods as the electrodes, creating an arc just above the crucible to melt the metal. I was wondering if anyone has done anything like this before?  I plan to have the furnace body made out of firebrick and refractory cement. Would this pose any problems? Also, how much strain does this put on a welder? Will it need to be shut off after a while due to overheating, or can it sustain it's own? Finally, How much power does a typical arc welder use? (in terms of watts) 

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I want to make hard sugarfree liquorice bricks, what type of natural binder should I use? Thanks!

For my next artistic project I would like to build edible bricks in different shapes. Whereas I don't have a problem realising molds in differeny shapes and sizes, I don't kn ow where to start in order to have bricks that are hard enough, non sticky, possibly with a good fragrance/smell and that come with natural ingredients (not too many bad chemical things). Also, I was thinking about liquorice, but they can also be made out of beetroot, cocoa, fruit juice etc. They should last a good deal of days and possibly be eaten, although hard.

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cell phone signal booster , basements, brick walls?

How can I put a homemade cell signal booster together for my basement apt.? what will be needed for the frequencies adjustment? Can I use an old rooter or ?

Question by JasonM7 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

How do I "unbrick" the Electronic Brick shield? Answered

I'm trying to connect external sensors (in the picture below - 2 tilt switches), to an Electronic brick shield like this (see picture): I extend 2 buckled plugs from the shield with male-to-male headers. As far as I can understand from their cookbook - white supplies gnd, red gives +5v, and black is the signal - so I take the gnd and +5v from *one* of these cables and connect them to the breadboard's -/+ busses. Black goes to the switch (and to gnd via a pul-up resistor). The second switch takes +5v from its plug's red line (could also take it from the bus - but it looks neater this way), The other side of the switch goes to the black line (yellow jumper). This setup simply turns off the Arduino (short-circuit?). Pulling out the buckled plugs turns it on again. This tilt switch setup is pretty simple (I've tested it without the Electronic brick shield - sending the inputs from them to LEDs - and it works fine). I've also tried "unbricking" the LCD brick itself (That's what I'm really after) by sticking jumpers into the holes in the bus cable (according to what I've gathered from the Electronic Brick cookbook), and I couldn't get it to show anything or turn on the backlight. Is there some voodoo I'm missing here? Thanks.

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Lego Chess Set - motorised, $32k, 100k bricks

Using 32 Lego mindstorms bricks, 100,000 Lego bricks (though adding up the stats from their site it's 97,015) and costing roughly $30,000 this Lego chess set that will be on display at Brickworld next week is truly amazing. Check out the detail on the pieces, I love how the knight's legs move as it travels the board. Though I was really confused until I realised they HAD to move the pawn out the way before the knight could move. The whole lot took a year to plan and build, led by 4 main people and helped by 23. Their site has more stats on how it was done and what it involved. [via Make]

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Are my Gummy bricks going to show up in Halloween?

I know they aren't gross so they might not win anything. You did ask for gross food. But I wanted to see if they would happen to squeak in there anywhere. The prizes in this contest are excellent. I entered it before the deadline. Thanks SFHandyman

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