Need broken DVD players PLEASE!

Need broken dvd player for spare parts. Working on project

Posted by NUM41R_B41G 6 years ago

broken sony cybershot with a good lcd screen.what can i make with it? Answered

The zoom part broke & its not worth what can I make with it????

Asked by bigmark 8 years ago

Broken thumbnail

See the screenshot. Using Android 4.1.1 on Samsung tablet 

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

Broken Ipod mini help

My friend just gave me hear broken Ipod mini. The screen is cracked and I was wondering how to fix it, any help?

Posted by sweetridecaddy 10 years ago

I want broken ipod touchs

Hey if any one has any broken ipod touchs can i have them ....... message me

Posted by the iron engeneer 8 years ago

Broken USB Flash Drive

My usb wireless card's head (the part that plugs in) broke off, how can i fix it?

Asked by Bradlius 8 years ago

What can I do with two broken digital cameras?

I have 2 broken digital cameras and I need to know if they have any significant use before I take'em apart.

Asked by sf49ers 4 years ago

I want to buy broken Classics, iPhones, Videos, Touches or broken apple laptops

I  interested in purchasing your broken iPod Classics, iPhones, Videos, and Touches for a project. If they don't work, I want them. Working iPods steer clear, I'm interested in broken ones ONLY. Let me know what you have and I'll let you know if I can use it or not. I will pay with paypal

Posted by laxmaster92 8 years ago

So my ps2 was broken and i broke it more

And not the lens and laser is messed up. Is there anyway i could hook it up to an external reader or something along the lines of that?

Posted by FreakyDeeky 10 years ago

Instructables broken?

Well, I was just browsing through the latest instructables, and what do I get? Html errors are annoying! I'll quote Futurama: fixit-fixit-fixit-fixit-fixit-fixit-fixit-fixit!

Posted by Kirbsome! 8 years ago

My Instructable is inaccessible (broken link)

My project was featured in the recent email (thank you), but I am getting messages from others and myself am unable to access the page.

Posted by cheft 9 years ago

What can i do with three broken printers? anything really, parts, things to make etc. open to any suggestions?

I have three broken printers in my room and i don't know what to do with them. i don't want to throw them out. any suggestions on what to do with them?

Asked by jibatsu 8 years ago

Buying Broken iPods

Hi everyone! I'm looking to buy spoilt/broken iPods, most preferably the iPod photo or anything that's around that size/weight for an art project that I am undertaking. I'll pay for shipping and give you a reasonable token sum for your help ;) (Understand that I need about a hundred, so it would be nice if you don't expect too much cash for me.)

Posted by joyene 7 years ago

Broken Portable LCD Screen

Hello everyone... I have a broken LCD screen that went to a dvd player base that was a portable dvd player system, I was wanting to know if it was possible for me to find a way to power this up and use it with my computer, to display system stats like temp, proccessor usage, and things like this, any ideas on if this can be done and how I could do it?

Posted by blumoon94 8 years ago

Broken link to Cryptex Instructable

Hi - I'm trying to access: from user KENYER - an instructable about a Cryptex. The link was working a few weeks ago, but I can't get there now - please advise.  Thanks, Brendan

Posted by itsbrend 2 years ago

Broken Sennheiser HD 435 Headphones

I recently broke my headphones, snapped clean through the adjustable bit between headphone and head band, and wondered if anyone had any suggestion of what to do with them? I've already tried glueing them and that failed.

Posted by juicebarjoseph 10 years ago

Broken iPod Touch

I have a 4th Gen iPod with a cracked screen (corner) and it's lock button isn't working. The iPod can still be used and does turn on. I would like to see if anyone would be willing to buy it. I may be able to post an image.

Posted by brokenipod4thgen 3 years ago

Removing Broken Pin from an RCA Jack

I recieved a free, working TV the other day. The only problem with it was the pin from an RCA video cable had broken off inside the socket. I didn't want to spend money on an RF modulator for my DVD Player, so I figured out a pretty solid way of getting the pin out. 1.) Find a needle 2.) On a hard surface, bend the very tip of the needle slightly so that it forms a tiny barb. 3.) heat the tip of the needle with a lighter until it glows red hot. 4.) stick the needle into the plastic core of the broken RCA pin 5.) wait a few seconds for it to cool 6.) pull the needle out, and the broken tip should follow!

Posted by spenjmn 10 years ago

It has been two days since the last post. Is this page still broken? Answered

I shall soon see whether it is or isn't.

Asked by Burf 6 years ago

my broken hand

I broke my left hand now get ready to laugh...i slammed it in an old '77 cadilac door (OUCH). i cracked my 1st knuckle dislocated my index finger and fractured my bone that goes from your knuckle to your wrist (OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW)

Posted by darth acexxacer 10 years ago

How do I fix my broken 4th generation iPod shufffle?

I own a 4th generation iPod shuffle. One day I dropped it from pretty high up and now when I turn it on a green light comes on, and flashes on and off. It won't play music and my computer has a hard time recognizing it. What's wrong with it and how do I fix it?

Asked by Wendymarvel 4 years ago

Plain editor

PLEASE fix the basic editor in the answers section. It can't be that hard to force a into the html on a CR character.

Posted by steveastrouk 8 years ago

Broken Lappy. What should I do?

Hey everyone, Im new to this forum, but I visit the site a lot. I just got a Toshiba laptop for free, Not sure what model but it has a huge screen. From what I've been told, the motherboard is broken, but the screen works. Ive tried pressing the power button and nothing happens, but there are those little.. shortcut keys to start internet etc. When I press one, it starts up, but the screen doesnt show anything. Im pretty sure something is just wrong with the wiring, but I have no clue how to fix this. Is there any way to fix it from what you would know? Or is there anything fun I can do to it with the screen or something? I have not touched it in a year now and its collecting dust, so right now, im open to any ideas =]

Posted by SpencerRawr 10 years ago

Help - broken parts

I have a unibody macbook which I have recently broken and would be grateful for your help/advice. I dropped my macbook on the floor. As a result a piece of metal (I think it is aluminium but this is a guess) snapped off the screen (internally). This piece of metal was the piece that the hinge screwed into, connecting the screen and the keyboard and allowed the laptop to close. I have attempted to glue this piece back on with various strong adhesives but these have not been strong enough due to it being hinge. I am writing to ask if you think that a form of welding may be a possible solution. The piece is 1.75cm in length and about 3mm across. As you can see from the photos there are three holes which will hold the screws securing the hinge to the computer's base. The piece is attached to the laptop's screen. I have attached two professional photos which I hope show how the piece fits into the overall mechanism. Your input would be most appreciated. 

Posted by apa261 6 years ago

Download PDF Broken

I tried multiple methods of downloading the PDF of this article: It didn't work here. I got some: DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" " looking thing that isn't a PDF when I tried with means other than my web browser. This is the link to the defective PDF download page: Someone else in their comment from 2011 seems to have had some difficulties too. Feel free to get in contact with me when you have resolved this issue as I would like to download that file myself here. Thank you.

Posted by pfred2 6 years ago

suggestions plz

Hi, my laptop lcd is broken .it is a 15.4 inch dell inspiron 1501,so my question is if i want to change the lcd i have to buy the same model of dell i.e 1501 or can i buy different inspiron version like e1505,9100 like that because i see some deals on other versions of dell .actually i see a very good deal($15) for inspiron 8500 ,so do you think it will fit.

Posted by vijaybhaskar 10 years ago

apple ipod touch or android tablet

Anyone out there,,, do you have anything in mind to create something with a spoil Apple Ipod touch or an Android tablet.?

Posted by msufian 5 years ago

What was the last electronic device you broke?

In writing 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer I collected a lot of broken electronics to make projects with. However, the ones I had the most fun re-purposing were the ones I had broken myself. This is not say I enjoy breaking my electronics, but rather, I enjoyed finding new uses for the devices that I had grown rather fond of using. The last such thing I have that died on me was the digital camera I used to document all of the projects I made in the book (it survived over 20,000 photos before I dropped it for the last time). It's currently in pieces on my work bench while I try to figure out what to do with it. I'm wondering, what is the last thing you have that died? What do you plan on doing with it?

Posted by 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer 8 years ago

Getting a broken screw out of mdf?

Okay I have this problem with a screw being stuck.  It's a small screw size, like maybe #10, but can't tell. It's stuck in 3/4 inch mdf, and it goes through the mdf. I've tried everything to get it out. Pliers don't work, and I absolutely CAN NOT drill out a larger hole.  I tried super gluing a nut to it (yes, I know, stupid idea) didn't work. Only other idea I have is possibly welding a nut onto it, but I have no access to any kind of welder. I can get a butane torch with interchangeable 'soldering' tips, but I think I could possibly do a cheap tack weld that way if it gets hot enough. Other than that, does anyone have any ideas on what I can do? I'd like to preserve the threads as I will be using the same hole. 

Asked by xander.zoolander 3 years ago

My watch band broke off, because the piece of metal connecting the band the the main piece broke off. Answered

It's the little metal bar. Anybody know how I can fix it?

Asked by Appollo64 7 years ago

I cracked my 3 inch LCD screen on my Fuji there a way to make a view finder?

 Its a fujifilm 10 mega pixel digital camera, when on the 3 inch screen turns white and crack is black. is there any chance i could replace it under $100.

Asked by RunningRiot42 8 years ago

I have 2 remote control helicopters and they dont charge when i try to charge them?

I overcharged my toy helicopter that i last played with about 1 year ago. Now it just wont charge. i've tried everything but it simply wont charge. both of the planes cost about £25 each.

Asked by knektek 8 years ago

Search has never once worked

I've had a pro membership for some time. In the couple years as a member never once have I ever received any results any time I have tried to use the search functions on the site. By never, I do mean in fact not once, ever. It would be a really empowering thing to be able to search for specific items/terms. Assistance greatly appreciated.

Posted by GrfxGawd 4 years ago

My guitar hero drum kick pad broke, the pin on the jack snapped off. Need help in rewiring a new jack.

The connector plug sheared off where it plugs into the drum set. I cut the cable to replace the jack but can't figure out how the wires inside can be reconnected to the new jack. It looks like there is only one wire inside the insulation but part is red and part is gold. But they seem to run together. Any advice or help appreciated!?

Asked by bmountain 9 years ago

FIRSTCOMMENT throws ERROR 500: solr Ex !

When attempting to navigate to: ERROR 500: solr Ex ! Exception org.apache.solr.client.solrj.SolrServerException: Error executing query  at org.apache.solr.client.solrj.request.QueryRequest.process(  at org.apache.solr.client.solrj.SolrServer.query(  at com.instructables.solr.SolrSearchServlet.doGet(  at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(  at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(  at com.caucho.server.dispatch.ServletFilterChain.doFilter(  at com.caucho.filters.GzipFilter.doFilter(  at com.instructables.filter.FilterWrapperFilter.doFilter(  at com.caucho.server.dispatch.FilterFilterChain.doFilter(  at com.instructables.filter.HibernateSessionRequestFilter.doFilter( at com.caucho.server.dispatch.FilterFilterChain.doFilter(  at com.instructables.filter.TemporaryProFilter.doFilter(  at com.caucho.server.dispatch.FilterFilterChain.doFilter(  at com.instructables.filter.SecurityFilter.doFilter(  at com.caucho.server.dispatch.FilterFilterChain.doFilter(  at com.instructables.filter.SetupFilter.doFilter(  at com.caucho.server.dispatch.FilterFilterChain.doFilter(  at com.caucho.server.webapp.WebAppFilterChain.doFilter(  at com.caucho.server.dispatch.ServletInvocation.service(  at com.caucho.server.http.HttpRequest.handleRequest(  at  at com.caucho.util.ThreadPool.runTasks(  at  at Caused by: org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: can not sort on undefined field: FIRSTCOMMENT can not sort on undefined field: FIRSTCOMMENT request: desc&wt=javabin&version=1  at org.apache.solr.client.solrj.impl.CommonsHttpSolrServer.request( at org.apache.solr.client.solrj.impl.CommonsHttpSolrServer.request( at org.apache.solr.client.solrj.request.QueryRequest.process(  ... 23 more

Posted by Lithium Rain 7 years ago

Epiloglaser - broken link

Just to warn that epiloglaser's link is broken!

Posted by Felps 9 years ago

Broken Parts

Well i've had knex for a long time and i've broken alot of parts... This is most of my broken parts.

Posted by The Nomlack 7 years ago

Broken lcd?

I have what I think is a broken lcd. It doesn't have any black blotches though. It is a spiderweb crack but has color in it. Is the lcd broken? What else could be wrong? The specs on the tv are Shap aquos 32 1080i .

Posted by thejrb 9 years ago

what should i do with my broken xbox?

My friend gave me his broken xbox, anyone know of any cool projects i can do with a broken xbox besides just using the parts?

Asked by William930 7 years ago

Laptop hinge broken !

My laptop's (lenovo c100) both hinges (metallic) are broken one by one. i am using it by placing something behind the display. Any alternative?

Asked by gopalkalna 8 years ago

Where can I buy a broken projector?

I need the case from a projector for a project. Where can I buy a really cheap broken projector?

Asked by mastr924 6 years ago

ebook link broken

Hi I noticed that this ebook Daily bread epub link is broken screen shot below. Im running firefox, on ubuntu thanks liquidhandwash

Posted by liquidhandwash 5 years ago

rockband 2 drums broken?

Hi, my rockband drums are broken, the red pad9far right0 is totally off. i can still use them. but i would like to know how to get them to stay on. any help/

Asked by the poodleo 6 years ago

Wanting a Broken iPod Touch?

Hiya, I'm looking for any broken 3rd or 4th gen iPod Touches.  I'm only in need of two, as I'm trying to learn to repair electronics.  They can have almost any issue. Thanks

Posted by Corrytonapple 6 years ago

Broken 42inch screen smashed with a hammer

All screens inside the plasma are broken i need to know where to buy the screens, What the screens are? and how to fix it, if anyone can help ill be grateful, the tv is a 42 inch plasma pannasonic, (got smashed with a hammer)

Asked by robthinks 8 years ago

Wanted: Used Ipod Hard Drive (or broken ipod)

Hello, i am looking for either a broken ipod classic or just the hard drive from it. If you have the broken ipod, it cant be a hard drive issue, as i do not have the tools for repair, nor the resources to make a cleanroom. so yeah, if at all possible, 60 gigs or higher please. thank you

Posted by mortis1369 9 years ago

Fix a Broken Key

Here's an interesting way to fix a key when the plastic loop on top breaks. It's a mini pouch with a key ring that the key can go into.I probably would've just epoxied a key ring to it, but this looks a lot nicer, that's for sure. Broken Key Fix via CRAFT

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

broken link in the newsletter October 7, 2014

Broken link of the October 7, 2014 newsletter. Returns: Sorry, we just can't find that one!   We're sorry, the URL is either incorrect or no longer available. Maybe you are looking for one of the following Instructables below.

Posted by xmac 3 years ago

Broken reply button

It appears to be impossible to reply to any comments in this forum topic: Using FF13.0.1 under XP Home Edition, there is no response at all to clicking on the reply buttons.  No message, no movement of the page....

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago