Download Little Brother for Free!

If you've enjoyed the w1n5t0n Instructables that are based on a character from Cory Doctorow's book Little Brother, then we recommend picking up a copy now that it's available. If you're on the fence about buying it, then you can also download it for FREE! It's not a pirated copy, Cory is generously offering the download up to all as he has done with his previous books.Want to get it? Here's the link.

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Brother embroidery sewing machine

 I have a jpg design that I want to have written to a brother embroidery card. Does anyone have the card writer & PE Design software?

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The fictional version of Linux from Cory Doctorow's new book "Little Brother" shall soon be fiction no longer.I kid you not. ParanoidLinux is coming soon to a computer near you. Perhaps even an iPhone.Thanks Boing Boing!

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My brother brakes alot of things when he is mad could someone help me stop him? (my parents don't do anything at all! Answered

When my little brother gets mad he starts to brake things including my things when i try to stop him (i have to use force) he starts crying then I get in trouble. Can some one help me stop him because my parents don't do anything except ask him to take a pill for his ADHD but half the time he doesn't take it and when he asks me if he can play one of my games and i say no he starts trying to brake things and continually asks me. Could some one please help? Part of the problem is he is smart enough to not get in trouble. ps: sorry for the poor worded question

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Make a Little Brother video and Get Featured on BBtv!

We really dug Cory Doctorow's new book, Little Brother. We liked it so much that we've made a series of Instructables based on the w1n5t0n character in the book. Now Cory has thrown out a challenge to make a video based on any of these Instructables and post it to YouTube. The best one gets featured on BBtv.So, to recap:(1) Shoot it!(2) Upload it to YouTube or another video hosting site!(3) Tell us where to find it! Submit the url here.(4) Selected videos will be featured on BBtv! LinkWant to read the book? Then check it out for free!

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can one refill a tn 3185 brother cartridge? ?

My printer says the toner is empty, so i refilled it with toner, but the printer still says that the toner is empty please help!? I have a brother 5250 DN printer. and i'm using a TN 3185 cartridge. does the cartridge have a chip in them?

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my brother is turning 10 soon..

Hes turning ten soon and i told him that i would make him a sweet instructable... any ideas? for more info. just ask.

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Gift Ideas

Gift ideas? My little brother loves Nintendo any craft I can make for him? My sisters birthdays is coming up (its on NewYears Eve) And my boyfriend...uh I'm clueless about, I just know not to get him anything pink or easter purple..or hello kitty (or Halo Kitty)  Idea exchange? I Got my sister a mist machine for christmas I thought it would be great for their parties and great in general (10 bucks at Family Dollar)  And I just got Photo Frames for my parents :| Any better ideas?  Thanks!

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How Can I Copy All My Songs To My Brothers Laptop

My brother just got brand new laptop, but im not too sure how to copy my songs to his laptop. he has asked this of me, but i would still like to keep them on my computer. also his computer is vista and mine is xp even though im sure it might not have much to do with it. i have an ideaa of how to do it but i just need to make sure i do it rightt! thanks guys!

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Sewing Machine (Brother side bobbin)

Please help. I have just aquired an old Brother "Mademoiselle" model JA28 with the side bobbin. How do I thread it? Thanks!

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Little Brother Book Tour & Signings

Cory Doctorow is on tour promoting his book Little Brother - and he may be coming to a city near you!He's in Seattle for the next couple of days, then heads to the SF Bay Area.Check out his schedule of appearances and get your own autographed copy of Little Brother!Don't forget that you can also make a video about your Little Brother project for BoingBoing TV, and download the book for free.

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How can i refill a brother LC970BK printer cartridge?

Brother MFC-235C printer scanner takes above cartridge cant find out how to refill. thanks in advance

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Can anyone explain why the Jonas Brothers are so famous? Answered

I want a couple of answers why the Jonas Brothers and there little talent got so famous when at first they were not that known and famous? I just need answers PLEASE COMENT!!!!

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hey i need any cheats for super smash brothers brawl for wii ? Answered


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super smash brothers brawl (SSBB)

Hi I have only one "friend" to play brawl with and I am looking for some people to play with. send me a pm with your wii message board number and also send your brawl number too.

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Super Mario Brothers

Hi all, it's been awhile since I've played Super Mario Brothers and I the late night gaming desire has hit. Does anyone know which console this game was played on and does anyone know where I can get an emulator and a game image? Many thanks, dla888

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HELP needed with Brother P-Touch 1400 Label Maker.

The last time I used this machine (a couple months ago) everything worked just fine. I knew I wouldn't be using it again for a while so I removed the batteries (I always do). But today I tried to use it, and won't turn on. So I ran out, and bought new batteries, and still nothing. I looked in the manual, and it was no help. I couldn't find help on Google, so now I'm asking here......any ideas? Is there a RE-SET button?   Thanks in advance Mary?

Asked by MaryT8M 6 years ago

Can anyone tell me as much as they know about the dalton brothers? Answered

I'm doing an English assignment, and I've chosen to do it on my great-great-great-uncles, the Dalton Brothers, scourge of the Wild West. But all the views are biased to them being the bad guys, and I need to prove everyone wrong, so can someone please supply some information about them? Thanks!

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what can i do? i have the BIGGEST crush on my best friend brother?

I really , REALY like my best friend brother ! how can i flirt with out my friend catching on like her brother? i really like him ! did i say that already? :D

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What is the best Electronic/Electro Song? Answered

I like stuff like Leftfeild, Postal Service, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Pendulum, anyone know any other great tracks/bands?

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what is a good science project for my brother? no baking soda volcanos please. Answered

Hes looking for something that will at least get him a B so any ideas? can be for any age group but the more advanced the better. thanx

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Improve a 1993 Brother-brand Word Processor?

I'd like to make my 1993 Brother word processor useful. It looks like a laptop with a small black-text-only screen and handles a few basic programs (Tetris, word processor, spreadsheets). I've seen great Instructables for later laptops, but nothing that would work for mine, since it doesn't have a color screen and probably has a pretty small memory bank. Ideas?

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I think you should be apart of a rising clan: the brother and sister hood

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my brother is building a recumbent motorcycle (feet first) can anyone recomment a good tech manual for this?

He is a low tech sort of guy so hard copy manual is best, but not essential. oh time is a factor as his birthday approacheth!

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my brother thinks that horror games have only opera and not classical music is he right? Answered

We were arguing about the music in obscure the aftermath and I think it has both classical and opera am I right#

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The Salmon Dance

Music vid for the weekend (I like bleeps)

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My Brother Ink-Jet Printer should be able to print on transfer paper but it won't? Answered

I have a brother ink jet printer and im trying to print on crayola transfer paper and i did everything right problem is the ink from the printer is on but a whole wackload of ink goop comes out on it my printer has no transfer paper setting but i tested it on transparencies and thin and neither worked. there's no problem with my settings im pretty sure PLZ HELP, :D

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Well, him or his brother or anyone else with access to his account.

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super smash bros. brawl!!!

Just in case you didn't know there is a new super smash brothers game coming on (Feb.10 2008)it will be on the wiihere are some pics. and a link to the sight where they have an update every weak day.

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i'm mortified

Noo! I have been scorned with the shameful mark of the jonas brothers! apparently adsense decided that it would be funny to plaster my page with the images of bad boy bands produced by the Disney channel. I know that my user name is mynameisjonas, but still, how could they?!?!?!?!?!? help instructables robot!

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How do I get my little brother to like taking baths regularly?

My little brother plays in the mud everyday while I'm at school and my mom is cooking and cleaning. When I come home from school he runs to hug me before I reach the door. Then he runs inside before I start complaining about the mud on my Versace outfit. But when my mom calls for him to take a bath so we can eat supper, he runs around the house screaming. Until he gets to Jack, my older brother. Jack has a way to get kids to calm down a little, but he can't get him to take a bath. I get so pissed off when he gets my clothes dirty because I worked for a year before I can save enough money to buy it and still have a lot left in my account to help with the bills and stuff like that.

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How do I reset my brother tn450 after putting in new toner cartridge?

I have been reading all of the blogs, and do not know how to reset the printer to remove the toner end message. I just bought a compatable toner and the machine will not recognize it.

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Im in baton and i like one of the girls brothers, but i dont know him all that well what do i do?

I know that hes my age and grade but he doesnt go to the same school as me. He knows my 17 year old brother who plays high school football and he plays football too. Hes really sweet and nice and whenever i go my baton practice my mom talks to him and embarrasses me! He always glaces at me when im practicing and its hard not to look at him

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My crushes brother kissed me ( faturnal twins) what should i do??!!

My ctushes twin has deep deep blue eyes and is beautiful but my crush is the ugly one who is sweet and funny and is very nice first i was talking to my crushs twin then out of nowhere he kissed me and im not sure what i should do!!!

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Airsoft Ideas

Besides having a war, I need ideas of things to do with airsoft guns for my brothers b-day party.

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what should i get my 9 year old brother for christmas, i was going to get him a modern warfare 2 but my mom said no? Answered

Http://i still cant write any thing in the box's... so i have to write it as a link :( 

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Me and my brother love brother is 8 and he wants a fort.we dont have much knex.and im stubbern and will ONLY use MICRO KNEX.NOT KID KNEX.I USE THE TYPE I GET FROM ROLLERCOASTER BOXES.back to the subject.i need low-piece microknex guns!I REPEAT:i need low-piece microknex a high rate of fire would be nice

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what to do

Christmas is coming up, yay!!! On the 6th I ordered some shutter shades from My brother is a Kanye West fan. It has been over 2 weeks (almost 3 weeks on christmas) and they still havn't shown up. If they don't come, what do I tell my brother? I'm not too worried, because the thought was there, ordering something 3 weeks before christmas is good i think.

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Hi my name is ...

Hi my name is cutting Matt (get the pun?) i'm tech-king's brother my main interest is modeling.

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Why did you join Instructables?

Also, how did you learn about the site?

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Hi, I'm looking for any information on ultralight aircraft. How they're built, what engines they use, plans/designs, ect.

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Whats this movie?

In one part the kids were watching tv and it went fuzzy like in the picture and a person was talking through it and guys with buisiness suits and the kids saving their brother.  Please help!

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Instructables Partnership?

Has Instructables considered a partnership program like YouTube? Like a 'pay per hundred views' program for more popular users.

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fixing my brothers theremin

My brother who has no electronics history bought a theremin kit from an Australian electronics store called jay car and or course it didn't work when he finished it, sp he gave it to me but in the electronics department i can only build kits with all the instructions there for me i dont know how to fix a problem with one. I have a multimeter here but im still completely not sure how to use it to find out whats wrong with the kit, it sounds dumb but i could post a picture of it but im pretty scure that would be pointless cos you wouldn't be able to see the components values. Can anyone give me some help in trying to figure out how to fix it cos i dont want to have to rebuy it and built it for him

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Do you have to be full-aged (adult) to get the won price ?

my little brother asks....

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Can we fight back Big Brother?

Conoy Township in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; is voting to avoid flying surveillance remote controlled aircrafts above their skies. In a time when the United States government approves the use of drones to spy on the civilian population, I have found interesting how people are responding. This municipal ordinance definitely will not stop the use of drones on this area if deemed necessary for our national security but I wonder if this could be the start of a trend.

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Should i trade in my Xbox 360 for a PS3?

NEVER MIND I ALREADY GOT IT So ive had my 360 for a couple years now but my cuzins and me and my brothers friends traded their 360's for a PS3. My brother wants to trade our 360 for a PS3 too, but i like the 360 and im not sure. Shud i keep the 360 or trade it for PS3?

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how do you make a yugioh cards?

I need to learn how to make a card for my brothers b-day  and i need to know.

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