Fish In A Light Bulb

So I was wondering do you think it would be possible to take an old ligth bulb hallow it out and use it as a fish bowl for a mini fish?  Im just not sure should I put a small plant in there and if so what kind of plant so maybe just a little air pump while Im gone.  Or would a small fish be fine if I put some rocks on the bottom and then just changed it once a month or so?  Or would it end up being every day do you think? Ethan PS I hope people dont bite my head off thinking Im a horrible person I just like the idea of having a fish in a light bulb I think it would look cool so Im asking before I do it and accidentally kill a fish...

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Removing the stamp on a bulb

Hi!  Just a really quick question: Is there a way to remove the stamp on the bottom of a light bulb (you know, the bit that says the number of watts and the manufacturer) without damaging the bulb? Thanks for the reply.

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Waterproofing LED bulbs.

I want to use LED bulbs in my turtle tank, but it MUST be waterproofed. I plan to pun it off 12V, with a resistor. I'm not going to run the 12V cable into the tank, I'm going to place the resistor outside the tank with it's own cable going to the LED. Any ideas on how to do it?

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have three bulb , on first one bulb lighted on again two bulb lighted?

Have three bulb first time switch on it will on the center bulb second time switch on it will on the other two corner bulb but the center bulb will be off

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Please guide me the circuit of 8led of 3volt by 3volt only Answered

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Change pendant light bulb?

I have three teardrop pendant lights over my counter; one light bulb burnt out. I tried to change the bulb but it does not screw in - not sure what type of bulb this is? Really, I've changed light bulbs forever, but can't figure this one out. Search You Tube and DIY for a video but only found typical light bulbs or recessed lights. Your help is much appreciated.

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DIY Projector bulb problem ?

In reading some of the instructables on DIY projector lamp replacements I decided to give it a shot. So I purchased a Proxima Ultralight LX1 off of ebay, and when it arrived it contained no previous bulb, so I purchased a MR16 style 100 watt halogen bulb and installed it (with a seperate power supply). When I started it up and connected it to my laptop it worked fine for about a minute or so (give or take) but then the image went blank (not the bulb but the LCD screens showed blackness) for five seconds, then the image popped up as nothing had ever happened. I have tried everything to prevent this, other computers, killing the ballast (which is quite easy, only one wire to disconnect) different video sources and no dice. But I do know that it has nothing to do with the light bulb because it is on a completley different power supply and is not connected electronically to the projector in any way, there is something wrong with the controls of the unit Any Help would be appreciated, Thanks Bwpatton1

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Wiring a 3 bulb lamp

I know this is basic, but I'm not familiar with wiring anything that could potentially burn the house down so I feel its better to ask. I'm wanting to wire up three lights to go over my basement workbench to all work on the same switch. The image shows what I planned to do, was just wondering if there an expert out there who could tell me if this is going to be safe? Would 60 watt bulbs ok?

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Cutting off the top of a light bulb

Hello! I'm having a problem and have ruined quite a bit of incandescent light bulbs over it: I need to open the thing just below the thread and I have no idea how. I've tried doing it with an X-acto knife, but it never breaks evenly, and usually, there are tiny cracks along the edge. Anybody out there have experience doing this and any words of wisdom? Thanks in advance :)

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how toxic it the white powder in the light bulbs used?


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whats the purpose of the glowing ice bulb ?

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why isnt my instrictable up yet? Answered

Https:// thats it any info?

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How remove coating from lightbulb? Answered

Anyone have an idea what the inside of this light bulb is coated with, and how to remove it? It's not the usual white powdery coating. It's darker and a little clearer. I tried the salt method, but it did nothing.

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How do I take apart a lightbulb? Answered


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I started cfl assemblying bussines .but i have some problem i cant fix cfl peasting ...plzz help what kind off material use can fix 

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How Bright is a 112 Lm/W LED? Answered

Hello, I am on a mission to find a very very bright led preferably in red. I have seen lots of bulbs with ranging prices but don't understand how bright they are. One led I have seen is the Luxeon Rebel LXM5-PD01 which comes in red and is 112 Lm/W, I understand that it means 112 lumens per watt but how bright actually is that? And what would be its power consumption? Thanks

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Giant Hanging Light Bulb Lamp

I'm wanting to create a giant hanging light bulb lamp, similar to the ones I've uploaded, but I'm not really sure how I would go about doing it. I think I would make it out of plastic. So I would need to create a mold and then make two halves on a vacuum form, but I have no experience doing that. I'm not sure how I would make a mold of a giant light bulb, what materials to use and how to make it. I had thought about maybe cutting something out on a lathe but I don't have a lathe and it seems like it would have to be pretty big. I also thought about paper mache but I was afraid it might be too bumpy and light bulbs are smooth. Also once I have created the vacuum form plastic halves how I would attach them together with out having a large seam show.

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battery powered light bulbs?

Will a 12 v battery power a 12 v bulb (23A alkaline batteries, 6S6?12V - 6 Watt bulb), and for how long? Also same question w/a (6 Volt - 5.0 Amps - S8 Bulb, Alkaline Battery 6V A544 4LR44 PX28A battery)?

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350 Projector bulb power source?

Hey guys I recently salvaged the bulb from and InFocus LP1000B projector. I want to use this bulb as a light source but am not sure how to go about this because I do not know the voltage to run the bulb at or if the power to it needs to be limited somehow. From my research I believe it is a 350 watt Metal Halide bulb. Thanks for any help.

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temporary video projector bulb fix

has anyone ever had a bulb go out on you while using your video projector and not had money to fix it i came across a way to temporary to fix it but i dont know if it will work for all projectors so im getting peoples opinion on if i should put this up as an instructable. please let me know what you think

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Light Bulb Lamps

Oh what to do with the light bulb now that you're basking in the efficient glow of your CFLs? Well, you could convert them into these light bulb lamps as Sergio Silva has done. It's a pretty sweet item with neodymium magnets holding them in place on an included acrylic plate with embedded bits of steel.However, the price tag is $650 for the set which is pretty flippin' ridiculous for what can be remade with scrap and $10 of materials, if that. To be fair, the light bulbs Silva makes are sturdier than the regular item, are all made by the original artist, and are limited to a run of 66. So you're buying some design-y street cred before they get knocked off and sold for one-tenth the price. Linkvia bbgadgets

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Toshiba has stopped making incandescent bulbs after 120 years

Lighting has taken another step towards energy efficiency as Toshiba stopped making incandescent bulbs yesterday. It will now be focusing more on other lighting such as LEDs. This is all great news as incandescents wasted a lot of energy as heat instead of lighting. Now with a greater focus on the energy-efficient options we can expect to see quality and efficiency improve as prices come down. Lights out on Incandescent Bulb Production at Toshiba via inhabitat / CC BY 2.0

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Searching for new instructables!

Hello everyone! I am the founder of Light Bulb (Group) and am currently looking to finish placing all of the instructables related to the group. I have found all of the items worth putting on this group that were under the following seaerch terms: Light Bulb Bulb Right now I need help with LED and any other ones you can think of, if you finish off a search for this group, please post your search term here! Lukethebook333

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What is the most efficient way to wire 7, 3.4V, 700mA, Leds and 1, 230mA, 15W, GE Bulb to a 117V AC wall socket?

K2 star leds ge helical 120vac 60 hz

Asked by max11123 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Can I mix LED bulbs with regular bulbs in a set of track lights?

I put track lights in my kitchen several years ago. I recently found some LED bulbs but they cost around $15-30 each. Can I mix different bulbs in track set?...$60.00 is a little steep. I'm hoping for less light / heat output.

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Overhead projector bulbs, AC or DC?

I have some quartz projector bulbs, do they run on AC or DC power?

Asked by The Ideanator 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Control bulb with inductive proximity sensor

Please see attached diagrams in my other message below. I am using an NPN NC inductive proximity sensor (specs attached) to control a light bulb. The bulb is normally on and goes off when metal is detected. It is a 12v/21w bulb, powered by 12VDC. I have placed a heat sinked TIP120 NPN High Power Darlington Transistor 60V 5A TO-220 , a 2.2K 0.25W resistor and a 560R 0.25W resistor as shown in the circuit diagram on the right. Please ignore the left diagram for the LED. voltage readings for sensor with no metal detected: Between brown and black: 12.06/07V & -12.03/04V. Between blue and black: 0.0033V & -0.0032V (3.3mV & -3.2mV)  with metal detected: brown/black: -0.6/7mV & 0.7mV  Blue/Black: 11.96/97V & -11.93V Although the sensor is powered and detects metal ok, the bulb stays on. The polarity of tIP120 is correct and gives out heat ok. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong so could you please see an obvious error?? thank you

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How to make a bulb? Answered

Actually I know how to make a bulb, but the problem is that I don't have any tungsten for the filament. Can you tell me any other alternatives for my bulb?

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Is there any way of powering a light-bulb with usb?

Could you connect a usb cable to a light socket...? or would usb not provide enough power..? 

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Led light bulb uk

Hi , I wounded if any body would be able to help me out? I have been give a few led chip, all 10w 12v 900ma, have seen people make or replace lights in there house with 1-3w bulbs , but mostly there also in the us :(, and wounded if anyone could give me some light guided help   I live in the uk and would like to light my house on these if pos so if the first works ill have to make 9 more at least to change all my bulbs lol cheers and thanks :)

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Tesla illusion ideas / wireless light bulb help

So I was considering going as Nickola Tesla for Halloween and showcasing his ideas as sort of party a Tesla turbine blade and whatnot. But seeing as he is primarily known for electricity work, I thought it would be cool if I could somehow come up with a way to make a lightbulb glow while holding it. I tossed around the idea of running a powersource to a conductive glove to power it and also of making a self contained powered bulb but not sure. Any ideas on how to make some sort of electrical phenomenon illusion? Thanks.

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Where's the cheapest place to buy leds other than eBay.?

Asked by coolpizzadude 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Small Lightbulb question

Hi there I feel ashamed to ask this question as it is probably so simple I have some small MES bulbs.. they have 6/8V 0.15A stamped on them I want to run them off a battery... on a parallel circuit... would 4x 1.5V batteries (6V total eg 4 AA batteries) in a battery holder work for them?? and would I need a resistor to stop them blowing?? (I am trying to run 3 bulbs in parallel for an instructable... best reply gets put in the credits at the end, but you don't get royalties lol!) any help welcome Will

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LED Conversion from battery to socket

I've found a few projects that touch on converting a standard light bulb to a LED configuration. But nothing that I have come across has a complete diagram for the conversion. I know that LED lights will last longer than most lamps and are much cheaper to run. But they cost upwards of +$20 each! Any help would be AWSOME!

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Which is the best yet economical projector light source that can be used with a 35mm Geneva projector?

Light sources available in market or the ones that have to  be constructed, either will do the job. It is a college project with limited funds so   both economy and quality are to be considered.

Asked by usama164 6 years ago

Schematic and PCB layout

I saw a schematic from this is the schematic design and i tried to make a PCB layout and this is what i came up with the design is the layout correct? the blue line will likely be a jumper wire.. thanks in advance for the guidance.. =]

Asked by gameshark888 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How do you force a flower bulb to bloom in the winter?

What kind of bulbs can be forced? Can they be forced in water, or does the bulb need soil?

Asked by porcupinemamma 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how can i concentrate of a bulb light at a point ?

I have a bulb ( pic is attached ) and for some experimental work i have to concentrate its all light at a single point. can anyone help me that how can i do that ??

Asked by m_uamir72001 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

can you replace a projector bulb with an alternative light source? Answered

Hi there I have got a projector and the bulb has gone. I think we can agree they are really expensive and therefore it just becomes infeasible to keep buying new bulbs. so I was just asking whether you know how to replace it with something cheaper and longer lasting. I had the idea of LEDs but I would not know how to do it. thank you Hantly

Asked by hantly 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How do I rig a light bulb in my dogs house for warmth?

I want to rig a light bulb in my dogs' house so he can keep warm.  I want to put some kind of wire cage around the bulb so he doesn't get burned on it.  I also want to put the cord running to the wall outlet outside in some kind of cover so he doesn't chew the wire.

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How to test a light bulb

Hello all, How can I let my arduino test a light bulb if it is working or not ?

Asked by AbdR4 7 months ago  |  last reply 7 months ago

What's the average amount of leds in an led light bulb?

I'm going to attemp to build one, and I can't find the answer anywhere.

Asked by stoney123 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Wireless controlled (bluetooth/wifi) dimming light bulb

Hello guys! I was wondering if there are dimmable light bulbs in the market that can be controlled over wifi or bluetoooth. I have an idea for a product and an app to control it. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot! Sam

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temperature controller

I have a code that can increase the duty cycle of the pmw output to control the brightness of my bulb and i have lm35 conneted next to the bulb to sense the temperature and now my problem is i have to add two more additional switches for my gain and make the other two the setpoint of my temp,and i de an attachment of my code

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Light project for a new room.

Hi everyone.My parents recently bought a new house and it turns out one of the rooms has no lamp connections whatsoever(Everything is ok, there just isn't any wires for the light bulbs).Because of multiple reasons we can't call an expert over so the job falls on me.I have experience in electronics but I'm afraid to try adding a route like the one that should be there so I'm searching for something safer :).All ideas are welcome :)

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Projecting outside: colours?

Is there a way to get colours to be more contrasted so that they can be seen more clearly? I want to take this: and turn it into this: Also, is there a way to increase the lumens of a projector by changing the bulb or something? I have a feeling my projector isn't bright enough to project outside. I was thinking of using this: Would that be bright enough for outdoors projecting or is there another cheap alternative?

Asked by 123fakestreet 9 years ago

Colored Lights- How do colored led lights work and what do they emit?

I'm doing an experiment by growing plants under colored led lights, so do led lights emit specifically one color. For example does a red led light emit only wavelengths of light that are red and no others. I want to make sure that only one color of light is existent to get accurate results. I hope this makes sense. Also if you know of any 1-colored high watt led lights please link them to me.

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