Anyone know where I can buy this?

I am looking for a small (doesn't have to be tiny) camera with a transmitter and a receiver that can be plugged into a TV/LCD screen. Thanks -BuroKun

Posted by BuroKun 10 years ago

Broken Panasonic Lumix FX-01

Who knows, could make a good instructable. My camera turned on unbeknownst to me, and I leaned on it (in my jacket pocket), which bent the lens to the side. They want $111 to repair it and i am so annoyed that I would rather sell it for $50 to someone on Instructables for the greater good of some new invention. Or who knows, maybe you can repair it. Right now the camera is at Panasonic and I'd want you to pay for shipping from their place to you. Let me know if you're interested! If you have questions about the camera please search the net for specs etc. :)

Posted by susie 10 years ago

Camera Housing which holds multiple IP cameras

Hi all, Can we have a camera housing which can hold multiple Mini-Dome IP cameras? If Yes, where can i find it?

Posted by deepa.p 8 years ago

Arduino motion sensor camera

How do you connect the camera to the arduino at all? & how do you connect the camera to the motion sensor & make the sensor trigger the camera's on/off settings?

Posted by hthnc-student 5 years ago

I have a part of a camera

I recently broke my camera-phone and I salvaged the camera piece, can I easily use this in something else?

Posted by Texas1845 10 years ago

Awesome Laser Camera

Another innovation from the folks at MIT! This camera can see around corners!  Via BBC news

Posted by Culturespy 7 years ago

Car reverse camera with additional front camera - switching

Hi Have a q about hooking up 2 car cameras - one front, one rear and being able to switch between different settings. The monitor I have will automatically change from one camera to the other when the 2nd is powered (eg front on all the time until reverse activated switching monitor to rear camera). The setting I want are these 1 - Forward camera on unless reverse engaged (then reverse camera on) 2 - Forward camera on only (all times) 3 - Reverse camera on only (all times) 4 - Reverse camera on only when reverse engaged 5 - All off Any ideas on wiring this up? Cheers Aaron

Posted by abentley 7 years ago

Webcam To Digital Camera ?

Is it possible to convert a webcam to digital camera ?

Posted by milans 11 years ago

Good camera for under $150?

I need a good camera for under or around $150. If you know of any please post!  Thanks!

Posted by Xthinker 7 years ago

Wireless scout camera

Hi, Can someone please show me how to turn my ordinary wildlife scout camera into a wireless camera. It will email or text photos to me automatically from the field as pictures are taken

Posted by Jawalker 4 years ago

DIY 130-megapixel camera built with a scanner

Add an old flatbed scanner to a 50 mm lens and with some skill you can make a 130 megapixel camera of your very own. I'm still happy with the cameras I have, but this looks like a great project to take on. Making a 130-megapixel camera from a flatbed scanner and an old camera lens

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Helmet Strap for Camera Case

How could I create a helmet strap for a camera case so I can attach it to my head while bodyboarding?

Posted by bearsfan654 6 years ago

bird box camera

Please can anyone help I have a bird box and would like to put a camera in is there anyway with out buying a new bird box.

Posted by welshalun 10 years ago



Posted by FITZ59 9 years ago

again, camera help

Again, i need help buying a camera. any cameras that you are happy with? one that will last a long time? not a point and shoot though, i hate them. has to be under 500 dollars US thanks in advance for all your help

Posted by ledzep567 10 years ago

Pinhole Camera in Human Skull

This pinhole camera is housed in a 150 year-old skull. Not only is it a creative place for a type of camera which can go pretty much anywhere, but the craftsmanship is so good that any claim of utter ghoulishness is discarded. Awesome stuff. Pinhole Camera Fashioned From 150 Year-Old Skull

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Converting NTSC camera to Webcam?

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to use NTSC camera as a webcam by converting the output to USB. I want it to be a webcam so that I can play around with it in MATLAB. Cheers, Jas

Posted by jasubhi 9 months ago

Talkback Sytem Help

I Have An ip camera and i want to add a talkback feature using a small pc speaker (s) and Microphones my idea is to run wire (  from mic on desk to speaker by camera) and ( from mic by camera to speaker on desk ) any ideas please help!

Posted by tgray96 8 years ago

Help, please: Opening a sealed camera battery

I have several exhausted NiMH camera batteries, for a camera I rarely use anymore. The batteries (or perhaps the charging system) were awful. But I would like to use it as a backup--maybe by replacing the NiMH cells, or inserting smaller Li-ion unit... Anyone been successful at opening these? I think the seams are welded...

Posted by gmoon 11 years ago

Where to get buttons like camera shutter buttons?

Where can I get buttons like shutter release buttons? Half press, then full press.

Posted by DELETED_bertwert 3 years ago

High speed digital video camera

I'm looking for high speed digital video camera in price about 5000$. Witch can recording movie in full HD with over 1000fps. Do you know any stores where can I buy something like this. Thanks for help, Pirotech

Posted by Pirotech 9 years ago

camera memory

If I were to take one of those tiny camcorders that just has a mono sound out and a video out (yellow plug on tv's), is there a schematic that I can use to record them to something like an sd card?

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Security moniter

Does anybody know how i can take an old Toshiba T.V. and a Samsung camera and make a security camera and moniter? Or any other way i can make a security setup using the old T.V. moniter?  

Posted by jhersey 4 years ago

Any tips on disassembling bullet camera and relocating the lens module?

Hello!  I've been reading instructables for a while and now it's time to join and post a question. I've been finding nails in my driveway and want to catch who's doing this.  I've got a 4 channel security camera on it's way and have been thinking and researching ways to hide them.  Due to the 'clean' surfaces around my home, it's going to be tough to make the 2" diameter x 6" long bullet cameras blend in (so people don't vandalize/steal them).  I've spent hours searching how to camouflage cameras, so I know the 'typical' tricks. I'm thinking about making a fake gutter extension and hiding the camera in there (so it blends into my one story house), possible installing a gable vent on my garage and pointing a camera through that, or trying to mount a camera about 20' up a nearby tree.  My favorite idea is to take apart a bullet camera and move the camera lens module, which is much smaller than the whole camera housing, to a more discreet location. I've searched for a while but can't find anyone who has done this with an IP66 outdoor style camera.  I know I'm going to lose the IR LED's around the lens, and that's ok (I'll have 3 other cameras for night vision).  I think I can point the camera through a small knot hole in my privacy fence and be able to detect who has last walked by when the nails appear.  I might make a small weather proof enclosure to protect the lens module...I think I'm a good tinker-er so this isn't the problem. Has anyone hacked apart a security camera and moved the lens module (by extending the wires) to a remote location?  I know there are small cameras for sale, I know I can hide a camera in a bird house, etc...but I like to make things.  I'm just looking for advice/tips from someone who has done this.  When I search for 'hack apart a security camera' I get a bunch of 'hacking into a security system', or 'spy on your neighbors'...I don't want to do either of those.  I have great neighbors, I live in a corner house where a lot of people/kids walk...I just want to catch them.  Once I know who's doing it, I'll move the cameras to more visible locations (to deter others from doing anything else). Thanks for any help!

Posted by MountainBikeOutlaw 1 year ago

Web/Helmet Cam

Does anybody know of anyway to turn an Xbox 360 webcam into a motocross helmet camera? I Don't need mounting ideas I just need to know how to make it into a camera with a record button and plug it into my computer when im done

Posted by kris142 10 years ago

olympus fe-55500

Hi i just got a gift of an olympus fe-5500 camedia digital camera. it has no cables whatever. i was wondering if the camera will charge its battery if it is connected to the pc via usb. or will i have to splurge and buy a sperate battery charger.

Posted by maninamousesuit 8 years ago

possible? or not?

Ok guys i have a couple camera and lcd screens out of a nextel phones and i have a remote control helicopter that my kid has crashed beyond repair and all the electronics are good i was wondering if its possible to use all this to make a camera that will transmit to one of the lcd screens

Posted by LoveforBlueFarms 9 years ago


GoPros are great cameras. They take great photos, but the photos take pictures of more than you point it at. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Posted by Wolf321 3 years ago

inverter on a camera flash

Ive been studying the intertubes for a bit now and I cant seem to find an explanation on how a disposable camera flash works in detail. I mean I understand that it runs with two transformers, one at 300v output to charge the cap and the other to help discharge the payload through the xenon bulb run at 2000v output. but a transformer doesn't work with out a pulse or rapid continuous change in voltage. so how is it inverting to ac or am I missing something stupid

Posted by snowfox222 4 years ago

An old surveillance set-up

At the moment, I am in possession of a really old, monochromatic surveillance monitor and camera. Both the camera and monitor have their own microphones and speakers (low quality), with the camera speaker being the louder one. The monitor has multiple inputs for audio and video (red/yellow/white). The set-up itself is not very large, the monitor is smaller than an overhead project by a 25% or more. Now my question is what do with it?

Posted by DVD Player 8 years ago

Can you waterproof a DSLR camera?

Hi, I am buying a DSLR camera which has a 50x optical zoom (the fuji sl1000) , and I was wandering if it is possible to waterproof it. I know this sounds impossible but I was thinking if maybe patching all the holes with sugru might do the job. I mean, it would be so awesome to be able to do this! It would be a waterproof telephoto camera for half the price. The question is, can it be done?... That is why I placed this in the burning question category, cause maybe one of you awesome makers can do it, or at least answer my question.     Thank you all.                                Eunix

Posted by Eunix 4 years ago

DIY Motion activated security camera

Ok i like the idea of where you put a security camera in a hidden spot around the house to capture those unwanted trespassers, but recording unwanted recorded video from the the night you were on vacation sometimes is a pain to watch since you have to watch the whole thing or fast forward to the part where someone came "unnoticed" (especially when you have some people in the neighborhood egging your house). anyone have an idea where a standard security camera (mini cameras, cctv, wireless w/ IR lighting) can be hooked up to a computer (or better a stand alone hard drive) and able to use a motion detector and also only record video that shows "someone" on the property when activated?

Posted by KT Gadget 10 years ago


Ken Rockwell makes some of the best Nikon D50 camera reviews I've seen. For example: does outreach now?

Posted by stasterisk 10 years ago

using a nintendo ds a external screen

Hi, For an art / tech project I want to hook up a usb camera to a nintendo ds. I want to make a kind of floating third eye to gaze upon crowds to get like a bird eye perspective. I have a old usb camera , a laptop and nintendo ds to do this. Can anyone help me to use the nintendo ds as an external screen to display what the usb camera sees.  Or to point me in the right direction, maybe to some information? Many thanks

Posted by Merel 7 years ago

problem making camera tazer

Hi everybody, i just don't understand how you make it , i have few questions. - what do i have to do with the flash - and what do i have to do i have to do with the capacitor. you have to place a switch for an after the capacitor, how can it charge if there is a switch between

Posted by alex4421 11 years ago

Is there a difference between a 1/4 inch x 20 bolt and 1/4x2 bolt?

I'm trying to make a camera neck strap using parcord and one of these bolts.

Posted by LAPIII 2 years ago

Automatic pinch for camera!?

Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of your help! I have a camera that I need to record for around 2 hours. I have a big enough SD card and enough battery power BUT the camera (due to import regulations) is restricted to only filming 29 minutes of footage at a time! I've had a think about several ways to get round this but to no avail. It's a Sony camera which means they are they strict about letting the user customise the settings. No firmware or hacking kit here. :/ I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about making a small device that could 'pinch' the record button at half hour intervals or maybe pinch it twice at 20 minute intervals. Once to stop recording and once to start again. It can be powered by USB if needed and also, needs to be fairly light (around 50g). If anyone thinks they could help me or even help make a device (due to a huge lack in electronics intellect), that would be great. If anyone wants to know what I'm doing with my camera....well I'm sending it into near Space. Have a look: You could have your device sent to near Space too and be one of the first people to ever do this.... Thanks, Josh.

Posted by JoshingTalk 7 years ago

Help needed to make this spy cam set up

Hi, I would like to make a small spy cam which takes images when a button is pressed and keeps on taking the images until that button is pressed again. I need 4 cameras to be present and it should have 4 microSD slots and cards, so that these images will be stored in this. The camera will be moving when taking the pictures. So I guess it would need high shutter speed to get quality images. So what kind of camera modules it will need and what are the other things I will have to buy to make something like this? Thanks.

Posted by PlatoP 2 years ago

Ideas for building a mic/camera slider

Hi Guys I'm looking to build a camera slider like this:;=fvwrel This one is silly expensive! I want something on which I can mount a micophone stand and move it a 1/4 inch left or right over a distance of no more than 7 inches at the touch of a button. Any ideas? Cheers Kieran

Posted by kizzertron 6 years ago

low light video

I need to wirelessly video a seance in low light and remotely view what the camera captures as it is happening. Web cam? GoPro? Android Galaxy III? How could I view the digital video remotely? Laptop? Another phone? Thanks for ideas.  Ourladyofquacamole

Posted by ourladyofguacamole 4 years ago

Under water housing

I have been looking for a cheap underwater housing for a camera. I can't find anything under $120.00 and I don't have access to plexiglass or acryclic. I am prefering under $20. Does anyone know how or what to do?

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

Teach me about Poloroid

So I've been thinking of buying a polaroid camera, the main reason is for the "non-volatile" pictures, but I was just wondering if there is anything that I should be aware of or general advice, opinions, views, and experience from people who have used one. thanks!

Posted by ll.13 9 years ago

How to drive a CCD chip?

I salvaged a Sharp LZ23H3V CCD chip from an rather old Kodak digital camera. I have looked at the datasheet for the part, and I am completely clueless on how to drive this thing so it would output an NTSC signal. Anyone got any suggestions on a driver circut?

Posted by abadon 7 years ago

Fixing Kodak EasyShare C653

I have a Kodak EasyShare C653 that was left outdoors for a few days. With new batteries in it, it won't work. When I turn it on, I just get the red light that normally indicates the battery is low. Any ideas on what it could be? The cost of repair is probably more than the camera itself. Thanks!

Posted by lkh 10 years ago

Does night vision monocular + camcorder = nightvision camcorder?

Greetings all, Longtime browser, first time poster.  I watched Kipkay's video on using a cellphone with one side of a pair of binocs to create a sort of zoom lens and at that precise moment my dog began barking at some critter outside.  This made me wonder if I could attach a night vision monocular to a camera or camcorder.  I have an assortment of cameras at my disposal, I am a proud garbage picker, after all, and a nice NV monocular somewhere in storage. Kipkay merely positioned the cell phone camera in the right spot on the binoc lens and was able to see a reasonable image.  Has anyone tried anything like this with night vision?  If the idea is sound I'll dig out my gear and made a stand to keep it all together and post it as an instructable.

Posted by TsarNicholas 8 years ago

Camera Battery hack : Need some Battery expert advise

Hi All, I have a Underwater camera (which is now going to become the backup) However the battery is only 710 mAh. This works out to 20 mins of video or about 2 dives of photos. Original battery : Battery  Lithium-ion Charge Time  1.5 to 2 hours Output Voltage  3.7v Capacity  710 mAh But as the battery is so small and useless, i want to open the camera and soldier 3 wires to the battery connectors and add a 3 pin connector. As course there is space within the house to place a new battery, IF the right size and shape can be found. However, i dont understand batteries... Is it safe to add a bigger capacity batter as long as the output stays the same(volts... as i cant find the Amp output) I found this battery, looks like it might fit in the house But i am just not sure if this will work??? Any ideas, tip or advise welcome. Thanks

Posted by rwishart 5 years ago

BBC Four did an Instructable: How to make a camera obscura

I wonder if they know that they did?For some reason the video-embed says the video is no longer available. It is, I just watched it.The link is But, if that doesn't work either:An Italian photographer takes over a room in a Venetian palace. They cover all the windows in opaque black plastic sheets. They wait a moment to let their eyes get used to the dark, then cut a hole in the plastic, about 3 inches square.An image of the view outside appears "magically" on the wall opposite - upside down, but perfect in every colourful detail.

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

How to use these salvaged cell phone parts?

I found a busted up LG Chocolate the other day (it still turned on but it had no network or anything so I took it) and decided to take it apart and use what I could find. What I got was: -A camera -A microphone -A nice speaker (the loud one that the ringtone plays through) -A little silver circle (what is it!?) -And all of the IC's. I really want to know how I can use the camera, can anyone point me in the right direction? Also, the phone has GPS, but I doubt I'll be able to remove the module without destroying it (especially since I don't know which one it is..) And where is the vibrating motor?!

Posted by Login258 9 years ago

Reading Electric Meter with Raspberry Pi

We have a meter outside of a building which displays how much energy the building produces (Solar Power) and pumps back onto the grid, how much the building uses from the grid, and the difference. Every day we record these numbers, and enter them into an excel spreadsheet, so we know exactly what the efficiency is of said building. The issue is, is that this building is empty for most of the week, and driving to and from the building costs time and money. So, the idea is that we have a Raspberry Pi connected to a camera photograph these numbers, and send them to us via email. How would you have the Pi take pictures? Specifically, what camera would you use? The screen is a ~3cm x 12cm LCD display (Similar to an alarm clock display, no colors) The clearance inside the box is about 10-15cm from the screen. The box itself is transparent, but we'd like to keep the camera inside the box, as the plastic isn't 100% clear (weathering), and it would also look more professional.  The box is waterproof, but not moisture proof, so it would need to be outdoor rated. Or is there some type of device we can put over the screen, and then have it copy what the screen displays? The screen/meter itself cannot be tampered with, as it belongs to the electric company.  This camera/device needs to be able to be sourced in Europe, and would be nice if it wasn't too expensive. Semi off topic: Would it be possible for the Pi to somehow analyse the images, and convert the numbers in the pictures to text?  Taking it one step further, would it be possible to have it automatically enter these numbers into a spreadsheet? This display cycles through about 10 different "screens", of which only 3 are needed. Could the camera be used as a motion detector, and when the numbers change, it takes a picture? This would be repeated 10 times, so that every screen would be captured, and then the needed images would then be sorted out, manually or automatically. If any more information is needed, just ask. Thanks!

Posted by RocketPenguin 2 years ago

Hitachi VM-CP10ZA Light Lamp DC 9V 10W

Has any one tried to connect these lights directly to a 9V DC source?

Posted by cbaladeh 2 years ago