Modifying camera?

I have an old analog cartridge camera Panasonic PV-IQ203D and would like to modifie it to logical imput.Thanks:Mogho

Asked by xinematik 9 years ago camera turns off when I zoom in.?

Whenever I zoom in on my camera it almost ammediatly turns the camera off. Any suggestions of whats going on and how to fix it? (the cameras a kodak EXoptical zoom)

Asked by transuranic 7 years ago

Olympus camera question? Answered

I have several Olympus lenses for my old SLR camera. If I buy an Olympus DSLR will the lenses fit it? (unless anyone can direct me to a way to fit the lenses to my Fuji finepix S5500

Asked by rickharris 7 years ago

How to reload the Software of a Digital camera,and where to get the Software for Power Shot A410 Canon ? Answered

How to reload the Software of a Digital camera, and where to get the Software for Power Shot A410 Canon ? I think the software of the Camera is corrupt so I wish to reload it.Please suggest.

Asked by Dipankar 7 years ago

just curious?

Is there a such camera that has autoadjust, auto zoom, infrared and has high mega pixels?

Asked by Newbie216 1 year ago

My canon SD 450 camera broke! Answered

When i turn it on the screen flashes E18. i looked up E18 and say's that this is caused but to much dust in the mechanical parts. Ive tried using compressed air to blow out dust from it but that didn't work. HELP!

Asked by Emsaid 9 years ago

Anyone know where I can buy this?

I am looking for a small (doesn't have to be tiny) camera with a transmitter and a receiver that can be plugged into a TV/LCD screen. Thanks -BuroKun

Posted by BuroKun 10 years ago

Need Guide for making the button spy came ?

Hi Friends,                           I want to know form you , how to make the spy camera, what are the equipment i have to collect and what are the steps that means how to make that camera , Those details i need from you please help me with picture are video training i need, Please help me   

Asked by sureshks7 6 years ago

Fuji Fine pix S5000 camera - Can I remove the lens? Answered

Title says it all. I would like to fit several Olympus lenses I have available but can find out how to remove the existing lens (I know it isn't supposed to be interchangeable) but IF I can get it off I may be able to do something with it.

Asked by rickharris 7 years ago

How much power can be put through a disposable camera transformer?

I was using disposable camera circuit for charging a capacitor. I went up to about 30 volts at 2.48 amps wit h a dc regulated power supply. It started to give off a type of gas and I stopped and put it outside. Later, I tried again and it didn't work.

Asked by starwing123 9 years ago

Broken Panasonic Lumix FX-01

Who knows, could make a good instructable. My camera turned on unbeknownst to me, and I leaned on it (in my jacket pocket), which bent the lens to the side. They want $111 to repair it and i am so annoyed that I would rather sell it for $50 to someone on Instructables for the greater good of some new invention. Or who knows, maybe you can repair it. Right now the camera is at Panasonic and I'd want you to pay for shipping from their place to you. Let me know if you're interested! If you have questions about the camera please search the net for specs etc. :)

Posted by susie 9 years ago

Capture stills from a .mov? Answered

I need to capture stills from a .mov file

Asked by fwjs28 9 years ago

Any good free .mov to .mp4 converters? Answered

I have some 1080p 30fps footage off my action camera and each of my files is 1 gb or less. the unforenut thing is that my editotr does not acept .mov files so i need a free converter that is capable of converteing files up to one gig

Asked by FarmerKJS 4 years ago

Canon Powershot SD1100. The lense is stuck and won't retract. Any suggestions?

Hi most brilliant community- Unfortunately, I'm very accident prone and dropped my Canon Powershot SD1100. The lense will not retract. When I turn it on you can hear the motor whirring, but it's not taking the lens in. An error message pops up sayin "lense error, restart camera" which I've done. I have also googled this error have been to many sites that tell you to hit it, or push this button while pushing that button but I can't seem to get it to budge. I did open it up to take a look and the lense is, of course fully enclosed. Most replacement lenses are arount $80 w/o labor. I am convinced that this camera can be saved (without mucho dollars) Has anyone ever taken one apart and more importantly, mended a camera such as this? Can a klutzy but resourceful girl (me) fix this on my own? I have a second camera (same type) that i spilled a melted frosty all over and now it wont turn on. I'll leave that situation for another time! Thank you to anyone and everyone who has any suggestions!

Asked by cameramenace 8 years ago

can i connect a usb webcam via wifi router and and a recevier then get the video in my pc

I want to make my usb webcam into wireless one because i want to fix it in a  rc car and  get the video  in my computer Is this is possible using the recevier please help me

Asked by roshansaji 7 years ago

Arduino Thermal Camera?

Are there any cheapish arduino compatible thermal cameras on the market?

Asked by DELETED_MakerNinja 3 years ago

Camera Housing which holds multiple IP cameras

Hi all, Can we have a camera housing which can hold multiple Mini-Dome IP cameras? If Yes, where can i find it?

Posted by deepa.p 8 years ago

Regular USB camera turned to night vision?

Is it possible to modify a standard USB camera into a night vision camera?

Asked by S1ko_shadoe 8 years ago

How can I convert a 35mm SLR camera body into a digital camera?

I have an old 35mm SLR camera and an old digital camera.  I'd like to marry the digital camera to the SLR and take advantage of the better lens.  Is that possible?

Asked by Toxictom 7 years ago

Camera Required? Answered

Can I use a simple camera Instead of the required digital camera

Asked by pratapadityasingh123 10 months ago

Which camera is better? Answered

I have a canon camera but I'm not sure if that's the right camera to use to take pictures. Is a Nikon camera better?

Asked by Zadada_forever_ 1 year ago

Arduino motion sensor camera

How do you connect the camera to the arduino at all? & how do you connect the camera to the motion sensor & make the sensor trigger the camera's on/off settings?

Posted by hthnc-student 5 years ago

I have a part of a camera

I recently broke my camera-phone and I salvaged the camera piece, can I easily use this in something else?

Posted by Texas1845 10 years ago

Camera Lucida ?

Hi has anybody made a Camera Lucida or Camera Oscura to aid with drawing Cheers Dave

Asked by frigiliana 9 years ago

usb camera? Answered

Can you use a usb camera?

Asked by jdubu 1 year ago

Making a button camera out of an old phone?

Does anyone know how to make a button camera using the camera out of an old cell phone, not neccesarely old but a phone that has a camera in it . Particuarally a Chocolate 3 if it varies at all.

Asked by Runninja 9 years ago

how do i make a simple spy camera ?

     i want to make a spy camera  that can be   record and  store videos  from       a mobile  phones  camera

Asked by don jon 8 years ago

camera? Answered

Is there a way to use a usb camera that RPI doesn't like?

Asked by CyrilC15 1 year ago

Awesome Laser Camera

Another innovation from the folks at MIT! This camera can see around corners!  Via BBC news

Posted by Culturespy 7 years ago

Car reverse camera with additional front camera - switching

Hi Have a q about hooking up 2 car cameras - one front, one rear and being able to switch between different settings. The monitor I have will automatically change from one camera to the other when the 2nd is powered (eg front on all the time until reverse activated switching monitor to rear camera). The setting I want are these 1 - Forward camera on unless reverse engaged (then reverse camera on) 2 - Forward camera on only (all times) 3 - Reverse camera on only (all times) 4 - Reverse camera on only when reverse engaged 5 - All off Any ideas on wiring this up? Cheers Aaron

Posted by abentley 7 years ago

Camera class? Answered

Could you also post a camera class please?

Asked by WimC 1 year ago

Webcam To Digital Camera ?

Is it possible to convert a webcam to digital camera ?

Posted by milans 11 years ago

Bridge camera? Answered

Hi, I would like to know why bridge cameras are not mentioned in the cameras types description and what can I get the best of the camera more than is written in the manual?Thanks

Asked by pbmiranda 1 year ago

what is a good camera for documenting projects? Answered

My current camera has auto focus and wont focus up close. what are some good cameras for close ups that are under 200$?

Asked by William930 6 years ago

Camera taser? Answered

I was just wondering how many camera flash capacitors are safe for a camera taser, im not planning on tasing any body but  how many is too many??

Asked by Emsaid 7 years ago

Arduino camera and lcd help? Answered

Is it possible to take a input from a camera and display it on to a LCD driven by the Arduino?

Asked by squirt8500 9 years ago

prisms for phone cameras

Why are prisms not used for phone cameras (or are they) ? it seems to me that prisms may be implemented for bi-directional cameras, for lengthening the focus distance, for widening the view field and stereoscopic  images.

Asked by andreiperi 6 years ago

how to make a motor head controler for camera jib....?

How to make a motor head controler for camera jib....

Asked by goddie 9 years ago

Cool Digital Camera?

I'm looking for a nice, sleek, and thin, and affordable digital camera. I just need the NAME of the camera along with a PICTURE from like, google images, or include it in answer. Thanks guys.

Asked by Radioactv Biohazard 9 years ago