Mini Cannon!

Yay! The mini cannon is back! Youtube user 43287633 (T. Shamir) has returned with more footage of destroying things around the house with a tiny cannon.

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Mini Cannon

This video by YouTube user 43287633 shows off the abilities of a tiny custom cannon. Check it out to see this thing take on soda cans, glasses, balloons, and more. Unfortunately, there's no other information about this one, but I do love the fact that the firing range is the creator's own desk. That's some serious confidence in the reliability of the cannon. via Neatorama

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potato cannons

Hey, just wanted to see everyone's potato cannon designs. please post yours and I will post mine. a great instructional book on how to make these can be found at your local library, called backyard ballistics.

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Air cannon

After wanting to make an air rifle for awhile I have finally decided to do it.  I plan to use 80-100 psi from a bike pump to power it.  I plan to use a 1/2 or 3/4 inch QEV (something like this;=1495573897&sr;=8-12&keywords;=3%2F4in+quick+exhaust+valve).  Do you guys know if a 2L soda bottle would be a good air tank or should I spend the money to make a pvc or galvanized steel one?  Would an air gun connected to the QEV work well?  Thank you for your time and help                        -James

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Plastic Cannon??

Hi, I'm currently in Year 10 and we have been assigned to make a USB lamp. Now, I'm fine with the assignment only I cannot think of how to shape my idea realistically. I wanted to make a cannon shape, with a sphere like bottom before it curves into a thin neck. However, I don't know how to make the plastic bend into the sphere like shape. It's really difficult and I'll include a picture of my idea if it helps!

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mythbusters motor cannon

On mythbusters the made a tire shooting thing similar to an automatic piching device with two wheels that rotate in the same direction and you push the ball into them and it flies away i just wanted to know if anyone had made one would have been good for launch it

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Tennis Ball Cannon

Alright, so ive been into making all sorts of cannons whether they are pneumatic or hairspray, and recently I've been wanting to build a pneumatic tennisball cannon. i came across halve a dozen empty fire extinguishers, i am still deciding if i should use one as the chamber. i am using an electronic sprinkler valve and a 2 1/2" barrel i am also getting a 12 volt (dc) car air compressor (125 psi) and i am going to incorporate this somewhere in the cannon, the air compressor is really small so i could make it built in. i really want to make this cannon portable but i am concerned about the weight of it with the fire extinguisher tank, Any Ideas?

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Co2 cartridge cannon? Answered

Hi ... in a quandary, and having problems on were to start.  Drawing a blank.  I need to develope a small Co2 cartridge Cannon that will be placed into a 1/12 scale RC airplane, that will be used to deploy a drouge parachute on command.  Can anyone provide me with a starting point?  Do you by chance have something all ready in your files that can be used.  The drouge shute when deployed, is 72" in diameter, and the package that contains the parachute is 3 x 3 x 3.  It needs to be projected at lease six feet from the airplane before opening up. Thank you very much,  for any assistance that you can provide.  Richard T Leiterman ( KE6RIM )

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Spring-loaded cannon

My friend and I are considering building a spring loaded cannon. The idea right now is to have a pvc pipe for the cannon chamber, and pvc pipes flanking it to hold springs in parallel. A cross-bar will go through all 3 pipes through slits cut long ways in the pipe. The springs will be attached to some point forward in the flanking pipes and to the cross bar, which will be used to pull the springs back and, once released, will launch the dart/ball in the center tube. My research so far - the spring rates of springs loaded in parallel are additive. With 5x 10-in*lb springs, we can produce 667 newtons of force when pulled back 3 inches (springs in question are 5.5 in long) . That will produce an acceleration of 303 m*s^2 on a 1 lb (2.2 kg) albeit for only a fraction of a second.;=industrial&qid;=1257718057&sr;=1-1 These are the springs we're looking at. We'll need to use an even number of springs, so either 4 or 6 (or 8 or 10). So, what do you guys think? Practical? Will we be able to get any distance? Any suggestions? A ROUGH picture is shown below. === are spring tubes, | are handles, and left arrows indicate direction in which springs will be stretched, and the right arrow is a dart flying out of the center launch tube. <----| ===== XXXXXXXXX     ------> ===== <----|

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Pen cannons

Cannons made of pens.

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mini cannon? Answered

Mini cannon works with black powder. do its possible to make it works with other tips of powder (no black powder, no flash powder)

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volumizer that is 2.50 ID by 6 inches long would a volumizer designed for a paint ball marker give me the same blast

I have it attached to a tee shirt cannon?I pressurize it to 600-800 psi

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PSI Question

I just built a fairly large air cannon,and I want to know how much psi the air chamber can take before it blows.The air chamber is made of 3in. diameter 5ft long pvc pipe.I would appreciate the help.

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Are potato cannons legal in Michigan?

We have been using potato cannons in a BSA camporee and someone just told us that these cannons are illegal. When they are used they are in a safe place, like a rifle range. The cannons are mounted so they can only go up and down and not side to side. If you know of a Michigan state document I can use to show the legality, please let me know.

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Are air cannons legal in California?

I'm wondering if air cannons (potato cannons powered by air) are legal in California. And if they are, then what would happen if you accidentally hit (but not break) a neighbors window?

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Self loading confetti cannon Answered

I'm dressing up a golf cart for parade duty. I thought the "exhuast stacks" should be used for confetti cannons. However I don't want to stop jump out and dump more confetti down the pipe in the middle of the show. Any Ideas?

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Cannon printer motor 24v Answered

What is the use of this toroid here?

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Battery Hand Gun/cannon

Ok, so I'm planning to make this instructable, it shoots out batteries at incredible velocities. It's fairly dangerous. It involves the use of match powder. However, it has come to my concern that people might worry or even hate me for posting this instructable. So I'm going to ask users on this instuctable if yes or no, they want me to post it. Here's a picture of the damage it can make. The first picture shows the side where the battery first stuck into the 3/4 inch thick wood, the second shows the other side where the battery left. So, do you want me to post it?

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knex cannon

This is my knex cannon, I may post it soon. It shoots up to 10 feet.

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Potato cannon efficiency? Answered

I created a potato cannon that only has straight pieces of PVC.I have seen other designs where the combustion chamber is wrapped around 180 degrees with two elbow pieces thus making the cannon more compact.  Does anyone know which design is more efficient as in terms of launch power and speed?

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Pneumatic cannon no pumping?

I wanted to build a soda shooting fridge canon like this but I don't understand how the cannon in question works. All pneumatic cannons I have dealt with have required pumping, but this one appears not to require pumping. How does it work?

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What is the best potato cannon?

Ok, I have seen a lot of variants on potato cannons (here on instructables as well as all over the internet) and have a few questions: 1. What is the best best cannon design? 2. What is the best propellant? 3. What is the best ammo? 4. What is the best barrel size?

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Candle Cannon

These guys built a huge version of the AirZooka and are able to send blasts of air strong enough to knock out candles at well over 100 feet. I want to make one! via Neatorama

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T- shirt cannon

Does anyone have any ideas for a t-shirt cannon? I really want to build one. I've seen them for $2000.00 and I know I could make one for much less. My budget is about $40.00 and I have weeks to build it. Plans would be Awsome.

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Cupcake Cannon

This video from Johnny Cupcakes features a steampunked pneumatic cannon firing cupcakes and test subjects in lab coats. The cannon looks awesome and the footage is shot at 700 frames a second for some nice slo-mo. It just goes to show that slo-mo explosions of pretty much anything are always fun. But if you do make such a video, please include more slo-mo explosions than people cowering in fear from cupcakes. Explosion at :57 is pretty solid, but the rest is mostly a tease. via gizmodo

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Question regarding vortex cannon

I have planned to build a vortex cannon for shooting smoke rings. My questions are now: 1. Is it essential to have a round container? Or is a square card box as good? (there are no square smoke rings, or :-) 2. If it is round, does a short and big (in diameter), or a slim and long one better? 3. Using drinking straws on the exit, would this have an effect (in the style of laminar flow)? Thanks for your thoughts,

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how do you make guncotton?

Im making a cannon model for a school project and want it to have more kick. can someone please help me?

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What are some detailed plans for making a t-shirt cannon?

I am the spirit director for my school and need some plans to make a t-shirt cannon! If you know a site where they sell reasonably priced ones, please let me know. We're on a really tight budget but i think it'll be awesome if we get one.

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Instructable won't appear in search engine?

I posted my instructable last night, and it shows up under the posts for my user name, but it isn't in the Launch It! group display (or any group for that matter) and doesn't show up under keyword searches. Is there some kind of system lag I am not aware of?Colossal Cannon: Building a behemoth piston-valved pneumatic

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potato cannon

Alright peeps, i made a potato cannon and it works really well. any tips to make it even better? message me for instructions on how to make!

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Random Devastating Cannon

It doesn't need much description really.

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Whats better for a potato cannon, ABS or PVC? Answered

Whats better for safety and your wallet?

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What is the best propellant for a potato cannon?

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potato cannon?

I remember seeing a video of a guy shootin nerf footballs out of an air cannon which he reloaded like a bolt action grenade launcher. i cant find it anywhere!!! help plz?

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knex heavy pistol cannon

This is my heavy pistol cannon should I post?

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I'm searching for free plans for a cannon

Hey everybody, I'm searching for free plans to build a cannon. Why? because I've seen the video of the mini cannon and I want to make one to. The size of the plans doesn't matter(as long as the proportions are right of course), cause I probably gonna resize them any way. I do prefer if the measurements are in meters and not in inches. Futhermore I would appreciate guides and tutorials about cannons and how they work. Preferable cannons of napoleons time.

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TRigger ideas for a ball valve air cannon

Hey is any one searching for a trigger mechanism for there ball valve operated air cannon well here it is a then go to my inventions then advanced high powered rifle

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What phrase would you paste on a five foot cannon ?

Exactly what the title is asking.

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The worlds only double barrel cannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one the only... DOUBLE BARREL CANNON!!!!!

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what is the best light knex cannon with not a lot of pieces?

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which is better the reaper crossbow or the nano cannon? Answered

I am thinking of building  the nano cannon or the reaper crossbow which should I build and why

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wrist mounted flame cannons

Should i post an instructable for this?

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Awesome abandoned russian cannons

Abandoned Russian coastline defensesI'd love to go exploring one of those places (not so urban exploration)

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how can i make a rc card cannon? Answered

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Pneumatic Toilet Paper/Spud Air Cannon-

This is a project I'm wiling on with my little brother. I'm building a cannon out of PVC. I want it to be able to shoot four times without adding air again. So my idea was to make four chambers to store the air. Each chamber would have an individual ball valve. Then another ball valve where the chambers stem into the main body and barrel of the cannon. From the three inch PVC Im going to drop back down to 2"-2.5"  PVC for a more forced compression, then the barrel will be 4". I understand that PSI is a pressure measurement, however I'd assume that my PSI's wouldn't be able to exceed the lowest grade of PVC I build with? That would only make since.  The problem I'm having is, I'm not sure if any stores such as home depot or lowes has couplets that could couple 4" and 3" as well as 3" to 2". I also need to know what kind of pressure would I need to get to launch toilet paper into about a 10-15 foot height? Or would this just be a trial and error experiment?  Thanks for all help. It's much appreciated!

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Challenge: design a water cannon for deterring cats

The Cats page ( incorrectly states that 'Everybody loves cats'.  In fact, everybody does NOT love cats, particularly those whose resent their tendency to massacre the wildlife in our gardens. I'd like to improve the odds of survival for all the birds, amphibians and small mammals in my garden, but without causing physical harm to the cats.  I've tried scent-based cat repellents without success, and I completely reject the idea of indiscriminate noise scarers. I can't police the garden 24/7, so my preferred solution is a water cannon capable of detecting a cat and soaking it. To keep things simple, I'd be thinking of using mains pressure to power the water jet, and batteries to power a motion sensor (infra-red). To be useful, the design would need to: - hit targets within a user-specified arc and at varying distances - allow the user to configure the sensitivity of the sensor, so that cat-sized heat sources are treated as targets, but smaller mammals are non-targets - avoid being triggered by foliage disturbed by the wind. For extra credit, the design could: - use solar power instead of batteries - focus the jet at the target, rather than spraying mist over a large area

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Could I get some advice when building a very strong vortex cannon?

I want to make something like this but without a shotgun. My question is, would hooking up an air cannon to the vortex cone work? If so, how or would there be a better way? If not, how else could i do it? The goal is to make an automated strong vortex cannon. I'd rather not use the normal "airzooka" type of vortex cannon.

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how do you make an airsoft mortor cannon? Answered

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Where can I get pressure rated PVC?

Where can I get pressure rated PVC, I want to make a cannon? please give useful answers, thank you

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