Joining aluminum

Hey everybody, I was wondering how, if possible, you would go about joining sheets of aluminum recycled from empty soda/beer cans.

Posted by smkoberg 10 years ago

Uses for coffee "cans"

As my depression era ancestors would say, those plastic containers that coffee comes in are "just too good to throw away." Other than the obvious uses as a bailing bucket or a scoop, does anybody have a really inventive application? Maybe this could be an "ible" contest.

Posted by axiesdad 8 years ago

How to grind or shred aluminum cans?

Greetings, I'm am looking for methods to grind or shred up aluminum cans enough to be put in a ball mill (rock tumbler with steel balls in it) to make aluminum powder. I read that a stone grinder will cause it to melt. I read that aluminum foil can be ground in a blender then put in a ball mill, but I think aluminum cans might be too thick? Thanks

Posted by NeuroPulse 9 years ago

Inventor of Pringles Can Buried in Pringles Can

The inventor of the Pringles can, Frederic J Baur, passed away recently and was partially buried in a pringles can, his most prized invention.

Posted by randofo 10 years ago

Can Slideshows be featured?

Well? Can they or can't they? sorry if this has been asked before....

Posted by Camisado 10 years ago

Can I reprogram this?

This is for a LED USB BULB, can i reprogram it?

Posted by SelinA4 8 months ago

what can you explode

Such as salt peter can that explode

Posted by poop#1 11 years ago

who can make a racing car which can go 30 km(min)


Posted by jenabot 4 years ago

Can anyone think of what can be done with a replacement iphone screen?

Can anyone think of what can be done with a replacement iphone screen? It is touch.  So something neat should be able to be created. What kind of visual display could be connected to it? thanks

Posted by gregd101 6 years ago

Can you send me the Ministry of Iphone?

Can you send me the Ministry of Iphone?You can send me one do ?

Posted by zk171690479 5 years ago

Aluminum Cans

What can I do with 55 aluminum cans? I was thinking of makings something with then that my mom wouldn't throw out. Any ideas? Maybe a wallet? lol

Posted by Mepain 11 years ago



Posted by Waldemar Sha 1 year ago

Who can tell me if I'm from Europe (Romania) can I take part in Instructables's contests ?

Hi. I'm from Romania and I wanna take part in Instructables's Contests. Is someone here who can tell me if I can participate ? Thanks guys.

Posted by andreyeurope 5 years ago

can crock pot

I have this idea its a can crock pot you put water and other ingredients or seasoning in it then you it the meat in and boil it over a fire

Posted by minecraftpotato 4 years ago

Can Indians compete ?

Can an Indian compete in contest? If I win will the prize be shipped to India ?

Posted by shaz_ahamed 1 year ago

can not add thumbnail to videos

I can add upload images but i can not open my library when i am adding file to video But here i have no problem.

Posted by i make shooting things 9 years ago

Can we use Graham crackers?

Can we use Graham Crackers for this contest?

Posted by boston09 8 years ago

How a Soda Can is Made

The basic soda can seems so simple and, well, basic, but how do they make them? And so quickly? This video from Discovery covers the details of how to churn out 2,000 cans a minute with no mistakes allowed. via Core77

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

I can not sign in

Everytime I try to login in Instructable I can not sign in even if the pw is correct. I always have to request a new pw and reset it. Can anyone help me?

Posted by faro49 4 years ago

LED Spray Can

Halo is an LED spraypaint can by French designer Aissa Logerot.The LED light changes colors and brightness and is powered by an internal battery that can be charged by shaking of the can. "It is possible to change the color and the brightness of the led to change the graffiti's styles. If the light doesn't have enough battery, the user must shake it to have energy again."Built on the same principle as LED Light Drawing Pens but with a cool sray can apperancevia Geekologie

Posted by Chicken2209 9 years ago

Contest: can i join?

Hi, i have this question because in the official rules of every contest there is a list of elegible countries but Italy is not mentioned. My question is: Can Italians join a contest?

Posted by francy91 5 years ago

can you...

For the pocket sized contest, can you make instructions for how to add pockets to pants/shorts?

Posted by toogers 9 years ago

Can someone identify this?

Can someone tell me what this thing is? Thanks in advance, Fried.

Posted by Fried Potatoes 5 years ago

What can you do on a bike?

Awkward position, what can you do?

Posted by Evil Bike 10 years ago

how can i charge this? (capacitor)

I have a camera capacitor i need to charge. (not for a tazer). it 330wv, 120uf. how can i charge this. with a aa battery and a resistor? any ideas?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

I can not download instructions

I get Pro account,but I can not download instructions. When clicked on PDF, nothing happens

Posted by mastercity 2 years ago

Where you can download the game minecraft?

Where you can download the game minecraft full edition?

Posted by sara23 4 years ago

Oil Can?

What is this thing?Does anybody know?

Posted by TLM12345 4 years ago

Do they make PNP Transistors that can handle 3.3A

Do they make PNP Transistors that can handle 3.3A

Posted by kendallickes 9 years ago

Can you change the Screen Name?

I'm not happy with my screen name anymore.  How can I change it?

Posted by Larry.0 7 years ago

Can anyone recommend a phone to use and record (for podcasts) open conference calls?

I've got to find a good, if possible not too expensive either, phone that I can use to have and record conference discussions which I can then podcast out. Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks!  

Posted by babykitten 7 years ago

can i cancle a pro membership befroe completing a year? and how?

I was wondering if i can cancel my pro before complete the payment of a year?? and how i can cancel it anyway??

Posted by shadon 8 years ago

Is There an Etchant-Resist That Can Be Left On PCB As Insulator?

Howdy is there a kind of resist that can be left on the pcb after etching (except the solder points), as an electrical insulator? can it be used with the photo-etching method, or only heat? thanks

Posted by johnyradio 6 years ago

can leds do seies?

I know that this is a pretty noobish question but can LEDs be used in series or only in parallel like bulbs?

Posted by NetReaper 9 years ago

Where Can I Find Robot Matierials

Where can i find matierials in Australia to build robots

Posted by Matt9 8 years ago

Can see instructables on phone but not on computer

I can get the instructable topics on my phone, but not on my computer. How do I fix this?

Posted by porscheman1 2 months ago

How can I add comments my Favorites?

How can I add comments to my Favorites? Thank you

Posted by greatscotmagic 8 years ago

RedBull Art of the Can Contest

Since we've got a ton of can reuse projects on the site, you'll love this:RedBull is running an Art of the Can contest. Deadline to submit your artwork is April 6.Anyone want to try making the Robot?If you build something for the contest, share the full Instructable or Slideshow Instructable here!

Posted by canida 10 years ago

How Can A Collection Get Featured?

How Can A Collection Get Featured? All of my collections have a "featured" badge on the top right, But none of them are features What are the guidelines for having a collection get featured?

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

What can I drive or ride on a cat A licence

Hi I have a full bike licence and i was wondering what i can drive or ride? Can i ride a quad bike ? cheers Darren

Posted by dazzer730 7 years ago

can any planes that are made out of knex actually fly?

Can cay of these planes actually fly, or get airbound?

Posted by knektek 9 years ago

Can I add Instructables to a published guide?

Quick question: can instructables be added to a guide after it has been published? Thank you

Posted by LanceMakes 6 years ago

How Not to Crush a Can against your Head

Maybe someone can help us figure out how to do this properly.

Posted by nagutron 10 years ago

Coke Can Prank video = WIN A PATCH

Since this seems to be the popular place for posting user made competitions I thought I'd post mine here!I'm offering cookie patches to the first three people to follow my instructable and make a laughing can prank.To win a patch you must make the laughing can prank, take a photo of the electronics before it goes in the can and film you using it on someone! (fake reactions won't win a prize)The instructable can be seen here.Thanks!

Posted by Jayefuu 9 years ago

can this robot walk ? [tars project]

Hi, I have this project to build a Tars (Interstellar) robot and I´m trying to make it walk. I made this styrofoam model and explained it in this video: Can it work ? Can you see some problem ? *Can´t test because I have 2 servo controllers right now and waiting the others to arrive *The video is in portuguese, if you want, I can make another one in english.

Posted by converge_br 2 years ago

How much cfm psi in a can of propellant?

I want to sandblast/etch an image onto acrylic. so i was wondering how close do the specs of canned air get to an actual sandblaster. Ive searched and couldnt find this anywhere. How much cfm and psi is there in a can of propellant. Can anyone help me with this?

Posted by bsmith102 4 years ago

Things you can make with urine?

Greetings, So far, I have learned that one can make phosphorus, ammonia, and potassium nitrate from urine. And of course it can be purified for water. I am wondering what else can be made with urine instead of wasting it? Thanks

Posted by NeuroPulse 7 years ago

So, can you draw??

So, can you draw? If so feel free to post your pictures. I'll start, this is one of my brothers drawings. I can draw too, yet I wanted to post something done by him.

Posted by Lftndbt 9 years ago

Can i enter one instructable in multiple contests?

If my instructible satisfies the conditions for more than one contest,can i enter it in more contests,and if i win in one contest,can i win in an other?

Posted by flamelover94 9 years ago