How do you make your own 3(or 4)-sectioned hamper where you can remove each section to take to the washer?

I would like to make a hamper that has different sections (whites, colors, towels, etc) but I want to be able to remove the different bags and take them individually to the washer so it needs to be sturdy. I would rather the sections be made of canvas or another fabric. Any suggestions?

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If the oil/wax mixture was applied as, waterproofing for a permanent exterior canvas surface (large tent), would the summer heat, up to 40+ degrees destroy the finish and need to be re-applied every winter? also any other ideas would be greatly appreciated, I thought oil based paint would become brittle, and im not sure if I can thin silicone to apply with a roller, someone mentioned shellac but I read that it is no good outside, and as I have quite a large area and many tents to do, any ideas thanks.

Asked by QSDR 5 years ago

Decorating with Photography...

Found this company, Juicywalls, online. They make custom designed wallpaper and canvas prints of really high quality (and pretty cheap, for the type of product). You can determine the precise size of the prints or measurements for wallpaper, which is great, but the really cool aspect is that you can upload your own photography for these products. It's high quality digital printing, so the image is super clear and sharp. They also offer an option for photographers to sell their work from their own site, with an application called the Walldesigner. You integrate the code into your website, and sell your photography, and Juicywalls makes the product, deals with all the customers, and handles the payment and shipping. Seems like a really cool way to either get your photography out there, or just do some cool, personalized decorating! The website is

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dome canvas cover

Anyone can explain how to sew a fiting canvas cover for a dome shape?

Posted by toot.sweet 5 years ago

I need an instructable on how to set up a vintage (60's) canvas tent

I bought a vintage canvas Wenzel brand tent at a garage sale and am now trying to set it up at home. I cannot for the life of me remember where all the poles go; ru-roh! Anyone out there have an old 2 room canvas tent that you know how to set up that you might be able to instruct me on???

Posted by koreyl 8 years ago

how can i un-twist a warping painting on canvas? thing is starting to look a bit like a Pringle. Answered

The stretcher bars are going in all kinds of strange directions and now it kind of looks like something you'd see on a graphic calculator. am i doomed to just restretch it or can i flatten it somehow?

Asked by noapparentfunction 8 years ago

Suggestions for recycling boat sails

A friend of mine had some old boat sails that he was throwing away and I ended up claiming them. Now I've been thinking about a project to use them in, but I'm pretty much hitting a wall. I've considered making a teepee, bags, even clothes but none of those sound appealing so I was hoping for some inspiration.

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What type of glue is used in converse shoes? Answered

What type of glue is used in converse to glue two layers of canvas together, and the canvas to the rubber sole? Thanks alot for all answers :)

Asked by Lizander 8 years ago

Questions about AC motors and removing printing from canvas tote bags

I found ahem dived for a motor a few weeks ago that runs on ac. Could I use 2 relays and a 555 to get 60hz AC with a square wave or does it have to be a sine wave to run properly?Second question:How do you erase fabric paint or screen printing from a canvas tote bag?Thanks

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I just made my first instructable And I wanted some suggestions to it... I really wanted feedback, but people havent reviewed much or maybe im just too impatient...... In any case, please can you suggest things?

Posted by Celesmeh 7 years ago

Where can you find denim or canvas?

Did the world run out of canvas and denim to the public that is NOT over 200 or more dollars for 3 yards of the stuff? I mean really, can somone give me a link?

Posted by PKTraceur 9 years ago

Can I use regular canvas material to make the vermicomposting bag?

I have multiple yards of a natural-colored cotton canvas and would like to use it up. Thanks!

Asked by lkutz 9 years ago

Gessoed canvas

I gessoed over a painting and the surface seems rough. Should I sand down a little?

Posted by DianeR81 4 months ago

Whats a good way to get a tattoo design faithfully onto a cloth canvas, to be painted later? Answered

I'm putting a poem I wrote for my girlfriend in an old frame and canvas. I'm not terribly artistic, visually, but she loves and identifies with the old Sailor Jerry style tattoo flash art. Ideally, I'd like an image of similar sort on canvas below the poem's layer, so that it appears to be behind the poem. But, like I said, I'm not terribly artistic visually and am not sure where to start with this

Asked by dudemanthgr8 9 years ago

what would be the best/cheapest material to use for the outside of a yurt? this is for burning man if that helps. Answered

I'm going to burning man this year and i plan on making a yurt that is 16' in diameter. i have my wood and my polls and all that stuff but i can't seen to get a strait answer on what is the best material to use for the out side of the yurt. as i mentioned before this is for burning man so i need something that well stay cool in the day and warm at night and is easy to sew together. people have been saying things like vinyl and canvas work but with vinyl i don't know how well that would keep us warm or cold. and with canvas well that stuff is just plain way to expensive. i mean if it comes down to it i could spend the money but i working with a budget of about $100 for the outside. any help would be much appreciated. thank you

Asked by grant-swany 8 years ago

help with dyeing painter's canvas with diluted textile paint (before making a bag with it)? Answered

Hi! bit of a noob here :) i'm planning to make a messenger bag out of some painter's canvas, and i would like to dye the canvas grey before i begin. i'm wary of using powdered dyes and stuff like that so i did a little research and found out that diluted textile paint would work nicely. what are your thoughts on this? and do you have any other tips regarding the process? (like, how to manage the shrinkage, what tools i should use, what things i should avoid, etc.) i don't really need it to look super slick or anything (i think it would look interesting if the dye job is uneven) and i might try and wax the canvas afterwards. thank you in advance for your input if you do reply :)

Asked by emtsevilla 4 years ago

abstract paintings on canvas,

Hi my name is mullerjeanfrancois I do art,If you interested in any piece please let me know.I hope you enjoy my Art I am an artist who works in many different types of media; oil, acrylic, abstract paintings on canvas, at

Posted by artmuller2003 6 years ago

How should I go about making it look like someone is trying to escape out of a canvas?

Basically trying to take a canvas and then place a replica of someone onto it in such a way that makes it look like they're trying to escape... Not sure how I should make the person...

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How can I accurately scale up an A4 drawing onto a much bigger canvas, without a projector?

I have a few line drawings I want to reproduce but on a much larger scale, but without the whole route of clear plastic + overhead projector (no such tools available). Any ideas?!

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Is there any way to make a piece of leather stiff/rigid without distorting it to much?

Looking to make a leather and canvas bag, the bottom 2-3" in leather, and the top canvas; with a zipper closure between the two sections . Would like the leather to be stightly rigid/stiff so that the bag will stand up straight and not sag.

Asked by Immeknotu 7 years ago

How to make a solar powered light to hang from my canvas gazebo roof? Roof is solid so power source has to be outside.

This is your standard pitched roof canvas gazebo with a small canvas vent at top. I want to have chandelier-type light hanging from roof for lighting when we hang out there at night but all the lights I see on the market have the cell attached directly to the light. I need the power source to be attached but remote from the actual light (think chandelier). Please help.

Asked by blue21 9 years ago

Homemade Bandolier?

Hey there instructables! I'm planning to make a homemade bandolier that carries 12 gauge shotgun shells, but I was just wondering.... Are the loops on bandoliers elastic, or just straps of canvas or something? Which would look like a cooler bandolier, denim or black canvas?(Your Opinion) I never sewed cloth before, I'm planning to use a sewing machine, do you have any tips, and advice when sewing canvas or denim? If I use something elastic, how could I keep the bandolier from curling up? Thanks A few of my 12 gauge shotshells..hahahaha....

Posted by IlluminatedAntichrist 10 years ago

Cleaning a canvas hat.? Answered

Hi Folks. I have a favorite hat made by Panama Jack I wear a good deal in the summer however I have noticed it has become more than a little grubby. I contacted the manufacturers & I have to say I was surprised that they were not very much help, I guess in the litigious world we seem to live in they are worried that if i damage my property because I followed their suggestions I may demand a replacement or sue them for damages. Anyway does anyone have any suggestions? The hat is stiffened canvas so obviously I don't want to do anything that would cause it to soften & loose its shape unless I can re-stiffen or starch it to regain the shape. I promise I won't sue if your suggestion causes any damage :-)

Asked by Nostalgic Guy 7 years ago


Having built my first yurt frame many years ago it has been in storage as I have been unable to manage sewing the cover, walls etc. I am staffing a kids camp in the summer as a volunteer and would love to be able to use the Yurt, so Iam hoping someone out there can help me make the skin, I will fund the canvas etc. As a woodworker myself perhaps we could trade skills ? who knows ?? I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help, and I am based near Royston & Cambridge

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Big Screen Digital Canvas?

Ok, my parents have an old unusable 52" rear projection television.(projector is busted) I'm a filmmaker/digital sculptor and I want to convert the tv into a large digital canvas that I connect to my computer and can interact with using either the Maxell "Penit" digital pen, or one of these two other digital pens. ( I still have to test the pens to see if they can even live feed information to the computer. I am thinking it should be possible to use some type of bare computer LCD screen as the foundation of a rebuilt rear projector. Anybody have any specific ideas about how to put this together?

Posted by Butch007 10 years ago

could you turn a pair of wellington boots into some awesome hiking boots? Answered

I've been thinking about this all day, and have even doodled a few ideas down. if you were to say cut the front of the wellys open, cover the boots in a canvas like material through which the laces would flow, made a tongue out of some sort of rubber stuff, maybe lined them with something nice an soft, i was thinking felt, and maybe even add a few extra straps, and finally some kind of water proofing layer over the canvas so as to keep the boots watertight...could it work?

Asked by Kynan4th 7 years ago

How to paint canvas sneakers?

I would like to get information on how to paint (decorate) canvas sneakers. I have been looking for information on the web, but I havent had much luck. I do screenprinting and I would like to do so on the sneakers, but as they have an irregular shape, it is very difficult to print them the traditional way. It seems like it can only be done by hand. I am a better artis on the computer than by hand, so I would rather do it some other way. I thought about using a stencil, but I am not sure if it will work. Does somebody decorate shoes? Can you tell me how can I do it? What kind of inks should I use? Where do I get them? I will appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you!

Posted by Titere 11 years ago

tabi boots for parkour?

Tabi boots are the split toe'd canvas boots that "ninja"/'shinobi' wear, what do you guys think?

Asked by l96470fps 8 years ago

I need a TEEPEE cover 18 ft. high by 50+ feet in circumference! I am going to make my own!s How much canvas will I need?

Help, my TEEPEE was destroyed by the last storm. I need a suitable  inexpensive cover for the poles that are 18 ft. 4in.,  tall and has a circumference of 50 ft.+.  TYVEK is no good, too costly, too short, and really rattles in the wind! Anyone got any good ideas out there? The original one cost me a bundle and I don't want to go there again! I wish the Buffalo herd was nearby, good meat and great Teepee covers. I think I was born in the wrong century. I keep honing my Mountain Man skills.  Thanks, as ever, Triumphman (aka Mountain Man)!                                                                                                                                                                                                     *                                                                                                                                                                                                             *                 I have finally come to the conclusion that I have to make my own teepee cover!    I will have to buy some canvas by the yard! Does anyone know how much canvas I will need for an 18 ft. tall by 50 ft. circumference teepee frame ? If the canvas comes in 3 ' width or 5 ' width . I have made a paper half circle teepee model, but the numbers evade me! Thanks.

Asked by triumphman 6 years ago

Look who made his way in to my art...

ROBOT! I hope he sees this... I just finished a canvas for my pal Mohamed, it is his 16th birthday, and we all know homemade gifts are the best! I used a gallery style cotton canvas, KRINK (KR-INK), Spray paint (krylon) Decocolors, Prismacolors, India Ink, Oil paint, arcrylic paint, paper, stickers, sharpies, pencil crayons, oil stick (streaker) paper, and finally...glue I hope he likes it...

Posted by evy-wevy 11 years ago

Doesn't have ray tracing option? Answered

In my fusion 360 there is no ray tracing option there instead there is a in-canvas option. Please tell me what to do so i can also use ray tracing.

Asked by Be_Learner 1 year ago

Sam Browne belt/harness mods?

I want to make a modification to the classic Sam Browne belt/harness by adding a thigh bag to hold tools, water bottles, etc. I'm looking for a pattern to be made from heavy canvas or at least khaki denim. If anyone's been to an Army surplus store will probably get a pretty good idea of what I'm looking for. The bag has one large central pocket, two zippered pockets on the inside, and two outer pockets. It also has a large cover flap over the top with a leather or canvas tie-down straps.

Asked by javajunkie1976 7 years ago

Popup camper

Does any one know were I may find a pattern for a pop up camper I have one and all the canvas is all gone There was none  so I could not get a pattern from it. Cost to much to buy it new. Thanks Bernadine  

Posted by witchdragon13 2 years ago

Does anyone know how to make an Overhead Projector?

Hi All, does anyone know how to make an OHP (just to be clear "OHP" not "OAP" - I already have a couple of these and despite their age they work perfectly well). i'm no artist (nor nuffink), but i'd like to paint an intricate image onto a large canvas. i've mocked the image up on paper, but to ensure accuracy, i'd like to project this image on to the canvas and trace from that. i'm unable to link my computer to an OHP device for all sorts of dull reasons (that neither you, nor i would want to go into right now), so unfortunately this isnt an option. all (practical) ideas will be gratefully received. regards Rens

Posted by rens 10 years ago

123D Design for iOS update out now!

What's new: * Color! Set colors for your design. Defined colors will appear when the model is opened in 123D Design web and desktop tools. * Dimensions. Tap on an object to display its measurements. *Create image snapshots of your design that you can email, share, or save to your image library. * Contextual menus appear with a long press on parts or on the canvas. * Insert parts by dragging and dropping to the canvas, or double tap a part to drop it at the origin. * Lock or unlock objects in the workspace. * UI improvements and bug fixes.

Posted by andrewt 5 years ago

Favorite Medium for sketching?

I've been a pretty-much strictly pen-and-paper sketch artist for most of my life but I've been looking into new canvas materials to doodle/create pieces on. Cardboard is a favorite right now. What do you dabble with?

Posted by fireatlions 9 years ago

Idea? Answered

I know I can learn the 3D printing but coming up with a new idea from a blank canvas will be the challenge. Will there be any benifit to learning 3D printing if I'm just a manufacturer and not an inventor? I've work in manufacturing for 37 years programming CNC's. I'm a part maker not a idea person.

Asked by steel billet 1 year ago

new bed.. ideas?

Ok so its time I finnaly got a new bed. I've already though about some cool ideas of what to do with it and I wanted to see if anyone would want to contribute aswell. My first idea was to take the legs from my loft bed and put them on the corners of my normal bed. so essentially a normal bed with 4 large post at the corners, from there I would to stretch some sort of canvas or muslin at the top attached to each one of the corners and use to project whatever I want onto the screen whie I lay down. Another idea I had was to take 2 sets of computer speakers I have and place 1 on each corner of the bed then attach them to a radio which I could use to play music through fm transmiter plugged into my laptop. I already have acumulated most of this stuff around my house so it shouldn't be too hard, but before I make any more steps into the project I'd like to hear your opinions on this.

Posted by astrozombies138 10 years ago

Glow in the dark fabric

I dunno if u've seen the glow graffiti but it think its an awesome idea but not worth $50 just wanna take some fabric or canvas and make it glow in the dark... anyone know how i can do this?

Posted by orsinichris 9 years ago