how do you make a car?

I want to now how to make a car thats small not big or not a toy!!!

Asked by alexgeorge1998 9 years ago

how to make a motorized toy car?

I have a science class and I need to built a moving toy car that uses a motor

Asked by chienngo 8 years ago

how do you program a car radio?

I need to program my car radio because when i cut my car off and turn it back on my cd's start on number 1 each time and my radio stations don't stay programmed.

Asked by Srumph2010 7 years ago

how we make a flying car?

I want to make a flying car .which is don,t powered by fule like petrol or diesel .i want to powered it by gases fule.and it must be able to substense my load .

Asked by gunjal soni 6 years ago

how do u fix a power window in a car??? Answered

I have a '93 buick that the power window just sort of died in...any ideas??

Asked by cheezies 8 years ago

What do I build with my old car?

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus. It works other than needing a water pump. I wanted to use the car to make a dune buggy or just take out the engine and make something. Any ideas?

Asked by davidwj 7 years ago

Anybody know how i can get a car under 200 - 100 pounds?

I'm trying to get a car for a project , It will help if it runs , Interior doesn't need to be perfect but i'd like to not do too much welding etc on the exterir ?

Asked by stephenniall 7 years ago

why don't cars have bigger wheels/tyres?

Yeah, why don't they have bigger wheels? currently car tyres are about 60 -80cms high. so why not have tyres that are say 120cms or more. more road grip. more components could be stored in it -i.e. for electric vehicles-motors or for reverse breaking-etc.

Asked by altomic 9 years ago

can i change car head lamp with LED?

We like to change the lamp color with pure white led and how to make it beam is can see very far but led is can not see far

Asked by nyihtut100 9 years ago

Can some one assist me for my car?

I have mazda 6 Model 2006. The problem is that it is showing engine check, brake and ABS indicator in the dashboard. odometer also not working? can someone help?

Asked by keemy125 3 years ago

how to fix car trunk which is not opening by key? Answered

It is chevy aveo 2008 before it was right but some day before i close from then it does not open i put key in and rotate it then it does not pop up what to do help.thanks

Asked by HarishK95 11 months ago

Car remote unlock modding.

Im talking about the little button remote you have on your key chain that unlocks,locks and opens your trunk of your car. I want more information on the system. Is it hard to remove?  If i remove it is there a way to mod it so you can open and or shut and lock doors to your house? Seems a shame to let me little remote go to waste =)   thanks in advance.

Posted by valmont325 6 years ago

everybody can build everything hard so i have an idea 4 you .why not make an rc car like a real car with same functions

Every body can build everything hard here so i have an idea 4 you .why not make an rc car like a real car with same would b the best and there is nothing like it in the market yetif u r intrested then contact me on this email .i have sum ides if u r intrested then i m sure we could do this in a group .

Asked by abdulhameed 9 years ago

how we can make a speed breaker working model?

In this model the electricity should produce when car goes from it 

Asked by sadaqatchanna 5 years ago

how do you get the best price for a junker? Answered

I have a well used car a 1987 ford ranger wich is a 4x4.

Asked by yo man 8 years ago

How Do I Apply A Simple Glitter Coat to My Car?

I have a white 1993 Buick Lesabre and I just want to spruce it up a little bit. I want to know how to add a coat of glitter to it, and I want to know how to do it myself(the cheapest way). Thanks.

Asked by sherrell2 8 years ago

how can i cleen up a vary durty floor rug ? Answered

I got a used car with a vary dirty enterer need to be cleened

Asked by yo man 8 years ago

help ! how to maximize the transmitting signal of the ordinary REMOTE CONTROL toy car,boat or helicopter .....???

I have many remote control toy cars and speed boat but when they get further the signal of my transmitter can't reach them...i just want my RC to reach further to make it more useful.........   pls help !!!!...... thank you !!!!....

Asked by pauljohnramos86 6 years ago

how to build a "cool sound" muffler for my car?

Hv a Toyota yaris 3 cylinders. want it to hv a nice cool sound. how to build a muffler which can do tihis...??

Asked by djuneidc3000 9 years ago

hi tec Ranger 3 sky radio controler 3 channel?

CAN i run a 27mhz ra green crystal remote car thanks for your help

Asked by LizzyH5 1 year ago

alternator cadillac?

How to change alternator in a 1998 cadillac deville

Asked by bockenstedtgary 3 years ago

How can i connect a bluetooth OBD plug to a raspberry pi ?

Good Night to you guys. I need some help to do a project, i got a passat b4 i35b its a car without a computerboard. But with my project i can put a computer board i got a raspberry pi and i want to connect with a plug bluetooth obd( On Board Diagnostics) to i get some readings such like: temperature of the car, outside the car, turbo pressure, Immediate fuel consumption in an hour,water temperature, trouble codes etc.. i allready got, the bluetooth pen for rasp, OBD plug, raspberry pi an the tft (240x320). Can anybody help me with the code ?

Asked by BrunoBA 3 years ago

is their a repair manual for KIA Sportage for free?

Id like to try and repair my car myself for the crises nowadays is rampart if any body can give a site or whatever to help me avail this manual. this badly needed in my behalf thanks a lot

Asked by jovenhatsjr 9 years ago

nos or nitrous express for my neon?

Well i plan on getting some cinde of nitrus for my car but enyone i speck to say to use a biffrent brands that thay tink is a better sistom. wich brands sould i use?

Posted by yo man 9 years ago

IC connection with Arduino .

How to connect IC L298n with Arduino ??

Posted by manjusulagna154 1 year ago

Does any one know how to use the timer of the block heater pole? Answered

I recently bought a car and there is a external engine block heater in my parking lot. However i don't know how to set the timer in the block heater pole. Can anyone help me?

Asked by zyao 5 years ago

is there a limit to the weel size?

Why is there a limit to how big the wheels can be and to how long the lever arm is?

Asked by 9 years ago

how to make auto headlamp light brighter without to replace with a new unit.?

My car headlight is getting dimmer and dimmer because the reflector in the headlamp had worn out, is there any low cost way that i can refurbish the headlamp to make it light brighter without to replace it with a new headlamp unit.

Asked by hamz622 9 years ago

how do you fix a leeking rad? Answered

My heater core is leeking?

Asked by 79ford 8 years ago