Car Battery

When I tried to start my  car the ignition just clicked a few times, then finally started.  It seemed like the battery was weak.  I spoke to a mechanic who said probably one battery cell was bad and advised that I replace the battery.  I did that and now have a brand new battery. I didn't fix the problem.  Does anyone have advice?

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What are the best batteries for an electric motorcycle, and for a car too. Or can someone explain how to read the batteries specs (like amps, watts,volts) for the best suited for your ev project?

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Extensive knowledge on VRLA , AGM, MOTIVE POWER batteries. 1 to 24 cell batteries. 6,12,24,36,48 volts. Up to 2000 amp hr. The bonus here is I work with gentleman who has the worlds fastest street legal electric car. Videoinvalid movie: , {width:425, height:350}Videoinvalid movie:

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Battery choices?

I have been having a lot of dead batteries because I don't drive very often.My battery always checks out ok so the warranty doesn't help me.  If a new battery would help me, should I choose a cheaper battery with lower CCA or a more expensive on with higher CCA and a longer warranty?

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Recharging a car battery

Hello, My burning question is if I can recharge a car battery with a 12 v 5 Amps DC energy source. The car battery is a 12v 70 A standard battery, i think it uses Lead. I am asking because i do not have any experience in recharging car batteries and i know that mobile phone batteries can explode if you do somenthing wrong, so i want to get it right the first time with a car battery. Thanks.

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Xbox on a car battery

Does anyone know how to make an xbox run on a car battery? So far I have tried two different kinds of DC to AC converters but they were not powerful enough to run it.

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Batteries in a series?

So if you were building an electric car and needed to up your voltage by wiring multiple Pb batteries in a series would you only get the watt-hours of one battery like you do with capacitor capacitance, or would you get all of them combined, or at least a little power capacity boost.  Also, would using lithium-ion batteries like these in a series be ok. lithium

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Gas or Battery

I want to buy a R/C car but can't choose between nitro powered or battery powered anyone that can help me?

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Car alternators... Answered

Isnt a car alternator just an electric motor that is acting as a generator? is there anyway to put two old matching ones on a base, attach tires, and power them with a car battery?

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Battery Pack or Car Battery - Biking

To all of you night bikers out there, do you power your lights with a battery pack of NiMh or Li-Ion battery packs, or do you use a lead-acid car battery? The weight of the car battery kind of turns me away from it, but I don't want to have to recharge my batteries every day. I'm looking to power LEDs and maybe halogens. Thanks!

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Car power from car batteries while not in a car?

I bought a car battery just so I could take it with me camping and charge my cell phone. Here is the problem: car powered devices are designed to be charged in a car while the car is running. The voltage of car power is 14.4 volts and the voltage of a fully charged car battery is 12.6 volts. The car battery will charge my cell phone because it is low amperage and does not drop the voltage very much (only if the car battery is mostly full), but if I try to connect my inverter and power higher-amp devices the inverter will beep and not work because it senses low voltage. One way I can get my battery to work is if I had a DC step up transformer. A car battery ranges between 0 and 12.6 volts. I need something which can supply a constant 14.4 volts as the battery is drained. Another option is if I got two batteries and hooked them together in series for 24 volts. If I did that I would need a transformer which could convert 24 to 14.4 volts as the batteries drained. So what is the best way to do this? This is for my camera drone: a DJI Mavic Air. If I could charge my drone batteries with a car battery I could fly a lot longer. Thanks-Jacob

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Speakers working on car battery

Hello everyone, I'd like to know is this kind of setup will work properly.. I have 12 570A 70Ah car battery I'll hook it on power inverter (12VDC to 220VAC 150W) and then on speakers (220VAC 190W).  Please note the pictures, Thanks in advance!

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Rc car battery help?

Hi i have a 1.2v rc car batery and my car ran out of power early a then usal.So I got my voltage metre and it said the car still had 7.2v does any one know why this might be thanks.

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2 9volts for a car battery? Answered

If I had 2 rechargeable 9volt batteries or 9 rechargeable 1.5 batteries and a couple voltage regulators. would I be able to run my car on it? I'm thinking about making a mini car battery just for the hell of it and just to know I can.

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Car Alternator Battery Charging

Here is an alternator. 75 amp 12 volts. But i m not sure how to connect the 3 wires.. what i know is that screw in black plastic case is battery +ve and alternator body is battery -ve, Please guide me how to use other 3 wires ( green black and yellow). Thankx in advance ;)

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12V car battery indicator

Hi, I have been trying to design a circuit to monitor my 12V leisure car battery, I'm thinking this should be fairly simple, but its been years since I did any real electronics. So the basic idea: Use the circular bargraph to indicate the level of the battery when a momentary push button is pressed the circular LED bar graph: So the range of the battery would be something like 10.5V to 13.5V, there are 32 LEDs in pairs, so essentially 16. 1. So if we take the first LED pair, this should illuminate when less than 10.5V, so that should be easy, as long as there is some life in the battery it should illuminate 2. The next LED should only illuminate at the next step, 16 LEDs, 3V range 16/3= steps of 0.2V So at the following steps: 10.5, 10.7, 10.9, 11.1, 11.3, 11.5, 11.7, 11.9, 12.1, 12.3, 12.5, 12.7, 12.9, 13.1, 13.3, 13.5. So for 10.7V I guess I should use resistor before each LED. 3. The LEDs should light up after a momentary push switch is triggered, I would like this to be graceful, so the ring lights up smoothly one LED at a time as the voltage increases, I guess capacitors between the resistors and LEDs? This is the simplest way I can think of doing it, I have seen circuits which use a LM339 chip, but that can only monitor 4 voltages, perhaps 4 of these in series could do the job? I think this is the way to go rather than using inline resistor/ capacitor pairs? So I am a clear novice when it comes to electronics (but I'm enthusiastic), so if anyone can help me with this I would be more than happy to put together an instructables how to, something similar has been done before: In that example only one bar is lit, I want the other bars to stay lit. I can use Eagle to make the PCB diagram and get it printed, but I need to figure out what components I need and how to do it! Thanks for any help. Gary

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Is it possible to be shocked by a car battery?

From what I've heard, one can't even feel the shock from a car battery. Is this true? Does anyone have an explanation on "Cranking Amps"? How thick should the cables be if I need run the current somewhere?

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Battery charger help

As some of you may already know, I'm planning on building an electric car this summer. Its all planned out, but instead of using regular transformer based chargers I was wondering if someone could help me design a transistor based charger to reduce weight. Requirements 48 or 72 volts Needs to charge marine deep cycle batteries over night Needs to not have a transformer. Needs to be relatively small (under 1 cubic foot) Needs to be simple enough for me to build myself (I can do it if you can design it) Can anyone give me some links or some good schematics for this? Thanks

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Car Alarm

I just had an idea.... Someone needs to make a car alarm app for smart phones. It can use the microphone to listen for breaking glass, the speakerphone for playing pre-recorded messages (step away from the vehicle, the police have been called), the camera can sense movement inside the vehicle and the GPS can sense (and report) movement of the vehicle. All of this information can be sent in real time to the other phone that you carry with you. Installation is as easy as turning it on and tossing it in the seat! Compatible with any car! Battery backup! :)

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electric car

Ok i want to build an electric hybrid system my first question is ac or dc power. i want to build a paralleled drive system. that uses the stock motor to drive on the highway with maybe a little help from the electric motors. here are my thoughts start with a f250 powerstroke diesel crew cab truck, install a divorced t case and new drive shaft, hook the electric motor to the t case front axle output. the goal is to use the space by the tool boxes to fit the batteries and later update the alternator. the goal here is a hybrid that can still haul what a normal truck can but run purely on electricity when in town

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How many amps does a car battery have

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What's the easiest way to power 9v devices from your 12v car battery ?

Can I just use a resistor in series ?

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Electric car battieries

Hello, I need some help. With gas prices getting to an excess of $3.50 in Texas, I have decided to make the switch to electric cars. I was watching a show on TLC the other day about a guy in California who converts cars to electric. He converted an old heavy-as-can-be Camaro into an electric car that could peel out. I found a website that sells conversion kits for all kinds of cars called Cloud EV. I want to buy the heavy car kit, but the only snag I hit was this: I need 60 batteries to get a day's power, but it will cost about $3000 to $5100 (1949.6978 Euros to 3314.48625 Euros)!!! Can anyone help me find a cheaper source of batteries? Car batteries are just to expensive. Thanks.

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Nissan invests in electric cars

Motor-manufacturer Nissan have announced a £200 million ($330 million) investment in a factory intended to produce lithium ion batteries for electric cars.Along with the news from Nissan, Peter Mandelson (Business Secretary) said a "low-carbon economic area" would be established in the North East.As part of the project, 750 charging points would be installed across the region and a training centre specialising in the manufacture and maintenance of low-carbon vehicles would be set up. "The North East has distinguished itself as the first specialised region for ultra-low-carbon vehicles," Lord Mandelson said.The announcement from Nissan comes only days after its Japanese rival Toyota said it would start manufacturing the new Auris hybrid petrol-electric vehicle at its plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire from mid-2010. BBC storyNissan website

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Build an Electric Car

Want to convert your car to all-electric on the cheap?  Check out bennelson's awesome Instructable, Build your own Electric Car!  Ben walks you through the steps of converting a Geo Metro (purchase price $500, gas-requiring parts sold for $550) to run on a forklift motor and 6 12V batteries.   According to his calculations, the car gets the equivalent of about 130 mpg.  Not bad for an entirely self-taught mechanic! Check out the video of his converted Metro going up hills: Sounds easy, right?  So when are you planning to convert your car or truck? This post has been sponsored by Pepsi. The Pepsi Refresh Project celebrates the people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive effect on our world.

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Running 18.5v laptop on 12v battery ?

​How about 12v battery Plus + 6v battery and connect them so they make 18v current , I'm not really good in electricity and I want to ask about the amperage , what if my battery is 60AH  can I use transformer to step up the voltage to 18 V or 14 V

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Can a battery to be charge and discharge at the same time? Answered

  Can a battery to be charge and discharge at the same time? i am working on a car use  a 12V battery.I put a dynamo giving 12V on the wheel and i connect the dynamo to a diode then to the battery so the battery can be can i know if the battery is charging? do i need a voltage regulator? if the battery charged and discharged at the same time will this damage it?   

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How many amps does a car battery have not cranking?

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Dewalt battery powered RC car

I have an older RC truck that runs on a 9.6 volt rechargeable battery pack.  I want to see if its possible to adapt my dewalt 18v drill battery to power the truck.  Any advice would be helpful.  

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Lithium-ion batteries for electric car?

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Microphones, speakers, car batteries and saxophone? Answered

 Ok, so here is my plan. After looking at the GRL's tricycle boom box, I wanted to build a simple pair, involving two large speakers, a car battery, and a microphone. The microphone is because I'd like to make it a giant amplifier, for live saxophone music. Would attaching the a car battery to two speakers, then a microphone work. Or would the speakers just blow? 

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connect power inverter to car battery?

How do i properly connect a car battery to my 2000w power inverter

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Running a car alternator with a car battery? Answered

The car alternator that i have don't have any magnets inside. it is not a universal ac/dc motor because when i hooked up car battery to it. it wont run. how does it run in the car. is there any circuit that i need to make to make the motor run here is the pictures that i took there is only a F written next to the green wire and a N on the top right of the motor just after the green wire. the white wire is very thick

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How many Ah are car batteries?

I want to know how many Amp hours a car battery has? I need to know how long I can use them for particular things. Also how many Amps will you be able to draw from a moderate sized one? I need to know how much I can squeeze out of them before I start experimenting with them.

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UPS battery backup as car inverter?

I hope this isn't a dumb question, but if I were to take an old UPS unit, remove the battery, wire a 12V lighter socket plug to the battery cables in the UPS, and plug it in to the car, would it convert the 12V DC to 120V AC while the car is running? And if it worked would it draw too much power or damage anything? I wouldn't use this to run anything with a motor, just a laptop charger and maybe a light. Thanks! :)

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Extracting lead from car batteries?

I have a couple of battered old car batteries. There is no local scrap dealer that will take them so I was wondering if it would be possible to extract the lead myself and sell it for scrap. I have searched on google and cannot find anything about this and I suspect it would be dangerous and impractical. However I thought there's no harm in asking here. I was imagining that I could open the battery up and pour the acid into some kind of strong alkali, neutralising it to make it safe for disposal. But then, I certainly wouldn't like to try this without some advice first. Cheers! Pete

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Recharging an RC car with NonRechargeable Batteries

I got my little sister these little rc cars made by tomy. they have infrared to avoid obstacles and navigate themselves (pretty cool) but they burn through batteries very quick. it uses 2 x AA non rechargeable batteries so i want to make them rechargeable. Here is my problems with current ideas, and the pictures really help explain everything so please look there. 1 normal rechargeable batteries --- will have to remove battery door every time and it is too much hassle 2 use rechargeable battery pack for wii like below -- not as common and expensive 3 heres the one that might work incorporate a 3v rechargeable power source with a dc charger port and 2 indicator leds, all in an enclosed 2 x AA battery holder HOW??? please help --- i just want to make it work out but i really dont care if i have to change the batteries or anything like that also, i need to make 2 of these so cheap please!!! and maybe add another led for the car to have a glow like pic 4? thanks rak

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If a 12v car battery is down to 6v can you still charge it?

Question by danielemur 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Is it possible to charge a car battery off of a moving car tire? Answered

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Drill battery Switch

Hello! i got a car horn with an motor, the motor is rated 12 Volts so i got a 12 volt drill battery since im not going to install it on a car. However, i got a problem... My plan is to mount 2 switches, a Keyswitch and a push buttom switch. so i bough that .. However it made me think if the small switches can take the Power of the drill batt. I have no idea how many AMps a drill batt got, and the key switch is rated 0,5A / 250 VAC and i the push/switch one is a standart like this .. Now do you think i need a other switch or will i smelt them by pluggin the Drill batt on ?

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battery powered bike

I saw this bike at the store the other day.  I was in a rush but snapped this shot.  I just wanted to post as food for thought.  It looks like an original set up and relatively  simple idea.  enjoy

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my car battery is dead again why?

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Solar battery charging

Have been looking at the instructable on the micro solar generator, and wondering if there is a formula to calculate how big a solar panel is needed to charge a battery. I'm looking at maybe using a car battery to run some LED globes such as the one below on my deck, they run at 1w 8mA 12v. Any ideas?

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how can I charge my car battery without a another car or a charger?

My car battery is dead. I can't get a jump and I don't have a charger. Is there any other way?

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How many Ah for battery of Hyundai elantra 2008,1.6 engine should be??

Question by SafaaA5 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

battery for an electric go kart?

hello, I'm planning on taking a box fan motor and attaching it to a frame. what kind of battery should i use and what should the circuit include? thanks SC

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Running a scanner tube off a car battery.

Inspired by this instructable, I want to make a car light, for a 3.3i car. I assume the battery is around 75+ Ah, and need to make sure if it is safe. The lamp runs perfectly at 12v, just would it burn out with all that Ah?On another note, it's perfectly legal to have it on the front of my car right? If anything it'l help the police see my number plate, :D. I'm in the UK BTW.

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Modified RC car

I've been working on this sucker, and I have so far added a battery pack to it that consists of 8X AA NiMh rechargeables and it goes like sh*t on a stick! 13v when it's fully charged! Check it out! Wheel cam:

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Can you zap a 19.2 V drill battery using a jumper cable from a car battery?

Can you use a 12V car battery to resurrect a dead 19.2Volt drill battery

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