Shopping Cart Furniture

This set of furniture made from a shopping cart by Ramon Coronado is pretty sweet. There's a table, a chair, a lamp, and even a swing, all made from a shopping cart with a plastic basket. It's a lot like Tim Anderson's Shopping Cart Chair, but with the extra option of bending the plastic with the help of a heat gun. MERCADO NEGRO via MAKE

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cart axle

How do you go about attaching wheels to an axle for a hand cart.

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how do you make a big sit on cart with out stling one from sav on foods? Answered

I wont it for kite riding

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SULKY / Cart Plans wants?

 Has anyone made or got plans for making a small light woeght sulky / cart? hoping to make one for two dogs to pull added a photo of something like what I want   

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Jon Boat hand cart

Hello all, it's been a long time since I've posted anything here.  I look at the site at least once a day though, just to see whats new. Anyhow, what I have is a 12 ft john boat that needs some sort of wheel attachment so that I can pull it through the woods between ponds with relative ease. What I have is a little bit of aluminium pipe and some wheelchair parts, as well as various nuts and bolts.  I need a solution that involves no welding or brazing ( i think thats what its called ).  I can cut/drill/bolt all day, but thats about it.  Ive got a couple pics of what i have to work with.  Any ideas would be great.

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Electronic Golf Cart Controller?

I live on a golf course and want to be able to take control of the electronic golf carts that come by my home.  My plan is to film the reactions of the old dudes that send their carts way ahead of them.  I realize this is probably taboo when it comes to golf but I think it would be funny has hell to watch their reactions when their carts move on their own.  Help me realize this and I will send you video of the fun.

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build an italian icy cart?

I'm interested in selling italian iceys but don't have the money to purchase one, not even a used cart comes in cheap. I'm kind of crafty so my wife suggested build one and we don't need refrigeration so a simple one will do. I know i can have loew's cut my pieces but what about the stainless steal inside and out, how do tackle that?

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I have a Lionville medical cart with no key?

Hi I have a Lionville med cart that I got at a yard sale, The model # is 624-D. I was wondering if anybody could tell me how to get it unlocked. It also has a push button combination on it I found the battery for it, I think, any suggestions would be appreciated.   Would like to use it for a rolling tool box. Has lots of drawers.

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how do you change golf cart battieries and how much does it cost?

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How do i convert a bicycle trailer or child's wagon into a cart for my dog to pull?

I have seen many made from PVC or conduit. I would like to know how to construct the portion of the cart that attaches to the cart (a bike trailer or wagon) and hooks to the dog's harness.

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I am making a go cart. Any ideas to make pedals? here is the pic. Answered

No details

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Homemade Lawn Cart

I am needing some ideas for a homemade lawn cart.  We were going to use a old horse drawn  two wheeled rig, and put the box itself on top. of where the rider would normally sit..  Any thoughts or ideas would be great.

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Extra Large Helmet for Golf Cart

I have a Milwaukee Brewer themed golf cart and the only thing it is missing is a helmet for a roof.  It needs to be just a basic 80's baseball helmet (no ear the ones they used to give away at the game) that is big enough to cover or replace the top of the my EZ-GO golf cart (about 80" long).  Has anyone seen one of these done before?  What kind of materials would I use to fabricate something like this?

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bicycle mods

Saw bicycle cart mod,interesting do i put two wheels on the front of my bike?

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how to make dog chair?

Have a parlayzed dog in the hind legs, would like to know how to make a dog cart.

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How do I chg 6 batteries @ the same time in my golf cart?

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How do you put a drive belt on an e-z go gas powered golf cart?

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iPad Cart for School

I am a teacher in a public school with a limited budget.  Our community has bought 50 iPads for the students coming up next year, but did not budget anything for a cart.  The administration has tasked me with solving the issue on the cheap and I seek your help.  The requirements are: Preferably, it's mobile.  It needs to be locked.  This can be a simple padlock  with a latch. My colleagues hope to have two carts of 25 each, but three carts of 20 each (with some empty slots, obviously) is okay. They have not told me if needs to power AND sync, or just power.  At present the cart they have only powers them up. For IPad accessories, what's in the box is what I have. My school is looking to do this very cheaply--a simple box with a power strip inside is preferable than a big cash outlay, but I'd like to do better than that.  I certainly don't want to spend the year dealing with small issues that come up with middle school students being unable to do this or that. I have thought of using a two drawer filing cabinet (top for iPads, bottom for the guts)  and a 24 USB port hub with AC adapter.  But I could make a box out of wood, too.  I know it needs ventilation, but ideas on this end are appreciated.  I tinker and build but my tech knowledge hits a wall, which is why I'm looking to crowdsource this to success. Thanks in advance.

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Mattress-mobile propulsion

So my friends and I have built a mattress cart. It's basically this: with the sides down and support bars with a mattress and a box spring on top... So my question is: We need a way of making it go i.e. a motor or pedals or something. It can be gas, man, or electrically powered. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Minimalist marine battery dolly? Answered

Hi. Been lugging around a 38 lb. marine battery (9" x 9" x 5.5") that cannot be stored in the kayak.  I hate walking long distances with it. Need something like a compact luggage cart, but very minimalist.  Would like to store the carrier with the battery while on the water, in the kayak storage well.  That way it is readily accessible. Thinking just a 1/4" plywood "L" shape that hug the battery bottom and back. I cannot think of how to make the "L" joint (where 2 pieces come together) strong. Also, need suggestion for a (telescopic?) removable handle. Do I use an axle?  Thanks much for any suggestions.  This will be a big help!

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I want to build a push cart with x4 bicycle tyres?

I want to use bicycle wheels with the turn function of two at the back where I would steer and push from. I have no idea how to make this,just have the idea in my head, that it would be just what I need,I picture x2 tyres with the forks at the back with a wide kinda T-handle to steer left or right,other x2 fixed at the front.My main thing I guess would be the axle strength or protection from rugged bush terrain and how or what frame would suit best for what I want.But if I have plans or a tutorial video I'm sure I can.Must be light weight but able to carry 150kg , not wider than 900mm including tyres,if longer than 2metres then is it possble to have it come apart in two pieces?I don't have welding options,where I should weld I plan on drill and nuts+bolts . I've searched all over the internet for 3 days or 5 hrs a day with no luck what so ever. Hope someone can help!

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I need help determining the necessary specs of a DC motor I need for a project? v/amps/hp/torque, etc?

I'm a pure novice and know next to nothing about motors. I want to build a motorized platform cart to move some large items around the shop / yard. I want it to be capable of hauling around 800 lbs up a slight incline (10-15 deg.). speed is unimportant (in fact, slower the better probably). I'd like to do it as cheaply as possible with parts I already have or can easily acquire at salvage yards or yard sales. This will only be used on rare occasion and for very short durations so cheap and dirty is fine with me.I have the frame (cart) including some 8" pneumatic wheels if I choose to use them). The part I'm stumped on is the motor, controller and whatever I need for transmission/gears.Here's a couple of very expensive commercial options which are overkill for what I need (and far too pricey!), but at least it gives some idea of what I have in mind. link includes some detailed specs on the motor they chose to use....'m not sure what the relevant specs I need to be concerned with are. For example, I have a bunch of 18v dewalt motors which I understand can be over-volted but does that get me the hp and torque I need? If it's more amps I need than what the little dewalt motors will give me, could I use a 12v car battery and a starter motor? If so, what would I need to use for a controller and drivetrain?I think what I need is a very low rpm/high-torque motor, but don't know for sure. And if that's what I need, what are some common applications that they were used in that I might find such a motor?any help or ideas would be appreciated

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shopping cart car thing

This is a forum for me to post my ideas on a shopping cart car that im designing

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Custom Golf Carts

The CBS Sunday Morning show recently covered a story about awesome custom golf carts in the Villages retirement community down in Florida.  The Villages has cart-path infrastructure allowing golf cart access everywhere.  A culture of custom golf carts has since developed, with some really awesome builds.  Can I get one with spinners? CBS Sunday Morning Video via YouTube. Villages Golf Cart Man, mentioned in the video, custom golf cart company.

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How Do You Build a Go-cart with a Lawn Mower Engine

Would anybody happen to have any ideas on how to build a go-cart wwith a lawn mower engine(not riding).One that is somewhat inexspensive, say $100-$150 to make and some web sites to get all the parts i need for it.Im looking for one that I can ride on the road but also ride on a trail.I think there are some kind of shocks that lock and unlock.Anyways if you know any thing feel free to email me at Thanks For Your Help, Deavan

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How can you make a go cart engine? Answered

 It has to be environment friendly and work good with no hassling.

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What is a good way to remove paint from a golf cart?

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Nintendo NES Multi Jukebox - trying to figure out a relay system

Nintendo NES Multi cart Jukebox - how would you make a push button relay to switch between plugged in carts (game carts, plugged into a 72-pin connector, wired to a multi-relay switch board, then wired to 1 NES console board). How would you do 20? 50? 100?. I want to build a huge NES with a clear top showing all the game carts to choose from... like a big NES jukebox. HELP?!?!?!?

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Is learning how to hook up golf cart batteries Top-Secret Classified info?

I tried to post this before, trying again. Im new to the forum and very impressed, seems like a friendly group. As to my question, been searching the net for info and can't seem to find any diagrams or instructions on how they should be hooked up. Have heard they hook up neg. to positive and vise versa to each battery, but I don't understand. Can someone help me out please? Thanks in advance.

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Shopping cart kennel

We just acquired 2 large dogs.  Dog crates/kennels are expensive especially when you have to buy two. I'd love to see if there is a way to make one.  Maybe out of a broken shopping cart?

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Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

This modified golf cart is apparently riding around some studio lot in Hollywood. Not much info about it except that one commenter claims it was made by Marc's Creature Company for a director who is not Christopher Nolan. Well, no matter what, it's a sweet custom job. Christopher Nolan Golf Cart via Geekologie

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Launched SS carts

Dear reader, I've seen some knex rollercoasters on YouTube in which a screaming serpent cart appears to be launched by Ripping Rocket boosters. Since I own both, I was wondering how this is done, because simply leading the SS cart through those boosters won't work. Thanks for reading. Kind regards, Kaj

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Cheap but powerful option for a go-cart motor? Answered

I'm pretty keen to build a motorized go-cart with my friend, but we both have run out of chores to do for money, too young to get a job and are on a pretty low budget. We've already got a go-cart that doesn't have a motor, but is well-built (welded frame) and has a proper steering mechanism (not just rope attached to the front axle). Two questions: Would it be easier to make an entirely new go-cart or to adapt the go cart we've got now to suit the engine we get? And What's a cheap option for a motor that has some torque and can go around 40-50km/h? I'm talking cheap like under $100NZ (around 70$US I think?) EDIT: PLEASE DON'T SAY BUY A LAWNMOWER ENGINE UNLESS YOU CAN GIVE ME A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF HOW TO USE A LAWNMOWER ENGINE ON A GO-CART - Lawnmower engines have vertical driveshafts, and you can't just tip them sideways. A V-belt is not ideal.

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handicap easy around cart i want to speed up electric motor to get more speed out of the cart ?

I can get around now don't need the cart so i want to see just how fast ,or speed i can get  of this thing.It has a turtle & rabbit  dial turtle 1mpr & rabbit  is a fast walking pace it runs off  a 12 volt  25 amp deep charge batteries   and  an electric  motor and the rear wheels are mounted  directly to the motor i am not  a student of  electricity but know just enough to be dangerous thx u just lookin to have some fun.if if  i cant make it faster with electric theirs a lawn mower engine (last resorts)   

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Can you put solar panels on a golf cart? Answered

I don't know much about solar panels, energy, or electricity. But I'm curious they have electric carts, and small electric cars, that you just plug into your house and it automatically charges. Is it possible to put solar panels on the roof of a golf cart so that when the cart is parked the sun will charge the batteries while your like in the store or somewhere? Is it how long would it take the sun to charge six golf cart batteries? or would you have to use some sort of other type of batteries?

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converting electric golf cart to gas engine?

Has anyone converted a electric golf cart to gas engine do u have instructions of such a project

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hey I am trying to make a projector cart that has folding legs.

This is what I need But i would like for the sections to fold in so that it could be transported in a car vary easy. Any suggestions for the legs would be help full.?

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How would I build a two tiered cart for taking to the markets?

I have seen trolleys that have two wire baskets but they are over $100AUD and the reason I go to the markets is that I want to save money. Ideally it would fold up to go in the boot of the car. Even a one tier cart would be good. I don't like the "granny" cart style as everything gets piled in a deep narrow fashion squashing everything below.

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Beautiful coffee table made from old cart

This coffee table is a great reuse of an old wooden cart. Basically all the wood was replaced and the metal parts were cleaned up to create a pretty stunning piece. Makes me want to take a trip out to Urban Ore and do some digging around. before & after: drawers + coffee table + bike makeovers

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what should I do with an old three wheeler?

I have an old racing three that my uncle gave me and dont like three wheelers. i Want to make it into a cart i have a chassis without the plastic body for a golf cart

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Anyone ever make a canoe cart that they'd like to make into an instructable? Answered

I'm picking up my first canoe on Saturday and I'd like to make a canoe cart for it. I'm thinking small kids sized bike tires and a capacity of 150lbs would be good. The canoe weighs 66lbs and my camping and canoe gear would be a little less then 150lbs. I'm hoping to be able to take this on camping trips in excess of 4 miles on occasion. Jason

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How do you make a folding shopping cart out of a double stroller?

I have a double stroller, and with gas prices the way they are (and further going), I want to make a folding shopping cart out of it, and want to know if anyone has any ideas of how I could alter it to carry all my groceries, fold, and not look too much like I should have babies in it? I don't know...maybe this is more of a challenge than a burning

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home built go Kart, electric V.S gas

Me and a friend of min have been wanting to build a go cart. Right now were in the planing stage and the first Question is to use an electric or a gas motor. If any one has any impute on which is cheaper, quicker, simpler, safer. A top speed of 40mph or so is good enough. My dad can weld (and is teaching us) he is an electrical engineer i have a fully working washing machine motor (most likely to small to use) also have a lawn mower enginewhen i say top i mean like best of best "top electric cart" (not my video) "top gas cart" (not my video) links]

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My spark plug is smoking, what should I do? Answered

Earlier today I went mudding in my golfcart. After a while I felt the engine beneath my seat get really hot. So I opened the hood and my spark plug was smoking. What could this mean? And how should I fix this?

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Golf carts for racing

Hi, I'm new to this group but not to working on golf carts. I have been working on carts now for 15 years and I just started another venture in drag racing them. This is a lot of fun and hard work though but I really like the people in which I race around. If you are in SC area this May 2011 come join us for a weekend of racing and showing off your cart in Pageland SC. If anyone has questions about there cart feel free to ask!

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