Used Polaroid cartridges

Hi everyone! I'm looking for empty Polaroid cartridges of any shape and condition! If you're willing to ship some over, please do reply! I will pay for shipping. Looking for quite a few! Thanks!

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N64 Cartridge Mod

I was wondering if it would be possible to mod an N64 cartridge to remove the default internal memory for it and allow like an SD card or some other flash drive and be able to run homebrew games and backups... I enjoy playing the N64, i own tons of games for it but it just gets in the way lol I want to be able to backup all my games and consolidate them into a single cartridge if its possible Thanks

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Laser Cartridge dangers?

I'm thinking about messing around with a laser printer cartridge (They're cool, look at them- they're just asking to be made into a laser gun!) Is there any safety concerns I should worry about? (Most likely an HP cartridge, I haven't acquired it yet, I just saw it.) Looks similar to picture.

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Shure SM7 Cartridge.?

I would like to get an SM7 for my bands brutal metal vocals (its an ideal studio mic for them) And dont want to spend all my money... The cartridges are significantly cheaper. I was wondering if i could buy a cartridge, and solder it to an XLR jack, and mount it all in a PVC pipe or a similar project box. Want to help me out?Here is the cartridge link: you for your time!

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GBA Cartridge MP3

Hello Instructables World, I have heard that you can take out the memory in a gba cartridge and fill it with music... Is this even possible?? I would really like some feedback. Thank you

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Spud Gun Cartridges

Is there any way that I can make cartridges for my spud gun? I plan on making a new gun anyways. I plan on using this to pwn at airsoft, kind of like Hellboy's big ass gun. The problem is that it takes too long to reload and during that time, im dead in the water. I tried a two man team, but its still too slow. You know how the musket went from power, paper, blah, blah projectile? Thats how the spud gun is now. I need it to be what modern guns are, where the bullet, powder and firing cap are all in one unit... I just need plans... My fuel is 91% achl.

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Co2 cartridge cannon? Answered

Hi ... in a quandary, and having problems on were to start.  Drawing a blank.  I need to develope a small Co2 cartridge Cannon that will be placed into a 1/12 scale RC airplane, that will be used to deploy a drouge parachute on command.  Can anyone provide me with a starting point?  Do you by chance have something all ready in your files that can be used.  The drouge shute when deployed, is 72" in diameter, and the package that contains the parachute is 3 x 3 x 3.  It needs to be projected at lease six feet from the airplane before opening up. Thank you very much,  for any assistance that you can provide.  Richard T Leiterman ( KE6RIM )

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Is this dangerous? (Answered, thank you)

A friend recently bought a new house with an extremely large rural garden. While we were having a "tour of the grounds", her daughter found what appears to be a gun cartridge (pictured).  Thinking quickly, our friend handed the cartridge to me for "safe disposal". What is it? If I rip it open, what will I find? (It is about 70mm long, and feels hefty enough that it could contain lead shot.) UPDATE Thanks for all the helpful answers - pretty well confirmed what I thought I knew (except for the sabot!). I'll keep it safe and dry until I have time to dissect it with the boys.

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I need a real good recipe for Black computer printer ink! Has anyone tried this that has proven results?Cartridges 2 $$

I Need an inexpensive recipe for Black computer printer ink cartridges! The printers I have are costing too much $$$$ and they dry up too. I have refilled some and it works, but the little bottles cost too much. I would like to make my own ink. It has to be able to dry fast and be lasting and clear. Any ideas?

Asked by triumphman 10 years ago

how to refill hp ink cartridge no.74?

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is there a serial interface for commodore 64 cartridges?

I would like to know so that I can finish planning out my next project...

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What can I do with empty laser toner cartridges? Answered

Surely there's something cool that can be done with these... I haven't taken one apart yet- but I will.  Anyone have ideas?

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Dose anyone know the button connections, power, audio, and video pinouts in a gameboy cartridge slot? Thanks so much. Zombeastly

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Replacing a Pentair Pleated cartridge?

Oh this is not funny. I am trying to replace the cartridge not clean it, that's easy. With this cartridge you must take the hard plastic core out of the old one ad put it back into the new one. I have no idea how to get it back in there. The top of the cartridge hole is very rubbery. So the plastic core will not slide easily. Let me know if you figure it out.[some time this summer] since it only has to be replaced once every 6 years or so.

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Still need inexpensive black ink for printers! Anyone got a recipe that has been tested and proven to work 100%. Answered

DddNeed a proven recipe for black ink for cartidges. They cost so much. Need a proven recipe that worksa and is easy to make from components that are easlily found. Thanks. Someone must have this  out there!

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CO2 Cartridge discharge thrust?

I am trying to figure out how much thrust would be created with a full discharge of a typical small CO2 cartridge.  Way back when in High School we built CO2 powered drag racing cars in shop.  (I can't remember how we dischardged them?).  But I want to rig a similar device to discharge underwater.  I want it to give a "turbo boost" to a fairly heavy model boat after the boat gets moving a bit.   So it doesn't have to get the boat moving or up to a speed. It's more to give the boat a good push after it gets going. How much thrust would that generate? In water?  I could probably rig 2 cartridges to fire simultaneously on each side of the boat.

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Epson Black Cartridge Chip re-setter hacks? Answered


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Any Chip re-setter hacks for Epson T007 Black cartridges ?


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What to do with laser printer toner?

Hi all, I have a several unused laser printer cartridges I don't need. Is there anything fun \ cool \ creative \ useful I can do with the toner powder? Please note: * I don't have a laser printer * the powder is neither conductive nor magnetic. Thanks for the ideas!

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How to refill Epson T079220 Cyan Ink Cartridge ?

I don't want to exchange a new Epson T079220 Cyan Ink Cartridge for my printer. So i want to refill Epson T079220 Cyan Ink Cartridge by myself to save my money. But i haven't done that ever. i don't know how to do it ? Any idea?

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New Shotgun

So, I've been working on a new shotgun for a while, sort of as a sequel to my first one. I just finished version 1, and will be testing it for a while, and I will hopefully have instructions a little bit after that. Features: New, easier system for loading shells/cartridges True, sliding trigger Decent power (more than the last shotgun) More solid construction Still no mag though :(

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At room temperature, how much pressure does a 12g CO2 cartage output? Answered

...and can it be controlled by a 10 bar rated 12v solenoid valve? I'm thinking about making a remote controlled Co2 confetti cannon and I'm planning on using a 12v 3/8" solenoid rated at 0-10 bar which will be operated by a relay controlled by a networked arduino. I realise that they run at different pressures depending on their temperature, but this will be used indoors. Thanks!

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Has anyone hacked a printer cartage to print with ligh insted of ink?

I'm wondering if there's any way to put lights in the printer head to expose an image on photo paper insted of shooting ink on regular...  That way a simple printer can be made to make photo quality prints (that can be processed in a darkroom) without the photo quality inks.

Asked by tomdowntown 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Printer cartridge Non-reusable. Why and how? Last cartridge lasted 3 years. New one, 1 month and refill is fruitless.?

I refilled a cartridge a thousand times until it just wore out. Purchased new (black) cartridge, used it, attempted refill & can't make the thing print for love or money. It's an HP cartridge but it's sure different from my old one. How are they doing this and is there a bypass? Thanks for any help, Zappenfusen

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Uses for full 12g co2 cartridges Answered

A long time ago I had a co2 airsoft pistol, but it broke and now I have 2 full co2 cartridges that I can't use. Do you guys have any ideas for things I can do / make with them?

Asked by BryanC46 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

How to get Lexmark printer to reuse a refilled cartridge?

I have a Lexmark Z2300 printer. I refilled the black cartridge but the printer wont let me use it again. It still tells me to replace the cartridge. How can I get the printer to reuse it?

Asked by Scroman 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how to refill lexmark X3580 printer cartridges?

Asked by tobyrobert 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Can you refill a HP ink cartridge?

I'm using a lot of ink and I would like to be able to refill my cartridges. Has anyone done this? I'm afraid I'll really screw up my printer. Thank you.

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can I get purple Cross cartridges?

Asked by HILARYC 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How do you fill HP88 cartridges?

 If I can fill HP88 cartridges, how do I make my printer (HP Officejet Pro L7780 All-in-One printer)show a full level of ink?

Asked by charles winter 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

A new purpose for an old ammunition box? Answered

I have obtained an empty ammo box. I don't have any guns. So besides being a totally rad lunch box, what else is it good for?

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CO2 cartridge + arduino ( need your help)

Hi "instructors" i want to build an arduino based project to release co2 cartridge when a sensor sends a certian value (i.e. light sensor) is there any adapter that fits on the cartridge and connects to an arduino ? tried looking online but could not find any.

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My Epson Stylus Photo 900 printer won't recognize a refilled black ink cartridge. Does anyone know how to fix this? Answered

I put more ink into the black cartridge when it got low with a refill kit. The printer won't work and keeps flashing "black cartridge needs replacing" ! Is there a secret step I must do? The new cartridges have a thin film over the bottom ink hole, so I tried scotch taping it to simulate a new cartridge but that did not work! Help please !

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My son pulled out the game cartridge from his NDS Lite w/o pushing it in first to release it.

Bending the prongs and now the system won't read the any game cartridges. What to do?

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can one refill a tn 3185 brother cartridge? ?

My printer says the toner is empty, so i refilled it with toner, but the printer still says that the toner is empty please help!? I have a brother 5250 DN printer. and i'm using a TN 3185 cartridge. does the cartridge have a chip in them?

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35mm USB Drive

Well I just joined today and was wondering if anyone has done this yet? A 35mm USB Drive mod, it came out looking pretty decent so I figured I'd do an instructable on it if no one has done or seen a usb like this one.

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when refilling a ink cartridge with micr ink do i need to add regular ink to it as well??

I have tried refilling ink cartridge with micr ink but when i print u can barely see the ink what do i do

Asked by vero1 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Comet 404-x 126 cartridge help.?

Hello. I've come to own a Comet 404-X Camera and i cannot find any 126 cartridges anyware so if someone could give a suggestion on how to make a replacement/adapter it would be helpfull. Thanks.

Asked by krusher29 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Distance a 12g CO2 cartridge can launch a...?

What would you say the maximum distance a 12g CO2 cartridge could launch a ~12oz cylinder? The cylinder can be adjusted be top/bottom heavy or have its weight increased all around. The design of the barrel would (VERY) roughly look like the image at the bottom.  The cartridge would be in a housing unit at the butt of the launcher.  It would be set it off in a to-be-determined way, shooting out the cylinder(2 2/5inch diameter, 8 inches long, ~12 oz) that would be resting in front of it.

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Can anyone help me with reprogramming a 120 cartridge for a well known kitty loo?

please could you help me - I would like to reprogram a 120 cartridge that is used on a well known kitty loo.  it seems to be RF controlled - I would be very grateful for any suggestions.

Asked by kittyfriend 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Is there a way to use a Cannon Bubble Jet printer as a scanner? Make a scanner cartridge?

There is a model of Cannon printer where you can purchase a scanner cartridge to replace the ink cartridge, transforming the printer into a scanner.  However, I do not have that model, so I'm wondering/hoping that since THAT printer can be used as a scanner with only the simple replacement of the ink cartridge, maybe there's a way to use my current, ancient Bubble Jet as a scanner, also. Thanks in advance. 

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Replacing black ink with colour ink

Hi, I'm trying to do a uni project and I'm not having much look at the moment. What I want is for the ink in the black cartridge to be a colour ink instead of black. It did seem to work but now it's not. I flushed the cartridge with water several times to clean it out and then placed magenta ink in and the first through prints it started to print the Magenta but then stopped and how all it seems to do is leak from the cartridge and flood the base. The printer is a HP 1220c using HP 45 Cartridge which has the print head on the actual cartridge. Can anyone suggest anything? Thanks Phil

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How can I trick my hp f300 printer into working without any cartridges in it?

I am in the process of makiing a CNC  machine from my printer, I have changed the motor that drives the caridge with a very slow, very highy gearer motor, runnig at 12v, but the printer keeps asking me to put in ink cartridges in it, however, there is no room and no need for them anymore, as this is where the dremel will go.

Asked by MysteryPills 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How do I reset my brother tn450 after putting in new toner cartridge?

I have been reading all of the blogs, and do not know how to reset the printer to remove the toner end message. I just bought a compatable toner and the machine will not recognize it.

Asked by cheryi 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

How can i refill a brother LC970BK printer cartridge?

Brother MFC-235C printer scanner takes above cartridge cant find out how to refill. thanks in advance

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