How can you remove write protection from a cd? Answered

I have a cd that i got for free somewhere to try out a free program. I want to use it to put files on but if i try to it says it is write protected. Is there any way to remove this

Asked by Scytheon3 9 years ago

Is there any brand of CD-RW that seem to work the best for people? Answered

 I want to buy some cd-rws but really don't want to experiment with some being better than others and would hope someone might have some helpful experience. 

Asked by timweaver17 8 years ago

how to clean a CD?

I have several CDs that we play often, and they are beginning to hesitate, and/skip.  the only cloth I have now is glasses cleaner.  I wipped one several times, one way, and that helped.  Would wipping it more help? Would it be best to get a special cleaninng cloth, and liquid cleaner?

Asked by killaree 8 years ago

what can I do with a que!fire 12x10x32x cd rw drive without cords?

I showed it to a friend and was given it as a gift without connection cords or power cords.

Asked by TOCO 9 years ago

(UK only) Question about Tomorrows World 1980's compact disc demonstration? Answered

 Does anyone one remember The Tomorrow's World demonstration with the first compact discs? As I recall, they poured honey and dust onto it, gave it a quick wipe and it played without a problem. I don't believe my modern cd would stand up to such treatment. Was it a fixed demonstration or were the first cds a bit more robust?

Asked by FriendOfHumanity 8 years ago

cd stuck in car cd player

How can yo get a stuck cd out of a car cd player/

Posted by blip91 10 years ago

Removing Silver from CD.

Is there a way to remove the silver off of a CD that's relatively fast and doesn't scratch or damage the disk in anyway?

Posted by BoomGuy 10 years ago

CD Drive Jam

 How do i remove a CD thats jammed/stuck in my mac book?  It keeps trying to eject every minute.

Asked by gbutler79 8 years ago

Easy CD Top

Make a quick and easy top with a CD (remember those?) and some lamp parts. You can make the design a little nicer by putting a new pattern on top or just see what the CD art is like when it's all a blur. CD top via Make blog

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago


Well I was burning some disks and I just started wondering if anyone knew if when you burn CD's, does the reflection from them alter in any way? Would it change if it was just audio? Just visual? Text? Anyone know? I'm really looking forward to using some of the old CD's for an art project.

Posted by A good name 10 years ago

can u get a laser diode from a CD player ?

I needed to know if u can get a laser diode from a CD player

Asked by abf220 8 years ago

I am in need of cd for a credit card camera.

It's one of those China credit card size cameras.Model NO, W10913002 Camera Model, CD-130BT Anntone have any ideas, or a copy of this CD E-Mail Thank'st

Asked by mtcarver 9 years ago

how to copy data from a CD that shows cyclic redundancy error while copying?

 i wanted to copy some data from a CD but while copying, it showed a cyclic redundancy error. can anyone suggest any way that i can copy the data from that CD?

Asked by para p 8 years ago

Copy Cassette to CD

How do I copy my cassette's to CD? I have one car that only has a CD player and I would like to listed to my cassette language learning tape, but can't until I can figure out how to transfer them. I do have a CD burner, but don't know how to get the info from the cassette to the burner or computer. Thanks for your help!

Posted by Rawben 10 years ago

Compact DIsk Coasters

Well, I have some cork place mats that are lounging around and also have tons of useless old CDs, so I was wondering about making an instructable for CD coasters. I know that Im going to cut out circles of the cork and put the CDs on them then....but what should I do the CDs before I glue them on? Should I microwave them? Should I paint them? Should I shatter the CDs and then glue them on? How good are CDs at absorbing heat? Just some of my burning questions.

Posted by Zippy_Pyromaniac 9 years ago

Portable cd player laser extraction?

Anyone know how to get the laser out of a portable CD player? A have access to an abundant supply f them, I figured I'd be able to make something cool if i was able to obtain the lasers...

Posted by KentsOkay 10 years ago

How can I burn CDs from rare live/studio music off the Internet?

For instance, there are thousands of URLs that have interesting musical samples of musicians who drop by the studio for an interview and a live--and often rare--song.

Asked by Susej 9 years ago

Can't play CDs or DVDs In Laptop

When I insert a CD, DVD, software disc, etc into the tray, I hear 2 beeps, a fast, whirring sound which then stops, but there is nothing else happens. No little disc icon appears on screen. I'm unsure if the drive ever worked, but I assume it did when I installed the disc that came with my latest printer. Windows help & support helped me figure discs are not being read, and led me to find CD/DVD driver in Device Manager for repair or updating drive***THERE IS NO LISTING FOR CD/DVD DRIVE THERE OR UNDER SOUNDS SECTION  IN CONTROL PANEL. I have a Compaq  F700 notebook running Windows Vista.  There are 2 DVD players listed in programs in addition to the Windows Media Player. No luck with any of them. One shows "No Disc" even after disc is inserted. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by noblepap 5 years ago

How do I copy a cassette tape to a compact disk? Answered

I have a cassette tape that I would like to copy to a cd's any ideas on how to do this?

Asked by geohilerybrown 8 years ago

Can't play CDs or DVDs In Laptop

When I insert a CD, DVD, software disc, etc, into the tray, I hear a couple of beeps, a fast whirring sound that then stops. No playback happens even set to auto play. No little disc icon appears on screen. I'm unsure if the drive ever worked, but I assume it did when I installed disc that came with my latest printer. Trouble shooting via Windows help & support led me to find drive in Device Manager for repair/update.***I find no listing for a CD/DVD drive there or in sounds section on control panel***I have Compaq F700 notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium. Programs list show 2 DVD players in addition to Windows Media Player. No luck with any of them. (One shows"No Disc" even after disc is inserted). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by noblepap 5 years ago

Does anybody know where to download Bill Cosby tracks for free? Answered

I had four Bill Cosby CD's but lost two. I just want to to listen to the tracks again. Can someone help me?

Asked by tvsamuel 7 years ago

How do I clean my deeply and badly scratched gamecube disc?

I went to a garage sale yesterday and bought mario party 7.Little did I know it was scratched badly. So I went home and tried it and as soon as I turned my gamecube on... right after the logo it said cannot read disc so i tried it a few more times and it said an error has occured.I have been searching ways to clean it but none of them have really helped......Any suggestions???

Asked by Wittgenstein909 8 years ago

CD-Rom drive repeat song? Answered

Can I make a CD-ROM drive repeat a cd over and over again? This is using

Asked by ebodenberg 6 years ago

How to make a CD label

I want to create a CD label . Plz help me.

Posted by rajans2 3 years ago

What to do with blank CDs

A friend if mine did it.

Posted by REA 9 years ago

DIY CD player turntable? Answered

Can a regular CD player be modified to play like a DJ turntable? E.G. disable the motor that spins the CD and figure out how to have the laser track the cd like a record player tone arm.  then be able to manually spin the disc and maybe even "scratch" while audio is produced.

Asked by Homepwner 6 years ago

How to make a live CD

How to make a live CD for a modified linux distro. Include how to make a custom boot screen etc. Thanks, Munchman

Posted by munchman 10 years ago

CD Drive laser burner

Can i take 2 cd (CD and or DVD) burners, gut them out and take the diodes that burn the data on the cd and use it to make different art and design on wood? if so, would a single one work or do i have to mount multiple ones to get it to burn wood? and is there any difference in the diodes srength in a CD and DVD burner? and im not gonna go crazy with it and do "bad" stuff.

Posted by KT Gadget 9 years ago

CD/DVD Tray for Canon IP6600D?

How do I make a CD/DVD Tray for Canon Pixma IP6600D Printer

Asked by Mike Toone 8 years ago

I have a Kenwood 12 CD changer in my car. Can i use it as MP3 player since i dont want to loose the CD player?

I have a Kenwood 12 CD changer in my car which is working fine. Without replacing it can i use that by putting MP3 CD's and play MP3 songs without disturbing any of the existing connections. I am in Bangalore, India.

Asked by sspillai1 6 years ago

How do you record music onto CD's and then play them on record players?

 I own a gramophone would it work on that?  Could I play the Cd's on that?  Not sensitive enough?  Do I need a record player with a pickup?

Asked by rickonicko 8 years ago

How do you delete music off of a music CD-R? Answered

I need to know because i don't like the music on it and i want to put new music on the CD so i can give it to a friend.

Asked by acidbass 7 years ago

Why do CDs And DVDs have different sized covers.? Answered

They would fit in various storage "furniture" a lot better if the covers were the same dimensions.

Asked by caarntedd 7 years ago

A card board CD storage box

Hi all,         I have planned a large amount backup on my laptop for which I am going to have prepare a number of DVDs So I want to make a card board box for storing all the backup DVDs in a box. I want to make a simple cardboard box which should be good enough to store a number of cds.         If any can give me fine instructions to make one it'll appreciated. Thanks in advance, Sudhir.

Posted by bsudhir6 4 years ago

How to make a DIY DJ CD Turntable

I've been looking forward to make a DJ CD Turntable but I've not got any idea about how to do it. I've been surved the web for about a year now and the answer still remains the same. Therefore, suggestions from you will be very much appreciated. This stuff means my life. Thanks so much.

Asked by ajalademola 5 years ago

I'm thinking of re-donig my room and covering one wall in blank CDs. How should i make them stick?

I'm thinking of re-donig my room and covering one wall in blank CDs. So that the CDs make kind of like a mirror on the wall opposite my window. I was thinking glue dots but i don't know if that would come off of an unpainted wooden wall. How should i make them stick?

Asked by frannyloo 9 years ago

Cheap CD Player + Good Speakers = Not Very Load Music...Help!!!

Not really sure if this is the right place to post this as im new to the site but heres my problem. Im off to a festival soon and i always take my own music for before and after the bands. This year however im broke and only have a small cheap portable CD player of about 2 Watts. I have some nice big powerful speakers, but the volume for the CD player just isn't load enough and im only getting so much volume out of the speakers. Can anyone let me in on what i need to make an amp to boost the sound, or maybe something else that would help get more sound out of a small crappy CD player. Im not that technically minded and as i said i don't have much cash to spend, but im willing to give it a shot, any help would be appreciated thanks.

Posted by KalVerd 8 years ago