can i wire a car cd player to use in my garage?

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Cd player turn table

So I want to try to turn a old sony cd diskman circa 1999 into a turn table for cds. My idea here is to have it play but I can stop the disk with my finger and hopefully get a skipping effect, the other idea is to be able to freely move the laser eye and have it still play while doing it. I already have it soldered up so that it can play without the case and have a 9 volt connected to it, but thats about it. Anyone have any idea on how this could be? 

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CD Player spinning device

I recently found an old AA powered Portable CD player. Upon dismantling it, I found 6 wires, since which I have tested and discovered their function. My question to you all is, would there be any danger to hooking up a larger battery to the two wires that spin the CD? I tried briefly using a 9 Volt, and the results were simply amazing. I have a hack or two that I could really use this for, and I wanted the opinions of people here to see if there was any danger to doing this.

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DIY CD player turntable? Answered

Can a regular CD player be modified to play like a DJ turntable? E.G. disable the motor that spins the CD and figure out how to have the laser track the cd like a record player tone arm.  then be able to manually spin the disc and maybe even "scratch" while audio is produced.

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A usb port on a cd player ?

I just thought of this the other day, is there a way to connect a usb port to a  portable cd player?

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"Ghetto" car CD player?

Over a year ago I saw an I'ble on making a car CD player from an old CD ROM. There are a few I'bles on making CD players, but this one was specific for a car, and was installed with foam and duct tape. It had just the style I'm looking for to complete a project. I can't find it - can anyone help?

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modify cd player to zoetrope

I am looking to modify a portable cd player into a zoetrope. this is fairly easy to do, but i have zero electronics knowledge and thought it would be good to ask if it is even is an old zoetrope just looking for a one second loop of animation to occur.cds spin at about 500 rpm - which when you do the math is about 8x too fast. so how can i modify the cd player to slow down?i know that i could get a strobe light and try variations on the strobe, but since the rate of cd player spin alters from center to far edge (goes more slowly) the strobe light would quickly get out of sync.any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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If given a source of electricity, what will a CD player laser do? Answered

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Cheap CD Player + Good Speakers = Not Very Load Music...Help!!!

Not really sure if this is the right place to post this as im new to the site but heres my problem. Im off to a festival soon and i always take my own music for before and after the bands. This year however im broke and only have a small cheap portable CD player of about 2 Watts. I have some nice big powerful speakers, but the volume for the CD player just isn't load enough and im only getting so much volume out of the speakers. Can anyone let me in on what i need to make an amp to boost the sound, or maybe something else that would help get more sound out of a small crappy CD player. Im not that technically minded and as i said i don't have much cash to spend, but im willing to give it a shot, any help would be appreciated thanks.

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I have a Kenwood 12 CD changer in my car. Can i use it as MP3 player since i dont want to loose the CD player?

I have a Kenwood 12 CD changer in my car which is working fine. Without replacing it can i use that by putting MP3 CD's and play MP3 songs without disturbing any of the existing connections. I am in Bangalore, India.

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Computer CD drive into a walkman

hey everyone this is my first post(i never realized there was a forum untill now). Heres the idea: ive got a bag of computer parts and among them is an old cd drive. its got a volume control and a headphone jack built into it. my idea is to put a rechargeable battery on it, turning it into the nerdiest walkman in history. my knowledge of computers is only slightly above basic so i was wondering how i can get it to play and switch to different songs. can i do this by making connections on the ribbon cable port, or is this whole project totally absurd?

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cd stuck in car cd player

How can yo get a stuck cd out of a car cd player/

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Portable cd player laser extraction?

Anyone know how to get the laser out of a portable CD player? A have access to an abundant supply f them, I figured I'd be able to make something cool if i was able to obtain the lasers...

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Something to do with an oldcd player

Hi everybody! Okay , Let's talk I have 5 old cd players here that I can break , open , use the parts and etc. and I want to know if there's a cool thing to do with these eletronics they are working , and there's no use for them, so could someone show me any cool ideia to do with them ? I tried to do a amplifier to my cellphone to listen to music here,but it didn't work as well I wanted Sorry if the topic is at the wrong place , and I have already took a look at the site, and didn't find some nice ideia :o

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Video Player

I dont know exactly what to call this. but i want some kinda device that i could make that plays movies off a hard drive, i no that they kinda mmake these already but there really expensive and i figure i could build something cheaper. ive got about 20 extra computers varing from MACs to PCs and ranging in all diffrent years, so i though of like building like a "DVR" without a tuner card or something. and the basic reason for this is so that i can bring large amounts of movies and vids to friends houses without hauling around tons of CDs or my PS3. i also like the way the XBox Mini looks

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can u get a laser diode from a CD player ?

I needed to know if u can get a laser diode from a CD player

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Make a laser from a cd player? Answered

Can it be done? I mean something has to read the disc.

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Soud proofing from cd player

Lo all, need some advice. How would i go about cheaply "soundproofing" my stereo. My grandmother lives downstairs and gets bass reverb from my ATR and Lamb of God cd's. any advice is greatly appreciated -Nick

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Questions about 5disc CD Player

I have a Symphonic 5disc CD changer, Model is CD-5001 I was wondering if anyone could point me to instructables I could do based on it's parts. Or maybe tell me if there's any fun stuff inside it. There's random gears.. capacitors, a circuit board, plenty of wire, the laser that reads the CDs.. Any help would be wonderful, I'm pretty new to this sort of thing. My main question is if there's way I can experiment with it, or turn it into other things. :) Thanks in advance!

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How can I make a CD player from a CD ROM for my truck? Answered

Hey. I saw an Instructable awhile back that detailed how to make a "ghetto" CD player for a vehicle from an old computer CD drive. Can't find it now. I have an old beater pickup that I want to enhance with this silly project. Can anyone help?

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Copy Cassette to CD

How do I copy my cassette's to CD? I have one car that only has a CD player and I would like to listed to my cassette language learning tape, but can't until I can figure out how to transfer them. I do have a CD burner, but don't know how to get the info from the cassette to the burner or computer. Thanks for your help!

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How do you remove a stuck cd from an automobile cd player?

I placed a cd disc in the cd player in my 2004 Chevy Silverado, and when I pushed the eject button, I only received a clicking noise and a check cd message. I have not been able to retrieve the cd. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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can a standard (car) CD player read dual layered (DL) disks? Answered

I want to put a bunch of song on a dual layered disk because it will hold more data. question is, will a cd player read it, or can only computers and DVD players read it?

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Automobile cd player aux. port installation.

I drive a 1999 Chevy Tracker, same as the Vitara.  I'd like to play my mp3 through the OE cd player.  Any hints in installing an aux port as there isn't one on this older player?

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Any ideas how I might add an auxilliary input to my car's CD player?

Ok, your a clever bunch of people, so please suggest away. I have recently pucrhased a car with a CD player in it, however I would like to be able to use it with my ipod. I have read of some car CD players having auxilliary ports that one can use to plug an ipod into, however, mine does not have this feature. I could just buy myself a new cd player with an auxilliary port, or one of those FM ipod broadcaster thingies, but wheres the fun in that? So if anyone knows how I might go about listening to TOOL and Alice in Chains in my car, on my CD player, from my ipod...please do tell! Thankyou all in advance!

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How do you record music onto CD's and then play them on record players?

 I own a gramophone would it work on that?  Could I play the Cd's on that?  Not sensitive enough?  Do I need a record player with a pickup?

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I have a Non-working Atari 2600 and wanted to do something with it...

Hi, I have a atari 2600 (non working). I was thinking of modifiying in someway. Maybe, i should turn it into a cd player and attach a lcd to it or etc etc. Or If you know anything that i can do with my atari, please tell me. Thanks

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Interactive Art Gallery Installation

Hi, I have an exhibition at the arts centre that I work at and one element of it incorporates music. Currently we have a CD player on loop, and this is frustrating some of the staff who have to listen to it all day.... so, the scenario I want is for member of general public to walk into gallery, when they get to the appropriate section they push a button which will play the CD, it would play the track then stop. If they (or another person) wanted to start from the top again, they either wait til the end or press the button again. (Or another option could be a motion sensor which, 'plays' the CD.... obviously it can't start from the top each time it detects motion! ) any thoughts ladies and gents?

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Can you operate 220v sub woofer to 12v CD player and amplifier?

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200 disc CD player to DVD conversion? Answered

Is there a way to convert a 200 disc cd carousel/ player into a dvd player? I like the idea that it would just be a matter of swapping the hardware and hooking up a new laser, but I am a bit naive in that department.... I also like the idea of letting my kids one day pick through the dvd CASES and avoid getting PB&J; all over my disc collection? Your thoughts? the below was the only decent sized image I could find of what I am looking for in general terms... note this item is already a dvd player. The one I am looking to convert is at my brother in laws, and only plays cd's (also a sony).

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Can i line in thru the cd player on an older boombox ?i

I have a GE boombox from the late 80's early 90's in which the cd player stopped working years ago.I have been looking at the instructions on this site for line in thru the cassete player and was curious if it is possible to do the same thing except do it thru the cd lines going to the board .It appears to me that with most of the instructions i have read about the cassete conversion is that the cassete drive motor still runs after this conversion which sucks quit a bit of juice,which may not seem like a big deal to most but i go on canoe trips for 3-5 days at a time when no power is available other than the batteries I bring on the trip so it would be nice to line in and not have any motors that are not necessary running. If not i will use one of the great tutorials for the cassete way of doing it. Thanks dave

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how do i get my cd and dvd player on my computer to work?

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my smallest computer build: HELP WANTED

Recently, I got an IBM motherboard from one of my friends. They gave it to me because of all the bad caps that were on it. Little did they know that I would find the caps to fix it. Now that it works again, I decided I should put it into something really cool. I had a dead curtis rcd847 cd player, and a motherboard that would fit inside it. I have everything that is needed for it to work: 256mb ram, a power supply, keyboard and mouse, a hard drive, etc. now i need help figuring out how i am going to get the power supply, hard drive, and maybe even a cdrom drive into this cd player. this is the point where i am asking for some help. i was thinking about making a base for it but are there any other suggestions for how do go about it? PS: the first picture is the motherboard, the second the power supply, the third is all of the bad capacitors, 4 and 5 are the cd player shell, and the last one is the hard drive

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Can't play CDs or DVDs In Laptop

When I insert a CD, DVD, software disc, etc, into the tray, I hear a couple of beeps, a fast whirring sound that then stops. No playback happens even set to auto play. No little disc icon appears on screen. I'm unsure if the drive ever worked, but I assume it did when I installed disc that came with my latest printer. Trouble shooting via Windows help & support led me to find drive in Device Manager for repair/update.***I find no listing for a CD/DVD drive there or in sounds section on control panel***I have Compaq F700 notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium. Programs list show 2 DVD players in addition to Windows Media Player. No luck with any of them. (One shows"No Disc" even after disc is inserted). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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how do i copy my vedios onto a cd to view it on a cd/dvd player?

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CD-Rom drive repeat song? Answered

Can I make a CD-ROM drive repeat a cd over and over again? This is using

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Can't play CDs or DVDs In Laptop

When I insert a CD, DVD, software disc, etc into the tray, I hear 2 beeps, a fast, whirring sound which then stops, but there is nothing else happens. No little disc icon appears on screen. I'm unsure if the drive ever worked, but I assume it did when I installed the disc that came with my latest printer. Windows help & support helped me figure discs are not being read, and led me to find CD/DVD driver in Device Manager for repair or updating drive***THERE IS NO LISTING FOR CD/DVD DRIVE THERE OR UNDER SOUNDS SECTION  IN CONTROL PANEL. I have a Compaq  F700 notebook running Windows Vista.  There are 2 DVD players listed in programs in addition to the Windows Media Player. No luck with any of them. One shows "No Disc" even after disc is inserted. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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How the heck can i put together movie on cd!!!! HELP

Heres what i want to do.  the movie  --Disaster on the coastliner-- is only available from youtube. i'd like to put it on a cd , thus being able to what all parts of it, uninterupted, on a dvd player. i've got the youtube downloader and i've just got to know how do i assemble it and what the file types need to be and how to put the on the cd. just help

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how do you install a top of the line cd player (for my ranger)? Answered

i have to get a systom for truck but what brand sould i use/

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i have a 3 pin laser diode from a cd or dvd player from a compputer and i want to make it shine

I have 2 laser diodes and i want to light them and i dont know which of the 3 pins to connect the power so i am asking anyone if they can help me, to tell me how

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DC Charger Voltage Drop?

Hey all! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I don't have any instructables up on the site, but I have used many and I do have a biting question....currently, I am trying to create a USB car charger for my MP3 player out of an old CD Car Power Adapter. The MP3 player is a Creative Zen V, so it, of course, usually just charges on my computers with a USB to Mini-USB cable. In the next few months, I am picking up a new stereo for my car with an Aux. input and as I like recycling anything I can, I figured I could just make a charger myself so I could keep my player charged when I'm driving. The old CD Car Power Adapter in question has an output of 6V DC at 500ma. From my research, USB operates on 5V DC at a maximum current of 500ma, so the adapter I have seems almost perfect...? My question is this, how would I lower the voltage of the adapter from 6V to 5V? My second question is, I've read conflicting information on a number of, IS my information that USB 2,0 operates at a maximum of 500ma correct? If any of you folks would happen to know, and be so kind as to answer, I would be very grateful! I don't want to end up accidentally frying my player!

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DIY DVD changer ?

 Anyone try merging mechanical parts from an old 200 disk cd changer with the electronics from a dvd player to make a 200 disk dvd changer?  I hate to throw out an obsolete cd changer w/o trying.

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Portable Stereo?

Ive seen how everyone has made a portable backpack stereo and i think that is a great idea but why not use a regular cd player with all its internals and speakers instead of going out and having to buy a separate amp and speakers and connect it all. I have a cd player disassembled and i want to replace the cd drive with what would be a line in to my ipod could this be done so i can use everything else but the cd drive?

Question by lomn 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What are some media players other than Windows Media Player, that are free and register mp3 players? Answered

I have an Archos 105, and I am tired of Windows Media Player freezing up whenever I plug in my mp3 or rip a cd. I downloaded VLC Media Player, but it doesn't register when I plug in my mp3.

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The FM is not operational, but the AM works?

Subaru car radio/cd player

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Blu ray player not playing DVD?

Hi  everyone. I have a Samsung 5.1ch 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System - HTE3550. It has worked fine and played dvd, blu ray, and CD with no issues. Recently It stopped playing DVD altogether, even with a brand new DVD. Looking around The only cause that I have heard about online is that the lazer is blown. Has anyone else got any ideas about what might be wrong, I'm stuck. I might give a laser cleaning disk a go.

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how do i find the voltage of a transformer? Answered

I have 7 transformers, all shapes and sizes, and i dont know the voltages of anyof them. i need a 24v 2 amp transformer, how do i figure out the output voltages of these transformers? 1 is from a cable converter 1 is from a cd player/radio 1 is from a old cassette player (for ac input to run without batteries) 1 is from a new-ish rca (i think) alarm clock 3 i dont remember where they came from can someone help? PS: i have a multimeter

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Slot Load Music CD Player, to retrofit in a 1957 Motorola Radio? Help finding a CD Drive, or get a Laptop Drive to work? Answered

Hello, my Mom has an old 1957 Motorola Radio. The radio has a lot of sentimental value. My Mom keeps it on display and occasionally turns it on to bring back old memories. Unfortunately the radio no longer works, which isn't a big deal to my Mom, as she loves it just as a statue. I had an idea to remove the innards, which can easily be done from the rear of the radio. Now the front of the radio has a slotted grill design, which a CD could easily slide through it, and it would conceal the Drive, keeping the original look of the radio. In short I need any kind of slot loading drive that will play music CDs without the need of a computer. That is the only problem holding me up on this project. I want to install the CD player and connect it to small computer amplified speakers that can all be hidden inside the radio. I can even solder lead wires to the eject, skip, and play buttons. So that I can hide them in the back of the radio, or possible figure out a way to make it remote controllable. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, HandyAndy

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Dvd player is a tad loud

I gots a question, I have this Panasonic X410 dvd player, it's a real nice unit for 1999, and makes a real nice big single disc cd player..but on my stereo when I play music, it keeps lighting up the peak indicator on my reciever, which probably isn't too good to do that often. I wanted to know if there was a way to "tune" this thing down a bit as far as the line level outputs, but there's not onscreen volume control that I can find. Also, I'm fairly pertubed as to why there's two sets of video rca outputs and two sets of the audio jacks, respectivly, set side beside each other. There's no specific labeling of their function other than just video and audio out, not video 2 or nothing and I don't remember any mentioning of in the manual a few years back when I still had it. This unit has a nice 10 bit video dac with a 24 bit audio decoder (96khz something), I really want to hear what the fibre optic on it sounds like, but hey I can't afford a $3,000 amplifier right now, does anyone know of any kind if "converter" or way I could install a fibre optic board I can get my hands on into my surround sound unit I have now. Ideas ideas, I guess I have spring fever eh?

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Toshiba Dvd Player Problem

This lady gave me an older dvd player (Toshiba SD-2150) and she had it hooked up at her house, but the cd started skipping about half way in, and it would contiunously cut out for 10 seconds then resume playback and then cut out again and so on and so forth. As you'll see in the pictures, I've taken it apart down to the laser assembly (only took me 10 minutes incase you're wondering). The apparent problem to me is something is wrong with the gear assembly that moves the laser head. When I turn it by hand, it moves freely for about half a turn then it feels like the gear is catching on something, and if I turn it harder it keeps moving, it's not stripped, but it almost "feels" like theres a hump in the gear or something. I keep looking at the gear and nothing looks wrong with the teeth or anything! I was just going to put 3-in-1 oil on it and see how that helps and put it back together.  Does anyone have any suggestions? *********UPDATE********* I tried many things with various tools I had sitting here to try and straighten out the one tooth on the gear with no success. However with the little bit of melting/bending I did and the 3-in-1 oil, I got it to catch on the gear less easily. After re-installing the optical assembly and testing it on my stereo with the cover off, it appears not to skip anymore, DVD's too. However, I'm still not confident in how long this "repair" is going to work. The best solution I think is to replace the smallest gear on the motor, but I cannot find one close enough.

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