What flexible rubber can i use that will stick to ceramic to make it shock proof?

When the ceramic is broken it does not fall apart completely because its bonded with rubber

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Which material can withstand 2000c in air?

Hi, im searching for a material which can withstand 2000c in air without oxidation. Please suggest a good material.

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best adhesive to repair ceramics? Answered

I need to repair a standard ceramic coffee mug. It has broken, very cleanly, into 3 separate pieces.  When complete it needs to be able to withstand typical daily uses i.e. a microwave, dishwasher, boiling water. Ideally the repair will be invisible. What is the best adhesive  to use?

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Is there a ceramic extruding head for a 3D printer application?

I have followed the evolution of the 3D printer and I can see its potential as a real tool for home use. Ceramic krafts have been a fairly easy home size cottage kraft for centuries. Now If you had a small kiln and you were able to model Items from house wares to mechanical parts to ceramic molds (ie Cookie or decrotive bread pans or a Ceramic motor block to an Air Motor). I thought if you Cure/ dry it (ceramic paste) as it was extruded on to the model with focused lasers (ready for deburing and then a bisque firing) as in using lasers for curing/ hardening of a polymer mediums. The variety of Ceramic Mediums/ materials that could be used to fuel a boon to the unemployed as a way to make money. Maybe printing out one use molds, to form cores to Graphite products that could be washed out after and have the mold material reused. If there was away for me to follow through with the possibilities. Extruding those oven cured clays, that could stretch its usefullness. I am trying to figure out a way to get out from under the pile and recycle as much as possible and use as many American made parts and electronics as I can. Graphite fiber empreganted ceramic material, is there such a product out there that could be utilized in 3D printed parts? Is there a Market for Products made of these types of materials? So many questions, so many possibilities.

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If I were building a pottery wheel, what would be the ideal situation in terms of motor specifications? Answered

Would the motor from a belt-drive circular saw be sufficient? Is there a simple way to regulate speed reliably and safely? Thanks for your time!

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just wondering about 3d printing materials

Print with clay? is there some form of fire proof epoxy out there or can they print glass.you know some kind of silica based ink that ya could print out into objects them fire them up to fuse together?

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Leaking plaster mold? Answered

Hi All, I have a six-part plaster mold that leaks. It is so time consuming to make another one and I would like to fix it. During construction I  slightly over shaved some lines that during casting it leaks. I can use it but it creates more work. Now I want to make a master mold from that but want to fix it first. Does anyone know how to fix such problems on molds? I really appreciate the help. Thanks and hope to hear Belgin

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Neon / fluorescent / phosphorescent ingredients for ceramics

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows of any minerals, or products that will produce a visible fluoro colour in daylight, or phosphorescent in the dark. I want to be able to either use these as glaze or as stain for clay slip.

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Has anyone else an Interest in the R.I. Steel Yard courses, ceramics, jewelry, blacksmithing, etc.

Since not much else happens on my end of the States, I thought I'd post this. The Infor can be found here.

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Other media besides plastic?

So I recently started looking into some of the 3d printing stuff as a way to make a number of laboratory items that are not easily had other ways.  While 3D printing seems really promising, i'm noticing there's not alot of work being done on non-plastics. Are there resources out there for 3D printer enthusiasts who want to use metal or ceramics in there creation?  Off the top of my head, i can think of a few ways that they could be encorporated into an existing 3d printer (metal and ceramic powders in a wax binder that can zapped with a laser to fuze it into place), but I'm only just barely getting into this and i'm really not looking to reinvent the wheel simply because i didn't know that it's already been done.  If plastic went entirely by the wayside, pieces that could be cured in a conventional oven could be printed, but fully cured, ready to go products are sorta the point of a 3d printer. 

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Ceramic Mold and Copper? Answered

I'm in ceramics at my school and i was planning to make a lantern and wanted to make a handle for it. I was thinking of making a mold out of white talc and getting it fired. Then putting copper in the mold and firing it again. Is this idealistic, or better yet would it work?

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How can I make a pottery wheel?

Does anyone know how to make a pottery wheel that will center about 50lbs? I would need to be able to control the speed and it would need to be powerful enough to move 50lbs while I work on it. Thanks for any ideas you might have

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Heating Ceramics?

Is it safe to heat ceramic bowls and cups and stuff on a hotplate or cooktop? Like plain white ceramic stuff. BTW: The piece in question is almost certainly stoneware, not porcelain or earthenware.

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removing ceramic floor tiles?

How to remove ceramic floor tiles originally on concrete and then prepare floor for engineered wood

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ceramic tiles and electrical outlets?

I'm installing ceramic tile as a backsplash in our kitchen.  My problem is my electric outlets. How do I make these flush or even with the tiles?  Thanks you, Stumped Mom!

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how to build a small ceramic electric kiln?


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How do I properly install ceramic tiles? Answered

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Unfinished Ceramic Tile/Pizza Stone

I've heard that you can use an unfinished ceramic tile as a pizza stone. I have not been able to find any unfinished ceramic tile anywhere. I figured a bunch of DIY folks like the ones here might know where I can get one. Does anyone know where I can get a 16"x16" unfinished ceramic tile? Thanks Rick

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Ceramic toilet as a firepit? Has anyone tried this? Answered

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taking pic's from your digital camera and put them onto ceramic tiles and then create a whole picture wall but how?

How to put digital pic's onto ceramic tiles..

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Identify ceramic/film capacitors?? what?

So i went on this website, because i need a 1.0uF ceramic capacitor. would the numbers be 105 and a letter?(there doesn't have to be a letter, but there may be)Thanks!

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Ceramic coated stainless steel

Hi all, I just came across this jewellery and the hardware intrigues me. What is involved in this process, and is it something that can be done on a small scale? And is it only appropriate for steel? Cheers! http://www.cha-o-ha.com/collections/frontpage/products/ceramic-coated-forged-d-shackle-dark-earth

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How do you use a piezoelectric ceramic to light an LED?

I have a small, round  piezoelectric ceramic sensor made from PZT (Lead Zirconate Titanate) material that I would like to try out to see how much mechanical force I need to apply to light a 5mm LED. The piezo ceramic has already been soldered with two wires (negative and positive). Nevertheless, I am completely new to creating circuits that involve a piezo ceramic. As a result, I have no idea whatsoever on how to properly connect the piezoelectric ceramic to the LED as to light it up. I have connected the two together before and applied force on the ceramic to see if it created some sort of charge, yet nothing occurred.      

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What is a good craft to use up leftover Dura-Ceramic floor tiles?

I don't want to throw away the extra dura-ceramic floor tiles that we used in our bathroom floors. Is there a craft of some kind that kids ages 8-12 could do with them to make something useful?

Asked by governorguy 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

bonding ceramic art to pane of glass?

I'm looking to bond a bifurcated ceramic fish figurine to a glass window, such that half the fish is outside (exposed to the elements) and half is inside the house. The fish figurine is not perfectly smooth, but it's close. I live in Ohio, so external temperatures will range from 0 f to 100 f. What do you recommend? B.

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I need a adhesive for ceramic tile that can be used outdoor

I need a adhesive for ceramic tile that can be used outdoor and it should be for a 'thin bed application' which means for adhering tile that is 1/8" to 1/4" thick.thanks a lot.

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What impact does impedance have when selecting a ceramic resonator to use with a microcontroller.? Answered

I'm looking for a 20MHz ceramic resonator with build in load capacitors and I've got my decision narrowed down to two. One has an impedance of 50 ohms and the other (slightly more expensive) one has an impedance of 30 ohms. An Atmel ATMega168 is the processor in question if that matters.

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Creating a spark gap using assorted ceramic capacitors Answered

I have a load of assorted ceramic capacitors. Can I create a capacitor bank to power a spark gap, and if so, how? Since it is voltage that matters for spark gaps, most of these capacitors have obscure codes on them, which I cannot find any information about on the internet, but some have voltages marked on then. I have 4 blue 2kV capacitors, 9 brown 1kV capacitors and 2 large, flat 1000V capacitors. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Where can I get pvc edging for ceramic tiles for my patio steps Answered

Am looking for pvc edging to use on my patio steps, which are exposed to weather elements.Anyone?

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What's the best kind of paint used to paint ceramic tile? Answered

I'm thinking about painting the ceramic tile in our foyer. It should be able to stand wear and tear (and be walked upon)! Any suggestions?

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ball mill materials

I am making a ball mill it's a toss-up between glass barrel or a plastic barrel can somebody tell me what the static/spark risks are in both? I will be using ceramic media. thanks

Asked by elmarchi 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Adding capacitors. Series or parallel? Answered

I was building a curcuit and had no 0.05uf capasitators so I decided to use five 0.01 capastators. Should I wire them in series or parallel? Also they are ceramic. Thanks for any help. David.

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Help with naming my 'Ible?

This is kind of a weird question but here it is: I recently made a project that uses ceramic capacitors (~55,00 of them!) to make a sign that has my name written in it, And I called it: Ceramic Capacitor Name Sign (Framed)-  aka what you can make with 55,000 ceramic capacitors! What I would like to change: Is there a better word for this instead of sign? ("Plaque?" "Poster?" "Panel?") Do something with the word framed because I don't like the way it looks Any thing can help! Thank you

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What kind of bit do I use to drill ceramic? Answered

I bought a really nice vintage cigar ashtray at an estate sale and I want to use it as a soap dish in my shower. Since it fills up with water as  I shower I'd like to drill a hole or two in it to drain the water. The surface I would be drilling is only about 1/8 thick. Any suggestions on what kind of bit to use? I read that since it has a glaze I need a glass bit? Thanks.

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Can i use 4.7uF Electrolytic capacitor instead of 4.7uF Ceramic? Answered

I want to build a vhf tv transmitter circuit but accidentally I bought a 4.7uF electrolytic capacitor instead of 4.7uF Ceramic.Can I use the electrolytic capacitor instead of that ceramic capacitor. Please help!

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Building a micro (ceramic) heating element for vaporizing e-liquid?

Hi there,  I'm designing a vaping device which is Li-Ion battery powered and uses standard e-liquids (propylene glycol / vegetable glycol). The liquid would evaporate around 200 celsius and the heating element should attain this temperature within 1 second. Current methods use a coil with a liquid absorbing wire, which is not durable nor easy to reuse.  I've been looking into ceramic heating elements but it's a forest of options out there, most of them becoming waaaaay to hot and/or needing a much higher voltage than a standaard Li-ion battery would provide at around 1100 Mah. So i've been thinking of building one, or having a prototype built for me. Problem is, i'm not 100% sure that a ceramic method would be the best way (so many options).  Around the ceramic element (or on top if it is in disc form), i'd place a replaceable sock that can absorb the fluid and withstand excess heat (better than the standard kanthal / ekowool / etc.). This way the end user would only need to replace a sock after some time (for instance when changing fluids). It would also not burn and contaminate the liquid like current system do.  Anybody have an idea?  Regards, Bert

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how to calculate this FM Oscillators ?is the ceramic capacitor (beside 2nd transistor) in series ? ?

I can calculate it is by http://electronics-diy.com/calculators.php but, is the 4.7pf take effect with the frequency ? how frequency is it, if i change the trimmer capacitor with 20pf (i don't have the trimmer capacitor) ? please help me : )

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for what this capacitor is ? Answered

I can't find 4.7pF ceramic capacitor

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Small heating element, possibly ceramic, to sense and maintain temperature.

I am trying to make a heating element that would only turn on once the element itself reaches a certain temperature. This element, possibly ceramic, would be dormant until it reached an internal temperature from an external source (liquid) of 100 deg F. Once it is triggered, it would produce heat to maintain the liquid at 100 deg F. Ive been trying to figure out the best way to do this and how much power would be required. Say the liquid, well go with water, was 12 fl oz. how would I build a circuit that can be sensing temperature without using power, and once it reaches the desired temp, turns on the heater until the temperature either goes too high or drops too low so that it is not trying to work too hard. Open to suggestions on heating element types or anything that could help with my project. Thanks in advance!

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