Change is good

Please do not change Instructables to much. Adding classes is very good but don't turn it into a school. I have been to school. I like Instructables the way it is. In formative helpful and exciting. I don't know how others feel but this is how I feel. Thank you . 

Posted by BryanB7 1 year ago

change of emailaddress

Next month my emailaddress will change, how can I change it in my account ?

Posted by Daddy_M 1 year ago

changing name of instructable

Can i change the name of an instructable i have already posted?

Posted by clasof56 5 years ago

Changing the name of an ible'

In the past, changing the name of your ible' also changed the URL.  So the old URL doesn't work anymore, and all previous links to that ible' breaks. Is that still the case?  Is it safe to change names now?

Posted by insusr 1 year ago

I changed my email

I changed my email in my profile, but I still receive newsletter emails at my old email address.

Posted by sctirvn687 5 years ago

Where is link to change username?

Why is it so hard to find a way to change your username? When I renewed it must have changed automatically? Can someone give me a email or link to this option? I appreciate it! hb

Posted by hawkbird 7 years ago

Name Change

I am going to be changing my username to TheChemiker, because my current one, as you all probably know, sucks.  Chemiker is chemist in german, and if you don't already know, I am half german.  It should change in about a week.

Posted by TheChemiker 8 years ago

Profile picture change

In' Edit profile' I  selected 'Change image' , I choose new Image and uploaded but still old image only appearing New image does not get loaded ?

Asked by nachiketa 6 years ago

No effect of email change

Hi although I've changed my contact email to some other account I'm still receiving newsletters and other email from Instructables on the old one. Please fix this, because it's extremely annoying. Regards Marcin

Posted by mcylke 3 years ago

How to Change Main/Cover Photo

Hi I had published an instructable before. Now I would like to change the main/cover image of it. How do I do it in the new editor? Once before I changed the main photo going to publish and I lost the comments I got. I did it the wrong way. Is there any other way in the new editor? Thanks in advance

Posted by Passion Make 3 years ago

Change Counts

A word to the wise: keep your pocket change! I have a normal sized red plastic cup that I put all my spare change in. It was pretty full...but not to the brim, so I decided to count it tonight. Over $50 in quarters - 65 all together! What a pleasant surprise for me. I'll have to get some paper rolls from the bank so I can cash it in!

Posted by Weissensteinburg 10 years ago

Time for some change

It's time to change my room around and I'm clueless now because I've changed it pretty much every single way. The picture below is how it's currently arranged, professionally done in PS. Could anyone give me any ideas for arranging it differently? My desk is a corner unit, sorry all I could draw is a square, too lazy to freehand. Thanks in advanced.

Posted by Punkguyta 10 years ago

Ratings do not change.

So I decided to give the knex pinwheel here: 4.5 stars out of 5.  However, the rating did not change. Before I rated it it was at a 3.38, with 3 ratings.  After, it was still a 3.38, with 3 ratings.  I tried rating it other ratings and this did not change the rating either.  Again, this shouldn't be on the top of a priority list or anything, but its definitely worth fixing.

Posted by DJ Radio 7 years ago

Should I Change My Name To Splintercell?

I only put in the numbers because I didn't want a "Taken" notice.So, Should I change it? or keep it?I don't care either way, it's up to you, but I kinda like it Spl1nt3rC3ll. That's how I have it on other sites.

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

diode change

I'm building a picmicro programmer, and I'm fcollowing the schematics from this from sparkfun want a BZV55C5V1 diode, but the closest thing that I could find on mouser was a BZX55C5V1 diodehere's the link for the BZV55C5V1 datasheet, just click one, they're all the same's the link for the BZX55C5V1 datasheet SOLVED THANKS TO THE CITIZENS OF INSTRUCTABLES

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago


I have been trying FOREVER to change my password but cannot! I am having to use my temporary password they sent to my e-mail... it is WAY too hard to remember, not to mention the length of it. I see a lot of other people are having the same problem- anyone found out exactly how we go about doing this? It seems like everytime I try to use and find things, I am always running into problems! I am about to just delete this site all together. It just gets too frustrating EVERYTIME I come on this web-site. Can anyone tell me if it is worth staying on here? I belong to a lot of different web-sites, but NEVER had I had this much difficulty maneuvering around any of them. I would just like someone's advice about whether or not to stay on or just go ahead and leave (honestly :) !                            Thanks! Junehearn

Posted by junehearn 5 years ago

can you change your instructables name? Answered

 just wondering if you can change your name on instructables

Asked by CRAZYCREATOR187 8 years ago

Risks in Changing Username

I was considering changing my username. I just wanted to know ahead of time if there can be ANY adverse affects from changing my username. (i.e such as data loss, loss of management options for groups, that sort of thing)

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago

How do I change the title of my instructable after it has been posted? Answered

I have already tried unpublishing it, making the changes and republishing it. I just want to change the title of the first page as it is not very descriptive!

Asked by DrAndy 7 years ago

Font style: Can it be changed in an Instructable? Answered

Ok... now that I know how to change the font color (Thank you Canucksgirl and kelseymh), can you (anyone) teach me how to change the font style?   lol... more succinctly:  Does anyone want to teach me how to do this? 

Asked by bajablue 5 years ago

possibility of Wave Change?

This theory states (my own be exact) that a certain wavelength can become an amorphous solid using a certain gas, a friend of mine agreed with me. What is your opinion on this matter?

Posted by crc09 8 years ago

Email address change not taking effect

Last week I changed my email address, received an email at my old address to confirm the change, and when I look at my settings it shows the new email address, but instructables newsletters are still going to the old address? Can someone help please? Steve

Posted by sjsquirrel 7 years ago

Change cover picture

I want to change the picture which comes up as the cover of an -ible. So far, it is just a draft, but it shows the 1st pic i chose for step 1, BEFORE I re-arranged steps.

Posted by Toga_Dan 11 months ago

Can you change your instructables name, and if yes, how? Answered

Please, please, please! someone tell me!!

Asked by matrix828 9 years ago


Kiteman...what's up, man? EDIT: Let's take a vote...should he keep this one or switch back?

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

Is there a way to change my screen name?

I wanted to change my screen name to be the same as my blog name. When I go to my persona, under edit profile, I don't see any way to do this. I don't want to have to start a new profile. Any advice?

Posted by Forkable 9 years ago

User Name

What do I have to do to change my user name? It is currently "waynecathy33" and my ole lady made me enter it that way. I think it sucks and I want to change it to "Gyrine 77".

Posted by Gyrine 77 10 years ago

Need to Change title of Link to my instructable

Hi guys and girls, I just published an instructable and I had a typo in the title. I wrote Duck tape instead of Duct Tape.(dont tell me you havent done that! LOL) Anyway, so I went through and changed the title in the edittor and unpublished and republished the instructable. The link at the top of the web browser (and the final downloadable .pdf) still say DUCK_TAPE_BINDING... Its funny, but its not.. I need an admit to change it for me. I've been trying for a couple of hours now, and there is nothing I can do client-side to change it. Thanks!

Posted by blakeredfield 9 years ago

Request: Instructable on building a device to change TV channels with IR signal according to a schedule

Greetings, I would like an Instructable on how to buuld a device to automatically change TV channels using an infrared signal according to a software schedule. Thanks

Posted by NeuroPulse 7 years ago

Probably a stupid question, but...

Can anyone help me? I can't seem to figure out how to change my avatar... >.>

Posted by 1up 10 years ago

How do you change what a link says? Answered

On just about every thread, there is one post with a link that says "Here" or the name of what they're linking to, but I don't know how to do that (duh) Is it a pro only thing, or am I missing something? Thanks.

Asked by Rock Soldier 8 years ago

Changed username - UTF8 troubles

I've changed my username  and I had used a version with a polish diacritic character. But inside the control panel and in your profile link* "Dźwiedziu" is converted to "Dźwiedziu". Even if you get to view your comments trough it (in example if you have commented on your own Orangeboard ) Nowhere else this bug appears. So, is this a bug or technical limitations? Do I get a refund on my one-time name change? :P * which can be shown asźwiedziu/ in the browser.

Posted by Dzwiedziu 6 years ago

So I think we need a "changes to the site" topic everytime the site updates.

Hey, So I just wanted to give you guys some feedback on the changes around the site. I don't have the intent to make a whiney rant and all I say is is open to suggestions and changes ofcourse ;) So most of the changes are good. There has been some discussing about some of these changes but that's not what this topic is about. what it is about is that most of the time something get's changed there is no forum topic about it. I know you guys always like some feedback on what you do but without a proper topic made by you guys this will just result in members posting topics everywhere and you probably won't notice most of them. So what I think you should do is every time something changes on the site you should make a topic about it (ofcourse about serious things not when you change something trivial) Because I saw that the site has updated again. Not bad it actually looks good but I really don't know what I'm looking at at the frontpage. Is it the featured list or is it the popular list? And for that matter I have seen that there are many people who don't know about the new feature system that is divided into classes or even know how it works. So my suggestion is that a small topic should be written explaining the stuff the updates do every time something happends with the site or how it works. This way we (the members) understand what the new features do and you guys get feedback without having to look at 12 different topics. Michel

Posted by MichelMoermans 8 years ago


I noticed on the forum page overview, that the page header is always "instructables". As far as I know, it is the only page that doesn't say what it actually is. I suggest changing the header to something like "Forums - Page 1", simply for continuity and consistency.

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

No emails from Instructables

I am not receiving emails from Instructables. I went to the "change email" tab. The line for "current email" is blank. I tried entering a "new email" and "retype email", but the problem is still not fixed. I can not find out the status of my contest entries.

Posted by Cheapdiyproject 3 years ago

change fuses in my panasonic projection tv model # pt-61hx42f

I need help to find the 3 fuses in my tv so I can replace them.manufacturer says there are three of them the model # PT61HX42F100 panasonic projection. I pulled out one of them (the glass one) and took it to radioshack and it is still good. i turn the tv on and it clicks on/off and red button flashes then nothing. I was told its the fuse. How do I check the others when I dont know what they look like?

Asked by teamsigala 8 years ago


Every user has a name on a computer. not the user names that show when youre on the login screen, but other names (usually the same names) that show in command prompt and in my computer and as the computer's users name. Mine is currently set to my mother's name (she registered the computer I guess, or something like that) What I would like to know is, how can I change this name? I'd like it to display my name. If you dont know what Im talking about, open command prompt. it will say something like C:\windows:users:(yourname) the (yourname) is what I want to change.

Posted by berky93 10 years ago

Front page change, again.

I see my front page has changed again.  Not as drastic as last time. Now maybe I'm getting too set in my ways, but I like the way the front page was.  It suited me. Now I have the Classes and Feed showing. The Classes I don't mind so much, except that I have to scroll past them to get to Featured which is what I want to look at first. The Feed, well now I get "Your feed is empty! Get more inspiration every day by following your favorite channels." .  YES it is because I don't use it. I don't want to deprive others of features on the front page that they might want, but I would like to have the front page appear for me the way I like. I have asked this last time and I will ask again.  Why can't these front page features be selectable by the member?  Even be able to reorder them?  

Posted by switch62 1 year ago

mis spelled screen name, correction please? Answered

Hi mis spelled screen name, want to correct. thx

Asked by Pruple Rain 1 year ago

coin modifying laws?

So my friends and I are planning to sell, well...things (I'm not going to give out any details as of now, later) that incorporate small round metal disks. now in all of our prototypes weve used coins for our purposes and they work great. but for what we make we need to cut and sand coins in different ways. and my friends always tell me "its illegal to change money in any way." But I've heard that its only illegal to modify money to change or duplicate the amount its worth - like making a penny into a dime is illegal but making a penny pac man figure isnt. can anyone clarify this for me? I'm fine doing illegal things like modifying coins for personal use but if were going to sell these I want to be a little more clear as to what is going on.

Posted by berky93 10 years ago

18v to 12v

Hey everyone, i need help on downgrading 18 volt battery to 12 volt battery, id like to do it for cheap or even free if thats possible. 

Posted by sirus17 8 years ago

Contest entry cover image doesn't update after edit

Hi, I have an entry in 3 contests. After I changed the cover image and published again, the cover image in 2 of the contests updated but one of them always shows the old cover image. Does anyone know why? Is there anything on my part can be done to make it happen? Here is the contest entry and the contest that doesn't update its cover iamge:

Posted by babybayrs 3 years ago

How can I turn rotational motion 90 degrees?

I want to connect a horizontal, spinning shaft to a vertical shaft so that the first shaft will spin the second. Does anyone have any suggestions other than a gearbox or pulley/belt arrangement?

Asked by rogers236 9 years ago

Please help me with my battery speaker!

I just want to turn it to the adapter model so that i don't need to insert any batter. It need three 1.5V battery. I very noob with electricals. So someone can help me as details as you can. Thanks you very much

Asked by minhbtx 8 years ago

Cat5 Changeover Switch?

Is there anyway to make a switch that switches between cat5 connections? For example, if I have 5 wires running to a rack with some switches in it, and wire one goes bad, I want to be able to turn the switch and then it will start using wire number two instead. How would I go about doing this? Any help would be appreciated :) -Tyler

Posted by tyler9613 8 years ago

Will switching the 100k resistor for a 1meg resistor in the following schematic kill my battery life? Answered

Here is the schematic: switched out the 100k resistor for a higher value resistor in order to make the photocell much more sensitive. 1meg was the first resistor that would keep my LED off in dim light. (I want the LED to power on only when it's "lights out." Will this kill my 9 volt battery? Is there a better method to make the photocell more sensitive?

Asked by erikp 9 years ago