I see the changes to the site . The only question i have is i liked going to my instructables and going to the stats to see  how many visited that instructable each day . Is it possible to do this still and i am missing it ?

Posted by coolbeansbaby68 5 years ago

Homepage changes

I am getting annoyed by all these new "fixes" to the layout on this site. I really wish it would go back to the 2 column layout with featured on one side and popular on the other. Look so much cleaner and nicer.

Posted by Phade 8 years ago

Is instructables making changes to the site?

Yesterday, when I was looking at an instructable, the bar on the right side that shows the views and related instructables was on the left. When I came back the next day, it was back on the right. I thought nothing of it, until today when I went to the homepage.The title and authors of the featured and popular instructables were shown, but not the sample text. Is this just my computer or is this happening to everyone?

Posted by kcls 8 years ago

Site messages and other changes

I've just pushed the first significant release after a couple engineering vacations.  Rested and refreshed, I offer you these updates: The confirmation/error messages that some processes give are now 'modal', meaning that instead of an easy-to-miss orange bar at the bottom of the page, they are now a box in the middle, with a button to remove them.  We found that many users did not see the bar at the bottom and were confused about whether the site did what they wanted, or why it apparently did not.  We've done some work on removing confirmations that are common enough that it would be annoying to have to close them all the time, but if we've missed any of those please don't hesitate to let us know. We've reluctantly implemented a 3-contest limit when you publish a new Instructable.  We just had too many cases where someone, for example, entered their Arduino Instructable into, say, the cupcake contest.  It became a real load on the contest managers to keep removing ineligible Instructables.  We hope that a 3-contest limit will help authors select the appropriate contest(s) to enter. We made Facebook login a bit more obvious Clarified the Pro payment page to make it clearer that there is a free account always available Couple of bugfixes around PDFs, ebooks, and patch sending That's it for now, as ever if you find problems with these or any features, let us know by adding a forum topic in the Bugs section.

Posted by rachel 7 years ago

Changes after submission...

I have made small changes to projects entered into the teacher contest... Just added some pics and changed some language. essentially the same though. do i need to re-submit? When the submissions are judged to they refer to the current version saved online or to the one submitted originally? thanks! -stu

Posted by stumitch 6 years ago

Changes in instructables over time

What changes have you noticed in your time visiting this site? One that stands out to me, is the increase in k'nex instructables, and the decrease in explosive, and weaponry ones. Cause the weaponry (tazer glove that is) is what brought me to this site.

Posted by wingman246 10 years ago

Is it allowed to make changes after being accepted to a contest?

I have been accepted to the Epilog Challenge and want to make some changes to my instructable. Some questions have come up in the comments and I think some clarifications would be needed.

Posted by Groover 7 years ago

Site Updates: 1/22/2018

Greetings! I'd like to give everybody heads up about some big changes happening on Tuesday (1/23) at 9AM (PST). First off, the Instructables pages are getting a major update. Aside from a sparkly new look, they will now have a section for Questions and Tips. This will provide a place to ask questions when you get stuck, or provide a tip for doing a project better. Secondly, the Community pages (i.e. these forums) are getting a very long-needed makeover. Finally, we are updating our search software, which should improve search results on our site in general. These changes will require a period of downtime on the site of about half an hour. Please check @Instructables on Twitter for updates. Stay tuned for more great changes to come in 2018!

Posted by randofo 9 months ago

Commentary on "Small Site Changes"

In the Site Updates forum, the goddess of code Rachel reported on last night's minor roll-out: I've just released a small set of changes: new footer featured and popular items are now split out by channel home page shows both featured and popular items in the same list searching on an exact channel name gets you to the main page for that channel various small formatting fixes I wanted to make some comments on two of these changes, both pro and con. The new footer is different, to be sure, but I don't think it's too bad. All the information is there, and relatively straightforward. Having the search box at the top and the bottom is a great idea! The extremely dark background is not very accessible, though. I think a pale grey (the same grey used in the header) with normal black text would be a better choice for our low-vision users. I'm not particularly happy with having the Featured and Popular stuff jumbled up together, and indistinguishable. Those two states are really different, and the have different implications for the Instructables involved. If you're going to jumble them up, could you at least put the nice Featured banner onto the thumbnails?  UPDATE 23 Apr 2010:  They've added the banner to the home-page giant thumbnails, and have created a new Popular banner as well. Also, many thanks to Rachel for fixing my very own bug! Now the masthead (and new footer) are properly rendered even when I use the horizontal scroll bar.

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

Title image for instructable isn't consistent

I posted this instructable this morning, and only just noticed that the main image you see when viewing the instructable and the main image you see when browsing or looking at my instructables on my member page are different images. Is there a bug, or is there something you need to do to specify the main image in the new editor?

Posted by M3G 4 years ago

Bugfixes Released

Hey everyone, We just got out a few bugfixes to hold you over the thanksgiving weekend, the following things should be fixed: Sorting/Paging Questions is back Stats are back Better Handling of long usernames Explore Page bugfixes Exception with accessing drafts solved Carriage Return does what its supposed to in regular editor specific from the editors bugfix for safari A fix for voting on the instructables page If you see issues, please post in the forums, and Have A Happy Thanksgiving (and for the rest of the world, have a happy thursday and friday!)

Posted by frenzy 5 years ago

I like the changes to the site navigation

I haven't seen it mentioned yet so I thought I might as well be the first. I think the navigation has changed for the better over the past few days: the forums are easier to find, and the top bar looks fresh and clean. I don't really understand what the things stated as 'Featured' are, though. Most of them are 'channels'... will they be rotated regularly to show off different aspects of the site? There's a different set of 'Featured' things at the bottom... the purpose of this is a bit vague. But yes, I like the navigation aspect, I think it's easier to find things now. Thumbs up to the designer(s).

Posted by Moem 3 years ago

Facebook Like and Share Buttons!

We had a new code release this morning, here is what went out - FB like and share buttons - dragging on create page works again - sorting fixes for contests if there are problems tell us in the bugs forums!

Posted by frenzy 5 years ago


 Wow, I've been inactive for quite some time, Mostly got carried away in forums like facepunch and the GMC(game maker community), I even didn't have this site bookmarked in my new installation, I just remembered about it and checked back, Boy things have changed, there are borders around the comments, Some images appear larger, And I've got a ton of new comments I haven't responded... What have I missed? And how's things been going? (oh and i forgot to mention, i've settled that "pro" thing, no more fuss from me :) ) ~ReCreate

Posted by ReCreate 8 years ago

Pro Membership details more visible; ratings calculation change

Several new things have just gone up, here's what: For Pro members, there's a new tab on your You page called (unsurprisingly) "Pro Membership". On it you'll see the details of your current membership, a list of any gift memberships you've received, and where applicable, there's a link to stop auto-renewing your payment. We're also now sending out emails when the renewal is imminent. These are overdue changes and we hope they make Pro membership better for everyone. Ratings are higher. Based on comparisons throughout the entire Internet (well, OK, only a small part of it, but we tried to take a diverse sample) we realized that Instructables' star values were lower by comparison than most other places, for content that's comparable or better. So we are bumping them up a star. Yeah it's ratings inflation, so sue us. Your Instructables are as good as anything else on the web, and often far better, and we want to make sure the world in general sees that. The actual update is going to happen in stages over the next few days as there are a lot of ratings to change and we want to avoid the possibility of a site slowdown from so much database work all at once. Anything you rate from now on, though, will show the new values immediately. Publishing an Instructable now explicitly requires images. Lack of images is one of the main reasons for an otherwise good Instructable getting caught in the publish process, so we've just made that bit automatic. If there aren't enough images, you can't publish, and you get a message about why. We've added a new forum category, English Language Help.  We have a number of members who speak other languages than English natively, and they are posting awesome content. Of course we want to encourage this! Our hope is that those who want a bit of a hand with English, in another language, can more easily find those who are willing and able to give it. There are a few other changes that mostly just affect administrators - it's a bit easier to manage Guides now; some site feedback is handled a little differently. Paging on lists is better under the hood, but you won't see any difference unless you notice perhaps a small speed improvement. Lots of stuff this time around! Have at it. Don't hesitate to file a bug if you find one.

Posted by rachel 8 years ago

Edits aren't working?

Hello! When I published my most recent instructable, which was last night,  I realized that the first step had somehow become the intro paragraph, and so the materials picture was the cover instead of the picture I wanted. When I realized this I went into my phone and edited the entire thing so that it would be the first step instead of the intro and so that the picture I want would be the cover. However, it did not update. I was confused, so went into my computer and redid all my edits and work. It seemed to be good after that, but now it is back to being wrong. I don't know if I should redo it again because it seems my edits would be lost. Any help? Thank you so much!!!! :) Here it is

Posted by Fuzzy Monkey 2 years ago

More refinement on the commenting system

Would it be possible to have a set of 'tags' that can be assigned to comments on Instructables so that things that are just trying to stir up trouble or are otherwise just attaching to the top comment to get theirs seen noticed? Right now, all you have is "Flag" which is not what I want. I want people to be able to say whatever they want, but I want a way to be able to categorize a comment better... You could tag a comment 'Troll' if all they are trying to do is get people angry. Or 'dangerous' if the comment has obvious dangerous things to it. The point is to get the comments to have a more user-moderated feel to them, rather than what they are now which is anybody can say anything and it's going to be there forever unless it's a really blatant disregard for the rules. Slashdot has a very wonderful system where they let you actually ignore comments from certain people who are clearly trolls and never bring anything useful to the conversation. They also allow you to moderate comments with basic things like, "Insightful" or "Funny" with points that you get semi-regularly by commenting and having your comments moderated positively. Maybe we could have a system like that in place? There are a few people on this site which I never would want to hear from again, due to the very nature of every single comment they have ever said has been--in my eyes--useless and just completely not worth my time to even see. I would also like people who I find as friends to have a different color frame so that I know those are the ones I should read first.

Posted by Spokehedz 7 years ago

change of emailaddress

Next month my emailaddress will change, how can I change it in my account ?

Posted by Daddy_M 1 year ago

username change? it possible?

Posted by MurdoomTheMad 5 years ago

changing name of instructable

Can i change the name of an instructable i have already posted?

Posted by clasof56 6 years ago

Changing the name of an ible'

In the past, changing the name of your ible' also changed the URL.  So the old URL doesn't work anymore, and all previous links to that ible' breaks. Is that still the case?  Is it safe to change names now?

Posted by insusr 1 year ago

What was your username before you changed it

Just enter your username before it was changed

Posted by King_Banana 9 years ago

Can't Change Profile and Pictures don't come up to change Profile image

Can't Change Profile and Pictures don't come up to change Profile image

Posted by Clayton H. 9 years ago

Name Changed: MegaMetal8

Name successfully changed to MegaMetal8!! (Capitals)

Posted by MegaMetal8 7 years ago

change username

I want to change my username how do I do that

Posted by DELETED_rerwin09! 9 years ago

changing name

Is there anyway system administrators can change my account name? Or do I have to leave this account and start anew? Please help.

Posted by BartSimpson 10 years ago

Password change

When I go to change my password I but in the old/new/new and hit change password but it co,es back with 'error on page'

Posted by curlymixl9 9 years ago

I changed my email

I changed my email in my profile, but I still receive newsletter emails at my old email address.

Posted by sctirvn687 5 years ago

The Title's of Instructables aren't being changed anymore in the Newsletter?

Has the staff stopped changing the title's of Instructables that get featured in the Newsletter? They used to change it, but it looks like they've stopped doing that. Why?

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

name change

I changed my name from i am awesome to coolknexcreations. It will be changed within a week (if the admin reads my comment.) if you are happy with my name change, (like me) please leave a comment. Dont forget to subscribe! :D

Posted by coolknexcreations 8 years ago

Where is link to change username?

Why is it so hard to find a way to change your username? When I renewed it must have changed automatically? Can someone give me a email or link to this option? I appreciate it! hb

Posted by hawkbird 7 years ago

Risks in Changing Username

I was considering changing my username. I just wanted to know ahead of time if there can be ANY adverse affects from changing my username. (i.e such as data loss, loss of management options for groups, that sort of thing)

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago

How to change user name

How do you change your user name?

Posted by El_ 10 years ago

How Do You Change Your Screen Name?

How do you change your screen name?

Posted by Elephants Are Fat 9 years ago

Name Change

I am going to be changing my username to TheChemiker, because my current one, as you all probably know, sucks.  Chemiker is chemist in german, and if you don't already know, I am half german.  It should change in about a week.

Posted by TheChemiker 8 years ago

How to change my instructables username ?

Can i change my instructables username ? Please help me to do it, if it's possible 

Posted by Georges Creations 1 year ago

Change the format back!!!

Change the format back. Please. the new one is really annoying. plus, the search is lame.

Posted by strato96 8 years ago

How can I change the colour of a brass spike

Is there any way to change the colour of brass items and still keep that shiny glimmer once the colour has been changed? I want to change the silver colour brass to a burgundy blood red colour brass like on the images. Any suggestions or item recommendations to achieve this?

Posted by Darkwave5urfer 5 years ago

The Ideanator anticipates a name change

In the beginning...    There was MrMcCoy And then, I was The Ideanator And soon, I hope to be TungstenRose! MrMcCoy = The Ideanator = TungstenRose (I just put in a request for a name change)

Posted by The Ideanator 7 years ago

How to change from LG connector to Jack 3.5 (if i can), please help !!

I`m sorry for my english. I have a pair of headphones lg phone and i want to change jack to use them with another phone. It can change, yet to keep Control for volume and / or change songs? and if so, how? and if not, how to change to jack but keep at least the mic. Please help, i really like this headphones !!

Posted by danyelo 5 years ago

Games for Change

Everyone loves video games. And most everyone loves social change. So, video games for social change.... a sure winner!If you're in New York City next week, be sure to check out the Games for Change Conference.It's hosted by Parsons School of Design, the greatest school on the planet (I might be biased).

Posted by randofo 10 years ago

Soda Bottle Change Purse

Store your change in this recycled plastic bottle change purse.  Throw this environmentally friendly accessory into your bag.  What a great conversation starter!

Posted by Carleyy 8 years ago

possibility of Wave Change?

This theory states (my own be exact) that a certain wavelength can become an amorphous solid using a certain gas, a friend of mine agreed with me. What is your opinion on this matter?

Posted by crc09 8 years ago

kindle battery changing?

How do I change battery in my 2nd generation kindle?  Where and what kind of battery?

Posted by Billie Brown 4 years ago

Email address change not taking effect

Last week I changed my email address, received an email at my old address to confirm the change, and when I look at my settings it shows the new email address, but instructables newsletters are still going to the old address? Can someone help please? Steve

Posted by sjsquirrel 8 years ago

How to change my username?

Hello, i want to change my Instructables username, but i can't find the option (if they have it)...

Posted by luis.gmz 5 years ago

Can you change the Screen Name?

I'm not happy with my screen name anymore.  How can I change it?

Posted by Larry.0 7 years ago

Changing time on a Sportek watch

I have a Sportek Watch model sp1029ZEL . I don't have the instructions to change the time.Any help appreciated.

Posted by mabebabe 4 years ago

Change cover picture

I want to change the picture which comes up as the cover of an -ible. So far, it is just a draft, but it shows the 1st pic i chose for step 1, BEFORE I re-arranged steps.

Posted by Toga_Dan 1 year ago

how do i change my screen name?

How do i change my screen name

Posted by 12V 9 years ago