Charged twice

I just joined today and my bank notified me that I was charged twice for this membership. Please explain and correct. MilDoc

Posted by MilDoc 8 years ago

Charge controller CM3024z

Hi,  im a student, i just  wanna ask if i can use the charge controller CM3024Z to a Magneto (alternator) and coupled with a solar panel 50watts? does the solar charge controller are for solar panel only? thanks godbless

Posted by romeob 3 years ago

i has make solar charger! (so i hope - please take a look)

Hi everyone! i'm not so acquainted with soldering electronics and making solar equipment. but i want to be! so i soldered (so i hope) a solar charger for 2 AA batteries. material: 4 solar cells (~1.5V each) switch diod battery case picture frame please take a look at the pictures - does this construction make sense?

Posted by sebarr 8 years ago

Can dumb / feature phone be charged using USB?

Hello, I recently received a USB power pack but I can't seem to charge the dumb / feature phones that I have.  When I use this adapter to connect the phones they say that they are charging but even after 5 hours they seem like they didn't get a charge t all. Is the voltage difference the issue? With the USB being 5V and the phone battery being 3.7V (though the output of the chargers that the phones came with is 5V). Could I have a faulty unit? Thanks for reading.

Posted by Full Metal 4 years ago

Can a solar light be charged indoors?

Hey guys, Can a solar panel like this be charged with indoor lighting, like a calculator is, or does it need to be actual sunlight? Its rainy and cold in Canada, and need to know if I can just sit it on the kitchen table all day (the light is on anyway) and charge it up. Working on a Sun Jar, and have disassembled the outdoor solar light. I want to know if the panel/battery/light is in working order (I found an opened box at H.D. on sale for 1/2 price!) :) Thanks

Posted by Fast Eddie 10 years ago

The rite resistor to charge this super capacitor.

    Hello I was wondering what resistor you guys would recomend for use in a capacitor charging circut. I can follow common sense for a small 160uf 300v photo capacitor. But this cap has a rating of 3,700uf and 600v. And considering its in issue, (which I believe it may be,) assume your giving it 18v of power from let's say... a drill battery.                                                      Thank you.

Posted by darthDIY 8 years ago

Solar charge circuit question

Hi, I have a 12 volt / 0.5 watt solar cell and I am hoping to charge a 9 volt / 200 mAh rechargeable battery with it. I think I have a suitable diagram for the circuit here... I was wondering if using a 12 volt cell was ok for charging the 9 volt battery? Would I need to add resistance to the solar cell to bring it down to 9 volts? If so where would I add the resister to that diagram? If it's relevant, the load will be a fan. Thanks.

Posted by horsebones 7 years ago

Turn off auto renew.

Is there a way to turn off the subscription auto renew?  I don't want to be charged when I don't expect it.

Posted by itjmiller 8 years ago

Using a power mat as a charging station for internet controlled robots???

I've been wanting to make a robot with video and audio capabilities to play with the dogs while I'm at work or otherwise out. My question is this. Has anyone tried using the mat chargers to "park" their robots on when not in use and recharge? I was going to use one of my roombas but have found that sometimes they don't park in the charging base properly. Also I though this would be a good idea for a flying robot using one of those quadcopters as the base. Any thoughts? Marcel

Posted by Marcaine Art 6 years ago

charge controller

I have the cm3024z charge controller. i have 240 watts going in, controller going to batteries, no conection on the load,   have 1500 watt converter hooked to batteries. set the controller as such,,, HvD-14v, LvR-12.5 v'  LvD-10.8 v . my voltage comming in to the controller is good, when i get to the hvd it kicks out at 14v as it should, but my lvr doesnt want to kick back in. i have let the batteties drain below the lvr but will not kick back in ..  is there anybody that can help with this, i have retured the first one and this is my second one with same problem. i have left the system hooked up as acording to manual,but after it kicks out it just wont kick bavk in unless i disconnect the panels and reconnect them.   all help would be appreciate, thanks

Posted by puddlepod 5 years ago

Portable Chargers

Post your comments or questions

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

How do car alternators work?

I am working on way to charge electronics at long festivals.  There is no electricity and then my camera dies.  My solution is to bring a car battery and charge USB devices using car power/usb power adapter. My questions is about charging car batteries.  I noticed that the highest charge setting on my wall-power car charger is 6 amps.  A car alternator on the other hand supplies 65 amps.  Why such a huge difference?  When you jump start dead car battery and then charge the battery with the car running the alternator is the battery really charging at 65 amps?  That is 10 times more current than from a wall charger.

Posted by Noblenutria 3 years ago

charging 10s5p battery pack

I'm working on an ebike conversion. I'm buying laptop batteries to take out the 18650s and put them in my pack. I'm looking at a 10s 37v pcm. If I make it in 10 sets of 6 to get 37v 14.4ah, then how can I safely charge the battery so that they don't charge unevenly in each set?

Posted by leaf26 4 years ago

Circuit Help!

Hi, I'm trying to put together a basic circuit for charging a capacitor/s with a built in LED to indicate when it's charged. I've created a draft on Multism but can't seem to get it to work. I'm a complete novice at electronics and have pieced it together from various schematics I've found. Help please! :)

Posted by si_eng 10 years ago

Get battery charge level in Linux

I have a small all-in-one motherboard that runs Linux ( It only needs 18V to power up and the battery from my Black and Decker drill is 18V. I am able to get the board  to power on by holding some wires on the leads of the battery. My question is, can Linux detect how much charge is left through a DC jack? Or would that take some extra circuitry? My goal is for the user to see a percentage of battery life left (like on a laptop) and maybe to shut the board down if the charge gets too low. Any advice is appreciated.

Posted by bwallen 6 years ago

Charging mobile from a steam generator

Hello Guys For my first attempt at building something I'd like to try a simple steam generator using a can, tea light etc set up. Would it be feasible to attach some kind of wheel / piston to a dynamo and to generate a small current enough to charge a mobile phone? Finding the correct search terms, when you're not sure which parts you need is a problem. so if there are some specific part names i could search for, that would be good. P

Posted by pbryd 3 years ago

Advice needed - DIY off-grid solar electrics DC charging via AC from generator

Hi all, new to this forum... I'm looking for some advice regarding an off-grid electrics setup i'm running. Currently i have a PV solar panel charging a battery bank through a charge controller. It's a 12vdc system. For 240vac i use a small (500W) inverter. For larger loads i use a diesel generator. The inverter is basic but very high quality sine wave, it doesn't do any charging nor does it automatically switch the load between the AC of the generator and its own AC (i do this manually). In order to recharge my batteries when there isnt enough sun (which is often!), i use a simple AC powered charger that isnt specifically designed for off-grid/solar applications. In other words it is not "intelligent" and doesnt have bulk, float or equalization settings - it's just a DC charger that gives decreasing current as the voltage of the batteries rises. In fact it is very prone to overcharging if left charging for too long and will keep putting current into the batteries even after they've reached 15.5vdc or more. My question is this: is it a good idea to feed the DC charging current from my AC-fed charger into my solar charge controller in order to allow the charge controller to regulate and/or limit the charge as appropriate? I did this for a period of time and it seemed not to cause any problems. However, my AC charger did eventually blow its recrifying diodes although i'm not sure if this was due to a separate issue with the AC power coming from my generator which at the time was an old one and may not have been giving proper AC voltage (it may have been low due to engine speed problems). The solar charge controller is a PWM type. The way i had it set up was the DC from the solar panel and the DC from the charger in parallel to the charge controller. If there is no difference between the DC from the charger and the DC from the solar panel, i don't see how there could be any problem as it amounts to the same thing as having two 12v PV panels in parellel. However, what i dont know (due to insufficient technical knowledge) is whether rectified DC is any different to the DC from a solar panel. My setup is as follows: 1 x 200W 12vdc PV panel 60A tristar PWM solar charge controller 2 x 6vdc Trojan t105 batteries wired in series to give 12vdc Mastervolt 500w pure sine wave inverter (12vdc in, 240vAC out) SDMO 6kva diesel generator (240vAC) Wolf Max 50 battery charger (AC powered 40A DC charger)

Posted by RionZion 2 years ago

Dead PSP (Dead battery)

Ok, so im on vacation for 5 months. With my PSP. Conveniently, the battery is dead, and i have no charger, and i dont have my soldering iorn to fix it. I cant put it into USB mode without turning it on either, so that wont work. Does anyone have any solutions on how to charge the battery?

Posted by ScubaSteve 9 years ago

capacitors amd leds

Ok, so i have 20 leds of different colors from radio shack(i know, got 50% off tho) a an experimentor breadboard, 4 mometary switches, and 4 330v 80uf capacitors. just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what i could do with this stuff ive had sitting around for 3+ months. oh and i forgot i have a 555 timer chip too, dont know that ill be using it though. oh, and how do you charge a capacitor, like what is + and what is -, then any voltage applied is stored, right?

Posted by killmore231 10 years ago

Charge battery with bike dynamo

Hello, I would like to charge a battery using my dynamo on my bike. The battery I would like to use for my head and tail light for example and for charging my phone. Would this be possible and how? Thanks in advance

Posted by doppiej 4 years ago

USB "charging done LED" circuit?

Does anyone have a very simple circuit (newb here) that can be used to indicate that a USB-based "charging is complete" or "is charging" (whichever is easiest). In other words, say if it's taking 200ma or more, light up an LED. Not a full charger btw, just something that I can plug in between anything - computer/car/ac-charger - and the device. This would be useful on devices that have no indicator at all or on things like phones that have their LCDs dimmed when charging. Thanks!

Posted by cowtip 8 years ago

Possible to convert 110v ~ battery charger to 48v charge controller for wind/solar?

Here is the item in question. I'm not even sure if it's a smart or dumb charger. I also can't seem to find any schematics for a 48v charge controller anywhere. =o/ Thanks for any help anyone can give!

Posted by StudioAfterlife 8 years ago

Is it possible to make an inductive grounder?

I'm looking for people who are familiar with Inductive Charging. Would it be possible to do the same thing, but with grounding?  Say like taking your own personal body charge and discharging it into the ground via field? I'm just thinking of grounding yourself for working around electronics in a way that can keep you really mobile while doing it.   Or maybe even helping to block EMF.

Posted by technicallyartistic 5 years ago

broken dremel

About a week ago my dremel stylus broke and I havn't really done anything about it. I have no warranty and it's almost a year old (christmas present). I think that it's the base that's broken, but I can't be positive, I think this because it won't charge. Does anyone know where I can get another base for less thatn 20 or 30 dollars?

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Battery / Phone Charger with 6v Solar Panel

Hi everyone, I am currently working on building a Solar powered USB (iPhone) charger. I am hoping to do this by using the 6V 50mA solar panel to charge 2-4 AA Batteries, the batteries will then in turn power the USB port. I know that I need a voltage regulator to get it all down to 5V for the USB. I have attached a sample wiring schematic and I am wondering if I am missing anything or if anyone has any tips or if I'm about to try something exceedingly stupid. Any help / comments are appreciated! Hoping to upload complete guide if it works! Thanks!

Posted by Brendan09 9 years ago

Voltages for 7AH, SLA batteries

So I've read all on the web about the voltages of a lead acid battery, and according to sites like This One the battery should be full at 12.69v or so. The only thing is I'm getting 13.02v on one SLA, and 13.08v on another. One of the batteries is brand new, and the other is out of a UPS. Are these batteries badly overcharged, or am I just really ignorant and can't find a simple site listing SLA voltages :) The batteries were not connected to anything for about 12 hours before I took the readings, and I have tested the multimeter I used, and it is accurate.If it helps, the battery says:Constant voltage charge(25C)- Cycle use: 14.5-14.9V- Standby use: 13.6-13.8V- Initial current: 2.1AAny advice / help would be greatly appreciated!PS) The main project is powering a computer with these batteries. I've done that so far and it draws only around 1.8A, so hopefully it could last for quite long! (~5 hours or so)

Posted by cb22 10 years ago

Parrallel Load to a Charging Battery???

This is not an instructable but a question. See the images for circuit here the 9v battery represents a 12 DC V from an Adapter and the Capacitor represents the Chargeable Battery. Diodes are placed before Chargeable Battery and LED in the direction of current to prevent current in opposite direction. Suppose I have a Chargable Battery of 9v, A 12 Volt adapter (12 volt to charge 9v battery), and a segment LED Strip (3 LEDs in Series.) Now I connect discharged 9V Battery to LED, and adding the 12V DC Input in Parallel as well. I want 12V DC source to charge Battery and Light up LED. I will add protection Diodes as well in positive terminal of led and battery so the current wont flow from the battery. Will the LED light up at 12V at its full intensity? I found somewhere that while a battery is charging, adding something in parallel will draw less current at first and then the Amperage will increase with increase in battery level and then after a lot of time, it will draw as much as current as it would in 12V directly? Is it so, how can I avoid it, i.e, I need the Load (here LED) to get 12 V while that same 12V source should charge the Battery. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes because I am in a hurry. Please answer me. Thanks.

Posted by The Engineer Pro - Mohammed Ayaz Quadri 2 years ago

Help charging Iphone 5s Battery?

Anyone know of a way to charge an iPhone 5S battery OUT of the phone?   About a month ago, my phone battery ran all the way down, and died. I had a hard time getting it to recognize the cable was plugged in (but with some wiggling, it did recognized the cable, and I let it charge enough to turn on) Thinking my cable was bad, I ran up to the store real quick and bought a new cable. By the time I got home, the phone had died again. At this point, it wouldn't recognized either the old or new cable.   SO, thinking it was a bad dock connector, I ordered a new one online, and replaced the one inside the phone. Yet STILL, I can not get it to recognize any cable being plugged in to, or in itunes. Now, at this point, (about a month an half later) the battery is so drained, there's not even enough juice in the battery for the dead battery symbol to appear.   Although the battery was replaced in June, I've though about buying a new battery and seeing if that helps any. Unfortunately, money is extremely tight, and I really cant afford to buy a new battery, ESPECIALLY if it doesn't end up fixing the problem.   Any suggestions?   Thanks!

Posted by Budweiser143 4 years ago

Ipod sync and audio cable mod

Hello, I've been thinking about making my own iPod dock build into my desk. One of the features I would like is that I can also listen to music while it's docked without having to put an extra cable in the top.  Now, I know cables exist with both USB and stereo line out connectors. So this should be possible.  However, since I want to work the cables away it is gonna be plugged into the USB port of my computer all the time.  I'm not 100% sure on this, but I'm guessing that the iPod will go to sync mode once I connect it without the ability to play music before ejecting it in iTunes.  What I want to do is make a toggle switch, so I can choose between sync and charge or audio (or better even, audio and charge if this is possible) My guess is that the best way of achieving this is to put a toggle switch on the data+ on the USB line, since the iPod can no longer recognize the computer like that (and therefore will not go to sync mode) Am I correct in this? I am aware that it will not charge this way because of the voltages needed on the data pins for charging.  A better solution would be to switch both data connections from the standard USB connection to the voltages needed for the iPod to charge (causing it to still charge in audio mode). However, I'm not sure how easy this would be to achieve with only 1 toggle switch (since I need to change 2 cables without shorting them out). I know the voltages and resistors needed (they can easily be found here on instructables or other sites through google) but the switch is what is bugging me.  It would be nice if this can be done without microcontrollers (I never used them so yeah...) If I need to build a circuit that is ok (soldering isn't the problem, I just don't feel like learning to program a microcontroller just for this project) Can someone please tell me the best way to achieve my goal, and if it's possible at all. 

Posted by Ganoderma 6 years ago

LED question

If I have a 3.6 volt battery should I use a 180 ohm resistor to get 20 mA to a 3.6 volt LED? I got that answer from 3.6 = (180)(0.02)I'm asking this because online LED calculators disagree with me and say to use no resistor. also the battery might output 4.5 volts when extremeley fully charged, so I want the LED to have protection of not blowing out.

Posted by guyfrom7up 11 years ago

chargeing bateries

Does anybody know how to charge a nihm battery extremely fast?

Posted by In The House Of Ill Repute 11 years ago

How to combine charge from solarpanel(3w,6v) and 6v d. C generator?

Combine charge from solar panel and dc generator and charge the battery.

Posted by prasad1909 3 months ago

Casio Commando Charging Dock

Has anyone built a Casio Commando Dock?

Posted by Builderdude95 6 years ago

Wiring Multiple Turbines and PVs

Just a little worried... how do ya'll go about wiring multiple power sources together? I have been long under the assumption that your solar array will only put out power of the weakest panel. If I come across 3 different 12v panels, that have differing amperages, and have a wind turbine on a 12v car alternator, that ranges in power output, how can I wire these to make these most effective? Is there a charge controller out there that can manage multiple power sources? Pardon me if this is stupid. I just cant seem to get off the ground with these simple questions. i guess the most effective q to ask is: What do you do to wire multiple power devices of different outputs into a single battery bank/ grid tie system? Thanks so much for all yall's brilliant help. -Luke.

Posted by ineclipse 7 years ago

M4 with realistic charging handle

I was trying to build an M4 with a charging handle, but it failed, so I broke it. Anyways, What would be the best way to put a realistic charging handle on a working M4A1 carbine replica?

Posted by rec0n 8 years ago

Charging Circuit

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make a circuit so that I could charge a battery, but that I can also power an amplifier when the battery is not charging. Currently I have a switch that switches between a charging circuit and powering the amplifier, but I was looking for a way to do this without having a switch that I have to control

Posted by Fozzibehr 4 years ago

how can i charge this? (capacitor)

I have a camera capacitor i need to charge. (not for a tazer). it 330wv, 120uf. how can i charge this. with a aa battery and a resistor? any ideas?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

Phone not charging!

I have a nokia 6061, just got it a week ago and when i went to charge it today nothing happened. The outlet is turned on and the phone works fine it just won't charge! Any ideas on why this is happening!

Posted by sardines454 11 years ago

Double charge for membership

I was charged twice on the same day when I signed up for my membership!  How can I get this corrected?

Posted by xenagirl 6 years ago

Faraday induction ('those shake-to-charge flash lights') mobile phone/device charger

Need help using charging mechanism of shake flashlight (faradays law of induction) to charge mobile or usb devices.

Posted by mulan2015 6 years ago


Hello sir,  Im intrested in solenoids feild and wanna have practical experince in that.can you please tell me how to generate electrical charge by using solenoids and storing that charge in mica capacitors with less voltage rating high storage capability..which also has slow discharge. The time of storing the charge should be high.Hope will guide me. Thankyou. Raghudeep,

Posted by RaghuC 3 years ago

charge 4.8V NiMH battery from computer's usb port

Hi I've a 4.8V 180mA NiMH battery i used to charge it with a 6V adapter but now it is broken can i charge with a usb port with directly hooking + terminal of battery to +V of usb and - with -V or do i need a specific circuit

Posted by alex12349 8 years ago

Charging station for eee PC

Hi, I need a charging station for an eee PC 4G from ASUS. I was searching several days in the internet but I didn't found something. The cradle is only needed for charging nothing else. After working with the eee pc I only would plug it in the cradle upright for charging. Where I can find such a charging station for the eee pc or a station for an other device wich suits to the eee? If there's no matching station how I could build it by my self? Here's a drawing of my idea:

Posted by maddinel 10 years ago

Solar Panel Charging Station

Hello everyone, I am doing a project for my class and it is a solar lamp project. I was wondering if anybody knew how to make a simple solar charging station. I want to use  3 of 1.5 W/4.5 V solar panel from radio shack as a charging station. I was just wondering how I would connect this together and charge the rechargeable batteries from the solar panel charging station.

Posted by RedXNaruto 4 years ago

12V in, Multiple output voltages - how to?

Hey guys, BRAND SPANKIN' new here, didn't even know there was a forum until yesterday. Ok I made a instructable yesterday but it was theory and was told to post it here instead, so, yeah tah dah. amazing. What I want to do is to hook up a 12V deepcycle battery through an array of 4-5 different car adapter chargers (plug into cigarette lighters) and have variable outputs. A +/-12V in, and a 4.5, 6, 9 ,11, 12, etc (the most common) outputs wired to two outputs; a male usb/mini usb and a male plug (Protected of course). I can do that, thats just a little bit of soldering in series, but the tricky part for me is I wanted to make a switch to be able to cycle through each! How can I get a switch to cycle through 4-6 different states? I've taken some logic design, and I could probably make one using digital logic, but that is messy and requires an alternate 5V source as well. You guys have any easy ideas, or any common items that have a 6 way switch? or even how to use logic to get ONE switch to cycle through 6 states?? Thanks d00ds!

Posted by GreenD 8 years ago

wiring a USB connection for charging only to a PC power supply

I want to wire a usb mini hup for charging only of USB devices such as phone, ipod etc to a PC power supply. can I just connect a USB hub to the +5 output of the PS (red) and to ground (black) and safely charge my USB devices?

Posted by jpratt2 6 years ago

Wind-powered phone-charger

Here's one for the tower-block dwellers - a wind turbine you stick to your window. On the inside, you stick the matching base-station, and the set uses electromagnetic induction to transfer energy from the spinning turbine to the phone in the charger's cradle. It's a neat idea, but I don't know if it's a real product - I tried tracing the links back, and ended up going round in circles in the blogosphere. What I am sure of, though, is that somebody reading this has got the skills and motivation to build their own version.  You don't need to use the same design of turbine blades, and it's up to you how it sticks to the window (suckers?  magnets through the glass?), but I bet you can do it. Just remember to post an Instructable. Traced back to Yanko Design.  Originally seen on NOTCOT.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

Solar USB charger

Setup: 330mAh@6V solar panel charging 4xAA Nimh batteries (series connected). Iphone is connected to the batteries. Can I simultaneous charge of nizn battery and iphone? what is the direct source of power charging the iphone? Do the batteries act as voltage regulator??  Any ideas to prevent iphone from drawing more then 500mah?? Thanks, Huzefa

Posted by huzefa 8 years ago

Head unit not charging iPad

Hey All, In my car i have an after market HU with a usb port that my iPad 3/ iPhone 4s / iPods can connect to. However when my iPad is connected to it is unable to charge. The charging indicator in the iPad has the little lightning bolt going through it, indicating that it is indeed charging however the iPad looses about 7% of its battery every hour. Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can get my iPad to charge through my HU? Cheers  

Posted by wrignj08 6 years ago

WANTED:Timer circuit or nimh charging circuit

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Posted by Derin 10 years ago