New black and decker single charger problem

I bought a new b&d single charger and when i put my new battery in( slider tape) , the charger  red light  will not stop blinking what is wrong.

Asked by AndreaC10 3 years ago

AAA/AA batery charger? Answered

Hi guys i want to build batery charger for AAA/AA Ni-Mh bateries and im wondering is there any schematics that can help me?  Thaks a lot :)

Asked by JohnSmith-Workshop 1 year ago

how could i make a charger for 4.5v battery?

I want to make a charger for my rechargeable 4.5v battery which is used in hand torches. Please help me with the circuit diagram and the part list.

Asked by gdg1234 6 years ago

How to make a USB charger for my nokia mobile from LapTOP/PC....?

How to make a USB charger for my nokia mobile from LapTOP/PC....? I need clarifications in applying resistances...?

Asked by chinnuabhi 6 years ago

Not a question....a thank you!? Answered

For all that helped to build the charger for the cell far I have two working chargers!!!  My students are thrilled!  Thanks again! patti :)

Asked by mckywer 7 years ago

how to build a solar powered macbook pro charger?

Please can someone tell me how to wire up a circuit board for this project.

Asked by knoxy1122 6 years ago

i have a lg charger that has red white and black wires and im trying to rig it with my clippers to get power to charge

I need tocharge my phone but only have the tip of the charger. the wires are red green white and black. i have my clippers charger and the wires are black and black and white. which wires do i connect together to get power to charge my phone. please help!! unable to get charger right now

Asked by rushawndalw 8 years ago

Home made cap charger? Answered

I need advice on how to make a capacitor charger. I know somebody is going to say camera charging circuit but i have one and it doesnt make the cut. I am planning on getting some transformers from wall bugs and old alarm clocks. but i need to know how to wire them and make them work with a DC input and an AC output. I need it to be at least 500 volts output

Asked by budhaztm 6 years ago

Rotational Charger?

Any ideas how one could transform rotational movement into usable energy?  I want to attach a little radio device to a tire and have that device charge a little battery when the wheel rotates so that it can transmit information (i.e. rpm).  Was thinking of using a small Nordic radio and accelerometers to transmit data.  

Asked by swaxolez 7 years ago

how mobile phones convert Aternating voltage to direct voltage?

There is no big transformer in a mobile phone charger but still it is able to convert A.C to D.C though it is small

Asked by deepakmurali 6 years ago

charging one battery with another battery

I want to make a project about battery charger.i want to know if a battery can be charged using another battery of same specification. please help me

Posted by sampath_o2 7 years ago

wat resistances shall i connect with a 9v battery to obtain a current of 800mA???

Wat resistances shall i connect with a 9v battery to obtain a current of 800mA???i tried with 12 ohm but the multimeter does not show any current..,anything else shud be connected with the resistances ....????

Asked by kartik negandhi 6 years ago

charge battery

I have battery 1cell NI-MH AA 1.2 v 1500mAH   and i need to charge it by using smps and diode for detect peak voltage of battery   i prefer fast charge for maximum 2 hours for my project  how much voltage and current i need in output of smps ?

Asked by omar kotrash 1 year ago

Battery Pack

I want to start a battery pack but I don't know how to connect series/parallel to get most mAh but also 5V-12V output I plan to buy 8 3.7V 2600mAh Lithium Ion Battery but I don't know how to connect those together to get the most mAh as possible but also between 5V to 12V output . It is possible to do that with 

Posted by Kyosoul 4 years ago

help me in creating circuit its out put has to 5.1v n with0.7A for DC12 v r 9 v input supply !!

Sir, i want to prepare charging circuit , its out put must be 5.1v n following with 0.7A .. with DC 12 v or 9 v input supply ..plz help me in creating the circuit that   which components to select n if u can provide me the circuit diagram too, then ill be very thank ful to the site ...

Asked by charantherocker 7 years ago

how to make a mobile charger into a usb charger for ipod?

Iwant to make a charger for my ipod a mobile charger

Asked by 8 years ago

Industrial battery charger

Why the correct maintenance of batteries is essential to warn his exhaustion and to know when to replace it. With proper maintenance,can we avoid the battery failure? Im asking about battery chargers, Digital battery chargers, automatic battery chargers, traction battery chargers, Amperis battery rectifiers, battery charger rectifier! Thank you so much

Posted by GuGaC1 7 months ago

phone charger

My wall phone charger is busting up could i just make a usb charger out of it, and howdo i go about doing that, the phone is a samsung

Posted by Rotten 10 years ago

Making a smart charger?

Can anyone tell me how to make a smart charger for 9v nimh battery?

Posted by gungfudan 4 years ago

Black & Decker 18 volt charger not working

I have three Black and Decker, 18volt battery chargers, for the FireStorm series tools. One is an orange dual charger. One is the single black charger that came with the drill. And one is the Radio charger. The radio charger AC adapter case melted and no longer works. The single and double chargers both seem to kill batteries, and do not charge. I have voltage coming from the chargers, but I don't remember how much. Does anyone know what the voltage should be on the charger? More importantly, how do I repair the charger to output the correct voltage/current?

Posted by xTiltx 6 years ago

altoids tin charger problem

If anyone in the instructables community knows circuitry well please look at this circuit diagram for a 9v portable charger.  

Posted by seedeeess 7 years ago

19.2 volt drillmaster charger won't charge the battery?

Is ther some fix for getting the drillmaster battery charger for my 19.2 volt charger to work don't have a clue what is wrong?

Asked by cusmith03 5 years ago

PSP Charger Incorrect Wires?

I thought that in a PSP charger, there was a black and red wire, but there is just a white wire and some surrounding metal strips!  WHY?!

Posted by 11alex 8 years ago

Charge sony ericsson with Iphone charger?

Hello I want to charge my sony ericsson w580i with my iphone charger. My SE charger is rated for charging at the current 4,9V but my iphone charger outputs 5,25V. Is it harmful for the battery in my SE mobile to have a 0,26V current extra? Or can i put in a resistor between to lower the current from 5,25 to 4,9. Old charger: 4,9V , 700mA Iphone charger: 5,25V, 1A.

Asked by Popstickal 8 years ago

What is a reliable 12v battery charger under $30?

I'm looking for a battery charger to charge my 12v 8a battery which I use to light my 300 LED strip in the garage. What charger works best and doesn't break the bank, so under $30?

Asked by kingtrout1 2 years ago

would like to convert a dewalt charger to a 12 volt outlet

Would like to convert a dewalt charger so I can leave a charged battery pack in it and have a cig lighter out of the charger to power lap top or dvd player................has anyone done this and how?

Asked by simon lebrock 8 years ago

How to easily make a portable ipod touch charger?

Something that is really portable and easy to make. Thanks

Asked by Pimpdog23 6 years ago

Battery charger regulator question?

I've got a 40 amp 12 volt  RV power supply that I want turn into a battery charger.  Anyone got any ideas about how to regulate the current so it doesn't cook the batteries?? Thanks 

Asked by jimnjo 8 years ago

Solar charger help?

I want to make a solar charger to charge AA's for my camera, my phone ( LG Banter), ipod touch, and maybe a DS Lite.  And if somehow I could detach everything except for the batteries for when I backpack.I have pretty much no knowledge on curcits, but I do want this to be a fast charger for the AA's. I was thinking of ordering and making a high-speed charger and making a mini-boost. But I'd like to spend less than $50 on this entire project. Any help is greatly accepted.

Asked by CQBer 8 years ago

Usb Charger

I have 2 questions; 1.) Does anyone know if I can use a resistor in a usb charger? If so, what bands.(ex red,blue green, ect). 2.) Can I use an 3v LED to reduce the power to 6v. Would 6v harm my electronics?

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

Battery charger advice please? Answered

Could anyone help with advice or plans to build a battery charger where I can regulate the voltage and  amperage seperately to charge a wide range  of batteries please, had thoughts of using a computer ATX power unit for the initial power source, thank you Doc Cox

Asked by nigel cox 6 years ago

hi i have looked at most portable ipod chargers but i could not find any that worked for the itouch 2nd gen please help?

OK hi i have looked at most portable ipod chargers but i could not find an that worked for the itouch 2nd generation please help...?

Asked by ppatches24 8 years ago

i tried the 9v mp3 and cell charger but it ends up draining my battery

Even though my device is indicating charging what am i doing wrong?

Asked by Alonzo78 9 years ago

The red light on my Black and Decker 18v cup charger doesn't light up when I try to charge a battery.

Is there anyway of repairing the charger or do I just have to buy a new one.????

Asked by 9 years ago

Mobile charger from wind/air like windmill

Hi All, I want to make mobile charger with wind power like when i am bike/car/public transport at 60km/hr, i should able to charge my mobile. power genrated should be 5 volt at 2 amp. Could you provide me idea to construct one?

Posted by vindude5 2 years ago

12v battery charger? Answered

My WiFi ISP signals were unable to reach my room. So my ISP arranged a device  on top of apartment & it was powered with 12 volts DC adapter. But makes me to work offline when power is OFF. So i want to make that device to work on 12V battery. So i need to make a charger for that battery to work as UPS. Can any one help me with circuit Diagram and components list??

Asked by chinnuabhi 6 years ago

how to repair a damaged hp compaq 6720s notebook charger.?

 i was charging my laptop at home when due to voltage fluctuation, there was a small spark on the charger and it gave a burning smell. i realised tat the charger is no more functioning. can any 1 please help me fix it?? is it repairable if not can any one give me an alternative instructable. i searched for it on instructable but could not find a solution. 

Asked by para p 8 years ago

Help me designing charger for Li-ion 9.volt battery?

Hello all.... need help !! circuit diagram for making charger for my li-ion 9volt- 600ma battery ...  I want to charge at 60ma ... how to limit current here (constant current) (I have 12v  & 18v 1.5amp power adapter) in general how to limit current in Circuit? (which components to use ??) Thank you :)

Asked by 60ma 2 years ago

Help me designing charger for Li-ion 9.volt battery?

Hello all.... need help !! circuit diagram for making charger for my li-ion 9volt- 600ma battery ...  I want to charge at 60ma ... how to limit current here (constant current) (I have 12v  & 18v 1.5amp power adapter) in general how to limit current in Circuit? (which components to use ??) Thank you :)

Posted by 60ma 2 years ago