Cheap Jet Engine.

What Jet engine can I build for $50-$200 in price? And that is small? it could be any type of jet engine, I just want to start building one.

Posted by koolsk8ter111 10 years ago

Uk based animatronic company i found mega cheap free postage

Ok I ordered an animatronic arm piece from the company and received it by the next day dinner time free postage and only £4.99 for the arm. The sell servos and everything cheap price all free postage, thought I'd share the wealth! Buy in bulk, great for us animatronic and robotics lovers! hope this helps!

Posted by Zion_Sphere 8 years ago

building a complex amp simple cheap

I need to build a complex amp for cheap and as simple as possible i need it to -run speakers at differant ohms safely -have left and right channels -have little distortion -have 3 inputs -have outputs that can run at least 6 speakers off of each channel -have volume control -off/'on switch -portable and have to run of of 9V batteries (as many as it takes) so how can this task be compleated

Posted by fastcar123 8 years ago

Cheap Christmas presents

Hey.... any ideas for christmas presents that aren't for your close friends... (parents of b/f, b/f's frieds... etc.) I need some crafty cute inexpensive ideas.

Posted by hethlee 11 years ago

Super Cheap and Easy WIreless Remote Shutter, Under $10

I think everyone should know about this. Its soo easy, never spend more then $10 on a wireless remote for any gadget! 

Posted by tailortrik 8 years ago

Cheap Room Air conditioning

Hi, I have a burning question, I thought about combining a small fridge I have with a floor fan for cheap in room air conditioning. I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on how to combing the two without hazards. Tho the fan is a bit bigger, in concept would do as well.   Thanks, Chen Cohen.

Posted by DragonFX 8 years ago

looking for an insane amount of pc case fans for cheap

Anybody buy case mod supplies dirt cheap?? if so where i'm looking to buy in bulk to start a case mod-overclock business

Posted by cazmundi 12 years ago

i want to know how to make super cheap wall art

My wall is so blank and my wallet is so empty...what do i do?

Posted by mellamokiwi 12 years ago

Looking for a cheap and easy project for a beginner

Hi :) Next year, I'm planning on starting a Mechanical Engineering degree. I want to get some hands on experience with making stuff just as preparation, but I've never done anything like this. What's a good place to start? And something that won't cost a lot as I don't have much money? Any help is appreciated :D thanks

Posted by mheywood 6 years ago

Testing a Cheap Multimeter

It's been years since I had an expensive meter. These days, I have meters in the $5 to $20 range. Usually they're accurate enough for my purposes, but what if I want to be really certain? Is there a way without a pricey meter to test em?  Perhaps calibrate the meter by checking v  coming out of a v regultor. Would that be accurate? Perhaps the 7805 regulator which is supposed to output 5v.  y?n? M?

Posted by Toga_Dan 4 years ago

Do you know a cheap instructable for solar cells? Tips/ideas

Do you know where I can find a cheap how to for solar cells? The ones I've found cost around $200 and more but I cant be spending money on materials for a how to that might not even work. For materials around the house I have aluminum cans, copper wire, hot get the idea. If you have tips where to go to find an how to that I can afford, or tips on how to make a solar cell out of aluminum, please let me know.

Posted by SarahC306 1 year ago

remote controled LED(s)

Okay, I need help with an idea i just had for a gift for my cousin. I need a cheap and simple way to remotely turn on a battery powered LED(s) light from about 15 to 20 feet away and I was wondering what remote set up would be best and not drain the battery(s). any suggestion would be highly appreciated! :D

Posted by ginger20037 7 years ago


Whats better than a good prank? How about one that can be made at home for under $10.00. (any good ideas accepted)

Posted by shooter129 10 years ago

Cheapest way to connect arduino with wifi

Can anybody tell me the cheapest way to connect an arduino over internet via wifi

Posted by amansinghaljpr 4 years ago

Cheapest way to make gameboy emulator inside gameboy color?

What is the cheapest way to make an emulator from a gameboy color shell?

Posted by mariomagic22 5 years ago

Rolson hand tool sale?

Not sure if this is a local thing or whether it's also going on elsewhere, but Tesco in Cambridge is having a sale on Rolson tools: I got a pair of safety goggles, four pack of clamps and a junior hacksaw for a pound each, and there's more (mostly hand tools) to be had.  I know all the adages about buying cheap tools, but at that price I'd happily use them as raw materials for a one-off make.   UKinese members, check out the hardware aisle in your local big Tesco, thar be (potentially) bargains.  Now I'll have to work out something to do with them all...

Posted by PKM 7 years ago


The challange is to make an instructable, that costs $5 or less. The easiest thing, would be to recycle but you can decide what to do. Anything published after December 31, 2008 is allowed. The contest ends March 1st, 2009. The winner gets the satisfaction of winning. =D haha.

Posted by mg0930mg 9 years ago

35pounds thrust thermojet

Hello everybody here iam going to show you the 10% throttle of the engine and 40% throttle of the engine. At 100% throttle 40pounds thrust is got. But unfortunately my LPG valve has got some restrictions so iam unable to show you guys the peak thrust. engine at 10% throttle engine at 40% throttle

Posted by ganuganu 6 years ago

Need a cheap Multimeter?

Anyone in need of a cheap multimeter should click this link, print it out and get thee to harbor freight, where they honor the online price. It's their $40 multimeter on sale for $20, Has 30 function inc. freq. to 20kHz and temp to 1000 celsius. I've several of their $3 ones so i couldn't resist this one at this price.

Posted by Tool Using Animal 11 years ago

Looking for any and all ideas/advice for building my own eco home on the cheap

Hi, I am looking for any and all info related to building my own low cost eco house. Off grid if possible. I moved to France last year and purchased a 1 Ha piece of land. I had a good job and the world was our oyster. Then, on Friday the 13th, 2013 I lost my job. I also lost everything we owned in the world when it burned to the ground along with the storage facility it was in - and almost no insurance. This all happened within 90 minutes. I am not looking for sympathy or charity, just good advice. My wife and I are not going to give up on the dream, we just need to chase it on a much reduced budget!   Currently I am clearing the 2 acres (1 Hectare) which is overgrown with about 3000 pine trees, and, thorn bushes that are 3-4 yards tall in some places. I hope there are some fellow dreamers here willing to share their ideas, designs, experience and knowledge. Thanks so much.

Posted by thoughtfission 4 years ago

Looking for inexpensive source of RGB (Star) Luxeon LEDs.

I have an upcoming project that requires lighting a 10' x 10' matrix of 12" square LED driven lightboxes. The only requirement is the capability to display a broad range of color - hence the need for RGB LEDs. I'd like to go with more of a high-output Luxeon star mounted LED (1 or 3 watt) versus using several standard RGB dome LEDs. I figure that I can get away with using 1 Luxeon instead of 6-8 standard LEDs. My question is... does anyone have a reliable source for purchasing these LEDs inexpensively? I've seen several projects where people are getting 1W white units for around $3, but the Tri-color are selling online for around $14-$16 each. Any ideas?

Posted by upgrade-are-failed 10 years ago

Lomography on the hay-penny?

Does anyone have an ideas or instructables about lomography on the cheap side? Or techniques for creating artsy, interesting, experimental photographs with a 35mm film or a digital slr?

Posted by iamthemargerineman 10 years ago

How to Make a Cheap Data Acquisition System

Hello. I am new to this forum. I am a Physics  (Optics) student and i do not have access to a good data acquisition system. I tried data acquisition with Arduino Due (in under 40$) but it can only sample frequencies up to 1KHz. Is there any other cheap way to make a better DAQ system with higher speeds? By cheap i mean under 50$. P.S. My electronics knowledge is not very good so please discuss in detail. 

Posted by Sadiq Nawaz 3 years ago

Solar Cells at home?

Anyone know a way to make your own solar cells? Saw 50 cells for about $250 US on Ebay and wondered if thats as cheap as they get. Not that this didn't seem pretty cheap, but always looking for cool new processes.

Posted by bowakowa 12 years ago

Cheap screws in UK @ Screwfix

If anyone in the UK is contemplating a woodworking project that involves wood screws at the moment, you should pop on down to Screwfix. They currently have packs of 1800 screws for £7. Bargain? YES!

Posted by Jayefuu 9 years ago

think we could make this computer on the cheap

Heres a pc i saw advertised but if its this small and simple im sure it could be made have a look guys

Posted by minus273degrees 10 years ago

Making a cheap home made laser tag system : How?

Ok guys, help me brainstorm here... there are no Laser Tag or alike projects on Instructables... how about it? Anyone up for the test? A "simple" Led/Laser Gun and a target that once hitted by the blast, sounds an alarma or flashes a light or something of sorts... what about it?

Posted by Ricardoaraujo 10 years ago

Long distance relationship help

My girlfriend lives in Florida, I live in New Jersey. How can I see her cheap and often? Any cheap airline tickets? Any legal and plausible suggestion is appreciated.

Posted by sugg22 10 years ago

Vertical Measurement

These vertical measurement things ( cost upward of $350!!! Is there any way this can be made on the cheap. All help would be very appreciated. 

Posted by adamgadamg 5 years ago


Does anybody know where to get cheap parts in lakeland florida?

Posted by evilboy9494 10 years ago

Needed: instructions for a cheap lightweight solar laptop charger

Challenge: Help me build an ultralightweight solar charger for my laptop. I would like to use a flexible panel. Any ideas?The wall charger's output is: 19.5 V 3.34 A

Posted by longhaulbicycler 11 years ago

Where can I get (faux) leather for cheap?

With all the steampunk instructables involving leather, it begs the question of where I can get some leather. Real or fake, I don't care, whichever is cheaper.

Posted by greynolds1 7 years ago

carbon fiber sheets

I need 2x2 twill, cheap

Posted by freshmanfred0000 10 years ago

Where Do You Get Your Rubber Bands

I'm sure you all hate replacing rubber bands, so where do you get yours? Are they strong, weak, or average, and how much do they cost per hundred?

Posted by Electroinnovation 9 years ago

Making Links in Youtube

Well, as you may have guessed, I am asking about links in youtube. I have tried the usual one, and it didn't work. Any ideas? I know I've saw them there before. AND, how do I replace the URL on links to words, using the ___ thing?

Posted by John Smith 10 years ago

finding Lcd screens

I am looking for lcd screens that could display information from a computer.  Small, at most 5 inches.  Also, im 13 and dont have an allowance so the cheaper the better!  I have tried really hard trying to find them and when i do its too expensive. HELP ME B(

Posted by macho nacho 8 years ago

Budget Bowl Lathe

I salvaged an AC motor from an old water pump I found on the side of the road and want to use it to make a simple lathe for turning green wood bowls and cups.  I was thinking about using a floor flange as the face plate, a nipple for the shaft and pillow bearing blocks to support it.  This assembly would be driven by a v belt and controlled by the speed controller from a jig saw.  I attached pictures of the components and a simple cad drawing of the assembly. Do you think this would be functional? Any recommendations?        

Posted by ischaren 1 year ago

Using a USB Bluetooth bundle into a home brewed device

Hey everyone, I am a student in software engineering and I am leading a project with other folks in software and electric engineering as some artists which consist of developing a computer game that use a home brewed device. That device is essentially a wii-mote ripoff: we will use some gyroscopes and accelerometer to get user input. However, some of the parts we are looking for are very expensive, we need to do 3 of theses devices and we don't have a big budget :) Since the most expensive part is the bluetooth transmitter (our device needs to be wireless), I was looking for a workaround. First, why bluetooth? Well we thought using some FM or RF stuff, however that implies some rare stuff that is not embedded in our student computers and even more expensive... So that's why we thought using bluetooth... And my question is... Is that possible and not so complicated to use those cheap USB bluetooth bundle such as these ones:;=bluetooth+adapter ? When I say not so complicated, I mean that we won't have a big controller... we will have just what we need to get the data from analogical sensors turn it into digital data and send it over USB. Looking over the web I found that some RS232 to bluetooth bundles exists, however they are very expensive... It might be an utopia, electrical stuff is really not my field of study. Thanks for your help!

Posted by scadieux 8 years ago

So...what would YOU do with a broken Win98 computer?

Well...I'm sure you have seen this forum post about me trying to find out what was wrong with my computer. It is WAS a Windows 98 computer.We took it to the guy to fix it, and he said that the fan cooling the CPU stopped (!). Then it fried itself (*sigh*) and somehow messed up the memory as well. THEN he said he replaced those components, and it STILL didn't work! So he basically (but not really) said, "Well, I guess you're screwed...want to buy one of our ridiculously high priced computers to replace it?"*sigh*Well, I was gonna tear it down...I know I can get hard drive magnets and stuff from it, a (?) power supply, various lasers from the CD drive, and other stuff.I KNOW you guys have some good ideas. What would YOU make if you had the entire computer to tear apart?

Posted by John Smith 10 years ago

Building a Computer

So, in continuing my series of stupid newbie computer questions, I present: Building Your Own Computer!-The Computer-As you've heard, I first had a computer that messed up, then I took it to the computer dudes, and they said it was completely FUBAR, then I asked how I should salvage it. Now, after laying my eyes on the beautiful Linux-running $72 Computer, I said to myself that I should make one...-What I Have-I stripped my computer tonight, and I came up with a CD drive (doesn't burn, just reads), Floppy drive, hard drive, power supply (how the heck do I understand all those wires?), nice looking heatsink with matching fan, and various other parts from the Windows 98 computer. -The Problems--I checked the links provided at the link above, and the prices had either raised, the item is out of stock, or the item had vanished completely...-I would like to buy a minimum of parts because I am in debt with my parents, and being 13, I don't have a job to pay them off.-I would like to run Linux, as it is one of the coolest things I've found recently. -I do know that the link above is thumb-drive booted, and I would like to avoid that, but no biggie if I can't.-I also don't know that much about computers, so I want to keep the computer sweet and simple. -The components that I salvaged might not work with the new components (I.E. Motherboard)-Maybe more.-Pluses--It will be cheap.-Case mods should be easy.-Mistakes dont cost much.-Linux is free.-Linux looks very nice.-It shouldn't need much RAM to run (Am I correct here?), so I can run more complex programs without it costing me.-I have extra parts from the old Win98 computer that died.-Probably more, but this is all I got right now...First postSecond postI am saying this right now- I suck at understanding computers, and if possible, comment to me like you would your 93 year old grandpa.

Posted by John Smith 10 years ago

I need a cheap, realistic, non firing gun prop for a movie...

   Me and my friends are making a movie. I want to make or buy a pistol which looks a lot like a beretta M9 for very cheap. I'd rather not make it out of cardboard, those guns take a lot of skill to make it look remotely realistic. And I don't have access to wood.    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

Underwater Photography on the cheap

I'm trying to 3D print reliable underwater camera enclosures. Here's where I'm documenting my progress: What do you guys think? (first post ever :D )

Posted by MoonLanding 4 years ago

Cheap mass solar energy

I am going on a trip to mexico to build houses for poor families. I was wondering, is there any solution to lighting where our team could make multiple packages that we could give to the families that would supply them with light, etc. ?

Posted by Twistman 10 years ago

How to make a Cheap HDR Light Probe for Compositing

Wal-Mart has 8 inch Silver Christmas balls for sale right now for about $2.50 Find one with a smooth paint job and relatively few ripples on at least one side. Using masking tape and plastic to mask off half of the ornament, spray paint the other half with auto primer. Mount on a dowel. This is as cheap as it's going to get, so I'd hop on it if I were you!

Posted by royalestel 10 years ago

An easy to sourc,e EASY to build, cheap laser cutter instructable

Would anybody be interested in creating a new laser cutter instructable. I saw this one: , But it seemed WAYY to difficult, to difficult to get the parts, and not super high quality. If anybody could do an instructable for this, (possibly with a RAS PI, it would be much appreciated. We want a cheap Laser CUTTER!!!!

Posted by 508Parkour 5 years ago

Cheap amplifier board, what do all the connections mean please

I bought a cheap amplifier board based on the PAM8403 chip of the connections make sense, from top to bottom in the main picture, two speakers, then power, then sw and gnd, followed by the left right ground which I assume is stereo input.I have no idea what the SW and GND refer to, can anyone help me out here?

Posted by oragamiunicorn 8 months ago

DIY Fire Extinguisher

I need a cheap homemade fire extinguisher for small stuff.

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago


Do someone know how to make a kind of motorized optical zoom? it need to be cheap (mayB buying some cheap stuff at the dollar store (binocular some stuff like that)) (shorting all this means: I need to make a optical zoomer that i can control whit some button) thx Koax

Posted by koax 10 years ago

Searching for a cheap Quadcopter(Used, kit, or anything)

Hello. Im a young filmmaker and DIY guy with no money because of my college. I Have a project in mind that involves my GoPro and a quadcopter. Only problem is that i don't have a quadcopter, neither money to buy one. I searched on ebay for a cheap one, but I find only small ones and at a pretty expensive price for what you get($40). Does someone have any quadcopter or a KIT quadcopter, or a wrecked quadcopter thats easy to repair, or maybe a good soul that would give one away for cheap to a dreamer student?  I would pay the shipping too, but I would need it to be shipped to croatia... Anyone like that? Please help me..

Posted by dsirotic 4 years ago