republish "cheat"

Is it acceptable to unpublish your project and publish it again to enter a contest?

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Counter Cheating

I'm SURE I'm not the only one who thinks this I, like many, entered my guide in a contest What kills me when I'm viewing the competition is how there's a bad guide thats like 5th in voting, only has like 50-100 views, NO comments Now, something tells me that these people cheat the system by manufacturing accounts and voting for themselves. What they could do is just make it so that you can make one account per IP address in a given time like a day or two or something along those lines If cheaters replace legitimate guides in the finals for a contest, they falsify the legitimacy of the contest If you think Instructables should make some counter-cheater thing, comment, rate, whatever

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Halo cheats, mods, tricks ect.

Okay post all your cheats, hacks, mods, easter eggs, exploits, and everything else that we can do on Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3.

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skyrim cheats and glitches

This is where you can post your favourite skyrim cheat or glitch. my favourite is the unimited gold glitch which is just a chest under the skyforge that is very hard to get to. since i cant explain it here just go to youtube and type in "skyrim whitrun glitch and watch the video.

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black ops cheats

Do you have any cheats for black ops If you do, Share them here! Step your game up... ...with cheats!

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Microwave Cooking Cheats

How do you use your microwave to speed up recipes? Are there unusual microwave "cheats" you rely on?

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Can You read this? - No cheating!

-- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / .. ... / --. .-. . .- - .-.-.- / -. .. -.-. . / .--- --- -... .-.-.- / -.. --- -. .----. - / --. .. ...- . / .- .-- .- -.-- / - .... . / .- -. ... .-- . .-.

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Hat Tricks and Card Cheating

I've just purchased a Indiana Jones Vintage (beat up looking) Felt Fedora, AND ITS FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Anyone know how to do some cool hat tricks? ie, rolling it about, tossing in air to put it on etc... Also, I know here is one (could do with some improvement), but I feel a sudden urge to know how to cheat at cards. Any help?

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Xbox Splintercell cheats and tips

Cheats for splinter cell: All levels unlocked: enter !lamaudite! as your name NOTE you must enter ! before and after lamaudite or else this will not work. Throw farther: hold L down while holding a can or a bottle then throw to throw harder and farther. Save Ammo : if you see a room being guarded by a guard wait until he leaves then switch the light switch to off. when he returns he should have his back turned to you then you punch him or grab him from behind. Flares : if you are pinned by a turret throw a flare across it the turret will be distracted for a moment which may give you enough time to sneak behind it and disable it. Thats all folks if you have any other cheats tell me

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What is Sims 2 Secret Network Cheat?

In the sims 2 pc game I had debug mode on and found the option Secret Network Cheat. What is it for?

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Chinese marathon cheats hire impostors 

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How do you do the flying glitch in pirates of the Caribbean online/potco on a mac?

PLEASE!!!! only answer if you have something helpful!!!!!!!!! Any good information is appreciated. please... only answer with a positive comment!

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Has anybody tried these Call Of Duty mods yet?

Hi guy's i am new to the forums and would like to ask a question' Has any body tried and tested the call of duty mods on this site? Here i know the site is quite well known but would like some reviews if possible, Thank you in advance.

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Any cheats for the original Ratchet and Clank game on ps2??

 my favorite game maybe of all time...would love to kno some secrets or cheats

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hey if you know cheats for starwars battlefront 2 send? Answered


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what kind of guy cheats on his babymama when she's with him?


Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

hey i need any cheats for super smash brothers brawl for wii ? Answered


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Are people cheating when they use sharpened rods? Answered

K'NEX guns are often weak but the publisher makes them look strong by sharpening the rods it fires. Banana inventor's pistol shot 20-30 feet but he said it could go through cardboard with a sharpened rod. And Gorkem's sniper rifle only was powerful because of a sharpened rod.

Question by NYPA 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

COD 5 Nazi Zombie Cheats/Glitchs for PC

Here I will show you the cheats in Nazi-Zombies. These cheats will not work in multi-playerAt the main menu go to options, then game options. Enable the console.You can either (if you've already beaten the game) go to mission select and click zombies. Or, If you haven't then go to the main menu and type, "Devmap nazi_zombie_prototype". Now your in the Nazi zombie mission.Cheats: ( you must type them in the console)God mode= GodInf ammo = sf_use_ignoreammo 1all the guns ever (and some not in the game)= giveallspectate mod= ufoany # gravity= g_gravity #Insane speed= g_speed 900 (or any number)And much, much more...I hope this video will help!

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how do i find /pirates of the caribbean/program/interface/ in potco on a mac?

I need to find /pirates of the caribbean/program/interface/ then in that  find interface.c if somebody could please tell me how to do that i would be so happy thanks

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how to solve a rubik's cube?

What is the fastest posible way to solve a rubik's cube without cheating.

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How do you get the automatic bazooka on Battlefield 1942?

Is It a hack glitch cheat or whatever.

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how should i revise for an exam? Answered

Its on the friday after next (6th jun) any advice, apart from cheat?

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Airballs Website

This website was created and moderated by one of my freinds, and he would like some members to make it a more popular site. It has forum topics such as paintball, airsoft, halo, and cheat codes. We have links to airsoft selling websites, paintball selling websites, and Airballs t shirts. oh yeah airballs is basketball term where you miss the hoop completely! maybe not such a good idea to make t shirts....

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What should I do if I see that a member is cheating in a contest? Answered

There is a contest I want to enter, so I looked at the current entries. I see that one entry is using an image from a blog.  I have every reason to believe the blog does NOT belong to this member. - The member does not have a link to the blog in their profile. - The name used for their entry is not the same name as on the blog. - The materials and steps have been changed from the published blog. I don't want to wrongfully accuse someone of cheating, but if they are, I'd like to do something about it. At the very least, the rules state that; "Entries must not have been published prior to the Start Date" - In this case the entry was previously published. Can someone tell me what I should do? * Post Question Note * - There really should be more than one "best answer" option, because in this case I did receive a lot of help from Kiteman, and wanted to acknowledge that here. Kiteman went above and beyond to help out with this. (He'll be receiving a patch from me shortly).

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How can i make a DIY cheat, small tracking device?

I want to make a tracking device that could potentially connect to a smartphone. I don't need it to do that many things. I want the device to understand borders, and when my phone leave that device for a certain (custom) distance. My phone should receive some sort of alert . Most likely i am going to make this device a sticker device, so i want it to be flat, or almost flat, and as thin as possible . I want this device to use very little energy, so i battery could last a very , very long time.  Also i don't want the device to be too costly, ( if possible 5-10 dollar for one )   Also, if i would to add gps feature , what module should i use, and would it increase the size by a lot? Thank you in advance.

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Shortcomings of International Trade Agreements

Ever have the fealing you've been cheated? And to think, I spent all that money thinking I was getting a Cadbury bar.

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hoping to be in a polyamorous relationship wondering how much people will judge me for it?

I want to date two men. in a non cheating way both men would know and be ok with it

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Sims 3 Help?

 How can I delete all houses in one town? Is there a way I can do a cheat like deleteHouses???

Question by Warlrosity 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Goldeneye 007 on Wii - Friendcodes & Tips

Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you guys on Instructables play this game?  Where are your favorite places to play?  What level are you?  What kind of tactics do you use? I like to play in the Archives & Outpost. I'm level 56 (no cheating) and I typically use the Masterton M-557 (Shotgun) or the Anova DP3 (Assault Rifle)  Feel free to share friend codes, cheats, tips or anything else. Killer~SafeCracker

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Can you cheat the voting system? If so, here's my solution to fix it.

I'm still scared to post an instructable that won't be recognized as a good one ever since I posted my first instructable. I then removed it because I didn't get into a contest, and didn't have many friends(as I will explain next).I was scared and still am because the contests so far seem to be rigged. I feel like this because of the way the Instructables' voting system works. So let's say we create an instructable and don't care how crappy it is. Now, let's assume we are extremely popular on social media, and ask all our followers to vote for us on our instructable...See where I am going with this?All we have to do is make our friends hit "Vote", and your friends don't care if your 'ible is good; they love you so they will vote for you. Thus cheating your way through the system.I swear this happens for every contest. There has to be a better way to determine the winner from the moment the author posts his/her instructible. This cheating wouldn't make it fair for many of us, and especially not for me(I don't have that many friends) :(If this cheating method works, then isn't voting similar to a "whoever has the most friends" contest?My suggestion:I understand that voting helps separate the weak from the professional Instructables, but I feel like a better way would be to require those already entered in other contests to vote for a contest they are not entered in. Thus, the biased friends wouldn't affect the polls. For example, say Lily entered the Flower-shop contest. In order for Lily to enter the flower contest, she must vote for at least 2-3 people in another contest (except the flower-shop contest, obviously).Make the Instructables list randomize everytime you refresh the screen on every contest website here on This way everyone will have a chance to be seen throughout the months of voting.I feel like these suggestions could be adjusted with your comments. Thank you for reading.

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Offline editors?

So are there any offline editors for creating instructables? Any hints from the more experienced on ways to "cheat" and do semi-offline editing? I'm finding network delays to be somewhat frustrating when trying to create, edit, etc a reasonably large instructable...

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i need to hack my step dads pc as i think he is cheating on my mom. i really need help some help

 He has a laptop with wireless connection and a gmail account.

Question by Jonuget 9 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

The Legend of Zelda:A link to the past

Has anyone else out there completed this game? I thought it was pretty good until the ending. I hate games that you cant do anything after you beat it.But i do have some funny cheats.

Topic by awsome 11 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Black & Decker 18 LED Area Light Question? Answered

I have a Black & Decker 18 LED Area Light, it needs six "AA" batteries can i just use a 9v battery?

Question by cheating-master 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Disabling daytime running lights on '99 Sienna?

Tried pulling the fuse (works but also cuts HLs), don't want to short E-brake limit switch (although that will cheat the circuit). I'm thinking of cutting the "DRL resistor", will that work?

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were can i download halo3 mods for free?

Like how to get a halo3 army of spartains and elites and halo super weopons and expoint cheats without getting banned by bungie and recon amour and all other cool stuff?

Question by matthew6222 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How can I impove my time on minesweeper?

Well I can already play expert and my best time for it is 179 seconds (without cheating) but I want to improve my time, is there any technique to get faster?

Question by Fred the Penguin 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

is there a way to see text messages from someone elses phone without them knowing you are seeing them?

Trying to find out if my sons fiancé is cheating  need to see what text messages are being sent and received.  is there a way to find out

Question by roy2013 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

what is the best usb wifi adapter? (on the cheap)? Answered

What is the best usb wifi adapter? [that will not kill my wallet.]I want to have a super long-range wifi adapter .that i can use for thx to any one that helps!

Question by cheating-master 10 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Unpublish an instructable?

I missed out on the new Zing contest by a day, and was pretty annoyed. Someone mentioned that you can un-publish then republish your instructable to enter? Is this considered cheating? or is it okay? I probably won't get round to writing anything else up before the competition closes.  - Tom

Topic by madmanmoe64 8 years ago

Can I participate in an Instructables contest even if i'm not from the region where the contest is applied? Answered

I want to enter a contest here on Instructables but the regions where it is applied don't include where I live... Can I still enter or that is considered cheating?

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Hardest Games You've EVER played

For me.... Burnout the first one DMC 3 on Dante Must Die FFVII Dirge Of Cerberus on Hard GTA San Andres<< NO CHEATS!!! FFXII-- finish %100 wth Zodiac Spear and finally Dystany Warriors 4<<< never get past the first 5 mins... to repedative.

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what should i do?

Me and my girlfriend started goin out the last week of school, and we stayed together for almost a month until she found out i was cheating on her then she broke up with in the middle of our summer break then school started back a couple weeks ago we got back together last week... she used to talk to my besfriend during the summer and tell him eveything and eh told me everything she said then i find out she was cheating on me to... she told me that he was lying and i believed her until h showed me all the messages she had sent him... i have not said anything about it to her yet but idk what to do??? is our relationship going to last??? if so for how long???

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R4 and Supercards

I have heard of this cool feature called pokesav for pokemon diamond and I looked into it. Unfortunatly the chip I need, called an R4 or a Super Card, I have no idea about. I know you need a micro sd, but that is it. Can someone give me some information on it?

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Electronics Puzzler by Mr. Forrest M. Mims III himself !

Below is a link to Jameco's latest Forrest M. Mims III electronic's puzzler: can anyone figure it out without cheating? The link provides more detail. plus some hints....JAMECO PUZZLER 2 - What's the Missing Component?

Topic by Goodhart 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How Can I Make Studying FUN???

I dont like going home after school just to do my homework and study! i cant do it, anyone know how i can make sudying and doing my homewok fun & easy ???

Topic by rickick 11 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago