new ipod!

The new ipod is Chromatic!

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Looking for reversible thermo chromic pigment or paint

Hi, I am looking for reversible thermo chromatic pigments (or paint / ink, even paper) in europe. For now, the best I've found is 480€ including shipping and VAT for 1kg of pigment (32°C), which should allow to make about 5kg of paint, which would allow painting 20-25m² (one layer). If you add the price for white paint, is come to 25€ for 1 square meter, which is not so expensive, but I need half a square meter, not 20 ! Any advice ? Thx, tReg.

Posted by treg 10 years ago

Getting all notes from a soundfont - Audacity?

  What I'm trying to do is to generate a set of MP3 files for various instruments (including synthesized sounds)  at each key of the chromatic scale over 2 octaves.    The brute-force method is to dig out the cheap old midi keyboard from the loft, put it through a software synth and record, note by note.  However,  I've just discovered Soundfonts which are a packaged set of samples at some (but not all) notes in the octave  for an instrument which are used to generate a full sample set for a synth.  This would appear to be a method which will give a better result for less effort.  Audacity apparently can do things with soundfonts, but will it allow me to generate a full scale?  Is there other (Windows) software available which will do what I'm after?

Posted by AndyGadget 7 years ago

Chemicals people would want to make?

Basically I want to know what lab chemicals you want to make, if you know how to make any useful chemicals. please post, I am not responsible for and injury's, fatality's, or "bad things" of any sort that come from this thread, all things posted here are to assumed for informational purposes only.

Posted by 9 years ago