circuit board

 Hi guys, I am looking for a high quality circuit board manufacturing  that can deliver high quality  circuit board ASAP and with fairly reasonable cost .  any suggestion?

Posted by Michael2000 3 years ago

How does this circuit work ?

HI everyone .. I have done this circuit , but I have to write some lines to describe it .. can you help me please * this is the circuit

Asked by layal_1 6 years ago

Basic Circuit Question? Answered

I am making a box that when opened will sound an alarm.  When it is closed, the contacts are touching, thus completing the circuit.  When the box is open they are not touching.  How can I make a circuit that will realize when theyre not touching(without using an Arduino or other programmer)???

Asked by crocboy 8 years ago

I need a circuit to reduce 11.1v Lipo battery to 2v?

Preference is to use a voltage regulator to get a constant voltage output. If it can have a LED in the circuit somewhere along the way to indicate when it is connected. Kind of know what I need but not enough to put a circuit together.....anyone help?

Asked by Have-a-go 3 years ago

Can I use my computer to close a circuit every second?

I posted this in the wrong place earlier. I have a counter which increases by 1 each time a circuit is closed. Is there any way I can use my PC to complete the circuit every second or so? I thought about using the parallel port but is there any way to not send voltage through into the circuit?

Asked by AntiThesis 9 years ago

Is my circuit OK?

I'm building a circuit that uses two 5V inputs and one 24V input. I drew a schematic that I think will work but I want to make sure it does before building it. Can somebody tell me if I'll really get 5V and 24V?

Asked by yonch 6 years ago

time safe circuit

I'd like to make a time locking box that is equivalent in function to this: I was wondering if there's anyone out there that would be willing to draw up a circuit for it as electronics is not something that I know how to do.  I could do it with arduino but I don't really want to tie up the board that way.  I assume it uses solenoids to operate.   I'm also open to any other ideas/advice people have.  .  

Posted by csiebe 3 years ago

How do I build a circuit that emits a loud beep along with a bright flash?

I want to build a circuit that at the press of a button will emit a loud short beep (1khz would be good) and at exactly the same time a bulb would make a quick bright flash ( a camera flash would be ideal). I want to use this device to help me  synchronise my video camera picture with sound recorded on another device. In effect this circuit is a clapper board! Can anyone point me in the right direction, what components would I need? Many thanks.

Asked by Joachimanderson 6 years ago

Need suggestions for alternating power in circuit? Answered

Hi all, I am working on a little circuit that uses a potentiometer to send a pulse to a piezo, I would like to install another pot with different settings and automatically alternate the pulse between the 2 pots. Power would need to be redirected to each potentiometer alternating for approx 15-20 sec. So when I power on, there will have a 20sec pulse using potentiometer #1 then 20 sec using potentiometer #2 and so on... The circuit works on a 1.5v to 4.5v dc power source. There could also be a delay between the 2 different pulse. What would you suggest using as the switching hardware  ... ic ... chip? The circuit is working right now but uses only 1 potentiometer with 1 set pulse, I just want to add another pot. Thanks for all inputs, looking forward to hear from you. Lion_Heart

Asked by Lion_Heart 6 years ago


Im trying to make a singe row 18 LED circuit, i used 18 random resistors that i salvaged from things (one for every led), i connected that to a 12v battery and only 4 light up, (1 out of the 4 are dim, the other 3 are good) what do i do to make all 18 light up. (the LEDs are blueish)?

Posted by Emomo 2 years ago

how do I make a simple curcuit for a homemade robot?

I know there is a way to take a simple, cheap motor and a battery and some wires and make the motor work. However I have no idea how. Please direct me to an instructable with photos for this, I want to try a project.  gotta figure out how to make the circuit work first. Thanks

Asked by pattyelaine72 8 years ago

What exactly is the difference between analog and digital ICs??

I wanted to know whether LM 3915 is an analog IC or not...

Asked by Yashknowsbetter 9 years ago

what is the easiest way to switch the voltage of a small motor with a switch?

Ive got a dc battery and some breadboard. do i need anything else for it?

Asked by trogfield 7 years ago

What exactly is the difference between an Analog IC and a Digital IC? Answered

I have to make a project at the university and I would like to know whether IC LM 3915 is analog or digital? I'd also like to know the difference between the two types of IC's.

Asked by Yashknowsbetter 9 years ago

can a jfet be placed in series with a mosfet's gate and swicthed on to turn off the mosfet?

Can a jfet be placed in series with a mosfet's gate and swicthed on to turn off the mosfet? i'd like to know if this is possible because the mosfet's gate senses voltage instead of currnet. I'm working on a schematic and its for a charge controller

Asked by josh1001 7 years ago

Does anyone know how to hook up a motor to a rectifier and then hook up the rectifier to a capacitator and LED?

Hi Does anyone know how to hook up a motor to a rectifier to convert AC to DC. Then the current needs to be passed to a capacitator, and finally discharged to an LED. I am doing this for my science fair. Thank you!

Asked by ronney 9 years ago

Office blind corner traffic light. Answered

I have this idea for a little project/gizmo and I don't really know where to begin. my office is at an intersection that people have a tendency to run into each other at. What I'd like is a simple little circuit that will have some sort of motion/proximity sensors, two, one each looking down one side of this corner. Two LEDs each look down one of the two sides of the corner. The idea would be that if both sensors detect motion (within 10-15feet of the corner) the led would light or blink for a second or two. So if one person is approaching the corner nothing happens, but if people are approaching the corner from both sides the LED would alert them so they won't run into each other. Ideally I'd like this to be powered by a small photo voltaic. I'm thinking that I could have some cap that charges from the PV, and discharges into the circuit a few times a second. This way it could just be hung there at the corner and forgotten about. Ideas??? Update: While a mirror would seem like the most obvious solution the way the offices are arranged at my corner there isn't really a place to hang a mirror. I've even stuck a car blind spot mirror on the small space between two of the office doors across the way from my door. That way at least I can check for traffic when I step outside my office.  This is kind of an idea splinter and I need to make it so I can get it out of my head. (I hope I'm not the only one who gets mind splinters. Like a song stuck in your head it is an idea that you just have see realized or it will just sit there in your mind forever.)

Asked by FriedGeek 7 years ago

Help with a simple circuit

Heloo, I have hassled with this since last year. I have googled over 9000 times, yet I still remain confused, and unable to find a solution myself. I guess it's prime time to seek help from others. What I have: Lazer; 4,5 V, 150 mA 2x motor; 1,5 V, 250-300 mA 1x motor; 1V, 50 mA (vibrator motor from nokia phones, and it might work with less) The idea: I made a.. Thing.. that had 3 small motors ( the phone ones) that had mirrors on them and the lazer pointed at them, which eventually reached the wall and made made pretty stuff on it.. But that was a prototype, held together with tape, and now I have decided to make a better one. The V2 of it is held together with screws, has better mirrors (v1 had small fragments of an old hard drive disc), better motors, and looks nicer. If possible then I would like to be able to control the speed of the 2 bigger motors( to be able to create different images) The problem: EVERYTHING!!! I somehow managed to make the V1 without any resistors without burning anything out, so it only had switches and wires. That doesn't seem to be possible with the V2 that I have planned. I have read almost everything on the internet about it, but I can't make much sense of it, so I figured if someone was to show me how it's supposed be, I would understand a little more. Maybe even finish the project. What I want: HELP. You may try explaining what I need to do, but all the laws are sooo confusing. I will appreciate any and all posts, be they not on flames. But what I guess would help me the most, is if someone managed to show me exactly what components I need, and where to place them.

Posted by Mutad0r 7 years ago

grounding + 24vdc ?

Can someone explain the following, I got 24 VDC power supply (or take 1.5V AA battery) which is connected to 110VAC outlet on the input, potential difference out of the power supply is 24VDC node (+) to node (-) and potential difference of either one to ground is 0V (outlet ground). Now I take wire and ground (+) of the 24 VDC to outlet ground. Questions: 1. Why i am still measuring 24 VDC across (+) and (-) nodes ? If ground (call it whatever common) is 0 v and ground is touching (+) which was prior to shorting it to ground raised in potential by 24 V in relation to (-) that means (-) is zero potential? Or is it + 24VDC and - 24VDC but than potential difference is 48V at the output of the power supply. 2. Does that mean that I raised the potential of the ground to 24V? Probably not Thanks

Asked by onaumov 1 year ago

Random Output Circuit

Hi all I need to create a circuit that, when triggered, closes one of two relays. Any ideas? Nigel

Asked by bob_boyce 2 years ago

How to make 18650 circuit protection?

Help me to build circuit protection for single cell without IC. I need schematic too. Thank you.

Posted by myhobbies 4 years ago

12 volt incubator circuit

I need to build a dc circuit which will maintain a certain temperature using a globe as the heat source for the purpose of making a small incubator.?

Asked by gozitano 7 years ago

Is there any way to water-proof a circuit?

I am hoping to build an underwater robot and am not sure about the circuit. It would include a motor and a battery. Is there any way to waterproof a circuit so I could be able to modify it? (Ex. change the battery.) Thanks!

Asked by DELETED_afw11 8 years ago

Came across this circuit on some gallery and got curious. what does this circuit do?

I found this circuit while on some image gallery but I want to know what it does! I did some research and does this circuit have anything to do with truth tables?  So could you please tell me, what the purpose of this circuit? and whether truth tables are involved? Thanks Dan1001

Posted by dan1001 5 years ago

electronic circuit simulator?

Where can i find a free circuit simulator doesent just show signals but that shows what the things do like leds light and switches switch and stuff

Asked by coleyy 7 years ago

I need a simple cheap circuit that will record and then play a sound?

ere can I buy a small, cheap circuit that will record asound and play it back at the press of a button?

Asked by XOIIO 8 years ago

"5 volt limit" circuit? Answered

Is there a circuit that will take a range of voltages and make all of the voltages that are over 5 volts be 5 volts  like so: 3.5 => 3.5  4.2 => 4.2 4.9 => 4.9 5.1 => 5.0 6.3 => 5.0

Asked by flybye22 8 years ago

Driver circuit for coil over plug

I want to use a COP ignition coil to create a spark for a single cyl antique engine

Posted by molddave 5 months ago

How can I make a cheap-and-dirty circuit tracer?

I know that you can buy them, but I'm trying to figure out how to make a device that will follow a household wall circuit on the cheap.

Asked by CameronSS 9 years ago

What gauge wire should I use for doing circuit board work?

Particularly the motorized window blinds controller.

Asked by 9 years ago

Could removing a buzzer break the circuit?

I have a safe and it has a really annoying beep each time you use it so I wanted to remove the buzzer. The buzzer is on the main circuit board for the safe and while I have no problem de-soldering it, could there be any way that the safe would fail to function if it no longer had the buzzer in the circuit?

Asked by flybye22 7 years ago

What's a good circuit for a Schmitt trigger flasher?

I have been told that a Schmitt trigger can flash an LED, just like a 555 timer can, only the circuit is simpler. I haven't been able to find an example of this online, however.

Asked by rachel 9 years ago

Where can I find a circuit converting AC power of a bike dynamo (generator) to DC power?

Where can I find a circuit converting AC power of a bike dynamo (generator) which generates from 0 to 30 volts and convert it to DC power ? The circuit should be as efficient it can be. The dc conversion will be at 5 volts. Can you help me ?

Asked by panigrc 8 years ago

I have this circuit of a servocontroller using two 555 timer IC's. How can i make impressive modifications?

Http:// this is the link to the circuit...It requires two 555 timer IC's...How can i make it more impressive looking?

Asked by Yashknowsbetter 9 years ago

What it does? Answered

HI, i have a circuit  in the image above this is a simple led circuit but i found a resistor between positive and negetive terminal  the resistor's value is 15 kilo ohms but i don't know what it does in this circuit can anybody tell me ( Elaborate! ). regards Samad Haque

Asked by ubdussamad 5 years ago

Electronics! What type of circuits, are needed to design a remote control flashlight.

I would like to turn on a small battery powered light by remote control. Is there a web site that sells the parts needed? Someone suggested a remote control relay would be needed. By circuits I mean a general group like PLC's.

Asked by coulee 8 years ago

Looking for pre-printed circuit boards

I've been looking around the web trying to find a place that sells ready made circuit boards, plated and pre-drilled; like what you would find in Radio Shack but with a larger selection. I've looked at Mouser and their selection is rather limited. What I need is a circuit board about 1" square for mounting tactile buttons on it.  Like I said I've been looking all over and all I can find are websites that make custom circuit boards, but nothing already made. So anyone know of a place where I can buy already made circuit boards?

Posted by wickednick 5 years ago

Wanted: Someone to build this LED circuit for me...

Can someone build me this circuit that is featured on YouTube? Please contact me with a price. Thank you very much.Here is the link: email me directly. Thank

Posted by corlando52 8 years ago

Would This Circuit Work?

A while back I designed this circuit, and to my knowledge it should work, but I just want to get a second opinion. It is a game in which there is a circle comprised of 12 LED's and the goal is for the user, to press a button, and stop clock so that the green LED in the circle is lit. There is another switch in the circuit so that the user can reset the game at any time. I'm sorry that the picture is very faded and a bit cluttered. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Posted by FrozenStar 6 years ago

Simple circuit in a flashlight to alternate between steady and blink with push button.

Could anyone tell me what the circuit in a led flashlight is that allows to it be alternately off, low beam, high beam and blinking with just a push button. Is there a way to achieve this without a micro controller. All the responses I can find involve the use of something like an arduino. There has to be a simple circuit for changing through the modes with just a button as the lights are quite inexpensive. Thanks a lot.

Asked by diywannaber 3 years ago

How exactly do laser driver circuits work? Answered

I already know that these circuits are used in lasers and regulate the voltage going to the light emitting diode but I do not know how. If anyone could give an explanation that would be understood by a noob that would be great! I build one to specifications and tested it but don't understand the properties involved.

Asked by sukinmaru 8 years ago

How to use LDR to be run with 12v DC motor?

I want make a project that will run in light but as light turns off, circuit should be break   Im using : 1. 12V / 2Amp motor 2. LDR 3. 12 v supply 4. Laser light Whenever light appends on LDR circuit should pass 12v for the motor and whenever light is brocken circuit should have total resistance so what Kind of components should i use or suggest me LDR based for above circuit

Asked by Drg3 1 year ago

Making printed circuit boards without laser printer? Answered

I am into electronics, but have had to use pre made PC boards. there is nothing wrong with this, but it can sometimes be inconvenient, and more difficult when the time comes to put the circuit board together. I have seen instructables on how to make custom printed circuit boards, but they all used laser printers. I do not own a laser printer, and cannot really afford to buy one. Is there a way to etch boards without a laser printer, and if so how?

Asked by Higgs Boson 6 years ago

simple logic circuit

Uuhhh..I'm not really sure about this..i'm an electronics engineering studentand my instructor in Logic Circuit and Switching Theory requires us to make a project which will include logic i searched in the net for some ideas i found two..but i know i shouldn't copy their projects..can anyone help me?link2link1thanks guys!

Posted by hazelcharisse 10 years ago

Help with a simple led circuit?

Hi all, id id like to help my son with a simple school project. He wants to mod a mouse by replacing the cover with a clear cover and adding an rgb led that he can switch with a push switch, powered from the 5v usb.  So I need a little circuit to turn on, and switch colours on an rgb led via push switch, powered by 5v.  I just want want a simple but complete circuit, not to use an ardino or anything like that as space will be tight.  Id id really appreciate your help.  Thanks Jon

Asked by Jon_uk 2 years ago

Need help with simple counter circuit design Answered

I am a newbie interested in building a circuit that can count the number of times a voltage level exceeds 2 volts.  Long story but I have an EMG device that will output 2 volts once a threshold is exceeded.  There is no way to automatically capture the number of times this happens.  Can anyone point me to a project kit that I could purchase or to a circuit with a component list that I could build?  I am fairly new so hopefully this circuit would not be too complex.  While not critical if it is also possible to capture the average duration the level stayed above 2 volts that would be great.  Understanding that this may complicate things beyond my ability the simple counter without duration would suffice.  Thanks.?

Asked by fsudal 6 years ago

Help with battery charger circuit

I have a slot machine with a 3.6v rechargable lithium battery on motherboard. The problem is the battery goes dead after about a week and the settings are lost. I want to attach a solar battery charger to it so I do not have to leave it plugged in. Could I run the output of the solar charger through a comparator and then to the battery while it is still in the circuit? The panel puts out around 3v in the room I want to use it. Would this be enough to power an op amp? Then when the battery reaches a certain voltage the comparator changes output and stops charging.  If so, would this work? Any advice on how to build the circuit?

Posted by aballworth 5 years ago