Binder clip sphere

Really enjoying the latest Math Monday at MAKE blog that shows off this great sphere made with 60 binder clips. It was designed by Yang Enqi and looks fantastic. Math Monday

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Mags v.s clips

Seriously, why does everybody call mags clips? Is it because of hasbro? A magazine is the object that holds all the bullets, a clip is some bullets clip'd together. Why is this so hard for some people?

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Homemade money clip?

I want to know if theres a way to make a money clip like the actual CLIP

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nds lite p6 clip?

I need a diagram to a Plastic Nintendo ds lite retainer clip (p6) or another way to keep the ribbion to p6 connector down eg. glue? bubba d.

Asked by bubbadamage 9 years ago

Power amp clipping problem?

I recently bought a Pyramid PTA150 1500 watt power amp, and its clipping led's always seem to be lit when my mixer is set to half volume or higher, even when the amp is unplugged. Could they be powered from the input voltage when it is high enough? Is it bad to push my amp when they are lit? and it has a high volume cooling fan so I dont think it will overheat when pushed.?

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Could somebody post a picture of a standard clip for a nerf gun system with the exact dimensions shown.

Could somebody post a picture of a standard clip for a nerf gun system with the exact dimensions shown (including the curved part just above the darts). In addition, how does the gun hold the clip in place?

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dismantle a clip-on lamp?

i'm looking for "single socket cord lighting" for hanging lanterns- as shown here:;=248782791&mpid;=7714&dfid;=1 does anyone know how to dismantle a clip-on lamp like this one:;=14880 in order to salvage the still-functioning socket & wiring? any direction would be much appreciated, thanks in advance

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Self Opening Clip with time delay of 2-3 mins

Hi All This is my first post, so I apologise in advance if I've selected the wrong category for the post. I have an idea... I have a quad-copter at home that I'd like to attach a small light weight item and have it self release/open after 2-3mins. Ideally, either a small springloaded clip based on the rough image below or something similar, that is self opening after a selected timeframe, even after 1-2mins, or alternatively, a small lightweight mechanism that does the same thing. I've searched everywhere and can't find anything even close; lots of small clips, hook, latches, but nothing that 'self-opens', which is the most important spec. I can add a new RC servo and swinging arm and operate the release by remote, but I want to avoid it if there's a simple solution out there. Appreciate any help if someone has seen something out there?

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Instructable publishing? Answered

I have published an instructable, but when I search for it, it doesn't come up?  Why?

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Is this a Hoodle? Answered

  A while ago I bought a cheap extending leg table which was made in China.  The rather entertaining instructions included the line "Propel the inner rod towards the outer tube until the hoodle locates the orifice."  It will always be the 'hoodle table' to us now, but if not a hoodle, what is the correct name for that type of spring catch.

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Rubber Band Gun Ammo Clip

Is there a way to create a clip or magazine using a seperate ratchet wheel that possibly plugs into the body of the gun and connects with the trigger hammer to create a rubber band gun that doesn't take so long to reload?

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The smallest knex gun with a removabe clip

Alright, I was messing about with my knex, attempting to make a knex gun with a removable mgazine. I had made the clip and I then noticed my knex book-end that I made ages ago. I noticed that my knex gun clip would fit inside it, so with a little modding I think I have come up with the worlds smallest knex gun with a removable clip. It's roughly 12x8x3.5 with the clip in, and 12x6x3.5 without. Please post any atempts to beat this or correct me if I'm wrong becuase I have not researched this so it might not be the smallest. Tomm0505

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How can I attach my iPod nano to myself?


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Rubber Band Ammo Clip

Is there a way to make a clip that hold rubber bands that can be loaded on the bottom of a rbg?

Posted by MattGyver92 9 years ago

Loading YouTube clips to an ible' -

Howdy, I have a lot of instructables which have YouTube clips.  I've noticed that whenever I load a new clip to YouTube, that clip becomes the one in all of my instructables!   Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a bug that is causing this and if s, is there a way to fix it?

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When will the Money clip 3d modelling contest winner announcement be?

Anyone know what's happened to the money clip contest. It has said winners will be announced for about a week now?

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What is this type of fastening called and what does it fasten to? Answered

This belonged to my grandmother (the clasp looks post 1930). I assume there would have been some kind of hinged cover over the watch face  (a hinge and catch  are circled). I don't know what the double fanged clip like  thing on the back is called or what it is for.  The double 'fangs' look somewhat like an upholstery pin.  Given that the front is a watch, and one needs to see a watch for it to be useful.... what would this be stuck into or clipped onto?   Anyone familiar with this style? 

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need help now please

Neeeeeeeeeeeed heeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllppppppp now i need a sub for those black clips aka those things that you can make track out off because im making a knex tank for art in school so if you could help me i would like that

Posted by The ironman 7 years ago

Metal Clip/Mag for Remington Nylon 77?

I have a Remington Nylon 77 and I ordered a clip from a local gunshop, this clip was plastic and after a years use will not hold the bullets in, (if I put in more than 1 bullet they pop right back out)

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Can you use paper clips as solder? Answered


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IMovie Help: how to change the speed of a clip

Hey everybody I was editing some video and found out that the option of changing the speed of the clip is greyed out. Anybody know how to solve this problem? Thank You Im using OS X Yosemite 

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Anybody use Evernote to clip instructables? How?

I'm having difficulty clipping the instructables and having the text viewable; the pictures seem to slide down and get in the way. Anybody have a solution for this? I LOVE some of these instructions and I want to be able to have them on hand, but evernote can be fussy with it....

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bbkwg2 mag? Answered

I want to build the bbkwg2, but i want a removable clip. i would like to have one that clips on with y connectors. any one willing to give me their clip or provide a choice? i'll choose a best answer by most descryptive. chopstx

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Is there a specific name for this kind of hair clip?

Hey Instructables, I'm making an instructable on how to make hair clips like the one pictured, (that isn't mine, just a google image, mine are less sparkly). Anyway, I was just wondering, what is this kind of hair clip called? I'm rather out of my element here :P

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does anyone here play robot rage?

I was wondering if anyone on instructables played robot rage.

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Can someone make a lego semi-automatic rubberband gun using just pieces from the lego online store?

I can only buy my pieces off the online lego store and they don't have the standard gear used to make the gun. Can someone post a gun that uses the pieces from the online pick-a-brick that is semi-auto or auto and would work with a clip system?

Asked by TheYukomaru 6 years ago

attaching EL wire to the conection clips

Does any no how to attach EL wire to those clips?

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How do people make cartoons smooth? Answered

Hi, I am wondering how people make animations that are smooth, because in the stop motion animation, things always come out choppy for me.  Do you have to take an amazing amount of photos, than speed the play back time up, or do people use a program that fills in the gaps?  THIS IS WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO DO.(CLICK THIS)   The video is just passed the little intro.  Any help and info would be great! :D  Thanks in advance.

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How to make shoe flower clip

Just came accross a site full of very beautiful shoe flower clips. Anybody knows how to make and share with us here ?

Posted by elitecn 8 years ago

paper clip ring?


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Knex KAR98K shell ejecting clip fed rifle

Here is my Knex KAR98K Bolt action rifle. It was a very nice weapon and it could eject shells or it could just be fed through normally in the top. It could hold five shells at the top and it could also hold ten normal blue rods without the shells. It could shoot around 30FT. (If I remember correctly.) It was pretty cool. Im lucky I found these Images on my computer or else this gun would be history. It had a very nice handle to...

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Nerf- Clip vs Magazine

Why does Hasbro not understand the difference between a clip and a magazine? They are leading people astray by calling their magazines "clips" when obviously they aren't. 

Posted by jcgpopcorn23 3 years ago

Can I clip the leads off of the back of my Arduino Uno? Answered

I don't have enough money to buy or make a specialized case, so I was wondering whether I could clip the leads off of my Arduino Uno for a smoother back surface, or should I take a piece of scrapwood and mount it on that?

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my moms clip buisness

My mother makes hair clips ponytails for girls and has some amazing designs. she'll be selling them at gateway elementary 17 of April 2009 her email address is her company's name is clipcrazy there is no clip or ponytail over 7$ if you want an appointment just email her. she also makes custom ones PS.she makes clip holders and sorry for the bad pictures

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How to make a Rapunzel hair clip?

I am looking to make a Rapunzel hair clip for my daughters. Does anyone know where I can get instructions on how to make one? Thanks!

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What set do you find the bronze 5 potition connectors in?? Answered

It has recently been brought to my attention that in both of KnexStealth's ibles he uses bronze 5 position connectors. This has brought a question to mind. Where does he get them?? I looked a little bit more and found other people have them as well. I hope someone can remember what set they got them in. I included the only picture I could find of a bronze connector. (It's the one on the bottem) Thanks By the way I will award best answer.

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What are these little clips called . . .

 that connect the ribbon cables to the board? And where can I find them (replacements)?

Asked by Kriki 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

3D printing replacement parts? Answered

Recently one of the plastic clips that connect the strap to the mask for my CPAP machine broke.  They sell replacement clips for the heargear ( 8 bucks for 2 clips).  My question is would it be cost effective to get replacement clips 3D printed, or am I better off just buying the replacement clips?

Asked by Lorddrake 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

How can I show a video clip in an instructable when the clip resides on Facebook?

The original video is gone in a computer crash but we still have the 25 second clip on the unpublished instructable Author's Facebook page and on mine (collaborator)

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How to clean crocodile clips?

I was cleaning my room and found some old crocodile clips, they are all oxidized at the tip, they are like this because when i was like 11 i was into electrolisis, and i used the crocodile clips for that... How incredibly dumb of me :S so How do i clean them? what shall i use? thanks

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sail plane made from paper clips

Who would be interested in an instructable about how to make a working glider made from paper clips, food wrap, and a small engine? I was going to do this for the launch it challenge but I didnt have time to do it.

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What is the best clip on Knex gun magazine?

Asked by smart person 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Best Political clip

Post your favorite Political clip.mine has to be I'm F*cking Obama - Hillary ClintonI'm F*cking Obama - Hillary Clinton

Posted by toreyray 10 years ago

Clip light an Bass amp, what exactly does that do?

Recently i purchased a bass amp (240W on a 15 inch speaker, got it for $180) Now when i crank up both the gain and volume to about 7 or 8 on the amp and one volume knob all the way and the other volume knob about a quarter of the way on my bass, and start playing slap, a red (doesn't usually indicate something good) LED next to the gain knob illuminates. so i turn it back down. Cause its either telling me "HEY! Hey you, yes you! this is going to kill me!" or its just telling me that its protecting it. So anyone know what it really does?

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diy ammo clip spring? Answered

So of you may know that i have been building a coil gun so for the next step i need a ammo clip. I am trying to make a ammo clip that holds 3-5 "bullets" so that when i fire 1"bullet" the 2nd one in line will spring up in place. i tried google, scribd, ehow, and even search here but couldnt find any thing help full.

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Maker Faire 2009: Getta Grip Sewing Clips

Sarah was particularly excited to run into Getta Grip Sewing Clips in the Craft area. Paul (right, holding clips) designed them for use with leather, but they're apparently great for any fabric you want to avoid pinning. As an extra bonus, they're designed to pop off nicely at the presser foot instead of sneaking under and breaking needles. When the first shipment comes in, we'll nab some of the clips to test and report back.In the meantime, here's the demo video:

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How can I create a shirt clip for my digital voice recorder? Answered

Hello, Instructables community! I have a digital voice recorder. It doesn't come with a shirt clip. Thus, if if I put the DVR in my pocket, it will be sliding and may fall to its side (the item is not very tall). How can I create a shirt clip so that I can keep the recorder standing up in my pocket? See first image. The silver device on the right has the shirt clip. The size of the device on the left (Sony) is 4.5 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches. Unfortunately, the device that I bought does not have a shirt clip.  My device is 4.3 x 1.5 x 0.7 inches. I've attached four photos of my device. It's the one with a face that is black on top and silver on the bottom. Preferably, I want a shirt-clip that won't leave any marks on the recorder. Thank you!!!

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LED "clip"

I need some sort of LED "clip". i need to make a long string of LEDs where i can change the individual LEDs easily. i need designs for both normal and 4-pin RGB LED's i was thinking something along the lines of the clips in breadboards. it doesn't have to be movable. i might need to have some sort of "doubleclip", so i can change the resistors for individual LEDs any ideas on how to make something like this? or where i can buy some?

Asked by solidacid 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How can I build button panel that produces sound clips? Answered

I am tying to build a panel with approximately 30 buttons (I would like the buttons to resemble door bell buttons). When a button is pushed a sound clip is played through a speaker. I would like one sound clip assigned to each button rather than a random sound clip. If the sound clips were randomized there would be no need for all the different buttons. The large panel of buttons is an esthetic that is important to this project. Thank you for any advice.

Asked by Tedbo 7 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Knex Enforcer

I have yet to find a knex gun on here that looks like the enforcer from unreal tournament, it has a magazine in the front and a slide above the handle. like in the picture, i have posted pictures of my version, but it is too front heavy and way too big. have a go at building it if you can, and post pictures aswell please, i want to see your creations :P credits to foofinator for original gun (which didn't even work for me so i made it into this because it has a similar shape)

Posted by Andrew5909 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago