is it possible to keep a cocoon alive in a artificial habitat?

Trying to keep a cocoon in a artificial habitat until it turns into a butterlfly

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Do you think anyone out there could make a cocoon sleeping bed, could anyone make it, or make it cheaply?

 I have seen it before, and it is a sleeping bed cocoon that floats in the air between two tress. And it isnt open it is your own little pocket, there will be photos on google, I just want to know how, if possible could this thing be made, and cheaply too. Thank you to whom ever tries.

Question by kittycatdogto 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How to make a teardrop shape Killer Klowns hammock?

I want to know how to make a teardrop shape hammock so I can turn it into a Cotton Candy Cocoon from the movie "Killer Klowns" Needs to be teardrop shape & once I put the pink colored cotton sheath over the rope / hook, I can zipp up the cocoon to my head like in the movie. :D

Topic by elkaddalek 1 year ago

How to make a Worm/compost separater/shaker with a straight shaft electric motor? Answered

I raise composting nightcrawlers for fishing bait and worm castings.  I need to make a simple shaking machine with 3 different sizes of screens.  The first screen with keep all of the larger pieces of dirt and twigs from the compost and a few of the larger worms.    The second screen of a smaller mesh will keep most of the worms and a little of the unfinished compost.  The third and final screen will let through only the worm castings and the worm cocoons.  This machine should hold at least a five gallon bucket of compost at a time and the worms have already turned any large particles of garbage; leaves; dirt etc into small parts, but picking these worms out a few at a time is a very time consuming process and I have a lot of 50 gallon barrells to go through.

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