contact coils

Do they make a coil are something that i can use DC to a contact coil for AC?? are like using DC as a switch for a AC realy ?

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tesla coil resonance

How do i get a tesla coil to resonate

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Tesla coil? Answered

What gauge wire do I use for my secondary coil

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What is the current of an ignition coil?

I need to know the amount of milliamp s of a basic ignition coil ?   (not an oil burner ignition coil)

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Tesla Coil

Can someone PLEASE make an instructable on making a tesla coil that shoots sparks???

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can you ground a tesla coil into an outlet? Answered

I need to know because i am building a tesla coil#

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Small tesla coil? Answered

5000volt neon transformer too many capacitors? Should I just wait tell I can make bigger coil

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Battery Powered Ignition Coil

I have a few lawn mower ignition coils lying around, so I thought I would make something out of them. The problem is I do not know how to make the coil run off a battery. Here is a picture of the coil. I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Coil to give 3 volts

I need 2.5 volts from a coil when a 10mm magnet is passed over. What awg of copper wire and how many turns do I need for an air core coil. This is to charge a super capacitor.

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tesla coil wire

What Gauge. Wire would you use to make a 2 foot tesla

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if you run out of wire on a tesla coils secondary coil can you just solder on a slightly larger wire? Answered

I am making a mini tesla coil and i ran out of wire for the secondary coil and i'm wondering if its possible to just take a slightly thicker piece of wire and solder it on and keep going

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Ruhmkorff coil

I want to build a Ruhmkorff or spark coil for more power for my X-ray tube and a Tesla coil. It is a high voltage transformer and I need at last some 50 kV. If you have any information of how to build such device, then write it here please.

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Tesla coil power supply?

My Tesla coil is 3 inches wide, 14 inches tall and it has 900 turns of 28 AWG wire. I need to know what kind of power supply will be necessary to power it, car ignition coils only give me 3 inch sparks to a ground.

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Induction coil

Hello i want to make a powerfull induction coil. But all the designs i made, always burn the contact point. Pls help me with the no. of turns in the primary and 2ndary winding and wire gauge as well thanks.

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Tesla coil what am I doing wrong? Answered

Simple question 5000 volt transformer  30 m.a.  shout circuit  two liquid salt water jar caps with coiled copper internally

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Search coil anatomy?

I am in the process of making a metal detector and have come to the point of making the search coil. My question is about the contruction pattern, wire gauge, wraps, and housing material (mostly what not to use).

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how to make fluorescent light glow with tesla coil from 3 metre distance?

Hi so i've watched a lot of youtube videos on how to glow fluorescent light using tesla coil but the problem is that i want to increase the distance between the fluorescent light and the tesla coil to 3 metre

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How do I capture the collapsing field of a coil so I can use it again?

If I energize a coil and then switch it off, I get a collapsing field, I would like to capture this field and use it to energize a seperate coil, is that possible, and how would I do it. Thanks.

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How can i make a tesla coil powered from a battery?

I want to make a tesla coil that is powered from a battery and need help figuring out what type of battery to use.

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How can you read a high current from the integrator using A Rogowski coil ?

The Rogowski coil that I have has no details and it is air-cored coaxial coil. So what should I do with it?

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Is there a specific waveform that needs to be produced by the driver electronics in a solid state tesla coil?

Is there a specific waveform (for example sine, square, sawtooth, ramp, etc) that the driver electronics (an oscillator i think?) in a solid state tesla coil in order to properly drive the coil?

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Beginner Coil Guns

I am looking to build my first coil gun. I don't have much experience with capacitors/capacitor banks. I'm looking for a recommendation on capacitors that I could use for a coil gun that would make a proof of concept coil gun that would be safe for my first time venturing into this area. Any Ideas? I would probably order the capacitors from Digi-Key rather then harvesting them from other electronics. Thanks!

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finished tesla coil

I'm a self declared electrical engineer going to school finished tell supplies come in. What do you think? And are this appropriate rf chokes

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can you use 6 awg insulated wire for the primary coil of a tesla coil? Answered

Its a multi strand wire, not the solid type.

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can a tesla coil be rectified with a huge diode? Answered

I found a few hv diode (1 Mega Volt) and some around 240 kv, but the question that I asked myself was if I could get  DC current from a Tesla coil by rectifying it with a proper HV diode. Is it possible???

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Multistage coil gun power switching?

How can we switch power between coils on a multistage coil gun setup (3, for example)? What i am reading out there is people using physical switches to infrared sensor but i couldn't understand much especially on how can we implement it. I'll be grateful for any explanation anyone can tell me to. Thanks! Sorry for my bad english :)

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My problem is My MMC burn several time any suggestion?

I built a Tesla Coil,my coil's specification is 5KV NST,2inch Diameter 2ndary coil,10 turn of 4mm copper tube primary and 0.15mfd 2KV capacitor(10KV mmc with 0.030Mfd Capacitance).My MMC burn several time but the coil works fine with Leyden Jar Capacitor .Please Help me!!!!!!

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How do I determine how to best couple the primary coil of a Tesla Coil to the secondary coil?

I need to know what the best dimensions for the primary coil would be for this secondary: 505 mm length 0.72 mm wire thickness (21 gauge magnet wire) and 60.325 mm diameter I would appreciate some sort of formula where i can just substitute the primary voltage and get a measurement but if that is not possible use 27 volts for the primary voltage. If you have suggestions as to other aspects of the coil i could improve, i would be happy to listen. It is a solid state coil and i will probably put a capacitor in series with the primary to make it doubly resonant.

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Use a computer power supply to power a coil gun?

The summer bored-ness has finally kicked in, and I would like to build a coil gun. The usual idea is just to charge some capacitors, and then discharge then into a coil, but it is possible to use the 3.3v rail (or any rail) of a standard computer power supply to power a coil gun? The goal to have rapid fire ability (which is hard to accomplish with capacitors due to charge time), and not use a transformer (because I am to cheap to go and buy a decent one from Radioshack, or any other store)

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Coil gun trouble

I have been trying to construct a simple flash curcuit coil gun as i have seen on the internet. I thought i had everything hooked up right but when i go to fire i get a nice spark but no acceleration what so ever. Can anyone tell me the proper materials to use and a step-by-step in coil construction and how to hook up the leads properly TO MAKE IT WORK! any incite is greatly appreciated

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Can I use an ignition coil to run the primary coil of my tesla coil? Answered

Alright, I ask that everyone please read everything in this question before answering :).  I hopefully going to be very thorough.  I am building a tesla coil and am just about to give up and buy a NST.  I have many high voltage sources laying around, but, so far I haven't had much luck.  The first plan was to use a large ballast (florescent light) to drive a flyback, but it was to powerful, so I got a CFL driver, and it didn't work (not the driver so much as the whole project)  so now I am left with an ignition coil.  I know that I can use a light dimmer switch to power it, but it will still be 60hz I think and I here that is not safe for a tesla coil.  Although, I don't think anyone is going to let high frequency and voltage arc across their skin anyway.  So will something at this low of a frequency still work to power a tesla coil.  If not do you have any ideas I can use.  I have a flyback transformer and an ignition coil so any ideas that come to mind please share.

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Does anyone know of a good book on the subject of basic homemade tesla coil design?

I need a book that is geared towards people who do not have any experience in the field of tesla coils.

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advice on making a rail/coil gun also known as a electromagnetic accelerator for someone who understands basic electrics

Im looking for advice on how to make a "rail/coil gun", i understand the principals behind it and the componets needed but id like to know what is the most efficent and powerfull componets. have in mind im looking at making the gun completly portable but a stationary charging for the battery would be prefered id like to keep the device 12v dc if possible using a battery to charge up capacitors, a switching device which allows the capacitors to charge and switch of the battery input automatically to prevent the electricity draining back into the battery. also another switch which discharges the capacitors into the coils but is switched manually(trigger), multistaged coils hopefully around 16 if possible( the way i see it lots of power running into lots of coils means the projectile traveling faster and further) ive also been told that once the coils have been charged they'll need to be discharged within micro seconds and theres a certain componet which allows that im not sure exactly what that is?. Having many coils means ill need a timing mechanism to activate the coil when the projectile is within the magnetic field, ive done a bit of research on that and come up with a microswitch between every coil or infared diode and a photosensitive diode(not sure exactly the name of the second one). 1. how many rows of coils would i need for each coil, what gauge wire would best suit my needs, what grade of wire, a way to prevent the magnetic field affecting the coils next to it, to optimize the energy in the capacitors should i start with a larger gauge wire at the first coil and slowly decrease it per coil, 2. what size capacitors would best suit my needs also bieng small in size, also would it be better have 1 or 2 capacitors per coil 3. what sort of switching device would be best for charging the capacitors and isolating the battery when there charged 4. is there another switching device for turning on each coil seperatly when the projectile is in range of the coils magnetic field to optimize the use of the magnetic field 5. more info on when the coil needs to discharge would also be great any ideas or inputs would be greatly appreciated no matter how big or small or if only concerns a certain aspect, cheers, chris cross australia

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Coil Gun

HiI am planning to build a small (length about 15 cm) portable coil gun. There are some really good intructables out there. (I still don't have enough knowledge of how to build this thing) I found this site to be pretty interesting. How can I make a powerful coil gun like that with capacitors (not that whole blob of camera stuff)? I am hoping that it could be rechargeable, perhaps by a USB connector (5V). But that would not last long right? So I guess by adding some batteries would help. Trying to get this coil gun to the smallest size with a powerful blow. By the way, there is something called EMF that affects the system?Thanks

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Stungun for power source for coil gun?

I’ve made a coil gun out of a disposable camera (utilizing it’s capacitor). It shot bbs about 3 inches, and then they’d roll along the floor. To get coil guns to work you need a high voltage, discharged quickly. I’ve seen there are cheap stunguns on Ebay you can buy for $12-$15 shipped. In the 2.8 million volts range. I think they have enough voltage to propel a bb pretty good, but my question is do they discharge fast enough?  

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I want to build my first Tesla coil...need some advice about the caps

What size caps should I use in my Tesla coil...I have access to 24 and 48 uF that are used in street lights...this is my first coil and I am using a 15 kv nst..any help would be awesome

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Can high current be derived from a Tesla Coil's output being ran through a magnetic field ? Answered

I'm trying to devise a way to run my household with a Tesla Coil to supply all the power I need using a negligible amount of input from the power company. I'd like to go "All Electric", without the consequence of an outrageous cooling and heating bill.

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Trying to make a dc , ignition coil powered tesla coil , but output at the secondary is very very poor,approx 500 volts Answered

Iam trying to build a dc powered tesla coil, for that i've make use of ignition coil of  scooter or motorbike driven from a fan dimmer and mica capacitors, it works very well and gives powerful sparks the output is fed to the 4 salt water capacitors the primary is wounded in a 4 inch pvc pipe with 10 and half turns , and secondary is 28 swg on a 1.5 inch pvc pipe of lenghth approx 2 feet, but it gives too much week output sparks at the top load , give me some suitable solution , i have chosen this as my final year major project?

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can i use fly back transformer for Tesla coil?or which transformer you suggest which can be found easily and cheap?

I love Tesla coils its very initial level of me ...i have just started

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Tesla Coil Workshop

Instructables member Phenoptix put me onto a fun event this weekend - two chaps from the Extreme Electronics (Derek and Dave) website led an informal workshop on how to build a classic Tesla coil, from power supply through to topload and breakout. They also brought along a few of their toys to demonstrate what they were talking about, and I grabbed a few (shaky) videos. Thanks to Derek & Dave, it was a grand night, and thanks to the "Lone Scout" for the supply of coffee.

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Can I use #14 solid copper with THHN insulation as my winding wire for the secondary on a Tesla Coil?

I have a roll (500 feet) of #14 solid wire with THHN insulation and would like to use it as my secondary winding on a Tesla Coil for a school project.

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Tesla coil output? Answered

Ok I'm experimenting with tops and linear transformers for therapeutic effect these seem to be the best combo so far could some aproximate what kind of signal is being out put with a step up linear transformer 4:1 and does it just feel good to me and disruptive to telecommunication it doesn't interfere with wifi

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how to uncoil a USB cable?

Hi! I have a coiled usb cable but is there a way so i get a straight usb cable again, because it kinda pulls the usb cable out of the female usb port when i use it. It would also be way longer if it isn't coiled. Greetings Ingmar from the Netherlands

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New Group!

Hey Everyone!!! I just created this group so we can all start researching coil guns :D Request to be in this group. everyone is welcome :D

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coil please ?

Ok so i am in the middle of making a coil gun i am using a disposable camera flash circuit at the charger for the capacitors an i can get it to work but i dont think i did it right for the reason it being the projectile comes out of the tube slowly and or sometimes flys back at me.... if anyone has some answers it would be a great help or even a whole new idea would be awesome to.... i love learning new things

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