Make collaborators more prominent?

. Almost 70% (sounds better than two-out-of-three heehee) of the iBles with my name on them are collaborations. With one in particular, my main function was just to get the ball rolling and the other collaborators did most of the work. But unless you click the more info button, it looks like I did all the work.. I'm not sure how to do it without taking up too much real estate, but I would like to see collaborators listed without having to click more info. At least a prominent "X collaborators" notation.. . Graphic by caitlinsdad

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Looking for a collab to make a m-60 Answered

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Collaborators? Answered

How do you know if somebody selects you as a collaborator for an instructable?

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Collaborations? Answered

Is there a limit to how many people you can collaborate with on ibles?

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Minor bug: Collaboration rating

If you have a collaboration, anyone who is collaborating can still rate the instructable.  That a feature?

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Make a super awesome collaboration!!!

Does anyone have an idea for a cool airsoft collaboration?

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The collaboration option doesn't seem to get much use anymore; Does anyone want to see if it still works? ;)

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I was wondering if anybody would consider collaborating with me over the Internet on an Instructable??? It could be anything, I would just like a partner to work with...

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how do you start a collaboration? Answered

If i wanted to collaborate with somone else on instructables, how could i do it?

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Examples of collaborative instructables

Curious if there are any collaborative instructables out there. I might be interested in collaborating but I don't have any ideas. chris

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collaboration authors not credited in Instructable

Hi- I recently collaborated with a friend on an instructable, and while it recognizes the collaboration enough to allow me to edit, it never credits me on the instructable page. How can we fix that?

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Adding Collaborators! Help!

Hey. I'm posting here to get some help on adding collaborators to an Instructable. My friend and I were working on a new project to enter in the green contest and I wanted to add him as a collaborator. I tried going to the little collaboration tab. I clicked "Enable Collaboration." Then it just did this little thing saying Collaborators names. I still can't figure out how to do it! Help! Please!

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what is a "Collaboration" ? Answered


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What is a collaboration and how do you make one? Answered

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Collaboration Instructable

I was wondering, when you collaborate with another author, when someone views your profile, does the Instructable you collaborated on show up in your Instructables as well? I've noticed this to only be true if you were the one to invite someone to collaborate, not if you were invited to collaborate. For right now, it only shows up under the "Collaborate" tab, but people don't see that when they view my profile. I also use my Instructables account as a personal portfolio so this would be helpful to know. Thanks. 

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Request For Feature: PM maillists for collaborators

. Subject pretty well sums it up. It would be nice to be able to send updates to collaborators without having to send individual PMs.

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collaborations bug?

Im in a few collaborations right now and i cant add image notes when i use to be able to

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I need insight into collaborations on instructables can I get a explanation and examples ? Answered

Just wondering cause I was browsing through my profile and I saw collaboration and am curious

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Collaboration Feature Error

My partner, who owns the project, added me as a collaborator, but I haven't received any notifications on my inbox. Do you know how I can access the Instructable?

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Collaborations and private instructables?

How do collaborations work with the new editor? Are we still able to publish instructables as "private"?

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Website for collaborative design

I'd like a site where people can bounce ideas off each other and work on them together, like a wiki for projects. I thought Instructables was like this, but I guess not. For instance, I posted this idea as a "collaboration": I guess collaborations are more for writing collaboratively and not collaborative design. Anyone know of anything that does fit the bill?

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Collaborations that your arn't part of

I first noticed this when gmoon was talking about it. Something shoud be done so that you don't have to be a collaborator just because you are invited. I looked at my collaboration instructables and there's like 10 that i've never seen before.

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Can we collaborate an instuctable for this contest?

Can I do a collaboration with someone and still have that be eligible for the contest? If we could do a collaboration, then if we won would we both get a leatherman and a gift certificate or would just one get it? Would this be ok? Please let me know.

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how do you do a collaboration with another member? Answered

Id like to make an instructable with another member.

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Rating allowed by collaborator

I was able to rate a project I collaborated on: shouldn't have tried, but I was curious. My bad.)Originally this topic title indicated "vote" rather than "rate," sorry.

Posted by gmoon 10 years ago

Collaboration question

When you set someone as a collaboration, why doesnt it add that instructable in that member's member page? They helped with making it, so shouldnt they be seen as a co-author and show up as one of their instructables as well? If not, can we get a co-author option for this sort of thing?

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How to you start a collaboration?

My addition to the project been recognized by the other author within the intro text, but I wonder if I can be listed as Co-author.

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Why aren't all collaborators mentioned in the published work? Answered

I was wondering why all collaborators don't get recognized in published Instructables. Rather than having one author to get credit, there can be multiple. Thanks for taking the time to read and answer!

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Oy! Where's the "Collaborate" Thingy for the New Editor?

I've been working on a colaboration, and I've noticed that there's only a "Collaborate" option on the old editor. WTF is up with that?

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Minecraft Guide Collaboration partner

Ive already started it but if youre interested, inbox me. Not really much to say, just wondering if anyone is interested. -Hiyadudez

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Instructables collaboration not working

Hi I have a group of students trying to make a Instructable with the collaboration option, we are finding that things are not saving, Posibly the auto save is playing games. students are all using macbooks and chrome, safari, and firefox. photos text and, steps keep disappearing. please help

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Contributors - why me?

I just noticed when i clicked on my collaborations link that i'm a collaborator on a whole lot of projects that i have nothing to do with. i guess this comes because anybody can add anybody as a collaborator on their project? but i don't know if i like this idea. it would be nice if the person invited to collaborate had to accept the collaboration before it gets listed under their collaborations. i'm not sure why people have specifically invited me to collaborate on projects unrelated to my own. it is a nice idea. but on the other hand i'm not sure if i want to be affiliated with all of these projects that i have no opportunity to accept or deny. and another question, that i posted a long time ago is, if i do actively collaborate on a project, and the project is truly a collaborative project then should it not be possible that the project be listed under all of the involved's published projects? thanks and look fwd to an answer! hannah

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can I collaborate with a person who has a different account on an Instructable?

I am wondering if I can collaborate on an Instructables with another person who has another account on the website?

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Collaboration experiment

Does anyone want to try the collaboration experiment again? I forget why it stopped the first time but I thought it was fun. It would essentially be the same except for a few things that I think would improve it

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Bug in showing collaborations

I've noticed several times that if I go to "View Persona" on myself, sometimes it shows collaborations that I'm not a member of there. Now I believe I've determined that after I look at someone else's profile, it shows their collaborations on my page for at least a little while if I look at my own profile. I'm not sure why this is.

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I need someone with 3D printer to collaborate with!

Hello everyone! I need someone with 3D printer to collaborate with. It would be great if that person lives in Europe.  The reason I am writing this is that I have few awesome (in my opinion) ideas , but there is needed a 3D printer, and maybe the person who knows how to make 3D models printaable.  Please PM me if you want to help me and make something creative together.

Posted by kondzio29 4 years ago

Collaboration member cannot edit Instructable error

I have several member working on a Collaboration and now none of them have access to the edit screen, this has only been a problem this week. All members have Mac books and safari of firefox or chrome makes no differences thanks

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If you collaborate with another user of ran 'ible and it gets featured do both the users get pro memberships? Answered

My friend and I are collaborating for an ible, and I want to know if we both get pro memberships? 

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If you make a collaboration do you both get the views? Answered

I'm making a collaboration with someone but im not sure if we both  get the views and comments.

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Collaboration Knex Sniper

I was wondering if anyone would like to build a Bolt Action Knex Sniper rifle with me now that its summer and ill have a lot of free time on my hands.

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Collaboration mode - Who uses it and how?

Hi. I'm working on a study project concerning collaborative efforts and virtual design-processes. I've noticed that when creating an instructable you have the opportunity to switch on "collaboration mode", which allows other users to pitch in, alter text and upload files and steps. What I'm wondering is how is this actually being used? is it mainly for people who are in the same physical location working on the same project or are people from different parts of the world actually managing to create ibles together using this feature? What are your experiences with it and what do you think of the feature? Any answer is much appreciated. Thank you :)

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Pivot Collaboration

Many people enjoy keith-kid's instructable on pivot, but because he no longer "pivots", the instructable has been discontinued. I'd like some collaborators, along with me, to produce an other instructable which covers more topics and covers them in greater detail. If I get enough acceptance, I'll make a start, but only if people are happy to collaborate. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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What happened to collaborations?

Anyone know? Is the forum the replacement for collaborations? Anyways, I'd like to start a group or something to work on what to do with all these old damaged floppy/IDE cables I've got laying around.... I tried an ipod case, but it didn't turn out right...

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I have a project and need collaborators!

You can find it here: help me!

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Collaborative Projects in New York City

If anyone has an idea for a big project that you could use help on post it here.

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What is the point on selecting collaboration as an option for an instructable?

Does this allow others to modify your instructable and/or with your permission.  I could see the benefit in this for sure, but does it make it become exclusive so that others can't see it?  Any pro/cons on this subject would great and welcomed. Thanks

Asked by iminthebathroom 8 years ago

Knex gun collaboration anyone?

Does anyone want to collaborate? I think I want to build a bolt action sniper that shoots yellow rods. If you have other ideas, send me a PM. So far I've built the stock (very comfy) and the part where the rods go after they come out of the mag. Anyway, if you want to collaborate, post it here.

Posted by jamesdude 7 years ago

I want to start a collaboration but need help.

I need an idea, and/or would like to help with an already started i'ble.

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Images in Collaborative Instructables

Hey Instructables! The new editor image features are _great_. Really. Better than I could have imagined. There's one feature I wish existed: Access to collaborator's photos. I wish I could access all the photos associated with an instructable, as though they were my own. When I select photos associated with a particular instructable, I'd like to see theirs. Perhaps even a "Your Collaborators's Library" tab could be useful. I don't want access to any photos that aren't associated with the instructable, but I do want access to all the ones that are. *

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Looking for Creative Collaborators

I just became an Idea Provider to a cool start-up that just launched in New York City. In a nutshell, OpenInvo is a unique online ideas marketplace that connects individuals from the creative fields with innovation seeking companies looking to increase their business value. Check it out:

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