knex color variations ?

What are all of the variations of Knex colors of the same type. I have 3  different colors of the longest rods and  multiple different colors of other pieces   

Asked by sonic broom 4 years ago

Can anyone see what this page says?

Is is just me or does the background color and font colors used here make it difficult to read about this contest? I can't see most of it.

Posted by DebH57 9 years ago

Duct tape and foam mace color advice Answered

   So I made a spiky foam mace, and covered it with duct tape to hold it together but it just looks... bland.  So I was wondering what colors I should make it, preferably colored with tape. I must sound really weird, but if anyone can help with CONSTRUCTIVE comments it would be appreciated.    P.S. The first picture doesn't show it well, but it is 6 sided

Asked by Sekiha_tenkyoken 7 years ago

Couple of ghille suit questions

I trying to make a ghille suit from this instructable and I have a couple of questions. I wanted to make a full body ghille suit, so I was wondering how many more times of burlap do I need to complete this. (Like do I need 2x more, 5x more?), pic attached. I'm going to cut the strings in half before I add them to the suit, if that clarifies anything And I was wondering if the color palette that I chose was good enough. I want a more green ghille suit. I have the three colors shown in the picture that I picked out. Do I need more colors, should I mix some colors, should I leave some colors un-dyed and leave it the original burlap color, or is it good as is? Colors also in attached pics. Also; I'm making this more as a costume, not so much to blend into my environment.

Posted by Ausm 8 years ago

How to control someones computer with command prompt?

The title is the question.

Asked by chanman789 7 years ago

Can an on/off switch be used to change between different LED colors?

Can an on/off switch be used to change between different LED colors? I was wanting to convert a White LED flashlight to one with multiple colors. How can I use the tail cap on/off switch to change between the 3 or more colors? [on one color / off / on next color / off / on next color etc...]?

Asked by Lord Fang 7 years ago

****Epic GIANT Slinky!***

Hey guys, I thought you just might want to see a GIANT slinky that I got at a garage sale! And of Course I push it down the stairs too. Check it out here: And if you want to check out some other epic things on my channel, you should watch them!

Posted by Sreyo 5 years ago

Does anybody know how to make a duct tape bookbag?

I'm asking (obviously) if anybody has ever tried and, suceeded to make a duct tape book bag. Thier are some requirements for the one that i prefer. I just really want to know how to make one. Theis are the requirments that i would prefer it to hav. -colors (at least two but if it only has one that is fine) (o and if you can teach me as cool design as well please) -zipper and or buttons -pockets on each side for water bottle or anything else -at least two big pockets for main things such as school supplies, laptop, etc. -two straps.... if possible adjustable ones..... if not that is fine -anything else that somone has included with it and thank you for anybody who can get me the instuctions to my e-mail or post it up on instructables thank you for your time. my email is

Asked by Meganoki 7 years ago

Please specify Color formulation of magenta?

In lined with the color wheel may I Know the color combination in percentage mixture of colors

Asked by rey ulysses dimaano 8 years ago

Colored border around the avatar

Anyone know what the colors around peoples avatar represent?

Posted by SlickSqueegie 5 years ago

Color change? Answered

Is there a way to change the color of chrome tanned leather?

Asked by Eoghan mor 12 months ago

who do you make it with two different colors?

I want to know who to make the paracord bracelet with two colors on color in the in the middle and one color on the outside?

Asked by raperezaz 9 years ago

Color Temperature ? Answered

I dont understand how to change color temperature on a Nikon D3200.

Asked by jkellamla1 1 year ago


Is anyone willing to giveaway a gameboy color

Posted by minecraftpotato 2 years ago

How do multi colored led lights work?

I was wondering how do multi colored led lights light up the different colors, and if it would be hard to make.

Asked by EdurusFas 8 years ago

Can I color the fondant with natural colorings? Answered

Hi, again! Sorry to bother you again, but i'm really into natural stuff, and natural liquid food coloring is all I have. I was wondering, can I color the fondant with it, as long as I don't add too much?

Asked by newkid010101 1 year ago

modified gameboy color

Is it possible to get a gameboy color shell, an Ipod Classic 6th Gen LCD screen, and the internals of a gameboy sp and put it all together? 

Posted by mariomagic22 5 years ago

How to make an LED circuit that switches between different colored lights when flipping a switch?

So here's the thing: I've made multiple series circuits that turn run off of a 12v power supply and I wired a simple two-state switch into it so the lights would turn on when I pressed down the button. It currently uses 3 LEDs and one 82 ohm resistor. I want to make a circuit that can switch between multiple different colored LEDs. For example: have one blue LED and when I flip the switch a little bit, it switches to a red LED, and flipping it again switches it to a green LED (I know about different LED voltages btw, that's just an example). I figure I'll need some kind of three-state switch or something? I don't know what parts I would need or how I would wire them up so any help would be appreciated. I'll answer any questions about the project you have since I know I didn't explain it well.

Asked by gtgm_110 5 years ago

where can I buy an Led color changing light ?

Where can I buy an Led color changing light ?

Asked by todesfugue 6 years ago

Change color at screen desktop please!!! Answered

Hi All..... Please help me to know how call this sector (please see photo) and possible to change back color to other color ,if yes please help me  how to do that..Thank you in advance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  lam

Asked by lam 5 years ago

Will painting a swimmimg pool a dark color promote algae to grow more than a light colored painted pool?

I am picking a new color for my inground swimming pool with filter no heater. Wanted to change to color from a basic light blue to a more modern darker color.  Was told dark colors allow algae to grow more than light colors.  Any truth to that statement?  Also because the pool is not heated which color would help keep the water warm?  I am guessing that a dark bottom pool would be warmer than a light bottom pool.

Asked by cindybcin 6 years ago

What is this Yellow/Orange color in Quartz rock?

In the picture, what is the Yellow/Orange stuff?

Asked by electronicz 5 years ago

opposite of a binary color? Answered

I want to find the opposite of a binary color value....i want an easy way prefferably...and yes, i searcher googl... o the binary is 22a61b

Asked by fwjs28 9 years ago

Electrochromic polymers (color changing fabrics) help!!!

Hey guys, i just joined the forums. I have a question i really want to ask. Is there a type of fabric that can change color (a desired color) by running a current through it. Like i want it to be red and then blue then another color? Or is there a way you can make a coating on the fabric that can change color by diffusing a colored light through it? My ultimate project is to make shoes that change color to match you clothing. Something that fits every occasion. 

Posted by xredvortex 6 years ago

Bi-color LED's

Hey. I was looking for some small, or even surface mount, bi-color LEDs. I also, however, need a wide range of colors, as I am doing a Rubik's cube type thing. I was contemplating the idea of Tri-color LEDs, and having the 6 colors be RGBCMY, although that may over-complicate things. Thanks for your help :-)

Posted by zachninme 11 years ago

how do i get a multicolor led to change colors.?

I bought a new multi color led but i cant get it to change colors all at once

Asked by gamefreak0723 9 years ago

What's the best way to color a wig?

I need to color a blond wig black. I was thinking of using spray paint, any better ideas? thanks in advance :)

Asked by GaryMeow 7 years ago

how do I make colored surf wax?

How do i color homemade surf wax and how do i make it smell different?

Asked by 8 years ago

Two Color LED help? Answered

Does anyone know how to wire a two color LED?

Asked by Redfox888888 9 years ago


When I think of a tomato based pasta sauce, I picture it darker red. Is this an orangey color because the oil has emulsified with the tomatoes? As I'm not finding the color appealing, would just smashing it after cooking be sufficient?

Asked by Popeye1959 1 year ago

What do the colors of subjects mean in private messages? Answered

Looking at things I've sent, some subject are orange and some are gray.  What do the colors mean?

Asked by mole1 5 years ago

Colored Rice Crafts

Add a splash of colorful to any room. These colorful rice creations were originally made as Easter egg decorations.  I don't see why this technique couldn't be used to make other fun decorations as well!!  A colorful rice alphabet would look nice on a child's wall. Find more cool sewing and craft tutorials on dana-made-it.

Posted by Carleyy 8 years ago

how to color oil used in name on rice? Answered

Hi, Does anyone know how to color oil used on name on rice jewelry. I wanted to know because i wanted to try to make colored oil. I want the colored oil which will not dye the rice. Thanks!

Asked by vandg 5 years ago

Is it possible to color the font in an instructable? Answered

I'm improving a published project over the weekend.   I'm thinking it might be nice to use colored font (for distinction) on the specific improvement/changes/inclusions. Is this possible using the rich editor or by inserting html code? If it is possible, what color would you recommend? 

Asked by bajablue 5 years ago

Achieving different colors with RGB LEDs

 Does anyone know if it is possible to get brown with RGB LEDs?

Posted by pilferingpanda 8 years ago

Guide for mixing frosting colors?

I need a chart to guide me in mixing red with blue, green with yellow, etc. to make different colors.  I am especially in need of mixing combination for black frosting.

Asked by delberto 7 years ago

color changing LEDs -not RGB

You know how you can buy RGB LEDs that fade between colors?  I'm looking for something along those lines, but with other colors.  I'd found a site once that had some, but I lost the link.  I think it had like purple/yellow/orange and other crazy colors, and I'm desperate to find these types of lights again.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 4 years ago

Can you use food coloring to dye t-shirts?

Like, what if you set it in the dryer on heat or ironed it? Would the color still come out?

Asked by frannyloo 9 years ago

pipe suppliers for color anodized finish?

Anyone have a go-to site for listings of pipe/tube suppliers that offer the product with anodized color finishes? My searches aren't yielding much. TiA...

Posted by valrith 3 years ago

PH reading of colored stuff. Paint, Blood, etc.

PH is a color change indicator. So how're ya spposed to take the pH of blood, or color rich food, etc?

Asked by Toga_Dan 3 months ago

How to colorize a black and white photocopy?

Hello. Years ago, Letraset had in catalogue a color film that you heated over a black and white photocopy and turned black in the color of the film (the film only was fixed to the toner). Does anybody know a way of getting the same result with cheap materials?

Asked by rosquillo 3 years ago