What is the difference between the "forum" and the "answers" sections? Answered

  Seems like the forum and the answers pages overlap in purpose.   Just wondering how people use them in different ways. 

Asked by mat000111 4 years ago

How can I play movies from a flash drive in my 2008 Chrysler Aspen? It's a factory installed Alpine system with DVD .

This is a factory installed system with DVD, camera and another player for the rear seats. But the cd player won't eject and my grandchildren are up in arms. Can you help[?

Asked by TerryC8 1 year ago

just give me a code to get on myspace at the meridian high school?

Just need to get on it now ok

Asked by LiL.Ranee 9 years ago

How is the Instructables.com homepage made?

Now this may be a stupid question, but I was wondering how the animated portion of the instructables.com homepage was made.  It is very eye catching and I was just wondering how it was done.  

Asked by JeffreyD7 3 years ago

Hi, I'm new to instructables. Introduction.

Hi, my name is Adam Solo. I'm new here at instructables.com, great site by the way, full of useful information. I also have a website about how to get things done. I will promote instructables.com by providing a link in my site to instructables.com. Cheers Adam Solo --------------------------------- Site: http://www.HowCanBeDone.com

Posted by adamsolo 7 years ago

one motor shaft connected to a dynamo and dynamo power we can used to rotate that same motor? it is possible or not?why?

One 12v dc motor connected with a battery and its shaft is connected to a dynamo,by using  the dynamo power we used to charge the battery and we can able to continue the process with out charging the battery using external power?why?

Asked by akhilbhaskaran 1 year ago

why don't you remember me? how to login and stay logged in at instructables.com

Hey gang! I only poke me head in here once in a while, so forgive my ignorace. The ability to view all steps of an instructable is a nice feature, but you always have to be signed in to make that happen. Multiple browsers at home as well as browsers on my mobile phone remember my credentials, but I find that even though I always check off that little Remember Me box, this site never, ever remembers me, and I'm always logging in manually. It's not so annoying when I'm at my computer, but when I'm at the shop and I only get 1.5 bars on Tmobile's Edge network, it's a good 5 to 10 minutes spent logging in every time I need to double check some minor detail. Is there anything I can do to log in and *really* stay logged in?

Posted by beefsupreme 7 years ago

Camping and Vandwelling Tips

My goal is to share free information and tips on saving money on travel, camping and much more

Posted by sturtle1 4 years ago

What's the simplest way to trigger a pushbutton or common grounded circuits from a computer, except from LPT1? Answered

Hi every one, I have did a lot of searching on internet, and found lots of ways for control leds and eletric devices from computers. By LTP1, COM ports, and others most expensive ways, like using a usb->lpt1 true emulator to work ok on win7. I'm asking if anyone know how can I control pushbuttons and eletrical devices, from the computer using a easy and cheap way, it can be anything, microcontrollers, usb port. I prefer the cheapest one of course. But any advice will be great. If anyone need more details please just leave a message. Thank you.

Asked by Raziel_LOK 6 years ago

Does instructables.com sell our email addresses ?!!!

Hi, I subscribed to the instructables.com newsletter for only a couple of days (with an email address I hardly use) and since that I received a bunch of spams in my mailbox ! Weird coincidence, isn't it ? Does instructables.com sell our email addresses ?!!! >-(

Posted by PeanutFR 9 years ago

A New Ultimate Resource for Recommended System Specs!

I found this new website for all you gamers and system builders out there that provides really good recommended system specs with price breakdowns and vendors! Now I can stop bugging my buddies each time I want to get a new system!http://recommendedspec.com

Posted by tom.needer 10 years ago

Dual Emai Messages

Why is it that I get an email with the instructable from... Instructables newsletter@instructables.com Then usually within the same day I get a duplicate message from Instructables newsletter@instructables.com via me-ss2-6zuaan.mailengine1.com The duplicated message shows up as BLANK from Google Gmail... unless I click on DETAILS... but then it is the exact same email I got from Instructables newsletter@instructables.com Why is that? And how do I stop it? It started a month or so ago... it's annoying. Thanks, Jerry

Posted by askjerry 5 years ago

What user on instructables.com has the most ever Instructables? Answered

It should be easily found by looking at their icon, right? The most I've seen is like 160 from randofo, but if you have seen more, please please please leave a post!

Asked by thomasthetankengine 6 years ago

New flag suggestion

We have the option to flag comments as "not nice", "inappropriate", and "spam". Can we add another flag that reads, "the site is called 'instructables', not 'gobuyables.'" for all the comments where people say, "This is dumb. I could buy that at the dollar store."

Posted by yoyology 5 years ago


When loading pages or just reloading them it takes forever and a bit longer to finnish, that is if the loading actually finnishes. Everytime the site hangs at Pixel.quantserve.com which is getting a bit annoying after two days in a row. Also, when posting comments or such the bottom part where you upload images is messed up. The two lines reading Tip: Select multiple files using Ctrl (mac: Cmd) or Shift key. Is this uploader not working for you? Try the old uploader. Are priinted on top of each partially.

Posted by Downunder35m 1 year ago

Best Knex sniper

Here are the rules. The sniper must be your own and it must be rated over 3. They will be judged on range, pierceing, accuracy, and amount of pieces. I will need a judge or two for each. The winner will recieve 5* and will be on my Bect of Instructables 2008 instructable. If you want to enter post your sniper on the comment area.Enterants- DJ Radio's knex SPEC-9 sniper rifle T36 Long Range sniper by Darth Gecko Man Kakurito's DragonavJudges- Heat-Seeker Volenteer on the comments if you have a lot of pieces and free time to build.Range-Pierceing-Accuracy-Amount of Pieces (lower is better)-

Posted by Electroinnovation 9 years ago

Why do the voting stars not appear under Firefox or Chrome, but they do appear under IE? Answered

Some time ago, I got into the habit of using Firefox to use Instructables.com because the layout worked better there than in IE. I went away from the site for awhile, then came back, and I thought you had gotten rid of the 5-star voting system. Then I viewed the page in IE while logged in, and I discovered that the stars are there. The attached image shows screenshots of the same URL (https://www.instructables.com/id/Grip-grip/) viewed in three different browsers.

Asked by yoyology 6 years ago

GUITAR HERO custom artwork graphics

Hello fellow builders! i have been an ible's member for a while now... i am coming here today to offer up a cool item that i have been getting some good response about.i am a graphic designer trying to branch out... and make a living. I have a vinyl cutting machine .. been doing some custom guitar skins for guitar hero.I will cut vinyl for anything you could imagine, but these skins seemed to be pretty popular.What do you guys think? Comments welcome.here is a temporary page that shows what i do.If you are interested, please contact me and we can work out whatever you need.I can cut you something that NO ONE else has!!!![mailto: flea@toomanymorons.com]

Posted by fleanine 10 years ago

My 'retirement' from K'Nex on instructables.com

Well. I have decided to retire from K'Nex on this website. I will still be an active member on Knexables (http://knexables.uuuq.com) and Knex Innovation (http://knexinnovation.net) but I have no longer got time for this website. I will still post some projects about music and guitar, but no more K'Nex. I simply don't have any time to pick up my K'Nex with my paper run and my guitar, and because I have exams in two weeks and then I have a massive project due, I may not get the chance to use it till about 6 weeks away. I WILL however do one last project before I leave here. I have got an Idea but I want some community suggestions. If it is possible, I will post an ible.Till then. ajleece

Posted by ajleece 9 years ago

Suggestion: "Jump to top" button on new layout.

After taking some time to get used to the new site design, I've decided that, overall, I like it a lot. It's cleaner and leaves more real estate on the page for the content when reading an Instructable. But. (you knew that was coming) When I read an instructable, I reach the bottom and usually want to go back to the Instructables homepage. This may not be the flow everyone follows when cruising the site, but it's what I do. The top banner scrolling away but leaving the 'ible info there as a "ribbon" is a neat trick, but I keep expecting to see a link to the homepage up there that will save me from having to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page. What i'd like to see is a "Jump to top" link, either at the very bottom of the Instructable, or in the "ribbon" where the title and voting, etc. reside. The "ribbon" would be slightly more useful, since I could click it when I reach the comments if I don't want to read them all. Again, it may just be me, and I'm not asking you to redesign the site just for me, but I find myself noticing it often enough that I thought it might affect other users as well. Thank you for all you do, editors!

Posted by yoyology 5 years ago

Haney Ryhmä: WTI Crude klo pohjalukemissa, EU Probing Hinta sopiminen - thehaneygroup.com

Haney Ryhmä: WTI Crude klo pohjalukemissa, EU Probing Hinta sopiminen Haney ryhmä tarkkailee West Texas raa'asta hinnat laskivat alimmalle merkin lähes kaksi viikkoa, markkinoiden yleistä merkkejä tarvikkeita nousussa. EU: n viranomaiset tutkivat öljy-yhtiöiden osalta kilpailusääntöjen rikkomisesta koskee hintakeinottelun. Molemmat kehitys oikeinkirjoitus ulos tarkkaavainen sijoittajan kiinteää tuottoa. "Futures juuri muuttuneet New Yorkissa pudottuaan neljä päivää jatkuvien laski kokonaisuutena luomaan pisin tappiot tänä vuonna. Raakaöljyn varastot sai 1,1 miljoonaa tynnyriä viime viikolla, mukaan API. Tänään julkaistussa raportissa esitetään varastojen nousi 450000 tynnyriä. Yhdessä lisätietoja rikkomatta noin Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Statoil ASA ja Plattsin tutkitaan sen jälkeen, kun uutiset EU komissio teki ratsioita kolmessa maassa. Todistaa jälleen kerran, että erilaisuuden kiinteät voitot kysymys siitä, onko markkinoilla liikkuu ylös tai alas oikea analyysi, "David Holmes varatoimitusjohtaja Yritysjärjestelyt Haney Group kertoi tänään. "Vaihto-omaisuus ovat korkeat, ei ole geopoliittisia asioita tällä hetkellä, ja teollisuuden tarvitse pitää matalaa profiilia, koska tutkimukset tulee öljyä", David Holmes totesi ja lisäsi: "Kuulemme raportit ennustavat, että West Texas putoaa 92,50 dollaria tai pienempi tynnyri. " WTI tuottaa kesäkuussa oli 94,01 dollaria tynnyriltä, ​​alas 20 senttiä tänään. Volyymi kaikista sopimuksista oli 59 prosenttia alle 100 päivän keskiarvon. Hinnat laskivat 96 senttiä 94,21 dollaria eilen, suurin pudotus vuodesta 1. toukokuuta. Brent Crude tuottaa kesäkuussa laski 25 senttiä 102,35 dollaria tynnyriltä Lontoossa. EU: n tavoitteena oli palkkio 8,34 dollaria ja WTI, alas 8,39 dollaria päivänä. EU: n komissio tutkii tietoja, että yritykset voivat sopia salaisesti raportoinnissa vääristynyt hintojen hinta raportointi virasto manipuloida julkaistujen hintojen useita öljy-ja muita tuotteita. Shell ja muut tietysti sanovat "täydessä yhteistyössä" tutkimuksessa. Mahdolliset rikkomukset liittyvät hinnat Platts. "Tämä on kiinteä suuntaus seuraamaan nyt aika saada laivalla, strateginen suunnittelu johtaa saavuttaa kannattavan lopussa sijoittajien kannalta on tavoite" päättyi Haney konsernin varatoimitusjohtaja David Holmes huomautuksen. http://www.biggerpockets.com/blogs/4058/blog_posts/28191-the-haney-group-wti-crude-at-a-low-with-eu-probing-price-fixing    

Posted by DELETED_jansenisrael 5 years ago

com files

I know how to convert batch(.bat) files to executable(.exe) file and to .com files but how do I convert first .com files into batch(.bat) files? and if its possible executable(.exe) files into batch(.bat) files? Thanks in advance

Posted by J.W 10 years ago

does anyone here play robot rage?

I was wondering if anyone on instructables played robot rage.

Asked by matstermind 9 years ago

Can Kipkay join?

Could we get kipkay to join? That would be cool.

Posted by Bartboy 9 years ago

my feed has a facebook f for the tumblr link instead of a tumblr t, at https://www.instructables.com/feed/

My feed has a facebook f for the tumblr link instead of a tumblr t, at https://www.instructables.com/feed/

Posted by harropmike 3 years ago

How do I add text to a photograph, like on lolcats.com?

I have a pc running vista, with various simple photo editing software applications installed, including MS-Paint. I want to put text on a photograph I took of my cat so I can submit it to lolcats.com.

Asked by 8 years ago

Sponsor- Classmate.com drop down box

Why is that stupid drop down box for Classmate.com in my way when I try to search for anything? I can't make it go away easily; as there is no "x" box in the upper right corner; and it wont go away until- well I'm not sure how i got it to leave anymore. By the time that I got rid of it- I had forgotten my search query. Now, I would never use Classmate.com for anything, Ever!!!

Posted by bitchmobile 9 years ago

Show & Tell at Mike and Molly's House

Instructables author spike3579, has launched a new Show & Tell feature on his site, Mike And Molly's House. Show and Tell is a swap meet for ideas and projects where the currency is inspiration.  The premise is to highlight how we all manage our day-to-day lives in an improvised manner, and to celebrate creativity, resourcefulness and inspiration in all mediums whether it’s making, baking, growing or living. So share your ideas for creative solutions to make everyday life a little easier, more special, or just more fun, every Monday with Mike and Molly.  I did!  It was easy!  And it's a great way to check in with the maker community to see what's going on and get inspired.  

Posted by scoochmaroo 6 years ago

how do you find the right (com port) for the arduino

please help me i cant find the right com port help

Posted by Jordan arduino 7 years ago

PIC Programmer Com Port?

Hello, yesterday, I bought a PIC16F877A Microcontroller and This programmer. I also installed PicPro USB. I am using the serial to usb cable that came with it. The programmer has a location of  Port_#0001.Hub_#0009 in device manager. Now when I open PicPro USB and set it to  port 1, It gives me an error saying: There appears to be a problem accessing the COM port. I cant seem to find whats wrong. [Edit] I think that It is connected to port 24 (hence its name: Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM24) ) and the problem with PicPro USB is that it can only have 1 digit port numbers, how do I fix that? Thanks.

Asked by Seifpic 7 years ago

can this but used in the usa? Answered

Http://www.mini-itx.com/store/?c=43 would i need a converter or something or would it not work

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

Has anyone noticed this awesome website yet?

Has anyone noticed WePC yet?It is a cool website which you can design a laptop and it will be posted.If anyone wants to,make one of your own!

Posted by Derin 9 years ago

Krazy Knexers

How old are most knexers these days? I do not want your real age, but instead a range. 7 or under, 8 - 10, 11 - 13, 14 - 16, or 17 and older. Please leave comments on your age so I can publish a graph.

Posted by Electroinnovation 9 years ago

Halo 3: ODST is comming out. Is any Halo fan exited?

I'm exited.=PPicture 1: Complements of halo.xbox.com

Asked by mrmoneybagss 8 years ago

An Idea for a Connected & Automated Healthcare Platform.

 Watch video demonstration of our Idea of a Connected and Automated healthcare platform. This project is part of a compitition so we need to popularize our video to go ahead into finals. If you like our Idea please share that Youtube link, more view means greater chances of clearing this round. Thank you. YouTube Link: http://youtu.be/J413BVBs6so

Posted by nikhilmaurya10 3 years ago

Lost In Translation ロスト·イン·トランスレーション

ロスト·イン·トランスレーション I have taken it upon myself to translate one of my Instructables into Japanese. Has anyone else translated one of their 'ibles into another language? I would appreciate feedback (LINK). Here is my original Instructable (LINK). I used Google Translate and feel that I had a pretty good interpreter, please share your experiences here. Thank you, Tater. P.S. I plan on translating more, based on your positive feedback.

Posted by Tater Zoid 3 years ago

Cannot select COM port in Arduino IDE after installing driver for UNO.

I'm using Windows 7 32 bit and Arduino 1.8.5. I saw that my computer recognized the UNO, but I can't select ANY COM ports in Arduino IDE. And yes, I've installed the driver for UNO. Does anybody can solve this problem? Thanks

Asked by NguyenN90 6 months ago

Using computer as an electronic switch?

Please help. I really appreciate it.

Posted by babak.mn 9 years ago

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 error on Arduino? Answered

I am trying to load some code onto an Arduino Uno. So far I have tried checking to board to make sure it is is right one, unplugging and re-plugging, checking to be sure it's the right COM port (3 in my case), Pressing the restart button before, after, and during the uploading process, updating the FTDI drivers, re-installing the drivers, and re-installing the most recent Arduino software. I have tried pretty much everything I could find on Google when I googled the error. When I try to install the little orange L button blinks as well as the RX led. The green led is on, and resetting makes the L led blink some more. HELP!

Asked by GenAap 5 years ago

atmega32u4 vs atmega328?

How am I limited (or not limited) by using ATMega32u4 instead of ATMega328 with my Arduino? I want my sketch to perform a simple "echo" of a code it receives, does ATMega32u4 allow me to do this? Here is the datesheet of ATMega32u4:http://www.componentschip.com/details/Atmel/ATMEGA32U4.html

Asked by DELETED_MakiY2 1 year ago

Your Favorite Instructable

Please post 1 or 2 images of your best rated or just favorite instructables YOU have created. please do not fill up this page with cool things you found on the internet.Feel free to include a hyperlink to that instructable or to your homepage and please do not flag others for spamming because I am allowing it for this cause. PLEASE RATE.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.

Posted by Electroinnovation 9 years ago

Is there any possibility to create a Plugin for Media Center that allows XBOX 360 on blinkx.com? if yes, how?

I have been doing some reasearch...I am trying to use my xbox 360 to go on the internet and stream videos. I got rid of my cable and I am now using the website www.blinkx.com to watch series and movies. I also found a plugin called MCE Browser (http://www.anpark.com/Software.aspx) that allow surfing on the web from the xbox 360 when it is connected to a media center computer, but no luck using it, it is also limited. If plugins like this exist it must be possible in some way Any idea or suggestions

Asked by Fuzz666 7 years ago