What is the best comic?

What is the best comic?

Posted by ferrari484 10 years ago

Comic strip writing

Hello, this is my first post. I'm looking to draw a sarcastic comic strip and am looking for tips for writing it. I have character ideas and a plot but having the catchy writing will help

Posted by Gagreg 10 months ago

comic books

This is for comic lovers to discuss well..... anything. I currently am trying to get a job with marvel to be an artist for them. so feel free to post pictures of your art or you in your captain America feety pajamas whatever her are some of pieces of art I made (freehand). sorry about side ways art!!

Posted by slimguy379 10 years ago

Some other how-to guides

I just figured I'd share. Here is one about inventions!http://www.basicinstructions.net/2008/02/how-to-develop-invention.htmland one about making stuff:http://nobodyscores.loosenutstudio.com/index.php?id=341Don't you love the Internet?

Posted by rachel 10 years ago

Instructables mentioned in Tree Lobsters! today

I read a few webcomics here and there.  One of my favorites is Tree Lobsters!, a four panel comic about arboreal crustaceans with a scientific and skeptical bent.   I was pleased this morning after I read today's comic, when I tapped the "Secret Message" button at the bottom of the page and found a brief but amusing reference to the site we all know and love.

Posted by depotdevoid 6 years ago

Web comics

This may be the stupidests fourm ever, but i need to know what comics are out there.

Posted by Mr.Roboto 10 years ago

Very Funny Comic

Here is a hilarious comic I found at http://xkcd.comThey make (I guess you'd call it geeky) comics. This one is called nerd sniping. Have a look.

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago


I Love xkcd from NoamR on Vimeo.

Posted by ll.13 9 years ago

Sweet robot idea in xkcd!

There are plans for a sweet robot in yesterday's xkcd. I don't know why the links not working, but here's the address.http://www.xkcd.com/413/Anyone think they can build it?

Posted by musicalbee2003 10 years ago

Have you done your part? (Mainly for UK readers)

It's Red Nose Day.Have you done your part?Comic interlude: You know it's important. Here's how to donate:1. Donate at https://donate.comicrelief.com/donation/ or click on the Donate sign above2. Call the Red Nose Day donation line on 03457 9109103. Pop into a Post Office or building society and pay into the Red Nose Day account4. Send a cheque or postal order, made payable to Red Nose Day 2009, to Ernst & Young, PO Box 51543, London SE1 2UG5. Pay in any fundraising money at http://www.rednoseday.com/fundraisingmoneyGo on, change a life in the here-and-now, instead of the by-and-by.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Led Mini Beamer Overhead Projection As Cheap Wacom Cintiq Alternative?

Hello there! My last english lesson is over ten years ago, so exuse me for my mistakes.  I come from germany and i love to make comics. I juse a wacom bamboo fun for this. But my dream is ( and surely not me alone) to have a wacom cinitq. But its very expensive. To much for me.  I watched the interesting video from roryok,  who find a way with a screen panel via Wii Remote, but it seems very complicated. So i asked me: Is there an easer way for this. So i had an idea about a pen tablet overhead projection with via mini beamer. Take a look to this quickly made scribble : grafiktablett-overhead-projektion/ The most Mini Beamer have an projection space between 15 cm to 1,5 cm . (5.91 to 59.06 inch) . The smallest unit is exatly the widh of an bamboo fun, but is the resolution enough to paint of it in a dark room?  Do you mean that could work and maybe have anybody a minbeamer and an pen tablet for a test? I hope you can help me. For me there is no way to test it. By the way...I have also created a comic painter optimized analog panel ruler. Perhaps that is something for another theme. You can find it on my satire blog under: panel-ruler Best regards sgtroxx

Posted by sgtrox 6 years ago

rate my comics

Hey, i made a few comics because i was bored, tell me what ya think (yup, stick figures(i was bored, not an artist)) sorry about small size, it was much bigger when i made them

Posted by w00ty32 10 years ago

Can someone make~

The "Hobbes" from calvin and hobbes comics? :D

Posted by WhyHello 8 years ago

Stan Lee art tribute full of great images

There's a pretty awesome show going on at Gallery1988: LA right now with artists applying their own visual styles to characters from the Stan Lee universe. There is some amazing stuff here and the gallery's own link has tons of images to scan through.Check it out here.See also i am 8-bit.via BoingBoing

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

XKCD tries its hand at circuit design

The comic is at http://xkcd.com/730/. Who wants to build it first?

Posted by yoyology 8 years ago


I would like to request an iron man costume instructable. somebody should at least find out how to make the mask

Posted by wolfmanthe 10 years ago

Comic Con came to Reno

Using my Dark-Energy stick, I raised my iPhone over the curtain to film the Trek Captain just in time to capture my family doing a selfie with Kirk while security was busy trying to prevent me from shooting over the curtains. Whaat a Rush.... ! ! !

Posted by iceng 3 years ago

Slender man Comics

Hey guys! So you've probably heard of the Sender Man, recently became famous on the internet, but hes been out a while (infact, hes behind you) So me and my friends started to make a Slender Man comic series, some will be realistic-ly drawn, some hand drawn and then the most common one, MS paint drawn (But now like the badly animated Memes though ;)) Were non profit and so we have problems building an audience, so if you interested check out our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/SlendermanComics) alot of work went into writing them and if you liked them then like our page please. Also for the record I got permission off Mikeasaurus before writing this

Posted by Cyclone1764 6 years ago

Who's ready?

 Anyway, anyone read the comics? Looking forward for this, here's a cool preview. :)      

Posted by mg0930mg 8 years ago

Kick Ass DVD + A Sequel In The Works

Some people may have seen or read the highhly anticipated series of Kick Ass. ( As I started typing this, the commercial came on. :) I personally read the comics and loved them. Mark Millar is a wonderful comic book writer, and he keeps his movies pretty true to the comics. That being said, Kick Ass, was mostly on point. The comics were a bit different, and Red Mist was a bit nerdier in the movie. Overall, I loved the comics, and movie. Check them out. The big news, Mark Millar has announced that there will be a sequel to the movie called Kick Ass 2:Balls To the Wall. Not only is he making this movie, he also announced, he will write a second series! He also suggested that Kick Ass was always going to be a Trilogy. SPOILERS: I have read in several places, the second movie, and comic book series, will revolve around the concept what if real people became super-villains. Mark Millar said that Red-Mist will become what Joker is to Batman. However, Red Mist will be a sidekick to a bigger villain. (He is contemplating on calling the evil team the MF'ers or the wonderful C word that hit girl said.) He went on to say that the third part will be a 10 years later, kind of thing.

Posted by mg0930mg 8 years ago

John Green poster: "Make Gifts for People"

I don't benefit financially from this at all but thought that some makers might like the sentiment in this web comic.  http://zenpencils.com/comic/119-john-green-make-gifts-for-people/ If you like it, then there is a nicely formatted one for sale here.  https://dftba.com/product/178/Make-Gifts-For-People-Poster-pre-order I think it might be nice to have that up in my workshop.

Posted by zieak 5 years ago


XKCD, anyone?!I'm sorry, I'm just addicted to that webcomic. I generally stay up until 12 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays just to get to read the new comic as soon as it comes out.How obsessed are you guys? (/ girls)

Posted by T3h_Muffinator 11 years ago

A Shrine to All Things Jay & Silent Bob

Another highlight of my trip to the great state of New Jersey: a visit to "The Secret Stash," a store dedicated to Kevin Smith, writer and director of movies such as Chasing Amy, Clerks, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and a comic book writer. Smith was born in New Jersey and many of his movies are set there.The store is in Red Bank, Smith's home town and just a few miles off of the Garden State Parkway. There is just about everything from his movies and comics in merchandised form, from bobbleheads to the coat that Silent Bob wears. The store also has a huge collection of comics. Plus, they had no problem with taking pictures in the store--which means all of you who are not able to make the trek out to the fabulous Garden State can still catch a glimpse of the memorabilia.As Mel Brooks says in Spaceballs: Merchandising--where the real money from the movies is made.

Posted by joshf 10 years ago

Great Revelation

Have you ever randomly stumbled across something (book, painting, comic, etc.) perfectly tailored for you? Something so perfectly fitting, that for a few fleeting seconds, the universe and all of its mysteries were laid bare before you.

Posted by Tetranitrate 10 years ago

getting into cos play

Looking to get involved in Cos Play but always hear about events after the fact and never in time to scheduke or build something. I'm in Ontario Canada what events should I look out for.

Posted by buffy.irwin.7 4 years ago

how to open port 6112

Now that i have my computer up n running i lost the ability to host. some guy on the game told me to open port 6112. how would i go about doin that? (some random comic)

Posted by ich bin ein pyro 11 years ago


I noticed the absence of cartoons on Instructables, (other than robot) post your cartoons, comics, doodles and art here! Attached are two of mine, simplified and vectorised using inkscape. Edit: Unvectorised image of pants added. Two new cartoons added, Arabian and Howdy Pardner KSM

Posted by kiwi_soccer_maniac 10 years ago

This is why Makers do what we do

David Malki, who draws the Wondermark online comic, has been doing a series of DIY-themed strips for the past two weeks.  The last one, with Maker's mottos, is a great presentation of why we do what we do.

Posted by kelseymh 7 years ago

Boston Zine Fair

Zines! Comics! Arts! Crafts!bostonzinefair.org The Boston Zine Fair is a weekend-long event with the aim of bringing together zinesters, artists, small presses and other producers of independent media. The conference includes two full days of tabling and numerous hands-on workshops and discussion panels which give us the opportunity to learn new skills to use in our own creative enterprises, as well as to explore the importance of independent media in a corporate-owned world. The Boston Zine Fair is free and open to the public. In previous years the Boston Zine Fair (formerly known as Beantown Zinetown) has drawn hundreds of both local and national publishers, and has been a great way to build community and just enjoy each other's company.\Workshops:Saturday, September 2011:30-1 Binding Techniques, Zines and Resistance2-3:30 Anarchist Publishing, How to Run a Distro3:30-5:00 Zines as an Eductional ToolSunday, September 2111:30-1 Comic jam/Zine making, Crafts2-3:30 Future of Zines Panel3:30-5 Comics and Education/Organizing WHEN: September 20-21, 2008 - 10am-6pm WHERE: Art Institute of Boston, 601 Newbury Street (near Kenmore Square), Boston, MA, 02215 directions ADMISSION: Free!

Posted by noahw 10 years ago

The President Of the United States Is a Ninja

This morning I awoke to find Our president strewn about the news in a rather comical way: He had nearly been assassinated by shoes (joke) and I took some video using the technique from my recent instructable and converted it into a gif if you are going to use this on anything please make sure I'm mentioned, it's just common courtesy XD

Posted by Pumpkin$ 9 years ago

More patches up for grabs!

For no particular reason, I have created a set of patches based on the web comics Questionable Content and XKCD. Do you want one? Then tell me why you deserve one... Hiccup Update: I can't send patches until the image upload thingie is fixed (I only uploaded the picture of Pintsize when I wrote this).  Sorry.

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

New Howtoons Site!

You may have seen some of the awesome Howtoons comics up on Instructables; you may even have added a project to the Beta Howtoons group. Howtoons is the brainchild of our own Saul Griffith of Squid Labs, artist Nick Dragotta, and Joost Benson.We're happy to let you know that the official Howtoons site is now up- check daily for projects and updates. The first Howtoons book will be coming out in November.

Posted by canida 11 years ago

Jewelry - Salvaged Barbie Doll Parts

This is one of the more unique re-purposed jewelry ideas that I have seen.  At first I thought the faces and body parts were photos or maybe paintings.   However, the interesting and comical compositions are created using Barbie parts! The Plastic Body Series designed by Margaux Lange is a jewelry line that combines salvaged Barbie doll parts with sterling silver and pigmented resins. You actually HAVE to check out this link; I am so amused by this!

Posted by Carleyy 8 years ago


Hey, how're you doing? I need some help. My Halloween costume I'm making needs a structure that is either self stabilizing, or can roll. I know how to make it roll, but it would be amazing if it could stabilize.  I'm going to be holding the structure with one hand, so I need one side heavier than the other, but I'm not sure what materials to use that are effective and cheap. Please help! Thanks! (PICTURES in order: Abigail Original picture, Abigail Issue #1 of comic series, Quick Sketch of the costume)

Posted by RoadkillJoe667 6 years ago

Not Anagrams

We're all familiar with anagrams?Rearranging the letters of a word phrase, or name to produce a new phrase, using all the original letters and only once each.For example* "Ripley's Believe it or Not" - "Lively enterprise. Boo it"Or anagrams of a former US PresidentHowever, more fun are not-anagramsFor example*Tony Blair - Lying hairdresser.Richard Branson - Lucifer chinned racketeer.Peter Stringfellow - Tangerine child catcher.Do you know of any amusing "not-anagrams"?Not-anagrams should sound like anagrams, they're not clever or amusing if they don't(Original idea from Viz comic / magazine, years ago)

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

Artist wants to build giant dip pen

Comic book artist Jim Woodring is proposing to engineer and build a giant steel-nibbed dip pen to be used for public drawing instruction and demonstration which will also be performance art.  He's soliciting donations to make this quixotic project a reality.  Pretty cool, I think. I can't get the video to embed here.  You can view it at http://projectsite.unitedstatesartists.org/project/giant_steel_dip_pen_and_penholder_for_demonstration_and_display. I'm amazed at how well he's thought this out and how passionate he is about pen-and-ink drawing.

Posted by yoyology 8 years ago

Expos and Conventions !!

So do you , people of instructables, attend any Expos or media conventions. I've never been at one but i'm considering going this year to the London MCM Expo in May (24-25). It's basically a media convention with preveiws of upcoming hyped films and unknown Blockbusters. Also it has a huge section for comics where you can buy manga and animies for a quite cheap price. Last but not least, it has sections covering video game releases and what not. So I might go since it only happens every 2 years. Does anything like this Expo happen where you live? And have you ever been?

Posted by Baron A 10 years ago

Kickstarting a card game! World Gates: TCG

Decided to do a Kickstarter for a card game I've had in mind for a few years. It was mainly just to be used as a character's ability in a comic I do but I'm like "What the hey..." and revised it a few times. I've made a demo set for myself with roughly 54 cards (currently I've made 155+ cards cause I have too much time on my hands). But it could be fun, I've posted a rulebook for the game that will be updated as time passes. Sometimes you just have to see what sticks X3 Link: World Gates: TCG

Posted by VaughnWG 3 years ago

what I should use for the DBZ battle Armor V1 (non-shoulder pads)

Sadly I'm doing a change of plans for Free Comic Book Day instead of being a Trekkie there I'm gonna be as a Super Saiyan with the V1 armor on without those huge shoulder pads I just need ideas on what I should use to create this Armor to go with my Blue Lens Scouter I've bought from ThinkGeek. What kind of Foam or material that is strong and sturdy to withstand me moving around in. I'll gather up the list once I have the main base of what I should use to make this.

Posted by SuperScourge 3 years ago

Toys and things you have sitting on your desk/PC

Does anybody here have toys or other funny things sitting on their computer desk or PC?I have a little Master Chief figurine that my friend gave me, it came with a Halo 3 Xbox 360 controller. He has a bubble gum wrapper for a cape. I call him Bubble Chief.The other one I have is a papercraft model of Mister Chief. Click here for a funny comic type thing involving him.Instructables has applied some nasty compression to these pictures, so here's links to both on Flickr.Bubble ChiefMister Chief

Posted by Aeshir 10 years ago

Chrome open source browser available now!

At the moment, the only thing available for people anticipating Google's new open source browser, chrome, is screenshots and a comic book explaining why it was made. LinkyBut it is supposed to be available for download later today. Rumor is it will become available at 2 PM ET today. No word yet on whether it will steal your identity like Microsoft's IE.Hooray for opensource browsers! If it does become available today as planned, I'll link to the download page.Corrected link: Download linkSorry it took so long, I was scrubbing a toilet and simply lost track of the time...EDIT:Go here for adblocker, gmail, etc, GM scripts to run in chrome.

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

Weird-o Dream-o

Wow! I've been experiencing a chain of weird, almost scary dreams lately involving instructables...... It was a normal Sunday afternoon, I go to I'bles, and I read my comment tracker. I can actually read the comments I will get later on in the real world. I kept having these dreams for about a week. Meh, Strange stuff..... Do you have weird dreams of your own? if so, post it here! UPDATE!!!! Another very weird dream! It was a normal afternoon. I read comics. Then, suddenly, strangers started saying gibberish. This was repeated for about 6 times, then I wake up. The first thing I realized is now my penis is " modded " by my parents... I screamed because of the intense pain......

Posted by Camisado 10 years ago

what I can do to recreate the Star Trek Yoyager (DS9) uniform any ideas?

I just bought the Star Trek Yoyager badge from Think Geek (so I can use it for my DS9 cosplay for Free Comic Book Day) I've thought getting a long sleeved red polo and dye that to be the look of Voyager/DS9 and use my badge and put that on to complete the look with my own hand crafted Captain rank pin,and I was thinking to make the collar on the polo grey and I just get a grey shirt to blend it in. Any ideas I could make this uniform I would love to make for cosplay, I could find the uniform itself premade but I'll love to make it my own with little or no money.

Posted by SuperScourge 3 years ago

Need muscle suit.

So here's the thing. I'm building a green goblin costume(humberto ramos kind) and I need to make my self look a little bigger.  I don't need to see any muscles just bigger. I've considered  using bubble wrap but I'm afraid I might die from Hyperthermia, plus if I sit down it would sound ridiculous. So the next obvious choice would be to use upholstery foam, but I've never worked with it before. I've thought about using plain old newspaper and and strap it down with duct tape, but I think that might be noisy when I walk. Check the pictures to see what I mean. One picture is from a comic book and the other one is a costume made by jacemoore on deviant art. 

Posted by Frenche7 6 years ago

Really Cool How To Draw Videos!

Hi, I'm Anut and I created some fun How To Draw videos. I currently have over 500+ videos so please come check them out. I'm also interested in seeing videos made by other users on this forum because they are a great way to learn. Here is my YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/anutdraws Also add me on DeviantArt if you got one!: http://anutdraws.deviantart.com

Posted by anutdraws 5 years ago

What is Your Nerdiest Shirt? (patches to all that post pictures!)

We've donned our nerdshirts, now where are yours?What got its start as free vendor t-shirts from tech companies has now evolved into a full blown geek-fest of one-upsmanship and subtle winks to those in-the-know. How many days has Matt walked into work with a shirt I had to patiently wait all day for someone else to question? All of them.Now Gizmodo asks "What is Your Nerdiest Shirt?"Be it gaming, coding, comics or YouTube, there's a shirt to express every one of our inner (or not so inner) geekeries. What are your faves? Let's see 'em!Feeling left out? (I am!)Scope the goods at xkcd and Penny Arcade for some clever ways to join the flashmob.I totally need that poster with the map of the internet. I keep getting lost. . .

Posted by scoochmaroo 9 years ago

New Scientist

I'm sure people are aware but http://www.newscientist.com/In this weeks issue:Someone in China has spent some time analysing the US power grid, and figured out that it could be collapsed by taking-out a lightly-loaded sub-network. The US department of homeland security is apparently looking into this. However, Prof Ian Fells (a jolly chap with a beard) of Newcastle University UK says "they only need a bunch of guys with Semtex to blow up the gridlines near a power station"The Mythbusters are interviewed, but even they don't know why thermite on ice explodes, do you?And Richard Dawkins has a new book out, from the review:"Implying that your audience is stupid does not qualify as a great new angle. Yet this is precisely what Dawkins does"."It's really kind of comical. If "spot the condecensions" is a new drinking game, then bottoms up! There's one in just about every chapter"LThere's much more, but I mainly wanted to post the Mythbusters link, and the Dawkins review.(There is an article on Velociraptors)

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

Comments Making Other Comments Replies, is This OK?

Sorry if this is in the wrong area, but the category was not really there (bugs), so I put it here.  When ever I create a comment that is a reply to another comment, that first comment turns into a reply as well. Confused? Let me explain What it should be: (Comment Irrelevant): BLA BLA (Commenter1): OH that was G!              (Commenter2[Me]): YAH, Right? What Happens: (Comment Irrelevant): BLA BLA               (Commenter1): OH that was G!                                  (Commenter2[Me]): YAH, Right? See what I mean? Any reply I make indents the original comment, making it look like another comment is being replied to when it is not, this also happens when there is no (Comment Irrelevant) comment! This also seems to happen on other computers, Macs at work and my home PC. Both of which are totally separate of each other. Is it a problem well known problem with instructables, or is it just a glitch with my profile. I see a comic book super hero in the making: Secret admin controls, given to an random user. He now has the power to make people reply to other people, and he is: Secret Admin Who Randomly Got Powers to Make People Reply Man!

Posted by Stephen D. Alverez 8 years ago

Can you help write a video game?

Do you want to get involved in moving an internet sensation to the next level? Webcomic Questionable Content are looking for a video game developer to push forward the creative vision of the comic's author. J Jaques says; Today, I had an idea. An idea for a video game. A video game about WEBCOMICS. I passed this idea around to a number of my colleagues, and they were very interested! It then began to dawn on me that this was possibly something I could actually make happen. But obviously I don't know anything about actually making video games, so I would have to talk to a developer about it. And while I'm sure there is nothing video game developers hate more than a Normal Person Who Thinks They Have A Great Idea For A Game, I am pretty sure this idea has legs, both in terms of potential audience and potential funding. So if you make video games for a living, shoot me an email. I would love to discuss my ideas with a professional. If you don't know QC, you should.  If you have a couple of days spare, start reading at number one, otherwise pick up here.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Birds use cigs to kill bugs - Crow week!

ODDBALL birds are surprising British experts by using smouldering cigarette to kill parasites on their wings.The rooks are swooping on to the tracks at a Devon railway station and placing their wings over the smoke to fumigate them.Commuter Jeff Jones said told Britain's The Telegraph: "I noticed the rooks because they are not usually found in towns. They were generally flapping about when a chap flicked a cigarette butt on to the track."It was still all right and one of the rooks swooped down and picked up the butt with its beak. It then flew around and landed on the platform, dancing around with this smoking cigarette in its beak."It looked quite comical. But then it dropped the butt on the platform and pulled its wings over it, collecting the smoke. It seemed as if it were using the smoke to rid itself of perhaps ants or something similar."Five minutes later another rook, or perhaps the same one, swooped in when another cigarette was flicked away and repeated the whole thing."Royal Society for the Protection of Birds spokesman Richard Archer said the birds must have learned cigarettes can be used to kill parasites."You have to be careful attributing behaviour but it would seem fumigation is the most likely conclusion. Rooks are very intelligent," he said.It's crow week on Instructables! Post as many forum topics about crows as you can! Main image from [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rook_(bird) Wikipedia].

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago